Posted on July 3, 2008

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Ron Paul on Alex Jones 20:40:18
The Daily Flip: 'I never said I don’t know much about economics' - McCain 10:29:12
Fox News: We Photoshop, You Decide 09:18:49
What now? 03:20:02
Open Revolt at BarackObama .com Takes Top Position 02:19:17
Medical Bills in Excess of $400K. Help Kent Rest in Peace 00:24:17
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Language of Spin 23:49:43
Utterly Stupid Question For Daily Paulers 23:14:25
#1 Story on Digg Taken Down -- YouTube Privacy Ruling 23:01:50
Ballot Access Assured In Illinois!!!! 23:01:25
Supreme Court ruling causes confusion!! 22:52:08
The FEC is Ready for Action! Time to get McJustice 22:44:22
Ron Paul Revolution March Radio Interview July 2nd 2008 22:39:53
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil... 22:16:55
where should a r3VOLutionary blog? 22:10:37
Don't say "Happy 4th of July" say "Happy Liberty Day!" 21:33:55
Opinion: Austin, It’s Time to Rise Up 20:52:13
Another Kent Snyder Tragedy 20:32:11
BUMP--Trevor Lyman: Ron Paul Personally Endorses Break the Matrix! 19:59:30
Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show July 3 2008 (Youtube 3 parts) 19:29:25
Russia's New President Sees Larger Economic Role 19:27:08
The Chair will recognize letushope 19:05:24
Tom Martin for State Rep. in the 77th District PA 19:00:05
For My Birthday Wish Today.... 18:48:06
What to do tomorrow. (July 4th) 18:47:00
The Mayor of salt lake, Utah openly protests Bush and the MSM 18:41:09
Paul/Ventura '08 Ticket: Ultimate October Surprise (Please Bump) 18:35:47
Tomorrow we celebrate 18:17:56
Bimbo Hates Punk 17:58:17
KEVN FOX, the Love-a-lution from Sturgis !!! 17:30:24
Never Lose Hope 17:26:18
What you are missing! 17:15:43
Creation/Evolution Debate 17:13:58
HEADLINES FROM THE YEAR: 2029 16:46:20 (rank 26,046) "more educated audience" 16:45:16
The DailyPaul: website of the free and blog of the brave 16:32:04
Bernard Von Nauthaus : LIVE July 3rd 6pm eastern 15:54:51
Flash News Alert from Harry Schultz 15:53:37
RON PAUL: Something Big is Going On 15:34:32
America Leads the Way - Often in the WRONG Direction 15:10:09
Sheeple Amaze me !!! 14:31:02
I can't stand tucker carlson!!! 14:26:37
Is it too much of a coincidence that Ingrid Betancourt was released when John McCain was in Colombia? 14:19:25
Google told to hand over millions of YouTube user details to Viacom 14:02:20
McCain = BUSH III 13:53:16
Only ONE MORE DAY to join the RonVoy! 13:19:59
Obama uses freedom and Liberty symbols on his website 13:17:48
~10 Reasons Why I Drink Beer Every Day~ 13:16:55
Ron Paul & David Icke on the Alex Jones Show Today! 12:43:20
Election 08 Clean up Congress Thread 12:10:24
Texas Police Forcibly Take Blood Without Warrants 12:01:47
Email 10:48:02
Who Owns the Media 10:25:06
Rockefeller in the HOT SEAT! 10:13:03
Dumbing down the presidency 10:05:19
Farc infiltrated and timely release of Ingrid Betancourt. 09:09:04
Dollar Bubble 08:44:20
Rockefeller Tries To Defend Himself... 08:40:17
To The Remnant: HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY 08:32:26
Revolution March Pledge Counter 07:51:06
Utility Workers Hired As Stasi Informants In Colorado, California, Arizona 07:29:10
Important Health Data from Geneva 07:22:08
The Pending Financial Disaster by Ron Paul 07:15:15
Rally For Ron Paul Tomorrow 4 th Of July! 04:54:43
RFID expo in Japan 04:41:11
I shed a tear!!! 04:39:24
Personal Freedoms and the Internet- by Ron Paul 04:30:45
Morality and Economy 03:18:46
Lock In Current Gas Prices For Future Purchases 03:04:50
Don't Stop Believing, Hold on to that Feeling 02:28:09
Old Post 02:21:35
Freedom Fest Las Vegas, NV July 6th 02:17:36
A Libertarian, Socialist and an Anarchist were sitting on a bench... 02:14:38
The Confessions of an Economic Hitman 01:35:35
You Are Changing the World 01:20:36
Chemtrails Promoted & Taught in 7th Grade Science Textbooks 01:16:56
Advice for cleaning junk silver. 00:59:56
My fellow patriots: Meet the next Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court 00:48:29
Your YouTube Viewing Habits Handed Over by Court Order 00:36:14
Neat story I read 00:36:08
BS for Fuel! 00:18:03
Ron Paul Fox Video Linked on Yahoo Finance 00:12:56
Nader at 6% in recent poll!!! 00:03:38
Groups Sue U.S. for Data On Tracking By Cellphone 00:01:53