Posted on September 16, 2008

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Bush and Ron Paul Meet 16:53:52
Here comes Martial Law...Not a shock topic..this is the real thing 14:49:38
Interview with Ron Paul 08:37:11
I hope the RP people will come to appreciate what a warrior Ralph Nader is! 17:56:42
This may just be the end of Bush and Cheney finally! 12:56:44
Focus on Empowerment! 01:56:44
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McCain in Trouble! 23:59:38
WTC 7 survivor Barry Jennings dead at 53 23:33:33
"ZERO" 9/11 Truth: Soon To Go From Theory To Fact ★ 23:02:36
Donate to Jim Guest. He's the main man against REALID 23:01:53
Bush 08 and forever! Yea! 22:56:02
Gardasil now mandatory for new Immigrants 22:54:06
I got this in the mail today from AIG … seriously [PIC] 22:44:10
DIGG! "I got this in the mail today from AIG" 22:41:59
What is up? 22:33:59
What if the Watergate Hotel was named the Waterhole Hotel? 22:32:28
DId I see this here? Or did I get it from Digg? (MTV? Martial Law Commercials?) 22:25:18
Bush Resume' 22:16:32
BREAKING NEWS: Feds to loan AIG $85 Billion: POLL: Do you agree? 22:10:20
Spooky Stats from the U.S. 21:49:08
Does everyone have their ticket for Liberty Straw Poll? 21:37:03
US To Declare October ‘Economic Emergency’, Suspend Elections 21:30:59
Bolivia's a mess... Governor of Pando arrested, U.S. Ambassador expelled and Peace Corps evacuate 21:27:42
I hate to start another thread: This week Headline News Glenn Beck's series "America's Broke". Repeated at 9 ET tonight. 20:50:41
Digg Adam Kokesh a true patriot 20:42:03
SB1738 - Protect the Children ***What is ACTUAL intent?????? 20:38:51
You wanna know how to really piss off the russians , mess with their money ! 20:36:37
Oreilly on Fox says he wishes we had someone in washington watching out for US citizens 20:27:40
THE ONLY WAY! - To Beat the Special Interests and Lobbyist! 20:16:07
Empowering individuals towards collective online production(a must read!) 20:07:22
FED to lend AIG $85 billion 20:05:28
Russia halts trading after 17% share price fall 19:59:58
What Will Hannity ask Palin? 19:57:18
BREAKING UPDATED: Money Markets are not safe in today's environment. 19:55:29
The World Café: awakening collective intelligence and committed action 19:55:23
1500 dead in Galveston? 19:41:19
Inexpensive Alternative Housing... 19:40:39
Pelosi is a raving psychopath 19:37:29
Liberty Straw Poll Tommorrow New Promo Here Watch it (youtube) 19:25:46
Glenn Beck saying right now! 19:25:04
Ex-illuminati survivor speaks about the collapse ten years ago 19:19:42
So, if it comes to hyper-inflation.... 19:01:22
American Warning - Featuring Dr. Paul 18:36:51
Pakistan orders open fire on US troops !! 18:20:50
Playboy: Farhad Manjoo on the "truthiness found in internet Echo chambers" 18:06:30
Chuck Baldwin :: Palin's answers very troubling 18:02:08
POLL MSNBC: Which candidate has the best policy for solving America's economic problems? VOTE NEITHER! 18:00:08
Ron Paul endorsed candidate!!!!!!!!! 17:54:43
Chuck Baldwin for the Constitution ★ 17:47:29
Holy mama! wow look what we did!? 17:36:15
My Third Party Sign Came In The Mail Today 17:14:31
"Things Are a Lot Worse than We Thought!" 17:13:28
CNBC talking heads pissing their pants 17:04:44
You Can't Do It my friends....McCain dissing U.S. workers. 17:03:30
Granny's Going LIVE!!! 16:55:50
*Open The Debates~Save Your Country* 16:55:14
AMPEX 16:31:48
Legislation Alert: Net Freedom 16:24:41
Words of Wisdom from Sun Tzu 16:09:54
An Open Discussion about Possible Outcomes of Blowback Resulting from this So-Called Financial Crisis 16:05:03
Welcome To The Jungle 16:02:47
How many 15:37:34
Adviser: McCain Helped Invent the Blackberry 15:37:21
Cameras to Track Everyone, Everywhere 15:31:51
Whew - Plunge Protection Team sure is busy!! 15:18:55
You MORONS! 15:14:56
Ron Paul´s Successes, Bob Barr´s Failures 15:10:48
Sarah Palin's Answers: Very Troubling 15:05:19
You MORONS! 14:54:19
Jason Hommel on the Silver market.. 14:48:15
Liberty Belle 14:42:11
You MORONS! 14:31:34
"Another set of 9-11 Films: This time from Germany" 14:20:47
(NEW VIDEO)Jesse Ventura at the Rally for the Republic 9/02/08 14:16:46
Todays NO FED CUT THREAD?? 14:09:37
Russian Roulette... with real Russians 13:58:27
Obama's $28,500 dinner plate about to break R3VOLution's 1 day record 13:55:47
APMEX asking to buy Silver from its former customers just got an email 13:32:28
RNC delegate ROBBED ! 13:01:17
RTS and Micex halt trade as Russian markets go into meltdown 12:57:28
For those who wish to invest in Silver/Gold 12:54:23
Anyone know where I can buy POCKET CONSTITUTIONS today??? 12:52:01
*Ralph Nader Confides in Cardozo the Parrot* 12:51:52
Kansas Reform Party will have Baldwin on ballot 12:41:59
Hurricane Ike 12:24:19
AIG - CIA - FED - CFR! Connect the dots and see who the taxpayer is about to bail out now. 12:20:20
good economic news radio program 12:16:08
Kurt Wallace interview with Ron Paul 11:37:06
FED "bully" gives back some milk money... 11:31:53
The Law of Supply and Demand Is Dead for Gold and Silver 10:56:19
BREAKING: AIG now to be bailed out by the Fed!!!! 10:48:43
Can anyone explain in plain English what the heck is going on with the stock market this week? 10:36:40
good song, better video 10:30:02
billyjack is Running for Office 10:29:02
This could be applied to all politicians! 10:25:21
"Today's Crisis AIG" - looking grim 10:16:13
***Freddie & Fanny*** was deliberate (SURPRISE????) 10:14:33
article on why gold is dropping 10:10:13
"Allah told me to watch a Bruce Willis movie and walk the dog," but I got Tasered instead. 10:07:25
Will Ron Paul Become the Libertarian Candidate ? 10:02:52
The Truth on TV?????? 09:22:34
Wall Street is the Fed's Crack Whore 08:38:39
Ron Paul quoted in recent Barron's article 08:28:38
HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHAHA - Oh, that's not funny 08:24:33
OK, NOW all he!! is going to break loose 08:15:26
10 Ways To Protect Your Finances 08:10:34
When will America get serious? updated 07:45:25
Ready to consider "No Bills November" YET? 07:12:20
Bloomberg: `New World Order' Is Yielding to `Post-American' Era 07:12:13
Why this article makes me VERY nervous 06:49:16
★ "Only The Small Secrets Need To Be Protected.."★ 06:09:58
Jim Fryman for PA 5th Cong. District 04:57:48
B.O. & InSane's brilliant response to financial crisis 04:53:22
Anyone listening to music? 04:19:07
Campaign for Liberty PRESS Videos 03:21:40
Can we provide some good links for new people to the movement? 03:08:03
September Clues 02:53:14
This article by PJB almost makes me want to vote for Mccain/Palin! 02:31:37
Digg it! Jim Rodgers on CNBC The US is more communist than China 02:31:10
"Asian Markets Sink On Lehman, Merrill Woes" 02:19:49
Wilbur Ross sees about 1,000 bank closures: report 02:19:06
Digg it!!! Someone predicted this financial collapse 02:16:53
The REFLATION Dam Has Burst! Monetary Flooding Anticipated… 02:02:08
Sarah Palin– the Teflon Candidate? 02:01:19
The Inter-Islamic War 01:57:53
CCTV Catches Flash From Explosion Of Russian Passenger Jet. 01:55:38
Bob Barr & The War On Drugs 01:55:06
Fannie Mae--Freddie Mac "Poster Children of Corporate Welfare" 01:45:13
For new people coming into the RP movement 01:23:39
Great article on Yahoo - Obama/McCain clueless on Economy 01:15:19
LNC Considers Motion To Apologize To Ron Paul 01:02:41
Markets- in very bad shape 00:48:41
Harassment stop? 00:29:25