Posted on June 2, 2008

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New Video - Ron Paul - It's Time We Came Home 15:41:27
Yet Another Ron Paul Republican 09:44:59
Revolution Freedom Festival - July 2 - 6, Sturgis, SD 15:41:28
Indefensible Spending 08:48:48
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BUSH SHOT... in his toodles! 23:59:47
The US Vice President Dick Cheney has told Virginia Republicans that withdrawing US troops from Iraq would be an act of betrayal 23:52:48
McCain people quote"the presedent has near dictatorial powers and congress does not superseed him !yadayadayada 23:52:25
Are there enough delegates to nominate RP from the floor at the RNC? 23:44:21
Must See Movie - The Story of Stuff 23:36:07
Another video from InfoSpill for the Ron Paul REVOLUTION BANNED YOUTUBE VIDEO 23:12:01
Notice to Daily Paulers, including Michael Nystrom: 22:58:10
Ron Paul's best debate highlights for those that missed them. 22:49:19
2-Party System = Win For Ron Paul 22:37:52
Khans Posting Guidelines 22:22:24
Bradley Fighting Vehicles in Uptown Columbus (GA) 22:06:11
The IRS Battles Homeland Security – America Wins 22:05:25
Getting Schooled at the Indiana State Convention 21:57:52
Its 2012: Where is the R3VOLUTION after 4 years of Obama? 21:57:14
Australia Ends Iraq Combat Operations 21:47:29
Colorado Conv. GREAT Video! 21:43:46
Battle in Spokane 21:21:07
Colorado Vet and other Ron Paul republicans being boo'ed at the Colorado convention 20:57:25
Ron Paul endorsed NY Times best selling author Thomas E. Woods Jr. to Debut on Revolution broadcasting. 20:16:53
Battle at Spokane III: We smoked them!!!!! 20:13:03
Latest from Nevada 20:05:12
I just love this! Lakota Nation 20:03:48
Ron Paul Poll, and great article 19:15:28
List people who FLAG Here: Petition to stop flagging. 19:11:27
Where is all this going? 19:10:32
Funding the R3VOLUTION 19:04:09
coldplay viva la vida about bush video 18:58:06
New poll...Would you vote for Ron Paul if 18:40:37
Doublicate post please do not respond... 18:40:21
Great Video! CSPAN - The Revolution - A Manifesto 18:36:30
Nevada will reconvene their Convention.... 18:30:35
David Gay needs people to circulate ballots in NY 25th district 18:19:05
A view of the convention from both sides! 17:42:39
Question: Is it possible for us to get Ron Paul on the November ballot in each of our states? 17:33:31
We really SUPPORT the Troops! With the TRUTH! 17:10:44
"Bob Barr sounding like Ron Paul on the Federal Reserve" 17:07:03
Alex Jones Endorses Chuck Baldwin 17:03:28
Help Convert Ohio Delegates from McCain to Ron Paul 17:02:16
If Ron Paul Were a T-Bone Steak 16:58:48
The End of Cheap Food 16:49:02
Who flagged Treg's thread? 16:43:04
MUST SEE VIDEO:Meet The Federal Reserve 16:42:56
Update from the IN GOP convention today 16:40:42
Making a good living, but still feeling strapped 16:33:54
Obama Being Open About What He Is 16:31:56
A lost admendment? 16:22:47
ALL "protest" votes lead to Democratic win in November. 16:21:22
The Next Attack on Gold Has Begun 15:57:45
If this could happen. 15:55:43
Stop voting fraud 15:54:21
Poisonous Plutocracy Pushes Economic Inequality 15:52:46 15:34:01
Jewish People and Ron Paul 15:28:37
At least 2 million strong... likely more. 15:24:03
Under the North American Union is the Queen of England now the Queen of the United States 15:20:52
On radio now urgent 15:15:06
Great American Walk for Freedom Conference Call: Monday night 15:12:42
DEAN SANTORO - Action personified! 14:43:49
Let's boycott the "Debates" I think this is a AWESOME idea!!! 14:15:08
Washington State Convention: Report from an organizer 14:14:23
could this Ron Paul video be the most ARTSY ever? 13:30:24
50% + of our military, their fate is written and it's not nice. 13:29:15
my new ron paul video check it out 13:27:31
A Paul/Ventura Independent Ticket is a Sure Winner! 13:26:19
Ron Paul receives 24% votes in Idaho 12:02:07
Let McCain Know Who His VP Should REALLY Be! 11:46:50
This is call from Nashville, TN 11:43:04
A Report from Colorado on the Convention 11:20:24
Czech president wants to debate Al gore on global waring LOL 11:11:16
Good Samaritan tased 10:33:27
Judge delays reunion for FLDS families 10:31:39
Video of citizen refusing checkpoint stop 10:18:02
Ron Paul Understands Taxing - DO YOU? Does McCain? 10:18:02
Learn to understand the Constitution and those who wrote it. 09:41:34
Learn to understand the Constitution and those who wrote it. 09:41:34
New R3VOLUTION March Vid 09:37:52
Take this challenge 09:06:28
Aussie PM Rudd -Pulling out troops 09:05:12
Email From McCain Supporter In New Orleans 07:46:43
Native American Trust Fund: Massive Mismanagement : 07:35:15
Indicted Chicago cop shines light on corruption 06:36:05
How the US Gov causes earthquakes, HAARP 03:58:59
Homegrown Revolution - Radical change taking root 03:42:47
**Expose the CAFR's, End the Slavery!** 03:40:01
Seeking interest from Aussies for the "Libertarian Party of Australia" 03:20:36
Response to negative Tacoma News Tribune Article 01:53:21
Henry Paulson 00:53:24
McCain Supporters Boo Disabled Veteran at Colorado State Conv 00:49:06
234 years and the War Cicada. 00:31:08
So are the RNC and DNC private organizations? 00:16:02
Who is your favorite American historical figure and why? 00:13:09
Please Help! Someone In Colorado Respond To This Letter From A Local Republican 00:10:46