Posted on September 15, 2008

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G. Edward Griffin: An Idea Whose Time Has Come 22:01:50
Peter Schiff on Glen Beck 9/15 21:19:33
*Ron Paul Predicted This A Year Ago* 18:07:05
★MSNBC video: Ron Paul interview 9/15/08- survey of damage to Surfside Beach, TX 15:17:47
Ron Paul: In Government We Trust, Part III 13:41:34
AUGUST 31, 2004: Thanks to President Bush's leadership, more people than ever own their home. And, more than half of minorities 10:23:25
American Revolutionary 01:21:05
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"A True Hero of the Vietnam War" 23:35:49
There is no way to know if 3rd party candidates change anything! 23:28:42
Petraeus will Never declare Victory in Iraq 23:24:08
U.S. Approves Bunker-Buster Bombs to Israel 23:00:05
Meditation – In Light Of The Disquieting News Of Today 22:24:09
top economist says , Americans should worry about deposits 22:11:46
"The Law of Supply and Demand Is Dead for Gold and Silver" 22:06:08
((*)) ((***)) Help with breaking news about Obomba VP "blowback" 21:57:29
Why abolish the CIA? 21:57:14
For the gold bugs: from a friend. 21:55:24
Rally 4 the republic videos and article 21:49:51
'The US dollar is in trouble' 21:47:32
Good News Everyone! 21:40:36
SEC Preparing Rules Against Manipulative Short Sales (Update1 21:38:48
The Death of the Individual 21:04:56
MTV Martial Law Warnings 21:00:49
Five former Secretaries of State agree with Ron Paul 20:59:27
Need a good ole McCain laugh? 20:56:17
Officials Restricting Hurricane Coverage by Journalists 20:55:00
Ron Paul Talks about Damage in his District ** VIDEO ** 20:52:44
** Japan's market opens down over 560 points!!** 20:42:43
online inaugural Liberty Straw Poll on the 17th 20:34:08
Dumb it down 20:29:52
Don't worry everybody, McCain assures us "the economy is still strong" 20:29:04
Ron Paul, Healthcare and SICKO 20:27:02
Is the revolution working? 20:17:23
Contact California Governor to Veto Real ID NOW! 20:13:32
John McCains Health records must be released. 20:01:23
Peter Schiff : Yet again punches the money monkeys 19:56:54
Constitution Day 19:51:24
*Canada Is Awake! Your Turn USA* 19:40:46
Peter Schiff & Steven Keen on Dateline(Australia) 19:39:01
Notable deaths of 2008 19:35:10
FP ! SOMEONE predicted this economic collapse A year ago, WHO? ..DIGG! 19:34:51
How many nails are in the coffin? Let's count'em 19:32:33
the real patriot act 19:27:05
RP briefly mentioned on Real Time Overtime 19:01:36
Ray Powell and the Bet 18:46:59
POLL: Who is responsible for the Banking Crisis??? 18:41:00
(MarketWatch) 1:33 p.m. EDT 9-15-08 Fed will cut target rate a half percent Tuesday: Merrill 18:32:35
What are we doing? 18:28:35
Wachovia shares nosedive amid rising bank concerns 18:27:48
PLEASE DIGG: PIMPIN TURTLE Interviews Major Mike McCormick - 9.11.08 18:21:46
Is this the Final Capitulation?? 18:07:26
McCain's Crowd Numbers Plummet In Palin's Absence 18:01:59
The Constitution was too weak 18:00:41
Many third party supporters are backing Bob Conley in South Carolina 17:41:31
GEAB 27 Anybody seen it yet? 17:40:31
Ron Paul on the Bush Doctrine 17:38:18
Justin Riamondo stitches the NeoCon label on Cluesless Palin 17:33:20
"Love's Gonna Win" -- New Song! 17:29:55
Slow Bank Run? 17:12:22
This is hard to watch but I thought you should see fascism at work. 17:04:52
~Nader on bank woes~I predicted this~ 17:01:41
There are so many things in this article that should worry us all. 16:46:30
Top Fundraisers Questioned on Ethics 16:38:12
Are McCain and Obama both illegal, or not? Re: Constitution natural-born qualification for President 16:28:57
Chuck Norris speaks highly of Ron Paul and the Constitution -- "The coming Revolution" 16:27:49
Too Big To Fail Is a LIE! 16:21:46
How much will the DOW lose tomorrow? And the winner is...bigmikedude 16:18:23
"The next Ron Paul?" Moneybomb for BJ Lawson this Wednesday! Today! 16:15:11
The State is Demanding my Blood because I'm pregnant! 16:12:21
Tens of Thousands of Iraqis may come to the US in 09 16:02:29
I wonder if he ever gets tired of being right???? 15:58:30
PPT hat finally out of tricks? DOWn 490 points! 15:57:52
I'm looking for historical information on what life is like during and after a major economic crisis 15:55:51
Are 401Ks covered by FDIC? 15:53:32
I bank with Washington Mutual 15:34:16
Worried about your bank account? 15:25:04
Repulicrats have a Campaign Song... thanks to Bill & George 15:21:38
DIGG- Republocrat Theme Song 15:21:26
Stock Market DOWN over 400 POINTS!! 15:09:34
*Ralph Nader Says Free The Dopers Jail The Corporate Crooks* 15:04:00
Rate cut tomorrow? 15:01:25
Hard to Tell What's Real and What Isn't These Days 14:30:36
Filmed: Israeli navy machine gunning unarmed Palestinian fishing boats 14:29:18
My Reply to an Advocate of Democratic Socialism 14:28:09
"Ron Paul is Right". 14:14:00
What is the problem with globalism? 13:58:40
Lehman, Bank America, Merrill and Idiot Nation (Video) 13:56:38
please post all letters to the editor... 13:55:10
Paulson is talking now 10:53 AM Pacific 13:48:53
A WARNING A must do 13:37:26
Wilbur Ross: Possibly a Thousand Banks Will Close 13:29:50
Would be funny if not so sad. 13:18:21
Nickel and Dime for Liberty! 13:10:26
Bush: "Economy is Strong" 12:53:15
*There will be a choice in November* 12:47:02
*How Can You Help Elect True Patriot For President* 12:33:42
Article: Ron Paul's successes, Bob Barr's failures 12:19:46
Daddy 12:16:21
AIG - The Same Criminals Who Pulled 9/11 Have Just Hit Our Economy 12:11:30
Real ID offensive plan for those in PA 12:05:10
Federal reserve has injected 70 billion today! 12:03:43
Ask The View - To have the independant parties on 11:50:50
Our Country's Owners - Bilderberg Group 11:44:25
FDIC Insurance Fund - It Doesn't Actually Exist 11:41:31
Anybody ready to talk mortgage and loan payment boycott yet? 11:39:51
The fraud of the Commission on Presidential Debates 11:32:24
"Black Monday" -- Did You Win Or Lose Today? 11:27:56
It's the economy, stupid! 11:26:07
If silver ever hits $20/oz again I am selling 11:05:51
Bush Has His Coke Jaw Grind Back In News Conference On CNBC 10:57:45
New to the Family! 10:35:13
A New Architecture For the Financial World 10:33:14
March 22 2004: Greenspan Backs Homeowner Debt as Prices Increase 10:28:39
Latest Polls suggest third parties gaining popularity 10:13:32
Big Insurer Seeks Cash as Portfolio Plummets 10:12:51
★Rep. Kucinich, ImpeachBush Press Conference Renews Impeachment Call★ 10:01:27
Reddit! Karl Rove to Discuss Politics at Claremont McKenna College Today! 09:55:39
BillyJack is Back and Running for Office! 09:52:50
Former Syrian minister spreading "9/11 an Inside Job" message to the middle east. 09:46:04
The market NUMBERS 09:35:22
Hurricane Ike Deployment 09:33:49
McCain and Palin coming to visit Minnesota this Friday 9/19 09:15:02
DJIA at 2,261.27 ??? 09:10:30
CNN censored Putin 09:00:24
What's your guess on much the DOW will lose today? The winner is...JUSTCOMEHOME 08:47:50
Is Ron Paul going to rule the next four years? 07:59:48
"There is an open secret in Washington" 07:58:23
"The Israelization Of US Foreign Policy" 07:53:59
The Truth And Lies 0f 9/11 07:52:47
WTP Appeals Again To U.S. Supreme Court 07:16:18
Daily paul on Infowars 06:45:06
Turncoats in the Revolution 06:39:11
Lehman shakes world markets-'Black Monday'? 06:38:41
U.S. choppers turned back by Pakistani firing 06:00:04
Kind of interetsing- Historical propaganda cartoon- WW2 04:58:59
The leading edge of the coming financial tsunami just hit shore 04:37:26
Fire Team for Freedom: 'Heroes of the Weeks' is UP!!!! 04:04:20
Zero (9/11 film), Russia, WW3 03:37:44
More on "Felt like 'Martial Law'" ... 03:21:11
need help editing this... 03:00:20
another interview with palin!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG HAHA ROLF 02:29:39
1000 Banks May Close? DIGG!! 02:26:55
Take the red pill! 02:09:32
"Who Am I?" 02:04:16
Good Photo & Video Galleries of the GOP RNC 01:57:19
Warning Sounded on Web's Future - READ Censor 01:28:33
"Wall Street starts cannibalizing itself -- delicious!" 01:21:45
FEMA Executive Orders 00:40:14
Red Eye on Fox News Just Trashed Ron Paul and the Rally 00:25:58
I always thought that it would take an economic 9/11 to get Dr. Paul in the White House 00:25:50
Message from the kids at 00:10:54
Newspapers to Distribute Neocon Propaganda DVD in Swing States 00:01:00
Last Gasp of a Doomed Currency 00:00:09