Posted on June 7, 2008

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My first attempt to run for public office JUDGE and Im not an attorney!!! This will be interesting 23:32:03
Growing Number of People Protest outside the Bilderberg Conference 23:31:39
The Pornography of Power: 23:28:16
God does not want people to be taxed! 23:17:37
The Republican Party Gangster Leadership, Will NEVER Let You Get CONTROL!!! 23:16:59
June 14th 50 for Flag Day 23:16:41
This is where we are going. A repeat, destroying our country. 23:15:15
Ron Paul 6-6-2008 at Future Of Freedom Conference 22:49:33
Now I am Mad. How does someone go about getting the Constitution Amended? 22:49:33
* * Put you VP picks here -- Obama and McCain * * 22:25:17
Kentucky State Convention Update 21:32:15
Bribery at WA State GOP Convention 20:35:04
Why was China sending gold to the States? 20:27:01
CHANGE 19:42:34
Senate Intelligence Committee FINALLY Releases Report on White House Lies 19:40:10
The end of America. 19:17:52
HELLO!!!! 18:33:43
Digg it - Defiance and Victory at the Indiana State Republican Convention 18:13:35
Ron Paul Speech at FFF Conference 6-6-08 17:13:50
*** IS BACK, UP AND RUNNING!!!*** 17:02:44
Hemp for fuel - Urgent Ron Paul supporter action needed! 16:41:14
Dr Ron Paul wants to bring the troops home 16:21:32
Riddle of the day. 6/8/08. By Rhino 15:42:58
REVOLUTION MARCH! Awesome video & digg 15:42:13
6.00 DOLLAR GAS!!!! 15:33:04
Ron Paul opposies occupying Iraq 15:27:00
Greenspan on Gold. 1967 15:22:11
Bands for Ron Paul 14:54:18
From the "No Duh" Department 14:31:19
9/11 Topic WITHOUT BillyDee and Minachist 14:23:58
Arkansas, Oregon and Utah RULE All other States! 14:05:06
Ron Paul Revolution Money Bomb Hero Speaks Out 14:02:34
Bob Barr on Glenn Beck last night - Excellent Interview 13:37:44
Get Ron Paul on The Savage Nation, 3 million listeners a day! 13:31:20
McCains Fundraising Abilities is not so Transparent 13:27:39
RP Republican Robert Owens running for Ohio Attorney General!! 13:24:40
Best Wishes to everyone on the new Anita/baldwin campaign 13:14:01
I see stars................ 13:01:05
Did Obama attend the Bilderberg meeting? 12:41:31
One problem with only gold and silver as money. 12:40:10
Good video: 2 governments, the public one and the deep one 12:39:28
Peter Schiff Mentions Ron Paul again on Bulls and Bears(Video) 12:22:48
If the Fed is SO BAD.. 12:00:32
Boise Idaho messing up 11:59:11
Will you Really write in Ron Paul? 11:57:50
Ron Paul Currency? 'Spread The Message!' 11:54:22
The REVOLUTION MARCH video/moneybomb 11:47:48
The Official Voting Choice Of The Revolution 11:37:43
* * What's up with?---Ron Paul Backers Plan Own Convention * * 10:55:36
Strike while the iron is hot 10:53:48
Serious Question About Iraq And How That Pertains To Iran's Supposed Nuclear Ambitions 10:09:18
Are we all insane? 10:05:56
KICKING Bilderberg 2008's ASS!!! 09:48:20
Ron Paul supporters start a PAC 09:46:40
US Economy is a National Security Crisis: 'US Needs to Raise $6 Trillion and It is Simple,' Says Visionary William Glynn 09:39:14
Idaho Rocks with Paul supporters 09:18:55
Why is OPERATION DAILY PAUL dividing us? 09:04:29
June 7th - 520 Committed to "Write-In" 08:52:35
Help me get this out there! 08:20:06
Ahmadinejad says market full of oil, prices artificial 07:31:56
Silver bullion 25 Amero coin, Proof finish .999 pure 06:44:19
Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist 05:53:44
Nuclear Explosion Occurs Near Epicenter of the Sichuan Earthquake, Expert Says 05:07:57
Excellent week for Dr. Paul and his campaign 05:06:23
".my judgement approves this measure--my whole heart is in it --all that I have -all that I am- all that I hope in this Life..." 05:01:18
Ron Paul's new book. 04:44:37
Can I make a Suggestion Regarding Jesse Ventura? 04:28:03
UPDATE!!--WHO KNOWS how many state conventions are still to be done, and when are they??? 04:06:51
Speculation about Obama, Clinton attending Bilderberger meeting 03:41:21
"I am committed to fighting for our ideas within the Republican party, so there will be no third party run." 03:40:57
U.K Fans of Ron Paul launch MONEYBOMB! 01:09:45
Man this was a good watch An Idea Whose Time Has Come - G. Edward Griffin 00:52:28
Hangman 00:39:40