Posted on August 4, 2008

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Ron Paul on Alex Jones 8/4/2008 23:03:32
Financial Stories of Interest - Monday August 4, 2008 20:03:43
The Engel/Paul "Securing Our Borders and Our Data Act" 18:32:40
Republican pleads to Libertarians: Please drop out! 17:44:09
Great article about the March in D.C. - Huffington Post 13:19:21
New York Times Comes Out Hard Against Electronic Voting Machines 00:41:24
Monday Open Thread: What Makes You So Special? 00:41:25
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TOG2476! I have been trying to catch up with you for the past 2 days!! 23:58:17
Prepare to be Fired UP! 23:54:04
Bill Murphy from GATA explains gold and silver markets in detail 23:53:28
And on the 5th day Michael said STOP!!! 23:40:44
i'm too 'weak/weak minded' to fight...guess i'll go to my 'organized' meeting... 23:31:02
places to stay -some free! 23:16:53
Jericho 22:53:39
White House told FBI to blame Anthrax on Al Qaeda 22:51:36
Today's Headline: 22:49:02
Ron Paul On alex Jones Today 22:18:56
Great quotes 21:40:27
McCain Replica Video from Ron Paul 4409 21:27:26
Where's the Big Announcement? 21:24:52
I didn't know we had a QUEEN! 20:53:05
Big Announcement: Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura '08 Is Sure Winner (35% plus) 20:14:27
Anyone else gotten mail to donate to McCain from the GOP? 19:57:46
Words can not describe this. By Rhino. 19:53:06
545 Politicians 19:11:34
Does anyone know how many copies of "The Revolution" have been sold? 19:06:21
R4R Lodging 19:00:21
PA Real ID Opportunity 18:49:07
The Virtual Conspiracy *Update* 18:16:47
In Response to ALL of the awful lawsuits we are seeing - some humor 18:07:07
Are we Headed for Another Cuban Crisis? | Political Lore .com 17:55:14
Man faces foreclosure because he didn’t pay parking fine 17:54:20
2 more died today 17:28:11
My Updated Economic Predictions 17:10:07
Big box mart 17:09:38
New Project With Tremendous Potential 17:07:11
Bush fiddles while Rome burns! 16:55:43
US Arctic oil may be LOST to the UN 16:44:08
Ron Paul / Alex Jones Sticker gets couple STOPPED! 16:35:19
Bush told FBI to blame Anthrax scare on Al Qaeda 16:30:09
URGENT: Let Your voice be heard 16:19:35
URGENT 16:19:29
Be heard through DIGG! 16:19:25
DIGG! Court Supports Karl Rove Attempted Citizen's Arrest ! ! 16:19:22
So,,,Announcement 16:15:09
Kucinich Anti-war march in Cleveland Ohio Aug. 2 (Youtube Video) 16:07:34
Kucinich Anti-war march in Cleveland Ohio Aug. 2 (Youtube Video) 16:06:51
Kucinich Anti-war march in Cleveland Ohio Aug. 2 (Youtube Video) 16:06:19
~Taking Our Country Back Taking Over St.Paul~ 15:50:11
Texas Straight Talk from Ron Paul 15:41:56
MICHAEL Urgent!! 15:28:06
SLOW 14:40:15
367 13:48:06
~To Those Flying A White Flag Of Surrender~ 13:30:09
***Govt. Pandemic SCARE Commercial!!!!**** 13:29:57
Email from the "McCain Team" Today 13:27:34
URGENT! We can prevent this! Man to be imprisoned for OBEYING law 13:11:03
Videographers!!! Needed!!! 13:10:54
Dennis at Anti-war march in Cleveland Ohio Aug. 2 12:52:03
PLEASE DIGG Kucinich at Anti-war march in Cleveland Ohio Aug. 2 12:51:55
Video of Kucinich at Anti-war march in Cleveland Ohio Aug. 2 12:51:47
contacting your elected officials 12:37:52
For those of you watching the banks! 12:24:10
Betrayed by the village idiot! 12:04:34
Ron Paul with AJ Now! Let's Tune in for Big Announcement. 11:59:13
Bob Barr Backers Donate Tomorrow! Chuck Baldwin August 17th! 11:56:21
Digg: Fascism hits Italy? "Italian mayor bans gatherings of three or more people as soldiers hit streets" 11:29:33
Yet another bank failure... 11:18:11
Army cover-up: female soldiers raped and murdered by fellow soldiers 11:00:01
30,000-50,000 to protest RNC on Sept 1 !! 10:23:44
The Neo-ism Paradox 10:12:24
How do the chemtrails work? 09:56:26
Explosion @ Valero in Texas? anyone here in Texas? 09:14:47
Barrons: Yes, That's $2 Trillion of Debt-Related Losses 07:50:46
Ayn Rand's message to the GOP candidates 07:02:08
Connecticut Cops Grab Guns in Precrime Schem 06:56:36
Is the DEA Contracting Blackwater? 06:49:12
Tucker Carlson: Video of World Trade Center 7 Collapsing 05:59:38
GOP unable to host convention. How embarrassing 04:21:04
Fluoridated Water Coming To U.K. 04:13:21
9/11 an inside job??? 02:34:50
Attention: National Delegates & Alternates! 02:28:58
You Can Still vote for Ron Paul 02:17:51
They told you everything was okay and then .....A depression it's here. 02:04:03
Olbermann Covers Dick Cheney Iran Flase Flag Story 01:58:35
John McCain Nominating George W. Bush To Supreme Court ? 01:36:54
The biggest military hacker of all times did his work over 56k modem 01:24:23
Death, the Drug War, and Corey Maye 00:52:31
Hope this makes it before the miantenance time.... 00:52:00
Iran situation explained...and she's cute! 00:33:25