Posted on July 7, 2008

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'Public' Online Spaces Don't Carry Free Speech Rights 11:16:59
The People Running the Show Have No Idea What's Going On 10:22:17
A Rude Shock for Airline Passengers? 09:58:18
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Ron Paul Republican Matt Chancey 23:20:25
Flat Earth vs. Round Earth Debate 23:03:21
Giving to Obama 'lottery' called illegal gambling 22:58:15
Dr. Steve Parent LIVE taking your calls July 7th 11pm eastern 22:53:47
Price of oil DROPS!! 22:45:56
Adopt a Meetup 07/03/08 list 22:44:56
"Universal Health Care" (socialized medicine) must be stopped! 22:27:18
Fox: Anarchists planning to 'crash' RNC convention 22:23:04
Government Attacks Free Speech 22:22:28
I put HHO in my car and now the 'check engine' light is on 22:11:52
Freedomslate08 Last Update before end of Moneybomb - New Standings 21:52:25
58 permanate USA military Basis in Iraq & "its not about oil"? 21:51:56
Ron Paul: "Real Change" 21:19:35
Don't travel with your laptop 20:04:48
NAU TREASON !!! 20:00:49
Paulson gets summoned to London and, lo and behold, the dollar recovers! All is well! 19:47:38
Attorney who WON Gun Rights Decision in Supreme Court backs Bob Barr 19:24:46
Bomber Kills 41 Outside India's Embassy In Afghanistan 19:24:09
Kent Snyder Continues To Lead Our Liberty Movement!!! 19:15:50
Judgement thread. By Rhino. 18:41:00
Why was JFK assassinated 18:35:24
Hilarious!! Top 10 Answers Voters Gave to Describe Candidates 18:32:54
Can't believe this was on AOL! 18:30:23
Finding a Hero 18:20:54
Urge Nader to have Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura in his cabinet!!! 18:15:53
G8 leaders feast on 13 courses after discussing world food shortages 18:08:58
‘Germ warfare’ fear over African monkeys taken to Iran 18:00:35
Subverting Iran: Washington's Covert War Inside Iran 17:57:00
Pentagon Pundits Scandal: Ignored 17:43:05
More Obama financing subterfuge from our NWO friends from afar 17:40:24
local volunteer Homeland Security program 17:05:14
As America Collapses US Government Secret Plans Revealed 17:04:45
Our Founding Fathers Must be Rolling Around in Their Graves ... Great Article!!! 17:03:42
McCain says he can win California!! 17:00:05
How you ended the War - Please watch and bump - IMPORTANT 16:19:59
Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury 15:51:22
Ron Paul is "McCain's Convention Nightmare" from AOL 15:44:10
I'm sick of people trolling for Bob Barr!!!! 15:42:41
Huffington post attacking Kent Snyder 15:17:38
Zogby has Bob Barr at 7% Nationwide 14:59:25
Gore Vidal "Since Bush" WE NO LONGER HAVE A REPUBLIC ANYMORE 14:58:17
Bigger than CFL?? Launches!! 14:54:51
The Wizzard of Oz? Don't look behind the curtain 14:40:46
Dude these 9/11 truthers are funny 14:27:06
Viacom wants your YouTube Info! 13:54:33
Open Letter to the GOP - Sign it! spread it! 13:47:56
Freedomslate08 Last Update before end of Moneybomb - New Standings 13:20:33
(UPDATE) Operation Common Ground: LIVE NOW!!!! CFL granted passage! 13:11:07
Please Help Your Fellow American Workers!!! 13:08:47
Iraq suggests a timetable for withdrawal...COULD IT BE TRUE? 12:55:25
DVDs for Delegates Project ~Money Bomb July 8th Diggit ! 12:33:43
Peace and Revolution 11:23:16
Bringing the Internet to the Public - USA TOMORROW 10:46:32
MSNBC- Conservatives to battle McCain (yet no mention of us?) 10:38:14
Ron Paul: I hear members of Congress saying “if we could only nuke Iran” 10:32:51
DEBUNK THIS, part deux 08:29:41
US Contractor Leads Torture Training in Mexico 08:25:50
CopperCards? 08:07:39
Ron Paul-Endorsed Money Bomb a Dud? 07:40:03
Schedule for Sept 1- ? 05:50:28
Funny but sad 05:31:30
McCain delegates waking up? 04:45:02
Got Farm? 04:30:00
Think about it from a Bilderberger's view- Oil, War, and Global Currency 04:18:33
CHECK THIS OUT!!! Another bit of legislation that screws the little guy! 03:45:35
A different view of the Iranian war rhetoric 03:34:15
Rainbow Family attacked by FEDS. Pepper sprayed, Rubber bullets, 03:09:11
New Pro-FISA group backs Obama 02:58:39
Starting an independent newspaper 02:34:45
sovrereign 02:33:20
The Constitution Has One Flaw 02:24:12
32,000 or so to go folks 02:22:27
What do $50000 and $200000 have in common? 02:04:08
Media? Would a local reporter from Richmond Va. be of any help for the march? 02:03:46
Is any one familiar with the term patet exitus, as related to taxes? 02:02:30
Say Goodbye To Freedom On The Internet 01:59:40
I'll See Your GrassRoots FISA Problem and Raise You Some Pissed Off Women 01:58:11
Zogby: Barr at 6% nationwide 01:57:21
The Swing Vote Demographic: "Low-Info" Voters 01:53:41
Ron Paul right again 01:36:42
Guns Save Lives...but you won't hear that on the MSM 01:24:07
Fantastic Pearl Jam video 00:22:25
The Energy Non-Crisis 00:18:07