Posted on September 26, 2008

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"Debate" Tonight, 9PM ET 16:21:35
Why are politicians so stupid? 16:07:23
Open thread: Have they got a bill yet? 12:00:52
Letterman not letting up. Day 2 11:05:42
Lew Rockwell on the Credit Scandal & Bush - the Socialist & Destroyer 11:05:41
*THIS* is why Ron Paul is a Republican! 08:43:49
Day Two of Shock and Awe 08:11:33
Open Thread: What's on your mind? 11:05:41
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Lehrer didn't ask the most important question of all. Will there be a new 9/11 investigation? 23:54:28
Washington changed the Repubs, but didn't change me!!! 23:48:07
Will Chuck Baldwin be on every state's ballot? 23:45:57
Mccain admitted we've tortured people 23:41:51
Sarah Palin's First Career 23:39:11
TWEETS were BIG disappointment! 23:38:57
Ultimately, is usury the central issue 23:38:21
"THIN AIR" MONDAY---Nationwide Bank Withdrawal Day! 23:37:54
Afghanistan or Afghanistan: You Decide 2008 23:30:42
Pros/Cons of Credit Unions? 23:28:02
What can one do? Remember they cannot force a mind 23:24:02
New Fox Business Poll - Please Vote for Dr. Paul 23:21:26
Hey all you new people, introduce yourselves! 23:17:19
Does anyone here actually still believe the government is in charge? 23:13:34
I am finally committing to purchase precious metals 23:08:59
I swear I thought McCain was going to shape-shift... 23:05:26
Why Obama SMOKES McCain!!!! 22:57:34
Flood Washington Journal tommorow!! 22:57:15
28th amendment to the constitution: Balance Budget 22:54:27
Remember when Ron Paul pwnd everyone in the debates? 22:54:09
GIVE ME INFO??? Bailout????? 22:48:55
Well Ive been to Jamaica, and I talked to the people there. 22:48:55
Notes from the Presidential Debate 22:48:06
@ Suggest Ron Paul on Leno or Letterman! @ 22:41:27
"Obsession" Radical Islam's War Against The West 22:39:39
LIberty Gardens - Overgrow Big Agri!!! 22:39:28
Bernanke Strikes Again! 22:32:17
6 Brainwashing Techniques They're Using On You Right Now 22:30:19
Economy Dominates Debate! What were they watching? 22:24:08
5.56 vs. 7.62 22:21:12
Debate Brought to You In Part By Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc 21:51:33
The solution! 21:49:36
Screw the vote! Move to NH instead! 21:36:37
Thank You Daily Paul 21:30:22
1000+ People Watching Bob Barr Counter Obama and McCain LIVE! 21:09:01
I feel sorry for McCain 21:08:17
C-SPAN 2 is on the air for the debates !!! 20:54:58 lets us display our messages tonight on live LIVE TV!!!!!!! 20:50:08
We have a plan to end the Federal Reserve! Urgent Action Needed! 20:44:56
Restore the republic sign wave on sunday 20:44:38
HEY! Let's all watch the debate on and make fun of it here 20:43:31
They Are Not Bankers...They Are Criminals! 20:43:03
The Bailout Reader - - Please Digg! 20:41:46
what happened to fox poll last night ? when i crashed it was 80 % 20:31:27
Please read my story! 20:28:50
Nationwide Protest planned Sunday by Restore the Republic 20:24:02
One upside of the proposed bailout 20:18:52
A Third Party Vote is Not Wasted! 20:16:09
The Media is Selling the "Deal" 20:11:56
Should our younger patriots be encourage join the military? 20:09:46
Granny Warrior Live - Running Behind 20:09:03
Bob Barr at Reason Debate Responses Tonight!! 20:06:27
FDIC May Need 150Billion Bailout 20:06:01
Is this something we should be involved with? 20:05:04
700B bailout: Mao and Stalin killed for the powers the executive branch is trying to extort 20:04:47
Chief bank executive takes issue with bailout 19:52:44
Congressman Mark Kirk's (R) Illinois Response 19:48:22
Who can we sue if we get an ulcers from this bailout. 19:48:09
please dont lose sight of the real problem 19:47:07
Raw Video: Anti-Bailout Protesters Outside White House 19:47:06
Process for voting for chuck 19:37:13
Ron Paul on Now @ GCN ... 19:34:48
Call Ron Paul Correct About The Economy 19:29:57
Does anyone care that Chuck Baldwin is having a money bomb today? 19:25:28
It's Time to Retaliate 19:22:35
Revolution Documentary Update Videos 19:19:34
I Have Had It! Here Is What We Must Do and Bring Them to Their Knees! 19:14:45
POLL: Lou Dobbs Bailout. Go get 'em. 7 PM EST 19:13:20
Lou Dobbs hammer'n on CNN about the bailout 19:06:17
A Bailout Plan That Works 19:05:55
500,000 coffins await us... will we let them do it? 19:04:15
The Battle Plan. By Naomi Wolf. MUST READ!~ 18:56:10
Cramer: "In a market this chaotic..." 18:44:43
Rep. Marcy Kaptur On Us House Floor Giving Em Hell Go Marcy !!!!!!! 18:41:34
Looks like Wachovia is the next to disappear. 18:40:20
Diane Feinstein on cspan..."...the letters I have received 18:39:06
Obama's response to my concerns about the Wall Street Bailout 18:36:13
More than double guests vs. users right now 18:30:07
Now U.S. Mint suspends sales of 1 oz gold Buffalos 18:24:51
Jeff Rense 18:17:53
Rhino: "Shelby's ideas of free markets have not worked since the British intentionally starved the Irish." 18:15:41
The Pattern In The Presidency 18:12:34
Franks predicts deal 18:09:06
The Power of the Internet 18:08:10
To the House Republicans -- Just say, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! 17:58:19 to Host a 3rd Party Debate! 17:53:39
Burr, Dole and Graham Vote to Bail Out Irresponsible Home Owners 17:52:29
Obama using Law Enforcement as "Truth Squad". 17:52:17
US Mint suspends sale of 24-karat gold coins 17:51:50
Dodd was on CNN just now 6:05 pm est, Anyone else see? 17:43:30
Discount Window Borrowing Jumps to $262 Billion 17:33:42
Public Starts To See True Scope Of OTC Derivative Crisis 17:27:47
My Congressman's response to my letter objecting to the 'bailout'. 17:24:24
Current Fear Level 17:22:52
My letter to reps Today, okay I am on dial up... took all day! 17:21:41
US Mint suspends sale of 24-karat gold coins 17:21:37
U.S. Mint printing "mo money" 17:19:07
Public Sentiment on the Bailout is 50/50 17:14:37
*Throw Them All Out* 17:08:27
Cafferty (CNN) Question tonight is Bailout..... 17:06:55
★ HELP WANTED! ★ 17:02:31
The Daily Show:Cluster f#@k ,to the Poor House (humor) 16:58:21
****** IF THEY CAME FOR YOUR GUNS ****** 16:57:23
No media mention of unchecked authority to Sec. of Treasury 16:57:12
Jim Rogers on the bailout 9/25 "Welfare for the Rich" 16:50:52
Has anyone on this board been turned down for a loan in the last year? 16:50:48
Pelosi just said 16:46:07
USNWR: Ron Paul: Don't ask for Bailout! 16:44:28
DIGG!! - Ron Paul: Don't ask for a Bailout. - LET'S HIT FRONT PAGE 16:43:01
Rhino: Sheehan in... Pelosi out. 16:42:34
Why does the Market seem to like the idea of getting back to being a FREE MARKET? 16:41:57
Pledge to vote NO to incumbents HERE 16:38:53
Drudge is surprisingly quiet Today about Washington Bailout Deal 16:38:43
Vietnam Veterans Against McCain 16:32:46
the people need to have their own crisis 16:32:04
If you have a Democrat Senator or Representative 16:30:04
List of safe or bad bank ratings??? 16:16:36
Chuck Baldwin question 16:15:52
If you would be a real seeker after truth, 16:08:31
Bottom Up Bailout Is Cheaper! 16:07:58
Ron Paul to replace Paulson 16:04:42
WaMu Bank Run, END THE FED! 16:03:45
Picture of the day!!!!!! 16:02:20
Ron Paul on CNN........good interview for those who missed it 16:01:59
Question: Why don't the banks just rewrite the mortgages? 15:59:53
McCain Bails Out 15:41:57
Anti-New Deal Newsreel 15:40:20
Excellent News! Chaos in Washington! 15:40:00
The Bailout- Both Evil and Stupid! 15:37:46
Earth to Congress: No Bailout! 15:36:15
"I Am Mad As Hell And I Am Not Going To Take It Anymore!" 15:34:53
Senator McCaskill sells MO out 15:28:11
Wachovia tumbling (-33%) 15:28:02
Fed hemorrhaging OUR money 15:27:20
To Our Illiterates In DC Department 15:26:57
Propaganda on a MASSIVE scale arrives? "OBSESSION: Radical Islam's War Against the West" in the mail 15:26:20
Wall Street Crash 15:24:25
Open letter to my cogressmen regarding the current bail out. 15:24:17
Would you accept a Silver Amero? Silver American Eagle? 15:23:41
Secret Bailouts Coming? 15:21:50
Britains Prime Minister Gordon Brown calls for new global financial order at UN General Assembly 15:19:46
US Mint forced to suspend sales of American Buffalo 24-karat gold coins due to heavy demand 15:15:17 Who else on DP is reading this material? 15:12:04
Lawson for Congress: What to Do 15:09:32
*Open The Debates For All Presidential Candidates!* 15:07:53
C'mon really, how bad is it? 14:59:21
Interesting article on the man behind Keynesian economics 14:46:24
Can you imagine how they would rip Ron Paul to shreds if he became the president? 14:44:56
C4L: What DO Economists and Bankers Think of the Paulson Plan? 14:40:51
Bush Administration will keep secret 'grim' Afghanistan report quiet until after election 14:39:20
Bailout Section 8: "I Am King Paulson, I Am Above The Law" 14:38:15
Who is to blame, borrower or lender? Part 2 14:28:09
Vote No Bail-out at CNBC Poll 14:27:50
★ NoCashforTrash ★ 14:18:06
Time for a Gold Russian Rouble? 14:12:17
Stunning footage of Swedish twins defying death on freeway 14:08:39
HR2755 - Federal Reserve Abolition Act -- Take Action Now!!! 14:07:50
Digg: Crash Course on the Ecomony 14:04:24
RP just on CNN: Here's how to call Congress: 14:02:56
"The Bailout Reader: Here are the answers from the Mises Institute 14:00:29
Question from abroad about the US military 13:55:13
$700 Billion May Not Be Enough: Dr Doom 13:47:18
I wish RP would send us a daily update or video. 13:47:01
what are your thoughts on this... 13:40:33
Ron Paul: Don't Ask for a Bailout 13:40:26
The Depression has begun... 13:35:12
A Bailout for All Our Bad Decisions? (Mark Sanford) 13:32:22
Time for a gold rouble? .. we should argue the same way for the dollar 13:24:34
These Senators and Representatives Have Mastered the Art Of Word Parsing 13:15:01
Good Bye Ben!~ How many in congress have a pair? 13:12:28
PLEASE SIGN the petition - being sent to congressional repubs to vote NO on bailout 13:10:53
*Ron Paul Says Greenspan Bernanke Should Be Criminally Charged* 13:04:41
Reid, Dodd and Barney should be tried for treason! 13:00:40
The Bailout Reader 12:50:07
Ron Paul: Greenspan, Bernanke Should Be Criminally Charged 12:49:16
Bob Conley's videos from the Greenville Tax Payers meeting yesterday! 12:37:00
The Dems are dumber than dirt! 12:32:15
McCain is playing both sides of the Bailout fence 12:29:10
No Cash for Trash 12:27:48
Run for the Hills 12:23:11
Read this......The #'s are staggering!!! 12:19:46
Advocates Demand Congress Put Bailout Details on Internet 12:15:59
464 Guests? Who Are You??? 12:15:54
Best source for bulk organic seeds for sprouting and storing? 12:10:25
Reminder: Granny Warrior Live Tonight!! 12:07:48
One of the most significant pieces of news I've ever read 12:06:50
ron on now 12 noon est 12:01:19
Rhino: Walter Williams on the Bailout 11:53:17
Birkenmeier Economic Plan 11:50:51
No Amnesty for Wall Street... Chuck Baldwin 11:50:50
(VIDEO)Economist John Williams on CNN in January predicted depression 11:47:49
Mind Boggling Mess 11:36:44
Is Kiyosaki one of us??? Article attached 11:34:59
(CNBC) McCain will attend the debate tonight!!!! 11:24:16
Arrested taking chocolate across the border!! 11:23:00
CALL AND FAX! 11:17:35
Has Ron Paul commented on the alternative plan from 11:12:02
*Republicans like John Boehner* He needs to be focused on!* 11:11:51
Ron Paul 80% on FoxNews - Digg it NOW 11:00:02
* What about the BOTTOM UP? 10:56:55
Send the anti-bailout letter to your representative in U.S. Congress! 10:49:14
Help! I'm looking for an article on voting 3rd party.. 10:39:40
700 billion dollars would be a stack of $100 dollar bills 54 miles high! 10:30:55
"Buy My Sh**pile Henry" Funny Site...add your crap to the pile! 10:30:53
how imagery is 'sold' into your head at a preconscious/unchallenged level that the MSM controls 10:27:41
Michael! The Spam-Bot is back again! 10:26:02
A $21 Trillion Tax Cut by James Ostrowski 10:26:01
Michael! The Spam-Bot is back again! 10:24:26
*Ron Paul On Alex Jones TV* 10:13:29
Video: Wall street protest 10:12:47
Ron Paul: Greenspan, Bernanke Should Be Criminally Charged 10:09:15
My simple request... 10:04:21
Palin's 2 cents on the Bailout 10:01:04
Deja Vu all over again 09:58:41
"U.S. Titanic".... another great article from LRC 09:55:32
Alan Greenspan on the Gold Standard 09:50:50
Bush on again 09:36:12
Don't taze me bro, part II 09:27:58
Will there be a run on Washington Mutual Today 09:23:08
BREAKING NEWS President Bush to make statement on financial bailout at 9:35 a.m. ET 09:15:58
Most Wanted List 09:10:15
Israel wanted an airstrike on Iran- discussed with Bush in May- Bush said no. 09:09:39
Frank blames House GOP for breakdown of deal 09:08:46
Bush to speak at 9:30 EST. 08:59:13
Bizarre bailout behavior by McCain, Obama, Bush, Paulson, and Pelosi 08:54:10
Response to Senator Mel Martinez of Florida on His Reply to My Letter 08:44:29
Chuck Baldwin Money Bomb TODAY Friday September 26th IT IS NOW OR NEVER DONATE NOW! 08:42:19
Anyone know how to rip off Youtube? 08:39:58
5:37 am PST *TURN ON CNBC* 08:31:25
Why are we still sitting around? 08:20:35
Web Activism oppossing the bailout 08:17:44
Guess who's paying for all that martial law street surveillance 08:08:28
Make the children afraid, of the GOVERNMENT 08:05:39
Our man walks the walk- Says no to FEMA Aid for the 14th 08:04:22
Here's more ammunition when you call your congressional representatives: 07:42:04
BS USA Today - 07:41:45
Our "Paul Revere" ... 07:10:19
Get OFF grids (and NO Pickens plan!) 06:45:51
Bush did not scare you? Let China try 06:25:17
So How Many Failed Banks Has J.P. Morgan Purchased? 06:19:59
Snoozing still? 06:01:38
Email calls for FILIBUSTER!!! 05:52:08
Alex Jones interview with Ron Paul on bailout 05:51:20
Know thy enemy...... 05:00:08
**Bailout Deal Stalls as Republicans Revolt** 04:39:05
Whilst everyone focuses on Wall Street....War drums for Iran 04:23:07
What I said to my congressman! 04:10:55
Paulson gets down on one knee & pleads w/Nancy Pelosi! 03:51:04
Our efforts are working! 03:49:02
Guess he was too busy suspending his campaign. 03:15:26
Ron Paul 77% on FoxNews - Digg it 03:03:26
It seems like somethings missing? 02:53:55
Game-changing Austrian resource needed NOW! 02:35:54
Latin American Secret- haven and safe country... 02:32:58
Nevada Heroine has new Blog 02:24:56
No Cash For Trash! 02:15:15
DIGG: Peter Schiff vs FOX news douchebags 12-16-2006 02:07:31
DIGG: Peter Schiff vs FOX news douchebags 12-16-2006 02:06:58
Crisis Crisis Crisis 02:05:24
Paul votes against Ike disaster aid 02:02:31
Here is a bailout that I could live with 01:51:23
SCHOOL -- 1957 vs. 2008 01:42:52
The American People are Being Played 01:39:04
Wonder what Bush thinks about all that military spending NOW? 01:38:54
CNN Poll - What's your view about granting taxpayers stock in any company taking part in the proposed $700 billion bailout? 01:29:12
Oh Boy DOW down 179 in Premarket already! 01:23:09
German finance secretary: US ‘will lose financial superpower status’ 01:22:56
WaMu Just FAILED 11pm CDT 00:47:42
*For The BailOUT* -Post the names of Congressmen and Senators here 00:45:51
Citizens Dumping Personal Junk on Wall Street to Protest Bailout 00:42:55
Henry Paulson literally bent down on one knee as he pleaded 00:31:13