Posted on June 29, 2008

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Ron Paul: In loving memory of Kent Snyder 21:20:34
Our Hearts go out to Kent Snyder's family : Kent Snyder Ron Paul's Campaign manager has passed away 16:08:46
BJ Lawson Money Bomb Today- June 29th! 07:54:19
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US Chamber of Commerce needs to change it's name 23:54:06
McCunt 08 23:15:36
An RP man running for Congress in Nevada P L E A S E Bump!! 23:03:28
What does 200,000 Homeland Security employees do? 23:02:34
this guy is a real moral giant! 22:47:19
oil going to 170 a barrel 22:41:26
The Pentagon consultant told me, “We’ve had wonderful results in the Horn of Africa with the use of surrogates and false flags." 22:20:10
List of Obama mis statements.. 22:19:37
Two questions concerning Nevada 22:11:04
What's Going ON???????? 21:51:17
Books for Liberty 21:11:28
Harsh Words From The BIS and fear of Depression 21:06:34
Bank of International Settlements Warns of Deep Slowdown 20:41:13
The only concern I have about Ron Paul 20:13:22
Ever wonder why the Barr people are here? 19:51:37
Bank of America writes Housing Bailout Bill 19:39:02
Speakers at the March -- What a group -- Get there! 19:25:04
Read It And Weep.... 19:18:15
CNN Report: U.S. 'preparing the battlefield' in Iran 19:16:36
The Presumptive Republican Nominee 19:01:33
The Price of Oil Makes Me Laugh and Cry at the Same Time... 19:01:18
Bob Barr on "Fox News Sunday" 18:53:24
Candidates to petition Incumbent Roy Blunt for Redress of Grievances 18:25:46
Kent Snyder, RIP: Ron Paul's Campaign Chairman Passes Away 18:00:08
This man seems like a Patriot to me... 17:16:42
Action on HJ Res 362....S Res 580 17:06:54
Broadcast Tribute for Kent Snyder 16:48:32
Gulp! Print MSM calls RP grassroots movement "ENORMOUS" 16:30:21
Urgent: Seeking Trevor Lyman 16:25:06
Why B.J.. Lawson MUST raise $70,000 more by midnight Monday night. 16:19:59
Another China syndrome 16:09:19
Understanding COINTELPRO 15:48:15
If Dr. Pauls was here... 15:47:51
Iran 'digging 320,000 graves for invaders' 15:21:09
John McCain & the Straight Jacket Express 15:16:25
Ron Paul Scares the GOP 15:03:46
Republican National Convention Rules for Nominating a Candidate for President 14:46:15
Proof that our economy is doomed? 14:45:53
July 4th Ron Paul Rally Inspiration 14:41:54
Oil and global warming 14:29:15
Everyhing is aok (humor) 14:20:47
Is Bush A Nazi Dictator? 13:56:44
Why don't we cure the oil addiction? 13:56:34
St. Paul, MN - Time To Crash The RNC Party September 1st - 4th REVOLT! 13:11:39
Is anybody from the W administration planning on coming to Chile? 13:03:51
Ron Paul, in St. Paul, on the 2000 year anniversary of St. Paul the Apostle 13:02:23
Just added this to my Favorites. 12:58:23
Letter against Iran "War" sanctions here 12:27:15
Computer Programmers Advice Requested - Revolution Project 12:11:19
NY Times best selling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man John Perkins Sunday June 29th 4pm eastern 12:09:27
Only our State Legislatures can save us now! 12:08:17
Local GOP Resists Take-Over (Weigh-In) 11:56:14
Divide and conquer - but worse, we are doing it to ourselves! 11:19:53
HOT DIGG!.. Ron Paul Patriots Play Politics and WIN! 11:13:56
McCain/McBush squirms again.. 11:08:21
Please Be Strong People 10:54:58
FWD: Urgent, Important Announcement !!!! 10:46:38
U.S. escalating covert operations against Iran 10:46:07
Credit ripoff: How a $100 purchase turns into a $1,000 debt 10:45:51
Has anyone had a problem cashing a paycheck? 10:39:14
Idiot Georgie Has done did it again 10:24:44
NEVADA: national delegate election results 08:21:39
A great Gold Graph 07:53:56
Barry McQuire: Eve of Destruction 07:28:27
Peter Schiff On Fox 6-28 Youtube! 06:50:23
Police: FEMA Inspector Assaults Flood Zone Resident 05:58:45
A VERY interesting read 05:26:20
Another solution to our problems with Congress 04:15:43
I'm Confused about Nevada, Can someone explain and set my fears aside? 03:33:11
Breaking!! Nevada WIN causes GOP to rethink Ron Paul to be President 03:14:18
Has everyone signed the petition to oust Pelosi..? 03:07:00
John F Kennedy Assassination Secret Service Stand Down 02:43:26
Hans Hermann-Hoppe: On the Impossibility of Limited Government and the Prospects for a Second American Revolution 02:28:51
Real money and price deflation 02:23:19
LET bedr1's forum die out! Respond here to (better1):"False hope"? No, I don't think so. 02:21:15
if the dollar crashes does everyones debts go away??? 01:07:36
Interview with a terrorist 01:06:47
People are turning Nevada State convention into disinformation hub UPDATE 01:02:42
Sine Die - The Fat Lady Sings in Reno, Nevada!!! 00:57:45
Nevada write him and thank him for the report. 00:50:02
Where to park in DC for the march? 00:41:00
BJ Lawson money bomb tomorrow, let's try and make sure he doesn't get five bucks for the day 00:28:34