Posted on July 4, 2008

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Kucinich's Fourth of July Impeachment Message. 15:20:28
What ever happened to the Brave Men Who Signed The Declaration of Independence??? 08:59:29
Happy Birthday United States! 00:01:32
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WSJ:4th of July: Google fights back? 23:53:46
McChristians 23:24:01
Call It a Hunch, but I think People are Waking Up 23:00:53
Wish you could be here? Live Feed... 22:38:55
constitutional lyrics,what are you favourites 22:12:52
Movies to celebrate the Bill of Rights 21:46:16
I can't even convince my family of what is going on... 20:59:16
Help Keep Dr. Paul's Book Near the Top! 20:49:31
Help for the WTC Ignorant: A Map of the Layout of the WTC Complex 20:48:54
Big Oil Companies ready to sign deals with Iraq 20:42:53
Ron Paul Speaks - In Bookstores Now! 20:35:33
Most Excellent Free LIVE Radio feed w/ free RP-Constitution flyers... 20:29:13
Faux news called out by MSNBC - see Video 20:20:50
Chuck Baldwin interview is now available in the archives section for download. 20:17:12
Ron Paul Live interview is now up in the archive section for download. 20:14:01
Happy Fourth of July! Enjoy! 20:08:10
The Last Days of Freedom 20:01:42
4th of July Message (& who I’m voting for in November) by Christine Smith 19:49:12
1997 or 1998 19:42:01
"Ron Paul the only Top Tier Candidate Who Isn't a CFR Member" 19:26:34
We're supposed to support this? 18:30:05
New Chuck Baldwin Website Now Up - Check It Out! 7/4/8 18:26:02
More proof 9/11 conspiracy nuts really are nuts 18:10:37
RON PAUL and Chuck Baldwin Radio interview REFEED July4th 6pm 18:03:31
Food for Thought: David Icke Says that the New World Order is Attempting to Co-opt the Liberty Movement 17:33:40
Can't be in DC next Saturday? Stay home for this! 17:04:43
Objectivism and the State: An Open Letter to Ayn Rand 16:54:14
Croc Dundee to tax authorities "Come get me!" 16:47:21
What key defense-related U.S. industrial capabilities have moved substantially or entirely to China? And other countries? 15:38:31
Welcome Clay Douglas our new host on 3-5pm eastern time 15:18:47 needs your donation please! 15:07:12
Yes, is Down 14:40:58
Trouble brewing for the RNC? 14:27:17
How McCain abuses the Constitution 14:11:17
Who Planned the Anthrax attacks? The $5.8 million dollar REAL INSIDE JOB Question 14:05:37
Special 4th of July OPERATION DAILY PAUL LIVE! 2PM EASTERN 13:59:18
Fourth of July News.... 1,000,000 new recruits!! 13:35:23
Jesse Helms Dead 13:32:26
Breaking News ! 12:33:40
Help us in Florida 12:23:59
9/11 first responders DVD released 12:23:19
We need help in Florida 12:22:03
Ron Paul PBS debate Setp 27, 2007 - Hosted by Tavist Smiley 12:19:51
Easy July 4th Project 12:13:45
How I'm Voting in Nov. (A 4th of July Message from Christine Smith) 12:09:31
Hope For America Twista Faith Evans Ron Paul - DC MARCH JULY 12TH 12:01:38
Group: Campaign for Liberty created on 11:54:25
FREEDOM SLATE '08 11:41:15
Good Morning it is Independance Day ~ Sturgis Update from Granny 11:05:58
URGENT - are your tires safe? 10:58:03
RonVOY from Mobile, Al. Help!!! 10:54:50
RONVOY HELP!!!??? 10:52:55
Here is your opportunity to Sign the Declaration for Impeachment.... 10:52:55
An article which needs digging? 10:04:25
Utilizing Landfills For Fuel 09:44:21
KUCINICH ~ fourth of July impeachment message. 09:44:21
Banks Going CRAZY! 09:37:34
Revolution Begins in Our Hearts and Minds by Mary Ruwart 09:10:45
Happy Independence Day, the email I sent 08:57:56
This is meant as food for thought! 08:52:58
CNN: Federal judge rules 2 Patriot Act provisions unconstitutional 08:07:57
I can TRY to pick my neighbors 07:52:20
How Many Of You Hung a Flag(or flags) at Your House This 4th??????? 07:39:22
Google forced to reveal users' YouTube viewing habits 07:32:47
Obad oblicza mojego przyjaciela. 04:22:27
Beware IBD Editorial Cartoons by Michael Ramirez 04:08:20
Dukakis Sites Ron Paul on Hannity/Colmes 03:45:42
viacom is trying to force google to turn over all youtube users viewing information 03:43:29
How many people are you "waking up" this July 4'th? It's simple! Click here to see what you can do. 03:28:08
Right Now... 03:00:07
Pennsylvania Delegate Expense Fund Appeal 01:30:29
Bus Trip to St. Paul, Minnesota for Campaign For Freedom Rally 01:27:50
Bus Trip to St. Paul, Minnesota for Campaign For Freedom Rally 01:27:49
War tanking US Economy 00:58:16
An ironically funny opportunity 00:58:10
Is McCain in violation of AZ Constitution? 00:36:28
Majority Leader Steny Hoyer in fight of his life vs Ron Paul Republican!!! Update #2! 00:11:39