Posted on January 1, 2008

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Adam Curry's Official Endorsement of Ron Paul for President 23:42:13
MP3 | CNN Coverage + Joe Biden Interview 22:59:04
There's Something Going On In Michigan 22:13:11
Ron Paul Confirmed to Attend GOP Brunch - Updated 23:42:14
Debate Criteria - ABC and FOX 10:55:32
Slate follows the Ron Paul Blimp 02:47:20
Happy 2008 to All! 22:59:06
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Boycott the Fox News Advertisers! 23:58:22
Send This To Your Local TV News 23:57:06
Ways to boycott Fox News Corp.. 23:54:09
To Be Young And in Love With Ron Paul! 23:52:43
Awesome new Ron Paul AD! 23:52:35
Stealing from Ron Paul 23:51:06
Matt Towery says Ronald Reagan would have voted for Ron Paul 23:46:18
News Corp (owner of fox) stock tumbles... 23:44:19
Call For Paul Campaign 23:32:54
tom tancredo on fox right now- so fake its disgusting 23:32:16
*** Republican Caucus Issues in IOWA surfacing ALREADY!!*** 23:26:13
Introducing Ron Paul Explorer: The All Paul Search Engine 23:22:13
Lessons learned from canvassing neighborhoods? 23:18:57
If Ronald Reagan were alive today he would have voted for Ron Paul 23:12:01
Write END WAR VOTE RON PAUL On all Your $ 23:07:33
Has Ron been in Iowa the past few days? 23:00:04
***Need Video Suggestions for Website!*** Help 22:59:56
What no protest?! Screw that!! Give me Liberty or give me Death!! 22:54:27
Medical Marijuana YouTube Video features RP 22:52:33
Medical Marijuana YouTube Video features RP 22:52:09
Campaign and Grassroots. What would you say? 22:52:06
We Are Not Grassroots, But the "Cream"! 22:47:06
Protest FOX? Protest what? Freedom of choice? 22:44:19
RonPaul2008 Must Be Inundated with Orders -- My 3-Week Old Order is Still Not Delivered 22:43:18
What we are up against - good article to read. 22:40:14
Q4 Results 22:35:15
Ok I just cannot get over the visual of Beck and Paul.. 22:27:28
Ron Paul - A New Hope - My Favorite of ALL video 22:22:15
PUMP IT UP!!! WATCH!!!! 22:21:37
Glenn Beck Rerun 22:20:49
Ron Paul Air Superiority 22:19:25
Ron Paul on CNN 1-1-08 "Ballot Bowl" 22:14:59
Glen Beck repeat on now 9pm EST 01/01/08 22:02:44
GOD, we're counting on You. 21:59:52
I am going to contact Adam Putnam my congressman tommorrow regarding Fox 21:59:42
Renewed inspiration from Ron Paul (awesome video) 21:55:06
Paul supporters... 21:51:16
TV Ad Idea--Focusing on the Iraq War 21:44:25
No, Protest against Fox on 1/3!!! It will hurt Ron Paul!!! 21:44:00
Explaining Fox News and the next steps 21:36:22
CBS News on the FOX discrimination...a Must Read 21:33:52
Internal Polls? 21:30:33
*URGENT* National protest aganist Fox News Jan 3rd 21:27:57
*URGENT* National protest aganist Fox News Jan 3rd 21:27:05
Go here now Springfield Missouri on Ron Paul radio now 21:20:22
The Revolution - History Channel International 01-01-08 8pm EST 21:03:48
Another Reason Why FOX IS SCARED OF RON PAUL. 21:01:05
President Ron Paul's Address From The Oval Office 20:58:44
1 day 23 hours 20:57:01
Most Meetups, Most YouTubes, Most Blogs, Most Yardsigns, Most Money, Most Strawpolls, Most Supporters, Most Votes! 20:51:50
Ron Paul Revolution Radio - Live with Country Star Rocky Lynn 20:49:28
Have you "Googled" Ron Paul today? 20:46:43
Thanks for making my video #4 Top Rated on YouTube today!!! 20:46:30
Sign up to Join Fox Boycott! 20:44:16
This just in re NH forum 20:40:58
Ron Paul Praised by American Cops 20:37:37
Isreali company to count Iowa votes?? 20:36:47
This is how my meetup # 29 spent New years eve. 20:34:46
Huckabee on ToniteShow: Will Leno be tough? Will "boos" be censored? 20:32:09
10 minute pause-Take a Breath 20:27:44
Online voting for convention delegates has started in West Virginia 20:21:53
Glenn Beck 20:19:05
All Caucus goers: Pamphlet to use to sway LDS folks from Romney to RP 20:15:05
Newspaper Ad: Polls, Polls, Polls 20:11:32
This is Why FOX IS SCARED OF RON PAUL 20:08:40
NH poll - not for the faint of heart 20:03:44
Ron Paul reports almost $20M for Q4 20:02:48
Romney Winning Poll - VOTE NOW 20:00:15
If we win... 1/3/08 and Iowa become Immortalized 20:00:06
In less than 2 days the truth shall be known to ALL!!! 19:51:13
Global Warming 19:47:47
National Ron Paul Prayer Moment! 19:47:12
Paul Supporters Target Fox News (WSJ) 19:46:31
RP 5th place in Iowa!?! What are they talking about? 19:45:24
The only reason people have no faith in the boycott 19:44:38
TILTON, NEW HAMPSHIRE - CNN there now (LIVE) 19:39:17
What's at stake... 19:39:01
Fred Thompson preaches Blowback 19:25:09
PBS at it again... 19:23:24
One of Ron Paul's BIGGEST opponents! 19:19:58
Beyond the Polls Ron Paul is the only choice. 19:19:24
A very effective 30-sec ad 19:12:45
Kucinich tells supporters to caucus for Obama 19:06:17
This is my Boot ... lets hear bout yours! 19:04:20
Understanding Todays American "An Education" 18:40:21
How to Galvanize our support? Donation days, Rallies, etc. New Forum? 18:26:32
Wall Street Journal on Ron Paul fundraising 18:18:57
Check out our Banner event in Houston 18:12:01
Turn on CNN now (going to talk about how messed up the voting system is) 18:11:31 18:05:32
BOYCOTTS DO WORK!!! Don’t Let Naysayers on This Forum or Any Other Tell You They Won’t. 18:05:13
Gary North's Reality Check 17:59:21
Crisis = Danger + Opportunity 17:58:09
Israel is not PRO-RON PAUL imagine that! 17:53:48
RP's exclusion from debate is on Drudge 17:52:51
They Admit It. "Scientific" Polls are Science and Art 17:45:51
Operation Live Free or Die needs our help!! 17:36:37
The Magic Surrounding Ron Paul is About to be Revealed 17:35:09
Marion County Florida Billboards 17:32:29 article...interesting 17:24:41
Vote in the My Space Presidential Primary 17:06:44
Fourth Quater Fundraising Data. Who's Going to Report Their Numbers Before Jan. 31st? 16:59:12
Want to feel good about yourself? Here's what I did. 16:48:51
Non-profit Judicial Watch Releases 10 Most Corrupt Washington Politicans List 16:46:35
Sign the boycott of Fox and their sponsers. 16:38:52
Forbes: Ron Paul Supporters Donate Nearly $20 Million in Fourth Quarter 16:37:36
On Drudge front page: CNN/AP report on FOX excluding Ron Paul from Forum 16:28:35
ISUPPORT new idea for promotion 16:23:43
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck again tonight! 16:16:39
...About to be Revealed 16:16:30
Myspace Users Presidential Primary 16:14:40
finally getting to see how evil you are... 16:12:01
Montana GOP Local Central Committee Chair 16:10:10
World of Warcraft 50 on right now 16:06:48
The Iowa Caucus Republican Process FYI 16:03:06
This is one of the BEST articles I have seen so far!!! Spread it around! 16:00:05
Huckster - Too Cute By Half 15:54:42
FOX msm competitors critical of exclusion 15:53:35
Watch This 15:41:41
THE LAW - By Frédéric Bastiat 15:41:10
Ron Paul - Gold, Peace, and Prosperity 15:40:36
Mixing Politics & your Business 15:30:27
12/28 Ron Paul - Roger Koopman (R) HD70 15:28:37
When did huckaclone. 15:08:29
Did anyone see the Skytping over the Rose Parade?? 14:58:27
Paul campaign should call on candidates 14:53:38
Let the boycotts begin 14:45:15
Central Florida News 13 Covers Blimp Over Citrus Bowl 14:45:12
BLIMP needs 14 more people to give $100 14:45:11
CNN - TV cuts candidates from debates, angering Paul backers (duh we're angry) 14:34:13
Cnn 14:28:13
Year Begins with Excitement and Hope 14:23:06
Blimp 99% but no Cigar 14:22:17
Incredible Video 14:18:54
Paul losing MSN POLL!!! 14:16:55
Freedom to Fascism and My View from the Belly of the Beast 14:10:26
On Drudge! TV cuts debate Ron Paul article and Huckabee Nosehairs 14:04:54
Encouraging News from New Hampshire 14:04:52
Re Run Glenn Beck Tonight on CNN 14:01:00
Funny - -Biden interview with RP sign in the window 14:00:33
C-SPAN NOW!!!! 13:59:39
Vote in the MSN Poll 13:45:37
Getting Stingy With Debate Invitations (CBS) 13:43:38
RON PAUL endorsed by MAX HEADROOM! (Matt Frewer) 13:42:43
Who Would The World Elect for the President of the United States? 13:42:23
Great article : American Chronicle 13:31:21
how soon will we know results in Iowa? 13:24:54
Thousands Switch Parties: Is There A Primary Reason? 13:20:06
You people are what is right with America! 13:17:35
Misleading article about Fox forum exclusion makes Drudge 13:14:25
Part of the reality of life in the United States of America 12:55:32
Ron Paul Sign at Tournament of Roses Parade Live 12:55:07
Good blurb just now on MSNBC 12:52:59
Fighting to include Dr. Paul on Jan 6th is a mistake 12:49:10
January 17th - The moneybomb that will give Ron Paul the nomination 12:47:18
NH GOP Chooses FOX Debate Candidates According to New Article 12:41:51
Ron Paul, Top Story on DRUDGE REPORT 12:39:20
Great RP press from christian science monitor 12:28:52
$23 million with Friends and Family 12:18:33
Tournament of roses parade - Ron Paul skytyping 12:07:14
Nashville Ron Paul March 12/31/07 11:52:38
Operation Live free or Die has a side project. 11:45:59
Black Box Voting: America's Elections Watchdog Group 11:43:01
We should be thanking God for...GLENN BECK!!! 11:39:40
Des Moines register Poll 11:37:26
Nationally Syndicated Columnist has nice things to say 11:30:14
My Letter to Newsweek on Dr. Paul's Electability. 11:29:18
***WATCH THE VOTE 2008 NEEDS YOU !! Please dial into conference call TONIGHT! 11:28:59
AOL Poll Looks Like True Indication 11:26:48
Ron Paul Road Blimp 11:01:45
Faux News Debate - Update 11:00:29
Thoughts Become Things 10:51:39
Latest Iowa Poll - Dr. Paul shows growth from May to Dec. 10:45:39
The Polls are Exactly as They Would be If Rigged 10:43:25
lies & grandpa & evil eyes 10:41:43
This cannot be good ! 10:41:15
FOX's Lame Excuse! 10:41:01
DIGG this like CRAZY! 10:40:12
Could you Protect your Family in a Crisis? 10:22:01
Paul office in Des Moines 10:08:36
Beautiful Story in the Christian Science Monitor 09:34:35
Ron Paul March - ATLANTA 09:33:33
1.3 Million People Receive Pro Dr. Paul Email 09:26:40
My Letter to Rupert Murdoch and Faux New 09:26:31
NH GOP Chair Steps Up For Ron 08:50:21
NH GOP Chair Steps Up For Ron 08:50:21
Ron Paul gets support from 100K Cops! 08:35:49
18 wheeler advertising 08:26:46
New Attitude for 2008 08:20:55
How Did the 4th Quarter Money Raising Effort End? 08:08:31
Email Rupert Murdoch NOW! 08:07:00
The Two Party Swindle 07:59:51
I Predict Ron will win Iowa AND New Hampshire. Here's why. 07:31:19
HQ Misposts YouTube Video - Could Cost Us Iowa!! - Please Help!!! 06:50:51
Ron Paul will Win Iowa... 06:47:11
Tears in my eyes 06:18:22
NEED A TEXAN Web-savy Ron Paul Supporter for Mr. Nevil 05:12:04
Bad Blood at Huckabee and Paul 04:31:04
Vote Result Calculation 04:14:08
GOOD NEWS! AP: Vote machine flaws force scramble back to paper 04:11:18
Really Good NEW AD 04:06:42
Paul has momentum in final Iowa poll 03:12:09
Rudy Gets Ron Treatment 03:11:29
My Wish for 2008 03:10:03
LIBERTY....Popular Google Video 03:08:09
I would like to take my first min. of 2008 to invite huckabee people 03:06:27
DEMOCRATS FOR RON PAUL, and why I will bump this every night... 03:03:49
I'll put in $500 by Midnight to finish the Blimp . . . . IF ..... 02:50:29
Jamie, you are coming in great! 02:41:25
Worldnetdaily mentions they were was wrong...sort-of. 02:38:23
Live Footage of Ron Paul March in Raleigh, NC 02:37:47
Amazing Video: the Huckabee protestors 02:31:34
Israeli defense firm that tallies the Iowa caucus 02:23:26
Christian Science Monitor on Ron Paul 02:20:06
Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who will really cut away at the national debt 02:15:36
Alaska Caucus? 02:14:20
Those who DON'T support Ron Paul are the kooks 02:08:05
how is the principal of the national debt paid? 02:03:17
ambassadors for dr. paul 01:56:38
And We Are The Kooks? 01:35:32
Most Current CFR Member List -- Annotated! 01:24:19
Did we hit $20 Million? (away from my computer) 01:20:16
Ron Paul Rally In DesMoines Wednesday 01:20:11
Any Resolutions? 01:18:18
Sign Petition to the RNC for Ron Paul freedom of speech in NH 01:10:49
Strange 01:08:38
enjoy the New Year. 01:05:38
New Donors 01:05:26
Who Would Jesus Bomb? 01:01:35
2008 New Year's Resolutions 00:48:47
Iowa projections based on # of contributors suggest 44k Iowa voters. 00:46:48 00:43:10
Fox News insider explains why Ron Paul was excluded from presidential forum 00:40:27
Why do I have to sign up for google 00:39:44
How would the old media spin RP doing great in Iowa and NH? 00:33:48
Nader proves that commission of presidential debates is a sham 00:27:31
Tampa Tribune (FL) - Thousands Switch Parties: Is There A Primary Reason? 00:20:11
Save the Blimp! $10,000 need in 40 Minutes 00:19:54
40 Minutes Left for BLIMP 00:18:57
Need Help Answering Paul's IRS Stance Question 00:15:15
Good news from everywhere! 00:11:27
Best initials 00:09:25