Posted on July 19, 2008

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Monsanto wants to patent the pig. 22:57:44
Peter Schiff on CBS Sunday Morning 19:58:15
Anyone noticed the GOOD DEALS lately? SCARY 14:51:24
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Long Kiss Goodnight 23:56:16
Anyone else like to read? I posted this last night for Moon... 23:10:07
The nature of the future? 22:57:05
Barr reverses his position: now believes in global-warming hysteria 22:15:49
Founding Fathers & Mothers March?? 22:13:14
Great movie from 1996 on Money, Banking & the Federal Reserve 22:11:22
Non-Genetically Altered Seeds 22:07:29
Trevor Lymans Next MoneyBomb 21:43:11
What will you do when the SH!# hits the fan? Better yet, What are you willing to give up? 21:11:29
Iraqi Prime Minister agrees with Ron Paul 20:53:25
Obamaganda 20:06:12
Terrorism Funds May Let Brass Fly in Style 19:34:46
Paul vs Barr on Fannie mae/ Freddis mac 19:00:55
Dance with me Baby!!! 18:54:27
Ha Ha I didn't see this 17:57:14
In lies we trust 17:35:55
DID YOU KNOW THIS??? *Updated* 17:35:25
More truth: Please watch this video 17:31:51
BREAKING:Iraq supports Obama withdrawal over McCain? 17:31:43
A Nevada JERK speaks! 17:09:13
Travel Channel in currently airing an inside look at the Federal Reserve. 17:05:35
WHAT ARE THE CHANCES of Bush declaring Martial Law in 2008? 17:02:56
The American Empire 17:01:36
The Crisis Is Upon Us / SHOCKING ARTICLE by Ron Paul 16:06:38
The economy going sour provides an opportunity for consumer activism 15:57:45
Why didn't Ron Paul go visit the troops? 15:56:48
~Ron Paul Revolution 5 Million Strong?~ 15:47:34
Have you ever known a RP supporter who went back to the other side? 15:46:01
Bring your Enthusiasm BACK.........CLICK HERE!!! 15:25:35
Lawsuit Filed Against Nevada Republican Party!!! 14:45:55
Tonight!!!! New on Break the Matrix: American Vigilance Coast-to-Coast 14:31:39
New on Break the Matrix: American Vigilance Coast-to-Coast 14:25:26
Hope for Mortgage Borrowers? 13:57:36
What Are We Building ? 13:51:18
~My Grief Agony Suffering~ 13:28:50
Kucinich to investigate police surveillance of protest groups 13:18:55
Ron Paul too LATE?? NEVER!! The Fight is on! 13:13:34
Maliki: I Support Obama’s Withdrawal Timetable 13:08:03
A Fight for Freedom: School Rebuked for Ibuprofen Strip Search of 13 Year Old Girl 13:06:44
Police detain tactic ripped 12:58:29
Ron Paul vs. Bob Barr on Fannie/Freddie 12:48:36
For those of you going to St. Paul for the GOP CONvention 12:46:55
Senator acepted bribes that might have cost lives in IRAQ from CBS!! 12:15:51
Will Bush Play "Get-Out-of-Jail-Free" Card? 11:59:46
Nine House Republicans Vote for Impeachment Hearing (YES) 11:58:10
~Send Karl Rove To Jail~ 11:07:16
GET READY for a big back-lash against the Bush administration. 10:29:50
Consider the phenominal growth of the Re-Revolution! 10:24:59
TOO FUNNY! Who nailed Bernanke on inflation? 09:59:35
ron paul in nc 07:26:32
Blood Money 07:03:42
Jdayh, I'm going to bed now. Check your email!! 06:00:09
George W. Bush Sewage Plant plan is on ballot 05:23:45
Interview Update on Likely War with Iran 05:23:36
**Techies** - Is there a difference in quality between copies of DVDs made by companies vs. burned in PCs? 04:52:43
Nevada delegates file suit 04:47:39
SMALLPOX pandemic is real! 04:32:12
Should Ron Paul address the NAKED SHORTS Fraud? 04:32:08
Bye Bye, Gramm 04:16:29
Genghis Khan is back woooooooooooooooot 04:13:31
Ron Paul Supporters - Time to stop fighting amongst ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!! 03:37:34
Ron Paul video recap - thousands.. hundresds of thousands...millions.. of us. 03:21:22
Ha Ha Ha Musical Votes / Texas Lawmakers CAUGHT ON VIDEO VOTING More Than Once!! 02:43:39
Greenspan: Why do we need a Central Bank? 02:04:35
Dark Knight movie reflects real martial law in Chicago 02:01:01
Ron Paul Cola 01:59:56
Let's not forget about BJ Lawson, Jdayh taught me how to cut and paste so you are all in trouble now 01:26:31
Nevada Republican State Delegates File Suit Against State Party 01:16:45
oh ship,oh yes he did say liberty will go" into deep hibernation " 01:03:36
***NEED HELP UNDERMINING CFR*** keep bumped! 00:32:45
Scandalous - Congressman Skelton Retaliates Against Petitioning Constituents 00:13:36