Posted on September 19, 2008

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Federal Government Takes Desperate Measures to Save Itself 14:49:22
Here are the telephone and emails for all Senators and Represenatives! 12:06:41
Ron Paul/Lew Rockwell Podcast: The Financial Panic of '08 09:26:39
Ron Paul on CNN American Morning 08:31:50
Economic Collapse of Argentina and how we can prepare. 21:52:09
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Just leaked Video !! I know you haven't seen this spread it around ! 23:56:25
Friday Night "Anything Goes" Thread. 23:45:22
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 23:37:44
Long Ron Paul interview on Lew Rockwell- Great 23:30:56
U.S. regulators close W. Va bank; 12th to fail 23:29:57
Is there anything else that will hold it's value like gold and silver? 23:15:39
"National ID & the Connundroum of Enforcement" 23:12:31
Google search engine error causing collapse of United Airline stock??? 23:06:21
New Evidence suggests that Paulson, and Bernanke are.... 23:05:40
we need to redirect attention 22:58:41
1000 Hedge Funds broke? 22:54:02
heres a great picture for you!!! 22:53:09
Do you Care about Elections and Voting??? 22:52:44
with all the financial termoil, you don't know what to do??.. listen here 22:49:16
As long as we are preoccupied with our keyboards 22:47:54
You can vote for Ron Paul each month 22:39:42
Ron Paul’s Party 22:35:49
DIGG >>> I HATE agreeing with Glen Beck! 22:31:20
I HATE agreeing with Glenn Beck! 22:30:04
Reaction to Convention 22:28:57
WTF!!!! (What the Freakin A) 22:27:57
A Plan for Financial Salvation & Profit 22:11:25
Help 3rd party candidates get equal billing at youtube! 22:09:31
Campaign for a Vote of No Confidence 22:07:57
Answers to the US Financial Crisis 22:07:08
Happy Rosh Hashanah! (and the end of the USA) 22:04:18
Please help decide on a new message for my truck 21:59:03
Ron Paul wins again!!! 21:53:22
WeAreChangeLA confronts CIA Director Michael V. Hayden 21:37:34
Assault By Domestic Traitors! 21:32:33
Rhino: Stay on the sidelines, you will be rewarded. 21:30:40 21:29:55
Don Harrold is mad and so should you be! 21:13:06
Need silver purchasing advice 20:58:18
It's Friday, you know what that means. We got at least one. 20:56:51
*DIGG THIS* Open debates to 3rd Party Candidates! 20:32:25
Carroll Quigley Quote on the Two Party System 20:31:26
CBS News Column: Republicans Missed Opportunities By Dismissing Ron Paul 20:21:20
I don't get on here and voice my opinion much 20:15:47
Ten Russian warships land on syrian port today , Are you syrious ? 20:14:29
Ron Paul Could have Dropped Carroll Quiqley Bombshell! v.2 20:08:28
Impeachment, still interested? 19:54:50
EU says bailout not right for Europe 19:51:08
Almost forgot... it's Friday! Which bank(s) are closing today??? 19:50:44
One of America's largest dealers is out of silver eagles. 19:37:33
Why do most American Corporations Leave the USA? Its in the tax numbers! 19:32:38
good evening COMRADES! 19:28:59
Put an End to the Free-Market De-reguation Myth 19:19:10
US may assault Iran via Georgia on Russia Today 19:15:50
Got Ideas? 19:12:18
NASA Grants Colorado University $485,000,000 to study...Mars Weather! 19:06:35
Dealing with gold and silver in your day-to-day 19:01:25
An Idea Whose Time Has Come 18:57:21
Tony Blair glorifies globalism on The Daily Show. 18:48:54
09-18-08 YouTube: Ron Paul Statement > Blasts Secret Government Running Economy. (This is not an interview) 18:48:34
"Days of Revenge" (WARNING) 18:45:19
pelosi kerry and others own shares in AIG lehman and others 18:35:51
Media Polls are manipulated? 18:34:09
Ambac, MBIA fall as Moody's warns it may cut again Ratings agency says losses on subprime mortgage securities to be much worse 18:33:35
P. Schiff: Paulson goes all in 18:24:11
She'll prosecute Bush for murder if elected 18:18:59
Rally for Ron Paul's District - IKE Relief - 18:12:05
Two follow-up stories 18:10:16
YouTube: Jim Rogers on US Economy FED Ron Paul 18:08:16
LNC motion to chastise Ron Paul for not endorsing Barr 18:03:30
Shaka's Daily Sniper Challenge! 18:02:26
Scenes from the Rally - End The FED 17:57:48
Another Home Run from the Von Mises Institute 17:56:53
Illuminati Bankers 17:47:08
American International Group (AIG) was rescued by the Fed yesterday with a $85 Billion loan. 17:32:10
Ron Paul Endorses Third Parties- Onion Reader Reactions 17:31:56
Would Sarah Palin help me vote for McCain? 17:20:45
Jim Marrs Author The Rize of the Fourth Reich in Pensacola Sept 27th 17:20:34
Could States Reject Federal Reserve Notes? 17:16:16
Conspiracy Theory at Work: 16:51:32
News team rats out govt for blackout of Ike deaths / damage 16:33:28
Ron Paul on Hurricane Ike and Hurricane Fed 16:22:04
US wants $20bn to fund Afghanistan effort 16:18:55
American Eagles -vs- Vienna Philharmonics 15:43:13
A solution for Ron Paul supporters 15:34:48
A few questions about gold and silver 15:34:25
DHS unveils new Physiological anxiety scanners 15:28:13
Federal Reserve Notes Declared Unconstitutional Null and Void by the Court 15:24:57
The 65-mpg car Ford won't sell in US (So bail us out please?) 15:21:36
*NEW* Gardening Thread: Winter 15:04:19
Name The New RTC II Structure "Securitized Housing Investment Trust"? It Has A Nice Acronym... 14:59:38
Bursting the dam! 14:56:36
I have tried to stress 14:53:14
Granny Warrior Live Tonight!! 14:38:49
My letter to my elected officials - I suggest you do the same 14:32:00
NY Boxer for RP challenges Chuck Norris(remember this!) 14:19:16
*Open The Debates To 3rd Party Candidates!* 14:14:58
Dollar slips as investors weigh U.S. rescue plan 14:14:40
My letter to Senator Jeff Sessions 14:00:37
Call the Commission on Presidential Debates! 13:58:19
What is "The Economy"? *Digg* 13:55:24
Shoot the bastards? 13:46:34
A question about Baldwin 13:30:02
Just called AK House rep Don Young's office in DC 13:29:40
What is "The Economy" *Digg It* 13:23:30
Buck For Chuck Day - Tomorrow 9/20 13:20:50
North Korea back on nuclear track 13:13:02
A Call to lay down arms 13:08:46
Economic Meltdown Song 08 12:36:44
Forecast: U.S. dollar could plunge 90 pct 12:35:53
Campaign for Liberty Is Asking For Our Feedback - Please Visit! 12:33:35
US Government to secure mortgage market with gold reserves 12:33:32
"And How We Burned in the Camps"... 12:25:05
POLL: It's PUT UP or SHUT UP time! What are YOU going to do? 12:19:08
★★★★★★ Secretary Paulson's Rap Sheet--Hank's Got Prior's 12:14:38
Are Currency Exchanges Closed? 12:11:49
Its okay another $1,000,000,000,000 down the drain! 12:10:54
FACT: We are now more nationalized than RUSSIA. 12:08:37
Absconding From Their Duties, 12:06:11
WTP Brings Federal Lawsuit to Stop AIG Bailout 11:58:48
Yankin Hank Paulson! heres your answers! 11:52:20
SEC bans short selling 11:49:36
Markets 11:44:12
Chuck Norris comes to the Revolution 11:29:51
PJB does it again. 11:17:25
Facing the prospect of national socialism in the United States (also known as Nazism) 11:12:06
New I-35w bridge in Minneapolis opens:Video 10:56:08
Why sleeple can't wake up 10:54:46
What would you do for World Peace? 10:48:26
Paulson Right Now 10:42 am Someone Translate Please 10:38:17
Barr Supporter? NOT!!! This is too funny. 10:38:15
My local detroit news talks about North american Union ?? 10:32:58
McCain proposes a new Department 10:20:29
Puppetmasters 10:20:16
Call your government reps. and tell them no bailout! 10:18:08
If you are looking to buy Gold at spot…. (Spot at 864) 10:13:30
Taxpayers need to stage a Tax Revolt to stop this doomsday spending! 10:10:05
Updated - Ron Paul supporter Jason Shelton arrested, again! - Digg 09:52:21
How Wall Street Lied to Its Computers 09:51:05
Ron Paul on Fannie and Freddie in 2003 09:46:38
Why are investors still running to buy precious metals? 09:46:36
The financial system can not sustain this.... 09:35:36
Video: Is there a UK Alternative to the US's 'Bad Bank'? 09:35:14
What is happening whilst Americans are focussing on financial problems? 09:18:04
"Obama mama, trash, sloozy, floozy, low life snail eaten" Pastor Manning (Vid) 09:10:28
Are You F*cking Kidding Me?!?!?! Bailout Package: Congress Promises Quick Action 08:56:28
Four Martyrs and Three of Hope 08:52:27
***Ron Paul's Prophecy of the Collapse -- DIGG THIS!!!*** 08:40:11
Someone can put this in digg please? 08:30:26
★★ Ron Paul on CNN: IT'S LIKE A FIX FOR A JUNKIE! ★★ 08:30:03
We Must Choose :: Security or Liberty 08:25:45
Welcome a new era of executive privilege and secrecy 07:39:41
I AM FURIOUS 07:37:01
LOOOO-SEEEE - can you explain this? 07:31:25
Nancy Pelosi says lack of regulation caused the Wall Street problem 06:22:49
What happens if there is a cycle of bailouts then the USD collapses in value? 05:28:49
What in the world took place last night? 04:43:16
THE CRIMINALS are banning short selling 03:29:47
Contact Glenn Beck, Get Chuck Baldwin on the Air!! 03:11:15
This can't be real, can it? 02:49:05
NEWS Feds Pursue Plan to Relieve Banks 02:42:25
It's fun to watch people wake up 01:58:08
Mp3: Ron interviewed on the Lew Rockwell Show 00:56:26
No Wonder The Markets Look Like They Are On VIAGRA! 00:45:37
"Oklahoma H.B.1750":.....Has anyone heard of this law? 00:39:56
I went to BJ Lawson's site and he needed 250k by September 15th, he has 199k-are we slipping into apathy 00:07:33