Posted on June 12, 2008

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Ron Paul Announces the Campaign for Liberty (Text) 23:56:32
** ABC News: Ron Paul Launching Campaign for Liberty ** 14:03:27
Ron Paul on CNN American Morning TODAY- video and article- Great interview (about the convention...) 14:03:26
Supreme Court Deals Blow to Bush on Guantanamo Rights 13:07:06
The Revolution is alive and well in Massachusetts! 12:35:11
Ron Paul's Message to Obama: "You offer no change!" 09:33:56
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Ron Paul ends campaign on 23:59:11
I heard no concession! 23:45:53
Did Ron Paul quit or not? 23:45:24
Rons Letter is my new TOOL to convert. 23:18:59
Clear Audio RP speech! 23:09:32
10 bucks say the dr has it all figured out! 22:34:00
Just tax the next generation 22:29:57
I will follow him! 22:19:10
WHY would anybody want to stay in this corrupt Republican Party! 22:05:28
The Council on Domestic Relations in 17 States! 21:50:09
I Have a Question 21:41:09
Got picture of McCain in the mail today. 21:40:19
I'M SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU*** 21:31:50
Now the trolls should be on to greener pastures and leave us alone! 21:28:02
Ron Paul got death threats? 21:17:41
There are less than 30 minutes left in the Presidential Campaign's life... 21:09:41
Convention Show Stopper! 21:04:06
Why Is Bush Helping Saudi Arabia Build Nukes? 19 hijackers from Saudi Arabia and bush giving them technology 20:25:57
Riddle from Minarchist 6/12/08 20:23:59
WE ARE FREE!!! Now we can fight! 20:18:38
Do you think Dr. Paul was forced 20:13:48
DIGG BLAST! Campaign for Liberty 19:35:33
We'll all join the Camp Liberty, Ron Paul passes torch to Bob Barr VIDEO 19:22:48
Tell me it aint so !!!! 19:03:46
NASCO: Ron Paul Is "Confused" About NAFTA Superhighway 18:55:01
NV GOP out of recess... 18:52:56
New Mountain Dew drink could be "Revolution" with your help 18:30:44
End of the Internet ?? 17:51:46
MSNBC, CNN: "Ron Paul calls it quits" -Not exactly... 17:50:38
O'Reilly Remix 17:12:30
The Libertarian Party is the party of F-U-N! 17:03:42
Kuccinich Impeachment Speech 16:43:52
How did ABC/Disney get Ron Paul story before anyone else? 16:42:00
Open Thread: Philosophy of Government Debate 16:17:55
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of right to trial for Guantanamo Detainees 15:59:26
LET's MONEY and PEOPLE BOMB THE CAMPAIGN FOR LIBERTY!!! We just hit 10,000!!! 15:45:39
Phase II (Campaign for Liberty) 15:45:00
The Campaign for Liberty begins today!!!! 15:30:11
freedom 14:59:06
Lou Dobbs for Governor of New Jersey? 14:58:22
anyone know what the major announcement is? 14:46:10
Exposing Pentagon and CIA Corruption 14:10:48
Fractional Banking Destroys Love Lives 14:07:48
They're Catching On, I'm Tellin' Ya! Digg, Digg, Digg!!! 14:04:38
Another Supreme Court Blow to the Neo Cons: Habeas Corpus Lives 13:18:28
Help the media realize you want Bush impeached 13:10:17
**Don't forget about our biggest weapon** 13:08:38
Are you going to the Ron Paul Convention in September 2 in Minneapolis? 13:05:04
The Audacity of a Hopebaiter 13:04:48
McCain campaign imploding? 12:57:45
Ron Paul Won The Election !!! 12:56:55
Inspirational Quote 6/12/2008. By FreeManOnLand 12:37:28
Republican members who have not endorsed or publicly backed McCain 12:24:15
Is anyone else aware of this 12:23:42
Lisa Kelly show. Live Video Feed Now! Break the Matrix Tv! Awsome Chat Room 12:09:55
music of the rEVOLution 12:08:23
Arguing Iraq War Fallacies 12:02:33
Ron Paul's Message to Obama - TOP YOUTUBE PAGE! 12:00:01
The Market: Manipulation or Correction? 11:51:42
Ron Paul on the Convention (his own) CNN 11:24:15
Please get involved at the county and state level to affect real change 11:23:29
How to become a Cult Leader? educational thread 11:18:20
1060 Pledged to "Write-In" Ron Paul 11:18:11
The creeping evil is upon America. A speech by Governor Lamm 11:09:14
Front Page - Send questions for Ron Paul 10:55:14
The state of Denial we all face. 10:42:16
Time Out 10:16:22
Erschiessen: I want to see my name in lights! 10:13:44
List of Those in Congress Who Won't Endorse McCain 09:30:20
Why Is There No Coverage 09:24:20
Ron Paul Freedom Rally Tonight in Texas! 9PM CT 09:23:45
Riddle of the day. 6/12/08. By Rhino 08:57:15
The Irish Are Ungrateful Wretches, They don't want to be tiny cogs in the authoritarian EU wheel. 08:49:27
A Few Other Reasons We Must Not Quit! 08:30:07
An invocation to be on the qui vive: Eric Schmidt from "google" at Bilderberg 2008! 08:27:16
FOOD FOR THOUGHT by Moonslippers 07:55:58
Why you need to go to Minneapolis 07:15:16
CNN: What Would You Ask Ron Paul 07:08:28
Stand Up Comedian On Freedom In America 06:53:10
Animal Farm - Illinois GOP Trainwreck in Decatur IL 04:44:09
InSane Wants Cheney in his Administration 04:27:08
LIVE UPDATE----on Texas Convention--and Live update on Nevada Re-convening!!!!! (audio links) 03:54:05
How are we doing on the road to Communism??? 03:47:18
I have a headache -- and I'm not Kidding! 03:44:47
The Freedom Tour Finally Hits The Road - Freedom Tour TV - Day 6 03:02:36
List of Kucinich's 35 Articles of Impeachment 02:22:44
RP on CNN Situation Room w/ Blitzer Friday 6/13--send in questions! 02:04:49
March route & schedule finalized 02:01:15
Google Debates including Third Party's? 01:55:52
Ron Paul on CNN "The Situation Room" this Friday 6/13/08 01:27:38
I donated $5000 to the Revolution, and I used to shoot frogs with a BB gun when I was little 01:15:40
EVERYBODY NEEDS to Purchase another Manifesto NOW!!! 01:05:58
New Fuel, End Of Fluoride Era 01:03:31
Rice warns Iran that putting off talks about nuclear program has cost the world's patience 00:30:12
"Ron Paw Revolution" 00:24:14