Posted on September 8, 2008

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Nystrom makes it onto 01:17:58
OMG I LOVE you all so much 22:55:56
Update: Just spoke to Mr. Nader regarding Wednesday's press conference 21:50:35
Vanity Fair: Inside Ron Paul's Counter-Convention 21:43:48
Hurricane update: Ike is now headed straight for Lake Jackson/Clute/Freeport, TX- Ron Paul's home. 20:35:02
A Ron Paul Republican No More! 14:08:10
Rumor about C4L press release 10:59:28
Perspective on the RNC and MA Ron Paul Delegation 01:17:57
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Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and, What It's Really All About 23:50:01
Bank Tied To John McLame's Son Goes Under (Neo-Cons EVERYWHERE) 23:39:03
A bit of philosophy: On Moral Sanctions 23:31:58
Ron Paul / Barry Goldwater Jr. makes ballot in Louisiana 22:48:43
I think 4 people just joined C4L b/c of me 22:42:18
Quick Mortgage Question??? 22:40:58
Database of State Senators and Representatives Email Addresses 22:37:39
Freedom Community - Message Boards 22:33:06
A Factual Perspective: What You Should Know About September 11, 2001 21:58:29
Please Help Camera and Video Editing 21:58:25
★ ★ 1,000,000 signatures for Impeachment! By Midnight Tonight! Dennis Kucinich ★★ 21:44:03
Wow, that's informational.. 21:34:50
Ron Paul / Barry Goldwater Jr. makes ballot in Louisiana 21:32:39
"Russia to send ships, planes to Venezuela" 21:17:15
Party Unity My Ass PUMA 21:15:57
LETTER: Missouri Republican Party put a damper on dissent at state convention 21:14:18
Countdown to 100,000... 21:14:10
Dr. Paul will announce his intentions for the fall presidential election and will be accompanied by several special guests 21:12:28
Rep. Ron Paul Asks Only “Secure Borders” Presidential Candidate to Join His Press Conference: 21:10:42
Take a break from depression - cheer up - ABBA will entertain you 20:57:46
Wraiths amongst us 20:50:45
What the heck... here's my (bigmikedudes) 9/11 topic to go with all the others. 20:49:28
Great Video to show friends and family 20:37:35
I Came Up With a New Nickname for Sarah Palin. 20:33:58
2003: Ron Paul Predicted Fannie/Freddie Failures. 20:28:57
Ron Paul does cameo appearence on New Rules w/Bill Maher 20:26:35
Vanity Fair covers Rally for the Republic! 20:08:19
SARAH PALIN: "PRAY THE GAY AWAY" Is that the BEST thing she can think of to PRAY AWAY? 20:05:51
9/11 is a Symptom of the Problem 19:54:48
Will c4L reach 100.000 on 9/11 rather than sept. 2nd.? 19:37:35
Keith Olbermann Apologizes For RNC's Graphic 9/11 Tribute 19:32:26
Ron Paul's message is so deep for some people, it may require decompression time 19:16:45
What Ron Paul Knows That Your Company Doesn't 19:00:37
Speculators go crazy with this (regarding Wed. Press Conference) 18:50:24
PHP, MySQL, AJAX - CFL Project 18:48:05
How does the public view Ron Paul and his followers? 18:35:50
NEWSFLASH: The Republican Party is Already Dead 18:35:08
National pressclub website "not" censoring Ron Paul ! 18:29:01
fascism in plain site! can you see it? 18:17:05
In Government We Trust? Part 2 by Ron Paul 18:04:47
New PRESS RELEASE!!!!!!! (discuss) 18:04:08
A McLesson for John McCain 17:53:15
Bush Cancels Nuke Deal with Russia 17:52:29
Update on Dr. Paul’s Special Annoucement 17:48:09
Obama: "McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith" (!?) 17:41:59
What do we do now?!?!?! 17:39:26
12 hour december Gold chart... this is hillarious! 17:37:31
Judge tosses Barr's W.Va. ballot access lawsuit 17:34:39
Time to make a choice 17:30:11
Picture of the day!!!!!!! 17:30:00
From the Missourian 17:27:03
What do Alaskans think of Palin? 17:26:26
Beware of Chat - Don't open the links! 17:18:12
Keith Olbermann Apologizes For RNC's Graphic 9/11 Tribute 17:12:23
MSNBC drops Olbermann, Matthews 16:32:58
The Corporation on Dish Ch 9415 16:24:45
9-11 topic closed, MASH is on TV.. 16:16:18
Smart article 16:11:37
CNBC US Is "More Communist than China": Jim Rogers Monday September 8, 1:36 pm ET 15:42:06
Palin/Paul 2012? 15:41:29
Are We Really Ready for Freedom? 15:40:00
For those leaving the Republican Party: This is what THEY WANT you to do. 15:33:11
A good problem to have… C4L needs donation 15:31:16
"Paul backers give in, graciously." 15:20:42
~~Daddy WarBucks: "We WILL Get Better With Experience!"~~ 15:14:11
Beware of Gold Backed Currency and a huge mistake our movement could make 15:10:41
Ron Paul: In Government We Trust? Part 1 15:09:08
Using DIGG links 15:05:15
Keith Olberman and Matthews Demoted during the upcoming debates and election coverage 15:01:16
Georgia joins NATO 15:00:03
Mason Says; "I am Lucifer!" 14:27:37
Khan's: How to Bait Police Officers - Fend Off - Embarrass - Win 14:25:46
What Is the Nationality of This Newspaper? 14:13:00
Freedom of the Press: 60,000 Letters Delivered 14:12:44
A million signatures by Sept. 10 14:08:10
What happened to the Campaign for Liberty link on dailypaul? 14:01:53
Ollie North confirms Pakistan Carnage was not our fault... 13:56:53
Censorship of trolls driven threads would do this forum a lot of good I think 13:55:03
KHAN IS BACK!!! 13:54:16
Media Ignores Massive Voter Purges by Republicans 13:51:05
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loses 87% and 82% respectively of its value today 13:50:01
Experience of an Alternate Delegate 13:40:23
Letter from Dr. Paul, September 8, 2008 13:28:16
"Go ahead and squeal, Yankees." - Hugo Chavez 13:25:32
Event: Conservative Leadership Conference 13:25:18
Venezuela to host Russia navy exercise in Caribbean 13:22:05
911 topic - cause I am tired of all the misconceptions and arguments on the wrong things 12:56:33
My favorite recipe 12:50:37
When Dr. Paul says he supports a 9/11 investigation, he is not talking about what 9/11 Truthers want to be investigated. 12:32:59
From Behind Enemy Lines 12:16:03
Petition - Apocalypse NO! 12:01:05
John McCain is actually leading in the polls 50-46% 11:49:03
Just like Clock work! 11:48:22
Now we have to invade Brasil and Argentina... 11:42:31
Senate passing Bills in Secret 11:35:43
Diebold Early Election Results 11:30:55
Achilles Heel, Shock Wave, Transformation 11:29:37
"Sold Out!" 11:25:50
DHS wants airline passengers to wear shock bracelets 11:20:51
The grass roots of the Republican party has been replaced with Astroturf. 11:19:51
Cost of 9/11 memorial and museum at Ground Zero expected to hit $1 billion 11:14:01
I have an idea on ForumTopics 11:12:53
Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum. 11:11:03
Volcker Says Finance System `Broken,' Losses May Rise (Update1) 11:05:51
Coming of the super crash! 11:01:04
Somebody tried really hard to get the weak hands to jump back into the market this morning 11:00:54
Lies 10:46:48
Another Option for Us to Actively Pursue 10:30:14
Oil to Firm 10:13:19
Let the Republican Party Die. 09:53:52
Just where in the Constitution does it say government intervention? 09:51:40
possible Georgia - Iran connection - 2 articles 09:35:54
Freddie and Fannie .... take your pick- SNAFU? OR FUBAR? 09:09:22
AZ Election Official Arrested for Flagging Tampered Ballots: Charged with Criminal Trespass: UPDATE 07:59:48
Use your heads for something more than occupying space at the top of your body 07:50:39
Barr and Baldwin Out? Economic Policy Journal on "Major Announcement" 06:51:17
Be prepared to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, and LIE some more 06:38:53
US Is "More Communist than China": Jim Rogers (Fannie Mae Bailout) 06:35:14
Biggest Socialist Move in American History... and not a word from the media 06:06:05
"MSNBC shake-up: Olbermann and Matthews no longer anchoring." 04:19:16
DO SOMETHING: Black list all delegates who voted for McCain 04:17:10
Highly-Credible People Question 9/11 03:46:57
Tracy Saboe for South Dakota State Senate Chip-In! 02:05:38
Fearmongering for Tithes 01:54:27
Dick Cheney Seeks War on Russia 01:31:06
Sarah Palin the Fundamentalist Pitbull Wolf Killer 01:28:04
"Pssst! Do you think for yourself?" 00:14:52