Posted on June 21, 2008

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Contact your Representative!!! -- we don't want war with Iran 14:36:59
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470 Cheer Ron Paul in Montana!! 23:51:55
BJ Lawson Money bomb June 29 update 23:37:53
Devvy Kidd: "WILL YOU OUT LIVE YOUR MONEY?" (mentions Ron Paul) 22:17:28
You heard of Peak Oil, How Bout Peak BS 21:36:42
Law School to Plan Bush War Crimes Prosecution 21:31:36
Who wants to see Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty on Jones Soda Bottles?! VOTING HAS ENDED! SEE THE TOP 150. 20:15:08
The Gold Confiscation Of April 5, 1933 19:52:43
North Carolina's Ron Paul junior needs our support. just keep this bumped 19:35:03
Constitution Party question 19:21:31
The Pledge of Allegiance 18:59:13
CHIP IN - For Victory in Florida- State Committtee Men and Women 18:55:49
Holy CHEMTRAILS Batman. I think they are spraying us. 17:59:21
Shetland Island Declares Independence from UK and EU 17:40:32
H.R. 6257, The Assault Weapons Ban Reauthorization Act of 2008 17:39:43
Hemp Bill Passes in VT 17:09:14
Letter to Jesse.... 17:03:12
THE BLUE PILL,,, If i hear ,,why worry about it you can't do anything about it . 15:37:06
Obama causes anger, sadness, and heartbreak to spread across the Internet 14:47:35
Democrats have "Legalized" Bush's War Crimes 14:23:00
White House Refuses To Release Documents On Air-Quality Policy (invoking executive privilege) 14:19:26
Agree or disagree? Supporting Barr or/and Baldwin IS supporting the campaign for liberty 14:08:48
Run for Ron: A Blueprint for a New America 13:59:02
APNewsBreak: US asks to rewrite detainee evidence ,,,(Lets make sure those liberal Judges see what we want) 13:47:18
Picking a Fight with Iran 13:33:37
Ron Paul Draws Record Crowd to Montana GOP Convention! 13:32:20
ACLU wants our help stopping telecom immunity bill 13:29:25
Reason vs Faith 13:00:42
No Merger Between the Libertarian and Constitution Parties is Needed. 12:55:33
FISA~What? no Obomb'a supporters... + digg 12:52:24
The Best Farmland in the U.S. Is Flooded; Most Americans Are Too Stupid to Panic 12:46:14
Lawson moneyebomb June 29th - how does this get to the front page? 12:36:26
"Write-in Ron Paul" website redirects to Barr's website 09:10:32
Pay Now; Prove Guilt Later (if at all) 08:19:45
Ron Paul Revolutionaires Connect And Network NOW! 05:50:06
The Petro-dollar War 05:06:20
Digg - Who would kick ass 04:29:34
Alledged Freemason Illuminati Exposes NWO Structure 03:50:00
We Are Change Confronts John McCain 03:06:31
Paul supporters fall short in Montana.....damn it.... 03:03:19
Watch your back and your credit...the senate and congress are cooking a new egg!!! (DIGG THIS!!!!) 02:44:43
Surprise!! 01:45:02
You Tube help for BJ Lawson 01:16:16
Urgent personal finance advice :) 01:14:16
This should be our weapon of choice 01:13:26
McCain campaigns for NAFTA in Canada 00:31:39
The fractured Revolution. 00:22:25