Posted on January 10, 2008

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Ron Paul on Old Newsletter Controversy 19:48:40
Message from Ron Paul: Onward! 19:11:24
FoxNews / SC GOP Debate Tonight - 9PM ET Updated 17:20:04
Limited Editon Poster Now Available - Daily Paul Fundraiser 10:57:24
Ron Paul Campaign Alive and Kicking After NH 13:11:25
Dr. Paul Needs Precinct Leaders! 12:38:29
What did the Richmond and Wentworth NH precincts do to WIN? 01:59:14
The Pros & Cons of a NH Recount 01:59:15
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AP teases public about Real ID...coming soon.. 23:55:57
The Republican party is stuck on stupid 23:52:53
Have We Learned Anything? 23:48:16
text message Fox poll at 36288 for debate 23:47:16
FOX and Frank Luntz SUCK.... what chickensh&ts... 23:41:59
AZ straw poll held tonight Ron Paul wins with 80% 23:41:57
Fox is doing a nice job 23:41:51
This wasn't even close!! RP hit only homeruns!! 23:38:54
You Tube Please? 23:31:18
Is Paul electable? 23:26:34
Ron Paul is ON FIRE 23:24:03
List the good Qualities of your Opponent 23:23:43
DHS Changes REAL ID Rules, Targets Youth 23:23:35
HOLY CRAP! Ron Paul just hit a grand slam! Best ever in his campaign! 23:22:29
complete 180 for other GOP Candidates 23:20:55
Fox not premitted in England 23:14:02
Ron Paul is CRUSHING the Fox hosts and the neo-Cons next to him 23:10:22
Fox SC GOP Debate Summary 23:10:20
HA! Romney putting on a slight southern accent... 23:10:18
Dr. Paul is putting on a seminar tonight 23:06:57
McCain is blatantly RACIST at the debate... where's the coverage CNN? 23:06:41
Best debate of RP so far!! 22:59:09
Vote For Ron Paul 22:58:56
Be DAMNED, warmongering GOP presidential candidates! 22:57:34
If your Online right now..... 22:53:53
Romney's pathetic expression when Paul speaks 22:53:04
RON PAUL to 9/11 Truthers 22:48:38
Paul was making a great point but... 22:46:09
I'll have Warmongers for 200 Alex 22:44:36
CNN & DIGG Shut Out Of Ron Paul - my theory 22:42:52
Clear Evidence of Vote Fraud in NH 22:42:26
Autographed Ron Paul Memorabilia 22:40:58
I can't believe they asked the 9/11 conspiracy question 22:40:26
People: Lay off of Paul on the 911 issue. 22:39:29
WAY TO GO RON! 22:36:37
Ron Paul just nails the Commentator and Scores Big.!!!! 22:35:37
WAY TO GO RON! 22:34:48
Debate: Dr. Paul Skirmish 22:34:14
Why Do American Voters Almost Always Elected Governors or Former Governors 22:33:36
Paul is a shining example of why educated people hold the power 22:33:32
Campaign Carl is a douche bag 22:33:14
ron paul revolution 22:29:33
Thompson's lost (or drunk) 22:26:11
Anyone watching because... 22:20:17
This is funny - Big Brother forgot to pay the bill. 22:17:03
My email letter to Ron Paul HQ on vote irregularities in NH 22:11:38
JOIN CHAT NOW!!! 22:06:24
There's a History of Suspected Vote Fraud In NH,,,,What do you think? 21:56:12
Ron Paul on CNN said " Next Money Bomb : MLK DAY!!!!!!!!!! 21:53:45
If Ron Paul is Insignificant Why Are They Attacking So Hard? 21:47:49
What about this freeing drug users? 21:46:01
A Breath of Hope 21:40:33
Real ID take two 21:37:45
Precinct Captain Recruitment Forum Here 21:36:25
watch Albert Howard during debates VP candidate to me! 21:35:42
MLK Day is ON!! 21:35:19
_____% vs. _____% (HAND COUNTED Ballots vs. DIEBOLT COUNTED Ballots) 21:32:17
Citizen Audit for NH votes 21:31:36
If Dr. King were running for President, they would call him a racist for saying, 21:20:47
Tampa AM Radio show playing "coo-coo" sound effects over Ron Paul Paid Ads! 21:19:41
Fox News' Frank Luntz exposed by Ron Paul supporters in New Hampshire***** 21:15:14
Ron Paul Supports The Troops-This is the best video for newbies 21:11:49
Becoming a delegate... a different approach 21:09:09
Action taken in Clarksville Tn. by Police Officer 21:06:30
Dr. Paul won by a landslide - see video! 21:05:02
Kucinich Asks for New Hampshire Recount in the Interest of Election Integrity 20:59:33
Is the debate on a different channel besides Fox? 20:57:17
**FROM DRUDGE...General: Anbar Ready for Handover*** 20:54:16
Stealing elections - courtesy Diebold 20:54:15
Cat and Mouse? 20:52:44
***BREAKING*** Kucinich asks For New Hampshire Recount**** 20:47:52
Albert Howard Interviews Ron Paul 20:47:04
The only way to get MSM to talk about Ron Paul 20:46:29
Daily Kos urging Dem's to vote Romney in MI ! 20:43:06
What is Change 20:38:03
I am Excited for Tonight...Are You?? 20:37:13
MLK Money bomb issues 20:30:50
Idea for the MLK money bomb. 20:21:53
We Need to pull ourselves together and TRUST Dr. Ron Paul 20:21:17
Blimp & Ron Paul on my local SC news! 20:20:02
Recount Could Backfire - Insider in NH Campaign Staff Says they Didn't Execute 20:19:23
IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT: Collectivism, Racism, and Libertarianism 20:17:11
Documentary ... Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election (2002) 20:13:29
Go Pledge Now, Make Jan. 21 HUGE!!!! 20:13:19
****CNN Front Page--NOT GOOD 20:10:15 20:09:53
Welcome to Nazi America 20:09:20
Vote fraud is a Black Issue in America 20:03:28
Albert Howard Views 19:59:22
Media Plays Race Card, Ron Paul Plays Drug War Card 19:57:06
Romney raised $5million in one they say on cnn 19:55:45
Romney raised $5million in one they say on cnn 19:54:49
MLK Fundraiser has to beat $6.2M OR MSM will say we've lost support 19:54:43
Paul needs to take his anti-war-on-drugs position to Detroit, Lansing, Flint! 19:53:57
God Tube gives Ron the axe. 19:53:04
#1 in RI !!! 19:50:35
Why Ron Paul is not doing better - an opinion 19:48:35
Anyone else see this regarding Greenville, NH? 19:48:22
Vote Fraud, Hillary Clinton and The Wanta Plan. A Must Read. 19:46:16
Ron Paul is pissed off! 19:41:04
Government can't pay phonebill - wiretaps are stopped as a result 19:37:58
Vote Recount to Settle Doubts? 19:29:58
Ron Paul mentioned the MLK money bomb on CNN. 19:27:59
CNN video up! 19:25:29
Did anyone else catch what Tucker said a few minutes ago??? 19:23:44
"Maybe thats why I'm voting for Ron Paul" -tucker 19:19:32
Glenn Beck poll to read aloud private email from Huckabee 19:17:35
Help me stop the dirt in it's tracks! 19:13:13
PLEDGE for MLK Day..over 100,000 needed to show support! $10 19:10:05
RP showed his convictions on Race 19:09:23
WHO is Racist? Important Update! 19:04:10
Everyone Vote This Up, Traffic For Ron 19:02:38
U.S. Navy now says Iranian boat threat may be wrong 19:00:32
Ron Paul is still here and PASSION is showing!! 18:58:43
Albert Howard and Granny Warriors Organizing a Recount! 18:52:53
Vote yes or no: The racist smear attempt was a gift in disguise to RP 18:48:11
Does everybody feel better now ? 18:46:41
CNN - Situation Room- Ron Paul 18:45:05
RP is in a fightin' mood on CNN! Here comes OUR comeback, Mac! 18:41:25
BREAKING Urgent I just Talked to Albert RE:Recount! UPDATE #3 18:36:19
Why we need to become Ron's campaign!! 18:35:29
Julie Anne election strategy exposed. 18:29:47
NEW from Ron Paul! 18:27:13
Do HQ personnel ever read this fantastic site 18:24:48
Did anyone see Ron wrote about vote fraud today? 18:20:12
Did Ron Paul Put This on Giulani's Reading List or Since he is or Was a Member Maybe he Already Read it? 18:20:07
CNN libels Doctor Paul in 'insider mailings' 18:15:08
CNN's Situation Room - after these commercials 18:10:48
Some first-hand observations from NH--PLEASE LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES!!! 18:08:36
RECOUNT is ON!!! We need it!! WOW!! 18:01:53
Who's Got the Delegates and How Many? 17:59:58
Ron Paul on CNN 5 PM EST about racism newsletter. 17:54:57
List your best ATTACK talking points that Ron Paul should use in debate 17:50:30
Ron Paul interviewed by ALIPAC 17:49:05
Corporate Pharmaceuticals $$ and the Military? 17:47:53
How is Paul Polling in Michigan? 17:47:17
How is Paul Polling in Michigan? 17:47:09
Response to a believer in the "Welfare State" 17:44:00
Ron Paul on Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer Today posted1:39 pacific 17:42:15
Ron Paul on Situation Room (CNN) 17:40:11
**Need help with Senators!!! 17:38:24
Who is more presentable to the world 17:36:34
Someone needs to get this on MTV 17:32:20
"No End In Sight" very powerful film re: Iraq War 17:28:53
Michael...can this widget be embeded on this website? 17:27:09
This election is going all the way to the National Republican Convention Floor 17:26:41
A Bigger Plan; The Ron Paul Army 17:25:33
RP Should take matching funds! 17:25:33
What has John McCain done to Secure the Borders 17:25:14
Murrary Sabrin officially endorsed by Ron Paul 17:18:57
Looks like people will get a recount! 17:13:14
Digg the Ron Paul recount story. 17:11:30
Ron Paul decalres War on Spending !!!!!!!!!!!! 17:11:12
Vote Here 17:10:50
Help Ron Paul By Being a Precinct Worker 17:08:21
---Why not a Donation Day for...dailypaul?---Help pick a Donation Day date. 17:04:51
Alex Jones is RIGHT about vote fraud 17:04:20
New AOL Presidential Poll 17:02:16
This is what we are fighting against 16:58:19
URGENT need for new SC TV ad air time 16:58:04
***Revolution needs your HELP! 16:54:41
Sutton Cty lost votes call 877-ronpaul NOW - Apparently HQ will demand a recount... 16:53:30
Ron Paul interview with ALIPAC 16:48:56
For all the VOTE FRAUD NAY-SAYERS - read this and try not to choke!!! 16:48:14
Paul and Obama Supporters Petition for Recount 16:47:17
Recount Chip In 16:46:43
MICHIGAN - You guys really need to focus 16:41:55
Eye Witness Accounts / Diagnosis of Problems 16:36:31
Ron Paul's Payday 16:27:26
You are not going to $%!**! believe this.... stunningly bad... 16:25:36 16:22:05
Good Article USA Daily 16:19:06
A message to my friends in the CFR, media, and government from a lifelong Neocon 16:18:23
ABC News: U.S. Concedes Voices on Recording May Not Have Been From Iranian Speedboats 16:17:18
Rudy's disgraceful "gold standard" of DEATH - Less than 400k have seen this, 40 MILLION should! 16:16:33
We must dismantle the 2 tools [weapons] of the Enemy: the MSM and the Diebold machine 16:15:28
8 page Ron Paul news supplement In the AFP 16:15:22
John McCain got 3% of the strongly opposed to John McCain vote 16:14:15
Recount is moving forward 16:05:55
Help a patriot 16:03:01
Let's all take 67 seconds and have a good laugh! 16:02:59
Other Republicans Honestly Believe Support for RP will Collapse by March 16:02:15
Why are we here? 15:55:54
Folks, the "winner" in NH only got "9" delegates! 15:52:52
LOU DOBBS ON THE VOTE FRAUD********** 15:50:40
Ron Paul should not go on Howard Stern, but Nick Gillespie should. 15:49:59
-- ATTN NJ RESIDENTS -- 15:45:48
Ron Paul wins every time! 15:44:08
BOARD NEEDS A MODERATOR - don't Distract, Disparage and Divide 15:43:22
Diebold NH Fraud Story on Slashdot 15:41:04
**WASHINGTON (AP) -- Telephone companies have cut off FBI wiretaps** 15:40:29
Recalling Congress 15:38:26 update for South Carolina billboards 15:37:21
Petition: 15:36:45
This idea may help us greatly.... 15:36:43
Dr. Paul needs to make a 5minute Video Response 15:36:41
Moderates for Ron Paul 15:30:53
American Family Association 15:29:52
Vote Fraud Solution!!!!!! (please read) 15:29:03
I created a public Myspace profile for you!! 15:26:23
Need Some Help. Anyone? 15:19:31
** It's the ECONOMY stupid ** The easiest way to make RP win! 15:09:51
Digg the $)%() out of this NH election story! 15:07:06
Diebold Voting Machine Contractor Executive Has Criminal Background 15:04:34
RON VIDEO - The money would roll in. DO YOU AGREE ? 15:03:49
Bush wants to end Occupation of Arab Lands!! 15:03:31
--What will Dr. Paul supporters do when TSHTF?--- 15:02:40
RECOUNT donations 15:01:11
New Ron Paul Article on! 14:56:29
BBC Links to Economic situation 14:52:58
WE Will WIN! Read this article by Gary North 14:50:01
Support the blimp to Feb 2nd 14:47:33
I need "religious" input ASAP 14:47:22
Myspace for freeatlast2008 14:46:48
NH VOTE COUNT! Sutton, NH admits omitting RP votes! 14:45:44
HELP - DIGG - Beck/GAO on the economy and America being BANKRUPT 14:45:19
NPR Hit Piece 14:43:59
NEW STRATEGY! 14:43:28
Let's Talk about Maine... 14:43:22
Grassroots, Internet, and the campaign 14:41:02
Contact NPR...NOW!! 14:39:25
I need a quick clear answer 14:34:48
Complete list of NH districts with results and counting method. 14:33:15
Voter guide (comedy) 14:30:36
How to convert a single, male Democrat in a heartbeat 14:30:22
Explaining Ron Paul Economics Made Easy 14:29:32
Prepare for ambush at tonight's debate 14:27:22
I'm On Hold With Alex Jones Right Now 14:24:17
Let's put together some good statistics to use in the debate... 14:21:45
Ron Paul Race Smear Erased? And Proof His Campaign is Giving Him Bad Advise... 14:08:53
More toast stuck in the toaster 14:08:32
Alex Jones is wrong about vote fraud! 14:07:52
To those who think the vote isn't rigged 14:05:46
Breaking News: Benanke is lowering the rate, AGAIN! 13:56:23
GOOD NEWS What New Hampshire Results Mean for Ron Paul- Must Read-Keep Post Running 13:51:22
We need 100,000 and we only have 5500..what gives?? 13:51:18
Precinct Captains Needed Nationwide 13:51:11
12:47 pm Eastern Granny Warriors on Alex Jones 13:48:38
Why No discussion of how we are going to get $23 Mil. in Next Two Weeks? 13:47:47
---"They"--- 13:46:55
Diebold Hacking just hit Slashdot 13:45:23
The Vote Fraud Conspiracy 13:43:27
Taxabee beating us in funraising! Next money bomb(s) when? 13:37:35
Go Negative and SLAM the Hypocrites! 13:37:13
THE video on blowback. EXCELLENT! 13:32:49
The Difficulties in Computer Voting - A Programmer Viewpoint 13:31:25
Donate Money to the Recount for a DIFFERENT REASON!!! 13:30:01
Donations Are Way Down So Far This Quarter??? 13:26:27
Let's Get Back On Track 13:24:56
Ron Paul is the ONLY Candidate that speaks of this.... 13:21:09
Are we using AM radio? 13:21:04
Advertise on Memphis and Fargo radio and TV = 4 States 13:15:30
Paulapalooza 2008 13:13:46
Bev Harris on Alex Jones Show again today with new info 13:12:32
Why am I not surprised? Karl Rove Supports Hillary for President 13:11:31
Breaking Election Fraud News 13:07:54
I've had a day to cool off and I've reconsidered my take on NH recount - anyone else? 13:07:47
Have you seen this video?? 13:06:22
Books by Dr. Paul 13:05:54
Positive Article About Ron Paul's Position Regarding Israel 13:04:39
Dennis Kucinich endorses Congressman Ron Paul 13:00:25
War Games Destroy Myth of US Naval Invulnerablity 12:57:46
Welcome to the United Police States of Amerika 12:56:28
Bernanke is holding a press conference today 12:55:45
It's a miracle we are this far. Let's do this PEOPLE! 12:51:25
Research 12:48:53
What if Ron Paul wins the nomination? 12:48:42
Plans to BOMB IRAN move forward! DIGG until front page!!!<<<<< 12:46:57
Voting conspiracy theories 12:44:22
Answer to Recount Concerns in the future... 12:43:53
Romney raised $4M yesterday? 12:40:47
HR 1955 --Last Chance for Freedom is Ron Paul 12:36:26
Here is the NH Hand Count vs Machine Count results 12:33:47
Ron Paul should have a campaign Office in Second Life 12:31:58
Are you guys calling HQ asking for a recount in the name of 12:29:28
George Will says it will be a "Marathon" 12:29:18
NH fraud proof 12:29:04
FoxNews / SC GOP Debate Tonight - 9PM ET 12:28:52
Proof NH fraud 12:27:14
Time to petition Governor Sanford for an endorsement following SC debate! 12:23:15
How To Eliminate Huckabee .... 12:18:24
Never retreat, never surrender! 12:17:31
for a smile.. 12:17:09
Evidence we live in police state 12:15:23
Op Ed in Galveston Daily News on NH vote fraud 12:14:00
Modern "liberalism" 12:08:15
The CFR has decided Hilary vs Romney 12:07:17
Paul is Right on Iran, Again! Pentagon "Hormuz Confrontation" Video Obviously Doctored 12:05:53
Will posting this article add fuel to the fire? I certainly hope so... 12:04:05
Does the campaign need to communicate more with the grassroots? 11:55:06
Electable? 11:53:45
"Rogue State Rollback" or Rogue State Blowback? 11:53:27
Any new Ron Paul supporters? 11:48:31
Godtube pulled Paul from poll? 11:45:10
CauseofFreedom Why Ron Paul will win (good points) 11:44:12
Funny But Unfair Video Portrays Ron Paul Supporters as Cry-Babies 11:44:09
Can we urge the SC Governor to support Ron Paul? 11:43:20
MUST SEE article from Steve Forbes regional campaign manager in 2000 11:43:15
***What New Hampshire Results Mean for Ron Paul*** 11:42:16
Perspective 11:42:13
NRSC 11:42:07
If Ron Paul and His Campaign Don't Have the Backbone to Demand a Recount for Themselves, Than They Should at Least Have Enough 11:40:18
Good News!!!( I think ) 11:39:01
Here is a great opportunity for advertising 11:37:14
Will RP Authorize an Audit of The NH Primary? 11:35:36
Convincing Baby Boomers and UP 11:32:18
Purple States 11:26:39
Fabrication: Iranian Video VS. US Video - Strait of Hormuz 11:25:42
DP Readers not using to keep up on bloggers 11:22:42
$35k to phone poll every NH voter 11:18:25
RP national meet up CALL IN tonight 11:16:05
Something I just realized... 11:03:37
We Are Losing the AOL Straw Poll, Vote Now!!! 11:03:27
Lakota Indians for Ron Paul ? 11:03:09
The Good Doctors: Dr. Paul & Dr. King 11:00:10
I want to hear from Dr Paul about the fraud in New Hampshire 10:56:55
competing currencies? How about competing campaigns? 10:51:07
ClusterF**k Nation by Jim Kunstler 10:49:42
RP needs to make the following points 10:46:04
Would Weekly Webcasts from RP HQs Help! 10:44:10
Donate NOW for recount! 10:33:53
Front Page 10:32:19
Mark Levin change of heart? 10:26:00
Brokered GOP Convention Likely 10:24:46
Voter Apathy 10:21:15
Why Dr. Paul can not do a recount? 10:18:40
EVOLVE! 48' LED Sign for Dr. Ron 10:17:00
Number One Concern In South Carolina .... 10:16:31
Michigan: Ron Paul is only Anti-NAFTA Candidate 10:16:24
Focus on Districts in Michigan we can WIN!! 10:12:03
National Republican Senatorial Committee Survey- RP NEEDS THIS 10:09:03
Thank you Jane Aitken and the rest of NH grassroots 10:07:28
Debate Tonight 09:41:59
Montana: 25 Delegates Winner Take All - Why Ron Paul Needs to Spend Most Time There 09:41:42
Surprising NH trend 09:27:09
AOL straw poll Mccain lead Dr.Paul by 13% 09:23:11
This is what happened to my Ron Paul BMW tonight!!! 09:13:09
Did the Founders understand the Constitution? 09:06:05
What New Hampshire Results Mean for Ron Paul 09:02:10
Stop Criticizing the Campaign! 08:58:20
A Reason Not To Quit - Defeat The Police State 08:55:03
Trying to play fair is hurting RP campaign 08:52:20
Ron Paul on "Bill Press Show" RIGHT NOW! 08:34:46
LIBERTY 08:31:57
Sibel Edmonds...FBI Whistleblower? Need Feedback. 08:25:42
We should have people running for US house. 08:01:58
Vote Fraud Aside... 08:01:08
More foolish acts HURT RP campaign 07:59:29
HBO SPECIAL: Hacking Democracy - WATCH THIS FOLKS! 07:55:06
UK in worse state that the US. Please Help! 07:48:53
Most Important: Vote Counting Information. 07:45:42
Vote Fraud *watch for the sake of us all* 07:44:47
Do We Have The Right? 07:40:52
Let's Keep the Revolution Going 07:39:14
Michigan: Radio ad help on the way! 07:33:17
pres hopefull Albret Howard calling for a RECOUNT IN NH? 07:13:24
We need Barrack Obama supporters help URGENT 07:12:42
The Battle for America 07:09:07
Lets get this recount started 07:08:11
Awesome 8 page new Ron Paul AFP Newspaper Supplement 07:03:40
Howard Stern is on the Ron Paul Train 07:02:21
.gov promotes McCain 06:51:14
Devvy Kidd this is worth reading 06:42:56
Iraq Veterans Against the War 06:40:32
Coast to Coast with Bev Ron Paul votes 06:22:43
Dr. Ron Paul will you READ THIS?? A Letter! "UPDATED" 06:09:08
Canvassing? Carry voter registration forms!!! 05:47:02
See RP loosing votes instead gaining on CNN - Vote count NH 05:19:59
I can't believe what I am reading?? Help Me? 05:06:21
RP campaign needs better marketing 04:51:02
Report of NH Action tomorrow (Thursday) 04:46:03 04:29:39
A fair glimpse of Ron Paul.... 04:22:32
The DIRT Issue 04:20:06
National Petition to scrap electronic voting machines 04:17:05
Thinking of Ron 04:07:42
How About a Hotties March 03:57:03
Video that needs to be SHARED NOW! 03:53:56
Who's movin' with me? 03:47:40
We Need Stern Endorsement Email Him Please 03:47:29
The Revolution Political Party 03:43:18
HQ is taking action! It's our turn! 03:42:49
Meetups 03:42:32
Thinking outside of the box... 03:41:31
Boobus AmericANUS has spoken 03:40:13
Freedom to Fascism DVD handout.... 03:33:06
I support the "thugs and troublemakers." 03:32:36
Recount Chip In - Spread it Around! 03:24:13
The Ron Paul Revolution has given birth to the Constitution Movement... 03:23:50
Almost 65,000 views from over 33,000 unique visitors in the last 24 hours!!! 03:22:29
best method to make a sign shown here....recycling at its best 03:22:10
Are we more powerful on the Internet? 03:21:54
Foreign Policy Simplified 03:21:48
'A Heartbeat Away' From War With Iran and Pakistan 03:11:03
How to be super efficient 03:09:46
Update: AT-COST Ron Paul Slim Jims! You pay shipping! 03:02:15
MUST SEE... Quote from Bhutto's son 02:56:47
Revised plan for SUPER BOWL money bomb 02:54:18
Why are you voting for Ron Paul? 02:53:08
you will win freedom if you do these things 02:52:08
msnbc leaves Paul off list but includes Hunter! 02:46:47
Why Continued Fighting To Win Matters 02:46:13
Great Freedom Response to Idiotic LA Times 02:44:15
Hidden Hillary voters? 02:43:00
Anybody check these stats? 02:41:49
Technology Voters Guide: Ron Paul- 10 Questions 02:41:11
25 more votes found on Greenville-NH? 02:36:46
to all you conspiracy theorists i found your answers 02:21:57
The Telegraph/ Interview 02:19:55
Every American has a duty to listen to this.... 02:18:58
Part II: Voter Fraud in NH Substantiated 02:12:35
Mass Precinct Captain NEED SUPPLIES Can Anyone Help Me? 02:09:52
How could you even think about leaving this movement? 02:09:40
I thought RP got two delegates in Iowa. 02:09:22
DAILY PAUL TAKES OVER CAMPAIGN... Refer people to 01:55:19
How to get a good strategist? 01:40:16
NH Recount? 01:40:00
Article from Constitution Party Re: Huckabee 01:37:51
The Meaning of New Hampshire 01:33:56
ATL RP Billboard and Idea 01:30:22
Recount Info 01:23:10
How We Can Get A Recount Without Help Fom HQ 01:09:39
VOTE in AOL poll! 01:05:46
Treason Within RP Headquaters? 00:55:37
Article about Ron Paul and the valid concerns of vote fraud 00:51:22
How I helped Ron Paul Today 00:49:06
Students choose Ron Paul! 00:48:44
Gold standard again 00:46:42
$1,000 for a win 00:45:38
Ron Paul can only win if.... 00:45:00
pro liberty website needs help getting started 00:43:51
Ron Paul, Today's Patrick Henry 00:41:17
If you really want to help Dr. Paul 00:40:52
VERY Damning info on McCain - POW/MIA Issue... Posted On Greater Chicago Meetup 00:34:28
NH Recount Talk Waste of time 00:30:01
More Reasons to Like Ron Paul… 00:29:07
Ron Paul on the front page of 1/9/08 00:23:10
What Ron Paul knows 00:22:21
.:: i did rudy's homework ::. 00:17:04
Alan Keyes or Duncan Hunter should demand a recount 00:15:49
In the Movie... 00:14:47
Blimp on it's way to Myrtle Beach, S.C. for Debate 00:14:15
Frustration 00:11:55
MeetUp numbers to Predict Vote Count 00:09:06
Don't forget the RECOUNT site! 00:09:04
NH voter fraud youtube video comment/how i think it worked 00:09:01
I Think I Finally Figured Out This Personal Freedom Thing 00:08:01
Talking Points Need a Makeover 00:07:33
2009 White house budget to be posted online! 00:04:15
$4600 vs. $2300 00:03:56
NH voters, did you fill out an affidavit? To prove the vote? 00:03:53
Campaign Blogger 00:03:11
Bill Richardson Calls It Quits 00:01:41