Posted on June 4, 2008

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The Primaries are Over! March on and Prepare to Herald the Revolution!!! 16:09:35
8000+ signatures! To The NATIONAL GOP! 15:55:58
The Nation: Is the Ron Paul Revolution Just Beginning? 09:47:28
Open Thread: Forward Strategy for the r3VOLution 09:47:29
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Bob Barr was on Colbert tonight 23:21:21
Seriously... 23:03:37
URGENT: Texas Grassroots NEEDS your help! Please read! 22:57:45
What if Ron Paul voted NOTA? 22:19:14
The Truth: By Rhino 22:12:08
FYI Hillary suspends campaign 22:06:34
**McCain Wanted to Join Dems?** 20:58:38
Link to a very professional copy of Public Servant's Questionnaire 20:47:14
A question every candidate should be asked… 20:46:21
URGENT: PETITION by CID to arrest Bush et al.... 20:42:03
Key McCain staffer says they don’t want votes from Paul supporters. 20:41:03
McCain's terrible speech 20:28:05
Where's Daddy warbucks? 20:19:20
A Declaration of Withdrawal from the GOP 20:19:08
Body of War - Cowardly Congress-Spineless Senate 20:13:28
Would you vote for a McCain/Paul ticket? 19:49:37
An Open Letter: US Silver Eagles Illegally Rationed 19:48:38
Australia group seeks ICC war crimes charges against ex-PM for Iraq deployment 19:44:31
Wednesday June 4 we will interview the people from RONVOY the massive carpool to the march on DC for anyone who needs a ride! 19:43:26
Is Ron Paul's Revolution Just Beginning? - Please DIGG! 19:41:49
breaking news from texas... 19:31:12
Ron Paul supporters sue Texas GOP Party over state convention rules 19:02:56
Nevada: never a dull day! 18:56:43
Cheney - Rove - Bush Plan 18:38:39
Hotel lodging for DC march 18:35:06
The truth behind Karl Rove's supeona and vote caging. 18:23:43
Hunger strike for 9/11 truth 17:32:45
Ron Paul backers not part of 'cult' 17:28:02
Ron Paul has idea to save social security 17:24:43
Which Educational Videos are the Best? 17:21:39
Ray Kurzweil 16:40:41
Bernanke Blames Saving Glut For Housing Bubble 16:40:29
JUNE 5th REVERSE MONEY BOMB!!!! 16:37:41
MCCAIN vs. MCCAIN 16:36:58
A Message to Ron Paul Supporters 16:36:09
Letter to RNC - SIGN IT!! 16:34:13
Let's Show OUR Strength, Get Baldwin and Barr on the Ballot in ALL 50! 16:30:08
Ron Paul NOT Allowed in Minnesota State Convention! 16:28:47
Important Petition 16:16:53
Tornadoes in Virginia...Haarp at work again, this time for the Bilderbergers 16:16:47
Eight accused of robbing, torturing drug dealers 16:04:40
HELP-Need Short, Concise Phrase! 15:57:21
BARR challenges McCain and OBama to Weekly Debates 15:27:49
Make a scene in PA 15:26:43
Did you see this Mexican flag over American school? 15:19:45
IDAHO is what AMERICA was. 15:10:46
Texas Sues state GOP party so they uphold rules in upcoming convention 15:10:42
SmallGov Times: Chuck Baldwin, Borders and the WOT 15:09:26
The Primaries Are Over. The Ron Paul Revolution Continues. 15:07:58
McCain's Last, Best Hope: Ron Paul 14:32:38
Can you handle the TRUTH? watch+digg 14:10:34
A vote for Obama should be unthinkable, here's why... 14:09:32
Possibly the BEST NVP EVER! - What it takes to WIN & the PRINCIPLES OF LIBERTY 13:42:07 13:38:59
Another GREAT Statesman.... 12:52:25
Poll closing soon - How will you vote in November? 12:34:01
Nevada: GOP officials won't sanction Paul convention 12:20:00
Michelle Obama racist rant ? 12:16:54
Paul vs. Rove treatment is telling 12:07:15
Are you ready to be fooled again? World hunger... 11:56:56
Obama to attack and eliminate Iran !!! 11:41:26
Texas holding the GOP to the rules 11:29:36
The United States of Israel 11:25:20
Bob Schultz requests our help, as does Grassfire 11:22:32
Obama vows to stop Iran from having nuclear arms 11:12:41
Obama...just another gangster out of control 11:08:04
The Bilderberg Compound Sets Up In Chantilly, VA This Week 10:46:12
Lawmaker asks McCain to talk with 9/11 theorists 10:15:24
"Fire Team for Freedom" Video 10:05:59
GOP Grassroots Contemplate Enforcement Action to Insure Republican Party of Texas Compliance with Texas law 09:57:06
Defend yourself BEFORE against illegal search 09:32:59
Bush, the Benedict Arnold of our time? If we're lucky... 09:31:21
UPDATED - Montana Dr. Ron Paul 29% (see below) 09:19:34
Bob Barr will be on Colbert Show Today 09:18:31
Ron Paul Revolution Continues 09:06:25
Another spin by Bernanke??? 08:29:37
Real America ---are we a Democracy or a Republic?? Go ask 10 people and see what they watch this!!! 08:05:40
REAL REPUBLICAN Reagan 07:03:47
Barack Obama is CFR / NWO scum. 06:03:28
Barack Obama: Democratic nominee for US President 05:22:30
Just want to say something 04:24:58
McCain Sought to Join Democrats 04:14:32
Rep. Ted Poe talks about Congress and CFL's 03:32:30
Mow Your Lawn or Go to Jail 02:49:13
David Wiegel of Reason is also a Guest Editor of Wonkette 02:38:28
Mexico isn’t feeling the U. S. economic slump 02:34:03
Check out the Fluoride loving nutjobs... 02:27:57
Watchdog's Conflicted Feeling About McCain 02:25:54
Hunger strike in Phoenix AZ 02:03:45
Court Update---June 3, 2008 02:02:49
Irate Democrat: Prepare for President McCain 01:47:50
I love Daily Paul and ......friends. 01:38:33
Arizona Legislator Karen Johnson Asks McCain to Meet on 9/11 01:29:27
Montana Primary Results ! 01:26:02
NAU to be renamed and re-packaged? 01:25:45
. 01:18:07
Oh! What tangled webs...... When Bush.... 01:08:30
Overwhelming Support FOR Driving Checkpoints 01:05:33
Spot On Analysis of the Barr-Root Party from Libertarian Cartoonist Scott Bieser. 00:59:28
Going Viral: Ron Paul "Meetup" Groups 00:55:53
Shadow box inspired further idea 00:51:04
Only 400 Ron Paul voters in Montana? 00:45:44
How to Survive The Gathering Storm.. 00:41:29
rEVOLution Manifesto: myManifesto (Obamunist Free) 00:39:31
Taxes ?? IRS ? we don't need no stinking Taxes ! 00:26:44
Montana: Paul 25%, McCain 22% with 100% reporting 00:19:07
Are Masons Truly Evil? 00:08:21