Posted on August 12, 2008

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Conceal/carry permits to be REVOKED 22:40:06
Persistant Dave: Hero Of The Ron Paul Revolution 12:05:37
This isn't a Pleasure Cruise People. Largest Naval Deployment since 1991 heading towards Persian Gulf. 11:54:04
Just a little shot in the arm to those in need.. 10:33:52
VIDEO: Truth about Russia - Georgia situation 10:18:49
NEVADA voters election day...TODAY 12:05:38
Market Watch: America needs a 'Good Depression' 09:40:27
YOU'RE NEXT: Ron Paul's Warning! 09:30:00
Please Pray for Carol and Dr. Paul 09:40:28
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It's time. I think some of you might need this. 23:24:05
I'd love to change the world , where would you start ? what would you do ? 23:11:08
DIGG! 4 CHANGE 23:07:07
ICE, DHS and Deportation 22:50:19
Friend of mine arrested for telling Pelosi to do her job and impeach Bush, Secret Service = KGB? WTF 22:46:27
Unveiling the Conflict: Western Backed Georgia versus South Ossentia and Russia 22:40:04
Chuck Baldwin on with Alex Jones InfoWars Aug. 13 at 2pm. 22:25:01
How do I convert this guy? 22:20:07
America in a State of Irreversible Collapse 22:01:27
Another shot in the arm if your feeling down.... 21:59:22
Liberty Minded and Freedom Fighters - Your Day Has Come - The People's Media 21:57:53
McCain says he would back Georgia for Nato Membership,Obama blames Russia 21:57:43
Tbilisi: Israelis fight for seat on El Al flight 21:37:15
Rally For The Republic promo 21:36:55
NYPD's 'Operation Sentinel' To Track EVERYTHING 21:31:28
* Lost Kat * 21:13:07
GREAT idea to send well wishes to Carol and Ron 21:11:19
How to spot a Neo-Con 20:43:34
Nevada Ron Paul Supporters Making Preparations to Stop the GOP 20:35:09
Info on places to stay in Minn. for rally 20:25:25
~Ron Paul Was Right~ 19:57:16
Chuck Baldwin to open his interview with a prayer for Carol Paul at 9pm 19:37:31
Rally, Music, Fun, & History 19:35:57
*******What You Need to Know******* 19:07:32
Letter From Ron Paul & CFL:Will You Join Me In Minneapolis? 18:58:52
Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle LIVE today August 12th taking your calls. 18:27:13
Something we can all unite against: The PICKENS PLAN. 18:25:06
The Russian Empire Strikes Back 18:19:28
I believe this to be one of the greatest threats to our privacy! 18:07:50
Who told me to "just leave"? 17:32:43
Hey, did we lose any banks over the weekend? 17:29:47
If you don't have a DIGG! account, PLEEASE GET ONE! 17:29:45
Putin for US president - more than ever 17:26:44
DIGG! Bush thinks he can get away with anything CAN HE? 17:22:01
DIGG! Natn'l vs. Local Gov''t 16:42:34
I Met The Walrus 16:25:36
why FOOD IS THE NEW OIL! 16:21:20
Rally Tickets 16:18:09
Can't find my post?! 16:12:56
Russia moves ss21 intermediate ballistic missiles to south ossetia 16:07:17
How We Can Revive Our Massive Money Bombs 16:03:40
1% 15:54:33
National Prayer for Carol Paul and family tonight - 9pm 15:48:45
If you use a credit Union please read! 15:42:11
Eyewitness Reports: U.S. Troops fighting in Georgia 15:15:18
digg 'DAVE' He's on the Front Page! 14:50:27
Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle LIVE today August 12th at 8pm central time 9pm eastern 14:42:17
Who is good at starting petitions? Want to catch some chickenhawks? 14:32:10
Secret Shots-"The worst cover -up in the Military" 14:19:47
Bush Is Going To Get Us Into A Nuclear War If We Don't Put A Stop To His Lying Rhetoric That MSM Is Promoting 14:15:20
What A Summer With Revolution Broadcasting 14:14:00
* Ron Paul National Delegates Money bomb - Aug 14 * 14:09:56
Short Selling Real Estate: Any Realtors Out There 13:27:04
Should Bush Be Held Accountable? 12:44:24
International Criminal Court may probe Georgia conflict 12:08:21
Who Are the "PowersThat Be"? 12:05:40
My "wake up" call for cashiers - 100% so far 11:42:56
*Iran Warns Against Surprise Attack* 11:19:01
Ted Butler update on silver! 11:14:04
persistant 'DAVE' 11:08:16
I wish Ron Paul were here.. 11:07:54
CNN Aired Misleading Footage 11:01:57
Bush Caught Lying About September 11th 10:52:07
We need diggs for this video about Georgia/Ossetia/Russian Conflict 10:38:30
Where are you now? 10:10:07
Freddy and Fannie Update. 09:06:40
Will this war stop you from going to the Rally? 08:32:14
Movies and Solutions to fight the New World Order 07:57:41
Russia orders end to fighting in Georgia-(for now) 07:45:42
"Big Brother" video including Aimee Allen Ron Paul vid footage 07:43:40
Coming to the Infowar September 1st, 2008 Trailer 2 just out! 06:55:00
Was Bush drunk at the olympics? 06:33:04
Digg to Support the LIBERTY STRAW POLL! 06:22:33
Can you find Silver Eagles? 05:01:18
McCain To Hold Fundraiser With Abramoff Business Partner 04:49:45
Olympics Rigged -- DIGG IT! 04:03:00
Definitive 9/11 Truth Proof 03:40:43
After Promising To 'Never' Give Up Fighting Big Tobacco, McCain Gives Up 03:09:41
UPDATED: Plan B & C -If Daily Paul-Or The Internet Goes DownFor GoodCheck It Out! 03:04:38
Eyewitness Reports: U.S. Troops fighting in Georgia(08/08/08) 02:58:34
"Impeach The Terrorists" before the elections are suspended. 02:49:15
and yet more 911 questions proven , watch this media lie. 02:13:57
Georgian minister tells Israel Radio: Thanks to Israeli training, we're fending off Russian military Georgian Minister Temur Ya 01:57:16
Most companies in US avoid federal income taxes 01:41:58
The Beginning Of The Summer Olympics And The Third World War 01:17:36
Brzezinski's Georgia Puppets 01:00:13
Still looking for digs at the Rally? RonStock08 00:03:58