Posted on September 9, 2008

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This from PBS is not to be missed 22:12:56
*Now We Know What Tomorrow Brings!* 17:44:44
Ron Paul on FOX Cavuto today 9/9- Dr. Paul discusses rumors surrounding upcoming press conference! 15:34:46
Buchanan: "Johnny’s Got a New Girl" 09:05:17
RON PAUL to Hold MAJOR PRESS CONFERENCE... Wednesday - DiggIt! 07:09:25
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Very Troubling INDEED Forced Injections Instead of Tasers? 23:53:08
WTF is national stay at home week 23:52:07
Sarah was picked as cover-up! Are Americans still at sleep? 23:50:58
I'll sell my vote to the highest bidder....or 'Buy It Now' for $1 Million 23:43:51
Federal Deficit Soaring, Yahoo, McCain/Obama don't have a clue 23:36:53
♥ Ron Paul - Power of Love ♥ 23:35:55
WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME: what was Dr. Paul's stance on immigration? 23:30:49
No One Convicted of Terror Plot to Bomb Planes 23:20:53
September 21st "PEACE DAY" will you celebrate ? 23:00:59
Don Wright=NC GOP BASTARD 22:57:38
September 17th BJ Lawson money bomb. $17.87 22:54:45
Sarah Palin: Alaskan Pro-Secessionist? 22:52:24
Choose versus Chuse 22:44:36
The Future of the Revolution 22:43:59
Did the RFR sell-out? 22:43:52
Fannie/Freddie sparks great depression code red ! 22:35:18
Yes I support Obama, look and laught all you want and stop ruining topics because of it. 22:32:10
IN 2012 WE TAKE OVER !!!!!! !!!!!!!! 22:28:46
Free State Project 22:27:18
Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election 2 Months Early 22:22:12
Facing Drug Trial, Afghan Says He Aided U.S. 22:13:22
I'm sorry, I lost all possible respect for Sarah Palin... 22:06:12
CNN: RON PAUL TO INTRODUCE... 9-09-08 21:57:20
Its up to us 21:42:56
Back Military Armored Personnel Carriers on Street 21:42:08
this is classic , The country is nuts !!! sick and true election stuff. 21:27:03
Greetings cards from around the world to Sweet Ol' Sarah 21:11:42
Adam Kokesh video blog of RNC event 21:07:00
Wednesday's announcement: Ron Paul: Reject GOP, Dems at the polls 20:45:18
BJ LAWSON - The Revolution Continues...... 20:38:28
Italian Filmmaker Urges International Tribunal to Probe 9/11 19:59:17
Some Ideas and Suggestions on the "9/11 Wars" 19:56:51
afterthoughts and asides from the RNC 19:37:37
Looks like the credit crisis was fixed -- for one day. 19:27:55
Obama: 'Lipstick on a pig' 19:16:17
Treason at the US Treasury 19:16:13
Where WAS this guy??? 19:08:35
Palin, Ron Paul Supporter? 18:46:21
OBAMA - The great DEFENDER of the Constitution 18:40:28
4:40 mt - CNN: wolf blitzer will be talking about RP's press conference! 18:39:20
Ron Paul Coming Up on CNN 18:38:59
I got this email about Bob Barr, strange if true 18:32:27
Calling all writers: New Magazine 18:29:15
RON PAUL: Reject the major parties, VOTE THIRD PARTY! Digg it! 18:28:45
Presidential campaigns are for suckers. 18:20:12
John McCain/RNC sent us a pledge form 18:15:58
Is the US now on the brink of a financial meltdown? 17:53:26
Paul: Reject the major parties, go for a third 17:36:48
A Third Party Primary? 17:35:16
CIA, FBI push 'Facebook for spies' 17:30:08
U.S. Has Secret Military Capability 17:17:53
Congresswoman Suspected of Income Tax Evasion 17:07:17
Where is all the money going? 16:42:43
All 3rd parties are uniting to restore the Constitution - 09/10/08 16:42:08
** UNDERSTANDING the Silver Manipulation! 16:24:30
New Song written in response to St Paul Police State 16:22:32
Confirmation from Nader's Campaign! He WILL be at the Press Conference!! 16:01:46
Don't kid yourself about neocon mentality. 15:29:56
(Bloomberg) Senator Bunning Says Paulson Acts Like Socialist, Should Resign 15:23:08
If You're Looking to Buy Gold... 14:31:44
Possible Unprecedented Third Party Debate 14:18:05
Please educate these people about 911 14:11:11
Still have parents not supporting Ron Paul? 14:07:31
Making alliances at what cost? 14:01:21
Bob Barr threatens to slap Washington Times interviewer 13:56:36
Prime Minister to Dissolve Canadian Parliment 13:55:45
Nickel and Dime for Liberty! please copy and paste and send to everyone 13:28:34
So I'm walking . . . 13:20:31
Please Favorite and RATE this video! 13:13:03
Wrapping our heads around a “trillion.” 13:12:54
Anyone got a suggestion for online savings account? 13:10:56
TELL THE TRUTH - Mos Def - Immortal Technique - Eminem 13:10:47
Uncle Sam has reneged and defaulted on up to 40% of its trillion-dollar foreign debt 13:08:37
*Bob Barr w/Neil Cavuto~Bailout From Hell* 13:04:07
Money Bomb for George Lilly (RP Endorsed Candidate for CD1 Denver CO) 12:49:55
How to snub the GOP and help Dr. Paul for twenty dollars! 12:44:44
Bribery scandal rocks Big Oil 12:38:46
DIGG to FRONT PAGE! - GOP Losing the war by BJ Lawson! 12:23:57
So much for a Unification Ticket. Lew Rockwell bursted our bubble... 12:19:03
Real ID - What you might not know... 12:02:17
Gold and silver reaching embarrassing levels 11:51:53
Peter Schiff: a pivotal point in the US financial collapse 11:30:43
Last stand in Montana and in Louisiana for 2008 election cycle 11:28:13
Found this last night. 10:44:03
Bush is talking LIVE, F & F Absorbed Into Budget.....I just read a scroll on bloomberg 10:27:02
A time for talk...a time for organizing...a time for revolution !!! 10:26:51
LISTEN TO THIS!! This Really Upset Me... 10:23:10
30 Million Will See 9/11 Truth Documentary "ZERO" On Russian State Television Sept. 11 10:06:35
Has anyone seen this movie? Scary.. 09:59:00
Students must Weigh In, War on Obesity 09:58:36
9/11/2001: Dan Rather reports that New York Mayor Rudolf W. Giuliani recovered one of the flight recorders at Ground Zero 09:55:22
*****I.O.U.S.A. (2008)**** Where is it playing? 09:40:20
Thank you hockey moms ! 09:39:17
Government is the Cancer that will kill us 09:27:08
Latest from the Southern Avenger! 09:18:02
RP: Washington’s Addiction, the cycle continues and the problems compound themselves. The addiction deepens. 09:13:50
The incredible shrinking Obama 08:48:16
No LOVE in the rEVOLution? 08:31:26
What is Bob woodward talking about ? 08:21:35
If not Ron Paul in 2012, then who? 07:58:35
Just Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic Convention Speech 07:49:06
Tomorrows Topic? 07:00:42
Now that they no longer need him ..l. 06:48:12
REVOLTING. Ron Paul has never taken a gov't paid junket & Palin uses taxpayer $ for home & kid's travel. 09:05:18
GOP convention provided Big Brother services to delegates 02:56:39
Obama to Palin "Don't mock the constitution." 02:27:52
Which is the lesser of 2 evils?? Obomba or McLame? 02:06:07
Oliver Stone movie about Bush! 01:56:16
Please Post Pictures From Rally for the Republic!!! 01:50:29
One of the Reasons why the SHEEP don't get it.... 01:46:07
Anybody here use Proxy Servers 01:08:42
*** C4L 100,000+!!! *** 01:03:11
★Ron Paul says DIGG! To the FRONT PAGE★ 00:58:08
A Ron Paul Supporter wrote this to Vanity Fair. This is what I'm about. 00:55:37
The crazy antics of John McCain 00:51:53
Paul and Goldwater on ballot in Louisiana 00:31:24
Who's got the latest on the liberty dollar? 00:26:15
Will you Still Campaign? 00:16:47
Argentina and Brazil will sign a pact on Monday that will abolish the dollar in bilateral trade 00:03:56