Posted on July 2, 2008

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Ron Paul on Fox Business News 20:39:05
Who Killed The Constitution? Dr. Thomas E Woods tells you! released today July 8th 2008 13:06:38
The Power Of Television "PROGRAMMING" 12:19:42
No - you can't have your money right now 04:31:45
The Great Panic of 2008 03:17:20
3 minutes : Ron Paul Interview Wednesday July 2nd 9PM eastern on 20:39:04
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Worst June for the S&P 500 & Dow Since the Great Depression 23:35:44
Not Happy with Obama and McCain? 23:35:42
Economic Collapse DVD... Now Available 23:25:15
Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations 23:24:55
You guys are neglecting Michael's other GREAT site. 23:13:53
Replay of the Ron Paul Interview @11:30pm EST 23:08:59
RON PAUL INTERVIEW : For those that missed it we are going to replay it at 11:30 pm eastern 23:07:19
Martial law starting in Canada ? maybe draft dodgers might want to think mexico 23:03:09
Tucker and maybe Willie in Minneapolis 22:50:15
How will you transport goods after the crash? 22:26:24
From the Daily Reckoning....What George Bush Was Told Behind Closed Doors... 22:22:01
By Brian Hunt: "Why Gold Will Jump $200 in One Day" (due to oil prices) 22:11:27
Revolution 4 Freedom Festival on Fox 21:58:22
Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty website is fizzing out on sign ups. 21:48:19
Joe Barton of Texas served 1st Amendment petitions of redress 21:42:48
GREAT SPOOF: Diebold and the 2008 Election 21:40:45
Time is short... 21:39:17
Harry E. Mitchell ,and the 7th District of Missouri gets served petitions of redress 21:39:10
Jeff Flake gets served petions of redress by WTP 21:34:22
Why do you suppose a law like this was passed 21:19:04
Sorry Huckabe... VP nom looks like it is not going to you... REDDIT FOR RON!! 21:12:46
Don't Want To Be A US Citizen? Be Prepared to Pay Some Big Bucks! 20:56:15
The Libertarian candidate for governor has been excluded from the gubernatorial debates 20:49:10
Reminder: Peter Schiff's Live Weekly Show 20:33:51
Jon Kyle and John McCain served 1st Amendment petitions of redress (pass the video) 20:33:00
22 Year CIA Vet told to Falseify Iran Reports..Fired 20:21:47
Linda Goldthorpe interview - endorsed by Ron Paul 20:11:27
Someone got caught with Vote Fraud, finally... 19:40:19
Since RP has now predicted "SOMETHING BIG", let's consider the possibilities! 19:39:09
"Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically enumerated." 18:50:56
Listen to Ron Paul interviewed on -'The Gary Null radio show' & the 'NWO!!!' 18:22:51
Gold and The Panic of 1893 18:12:16
Citigroup says long-term gold price could double or even triple 18:03:26
I hear a lot of BITCHIN but no 17:59:47
Any President that Would Dare Oppose The Federal Reserve Gets Assassinated: History Lesson & JP Morgan Buyout of Bear Stearns 17:32:12
FLDS Fashions Now Online! 16:48:17
Polls 16:46:54
The myth of illegal-immigration? 16:46:43
California to Legalize Weed for Everyone 16:43:17
"The talk must stop." -- Is it my imagination or is there a lot more pro-Illegal immigrant junk being peddled on the forums? 16:37:15
Integration is here, now. Read all about it. 16:18:28
Another ACTIVIST group.... 15:13:26
Friends, the consumer-led recession is here 14:48:14
US training Mexican police to torture? 14:28:05
***Boycott these companies!*** 14:24:05
Brady Campaign to Define SENSIBLE GUN LAWS.... 14:22:17
***I Had a MENTAL BREAKDOWN because of Ron Paul...*** 14:22:11
Another Bunch Of Helpful Cops. 14:20:35
Illegal immigrants are good: they are helping to bankrupt the gov't 14:17:46
Paul Calls For Hearings On Falling Dollar’s Impact On Oil 13:34:49
Campaign for Liberty T-Shirts :: "The Revolution: A Manifesto" :: Independence Day SPECIALS 13:26:43
Peter Schiff July 1st on CNBC 13:23:39
Less reason to attack Iran now 12:50:41
Your Post... On the Radio... Check it Out ... Operation Daily Paul 1pm EST 12:49:21
Another Smear Campaign about Ron Paul! 12:08:45
Water for Fuel 12:02:05
News Corp (Fox, Murdoch) at multi-year lows 11:57:11
What's cooking at the Revolution 4 Freedom Festival? Update #2 10:50:20
"The Great Panic of 2008" 10:28:20
WHAT ARE BANKS FOR? *as seen on MTV* 10:22:48
WOW!! Look at this Poll!! 09:50:56
Ready for a complete collaspe. 09:40:10
New WorldNetDaily Forum: Questions for 3rd Party Candidates 09:19:01
A shill for the Fed 09:14:19
Who is really behind our loss of freedom? 08:04:49
Nancy Pelosi & Zionist Warhawks Move to Punish Congressman Kucinich for Pushing 07:14:44
Feingold and Dodd's FISA Hypocrisy: Lefties Are Not On Our Side 05:29:44
Bob Barr Money Bomb Today? 03:57:15
It is that time once again 02:50:45
Bush called McCain a Liberal in 2000!!! 02:44:49
Who owns the FED? 01:03:32
George Bush was in AR today... 00:02:23