Posted on July 20, 2008

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James Grant: Why No Outrage? 23:07:03
The Bottom Line...Don't Quit Now! 22:44:07
Civil War! 22:11:53
Register your bicycle or get a fine? Is this in your state also ? 19:09:25
My friend and I attended The rEVOLution March! 13:19:34
The Economist: America may default on its debt 12:54:22
Louis T. McFadden blasts the Fed in 1932! 12:49:11
DVDs 4 Delegates Explained, With G. Edward Griffin 19:09:26
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Murdoch admits trying to 'shape' agenda 23:42:03
Hitler's Private Army the SS Blackshirts is the same as today Blackwater 23:38:34
Natural Born "Subjects" 23:33:18
Why Was Lincoln Shot? 22:18:49
DVDs4Delegates is a Good Idea, BUT.... 22:11:27
Bob Barr On FOX News, says Fannie Mae bailout NOT a good idea - watch video 21:26:27
Ron Paul vs Bob Barr : A grand canyon size difference 21:10:49
Break the Matrix Tv Channel 1 Now playing High Definition Tv 21:06:35
BUSH'S LAST DAY in office deserves a little special event and celebration. 20:44:41
Paulson braces public for months of tough times 20:34:05
Dr. Steve Parent debut show on revolution broadcasting : Round Table For Freedom 8pm central time 19:58:18
US Policy Shift On Iran-Iraq 19:40:16
Responses To Petitions For Redress 19:36:54
Profiting from the Iraq War - bribery and kickbacks played a role in securing Iraq war contracts 19:33:03
*Petition* People to McCain: You are not above the law! 18:44:27
Spammers, bumpers, and overzealous promoters: Please follow the site rules! 18:43:07
Forum mobsters & Cyber Bullies. A bed time tale and psychiatric analysis by NotOverYet 18:21:21
Liberty and Responsibility 16:43:46
The March 13th secret closed door meeting of the U.S. House of Representatives 16:34:21
Liberty and Responsibility 16:28:31
Becoming a "DC Sellout" seems to be the new pinnacle for political power and success! 16:19:10
Does crying help? 15:53:35
Alaskans suffer nation's highest gasoline prices 15:45:16
~Soldier in famous photo never defeated "demons"~ 15:39:24
Barack Hussein Obama? Im not a racist 15:27:49
Digg it! Schiff on CBS 15:27:22
Freddie and Fannie Bailout is Unconstitutional 15:19:09
Becoming Illegal 15:02:57
Why is the SEC manipulating the stock market? 13:16:25
Official inflation soared to 2.2 million percent in Zimbabwe 12:58:26
Eine Amerika, Eine Volk 12:46:26
Oil found in UK- US to invade next week 11:39:42
McCain's VP? Look Who is Back in Mainstream Media. 11:36:01
"Commercial bankruptcies soar..." 11:22:17
A Visitor From The Past 11:15:20
Barack Hussein Obama Vows to Vigorosly Continue the "War on Terror". Digg 11:03:33
Bill Buran for New York State Congress 10:53:00
Ron Paul's Manifesto Audio hits youtube 10:19:46
NV Legal Defense Fund 10:03:40
U.S. Soldiers Kill Son Of Iraqi Governor, While Obama Vows To Pursue More War 09:59:29
Gerrymandering (the real voting fraud) 09:44:41
Link to CBS story with Peter Schiff Sunday 7-20-08 09:33:00
Hurry!! Get you Presidential Pardon Application In NOW! 09:31:40
NY TIMES rips McCain-July 20th 08:39:15
Stock Market guru Don Harrold awsome Interview with Chuck Baldwin 06:23:22
A look inside the Treasury Dept. 05:24:52
JFK Vs The Federal Reserve 05:07:39
Kentucky's Bill Goodman for best journalist to cover Ron Paul. Pls send a thnk you email 04:54:24
War On Sex? 04:48:25
Very IMPORTANT!! How Safe is your BANK??? 04:46:37
Does anyone have an account on Ron Paul forums? this is urgent 04:41:12
Downsizer dispatch - David Krikorian 04:21:35 02:12:59
Freddie & Fannie Unconstitutional Bail Out Using What? 02:02:04 lets send this fool to jail 01:35:32
Obama coming to Berlin - Update: I need your help! 01:24:27
Ron Paul Drawing 01:22:05
THE CRISIS IS NOW UPON US by Dr. Ron Paul 01:00:22
If You Want to Paulinize The GOP,McCain Must Lose! 00:28:32
PLEASE DIGG THIS NOW!! Expose this garbage!! 00:24:35
OK... Who is that gorgeous girl? 00:03:34