Posted on June 20, 2008

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Market Catastrophe 15:44:11
Has anyone else noticed a re-newed clarity and energy in RP's latest TV interviews? 11:02:40
2nd False Flag warning in a few days in Ron Paul's district 01:14:50
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Who Would Kick @SS? Just for fun :-) 23:07:08
Robert Holloway Confronts the Nevada Republican Party on the Air in Las Vegas 22:40:10
An example of what NOT to do 22:36:16
Timothy V. Johnson 22:25:52
GPS tracking in ... our shoes? 21:49:16
ron paul back in town-- GOP in Missoula for Convention 21:46:18
Obama and FISA (support for retroactive immunity) 21:33:31
Mike Weber Now on FOX Radio 99.1 FM-Northern Nevada 20:33:20
Come take our poll and show us who you are going to get behind this election. 20:29:32
MONTANA - Any News yet? 20:16:45
I'm personally going to protest the Olympics with my money, who wants to join me? 19:55:12
Nevada State Party Chair Releases E-Mail in Desperate Attempt to Prevent June 28th Delegate-Sponsored Convention 19:37:17
Let's get our states to follow Oklahoma's lead! 19:13:06
Chemtrails are actually mentioned in House Bill HR 2977 18:57:27
Born Again Americans 18:56:57
Freedom Tour 08 in PORTLAND Oregon, Sunday June 22 9:00 pm 18:54:39
Court overrules father's grounding of girl 18:51:51
McCain pandering to immigrants behind closed doors 18:32:18
Gold/Silver or Ammo? 18:29:52
Nightmare ticket closer to reality 18:13:43
"Ron Paul sees the world in rose-colored glasses." do you agree? 17:49:04
Great news from Arizona... 17:33:38
FBI soliciting moles for GOP Natl. Convention 17:27:19
Gold May Rise to $5,000 on Inflation (Bloomberg) 17:04:32
When the time comes all constitutionalists should unite 16:57:01
Warning for New Jersey: State police set off huge Revenue collecting initiative 16:41:45
Chuck Baldwin's meetup supporters doubled just 2 days After Ron Paul mentions him on CNN 16:40:19
Need To Watch And Share 16:29:44
Ron Paul's Birthday VS George Bush's Birthday 16:27:52
We are refeding our interview of Chuck Baldwin from last night NOW Friday 4pm eastern 16:22:17
Water Resstoration Act 16:09:17
Sign the Official Kucinich Petition to Impeach Bush 16:01:00
The Ron Paul movement 15:52:39
Bible Prophecy Author in Coast-2-CoastAM: The Republican Presumptive Candidate Will Drop Out 15:46:38
Dr. Paul and the 14th 15:34:21
Should or Could Ron Paul Challenge President George Bush Directly to a One-on-One Debate? 15:27:29
OBAMA - Cult of Personality 15:17:25
3 AM police intervention on DP member makes NATIONAL headlines! 15:05:41
Petition to remove Pelosi to pursue impeachment 14:54:36
DON'T TALK TO THE POLICE! ever... 14:53:09
Want to buy lots of gold and silver and scared 14:48:22
I NEED HELP PLEASE************** 14:47:40
Campaign for Liberty To Be The Largest Movement Planet Has Known! 14:34:12
LET THE IMPEACHMENTS BEGIN! McClellan testifies to House Judiciary Committee Today Fri June 20 14:31:57
Calling all Patriots: OperationStatesUnited 13:43:34
For your personal and family's security ... please read! 13:28:14
Now this is some GOOD Information! The real reasons for War 12:54:07
Gold to $5000? From Yesterday 12:16:28
My new politically oriented podcast 12:10:54
Food for Thought: The Tyrrany of Compulsive Schooling 12:08:23
Very interesting video on possible price fixing the price of oil 12:06:37
Alan Stang writes about the crooked TX GOP State Convention 11:49:08
Dr. Paul in Minnesota right now! 11:43:26
Campaign Finance Question? 11:43:17
NEVADA: We need your help today! 2 minutes only. 11:25:26
Ron Paul revolution needs Co-Intelligence!?!?!? 11:08:57
How can I view all "NEW" posts when thread becomes multi-paged? 11:05:48
my belief 10:28:19
Warrantless wiretapping bill today Call House of Rep. 09:41:35
THROW THE BUMS OUT!!! **Updated** 09:39:18
Treasury Secretary wants to quickly give MORE powers to the FED 09:25:57
**VOLUNTEERS NEEDED** For First Amendment Fight **Please Keep BUMPED** 09:18:30
Paul supporters continue fight within Idaho GOP as of June 19th 08:42:39
Video: origin of CFR and its relationhip to Freemasonry,Theosophy,Socialism and Communism 08:27:17
Christianity is not the same as the doctrine of love for humanity or the doctrine of Communism. 08:01:13
This Just In ...last 24 hours regarding Nevada Convention..... 07:26:16
Stealing from Gore to Ron Paul... 06:28:07
Obamas got Hillary by her balls 06:08:01
Indiana Uprising Happening! - July 4th Rally! 05:20:04
Ron Paul in Disguise 03:54:45
IMPORTANT! H.R.6304/The Hoyer/Bush FISA Dealto be voted on tomorrow 03:54:08
Looking better with each dawn!! WTG 02:18:57
BJ Lawson for congress June 29 money bomb 01:59:17
I am sorry but my OCD gets out of control sometimes 01:43:46
Electors: Explained? 01:34:37
We are not sheeple, damnit! 00:59:36
Barack Obama: NAFTA NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL 00:54:43
My Once a Day 00:52:09
"Don't Gavel Me, Bro!"-- The new T-Shirts are Ready to Order!!! --HELP SUPPORT NEVADA CONVENTION!!! 00:50:15
Geek news ALERT, YMail! 00:38:59
The Road Trip Revolution! 00:11:35