Posted on July 21, 2008

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Wall Street Journal says Ron Paul Hijacked Nevada Republican Convention 21:44:52
Now it's time to say goodbye 14:28:52
New Feature from the FDIC: Is My Account Fully Insured? 09:15:54
Home Invasion by the State 04:56:19
A new "TOOL" that works GREAT!!! X2 04:57:19
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Video from the Fed protest day before the March 23:55:04
Chuck Baldwin... Has an Excellent statement and it gave me an IDEA!!! 23:45:04
When did the "R3volution" start? 23:31:56
It's the rules: Utah to vote for Romney ! 23:30:56
Letter Bomb Project For Letter To The GOP (We reached 10,000 signatures) 23:26:25
Protesting Outside Pelosi's House against HR 362 22:48:38
10 Ways to tell if there's a run on your bank 22:46:23
NV Senator Bob Beers admits removing Delegates to avoid quorum 22:45:12
finally some newspaper DIRT on MCCAIN 22:44:33
Silver Thread 22:42:21
Fellowship of the White Rose - International Fellowship for Freedom 22:40:49
Barr, Baldwin or NOT the ENEMIES!! 22:39:13
Lets you and them fight 22:32:15
306 Visitors ONLINE!!! Signup Lets Talk??? 22:18:25
American flag disappears from Obama campaign jet 22:18:16
sorry Ron Paul has more meetup members than I can count, 5000 doesn't even show up on a radar 22:15:35
"The Global Economy is at the Point of Maximum Danger" 22:08:16
Barr nearing 5000 Meetup members, Chuck Baldwin has 700 22:07:11
Has anyone else noticed 21:57:21
26,000 Christian pastors recruited by government 21:55:26
LA Times article: We know Ron Paul, and Bob Barr is no Ron Paul. by Andrew Malcolm 21:52:48
Ron Paul polling at 98% on dailypaul 21:50:02
Wall Street Journal Says Ron Paul Hijacked Nevada State Convention 21:43:06
Hello Freedom Lovers, from 'lettertogop' 21:40:38
Email members of Congress(republicans) for Ron Paul 21:34:31
Bob Barr says: We need to give Federal Reserve more oversight (power) 21:30:52
Article: Concern Mounts About FDIC Deposit Fund 21:25:49
LOL @ UFOs blamed for nuke missile failures 21:20:24
AOL supports the New World Order 21:02:53
Dobson flipping? 20:39:56
Barr Polling at 2% According to Harris Interactive. 20:31:51
Please explain how the Fed is a rip off exactly 20:27:14
International Party Time 20:20:28
Off topic: IDF shoots (Rubber Bullet) Palestinian with hands bound point blank 19:47:03
IRS Steps Up Enforcement 19:37:29
Emmy Award Given For A Propaganda Piece On 60 Minutes 19:30:38
100 items that disappear first in an Emergency 18:56:37
Nail meet hammer 18:51:28
BREAKING NEWS!! 18:12:41
Go get 'em! (RNC) 18:11:20
Proof BOB BARR is a TROLL! 17:43:48
McCain Aide Linked To Bush Library 'Cash For Access' Scandal 16:54:00
The Global Economy is at the point of maximum danger 16:49:16
Have you protected yourself? 16:48:29
McCain shows geographical ignorance, says Iraq borders Pakistan 16:43:32
A Ron Paul Fantasy - what will happen on September 2nd? 16:08:36
~Ron Paul Supports New 9/11 Investigation~ 16:03:55
Jefferson Bible 15:54:03
"Why are you wasting your vote?" 15:48:07
Expect a Bureaucratic Nightmare when You Renew Your Driver's License 15:42:39
Foreplay and then the sex (Barr), or straight to sex(Baldwin)? 15:41:52
Ron Paul has NOT called for a new 9/11 investigation. 15:40:34
WOW ! Terrorists' assignment: Protect Barack Obama 15:32:45
Fellow Ron Paul Revolutionaries 15:03:29
NBA or NFL? 14:58:00
UPDATE: NV State Delegate Suit vs. Party Moves Forward 14:52:51
If Paul makes an endorsement, are we going to unite? 14:51:15
McCain Aide Linked To Bush Library 'Cash For Access' Scandal 14:34:32
For Serious Constitutionalists, Only 14:31:14
RNC still needs volunteers 14:20:41
Police break down wall of medical marijuana patient 13:59:29
DIGG THIS!!! "Broken" Social Security System pays McCain $1,980 a month!!! 13:45:31
Economic Horror Movie in Britain and Eurozone 13:00:46
why the mania phase for gold may be upon us! 12:23:03
US quits Human Rights Council 11:59:54
Richard Russell on the Fed. Send the link to all your dumbed down friends 11:49:29
$650,000 Left in Ron's Presidential Campaign 11:32:27
Host of "Fox and Friends" hints Ron Paul may run as Independent... 10:54:36
whats gonna happen next? 08:49:40
scary 08:44:27
The Government Cannot Be Both Master and Servant 07:32:23
NYT: NJ town tries to fine Ron Paul supporter $1,000 for yard sign 07:24:32
The Beginnings of Martial Law In Chicago? — Blagojevich Says Chicago Is ‘Out Of Control’ 06:54:27
IndyMac bank going under probably has you wondering, is my bank next? 06:53:14
George W. Bush Sewage Plant Plan Is On The Ballot 06:52:27
Cindy McCain"s Full Tax Returns Will Show War Profits, Pre-9/11 Insider Trading 06:51:38
Taser death ignites racial tensions 06:50:53
NY Mag on RP: He Told Us So 05:13:47
Truth Rising: The 9/11 Chronicles Part One 00:37:21