Posted on January 11, 2008

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Thank You From Jim Forsythe, Meetup Coordinator, NH 20:24:38
DailyPaulers take to the airwaves! 17:39:56
Front Page of Digg - Ron Paul's answer cut from Fox re-air 16:39:55
MP3 | Alex Jones interviews Albert Howard and Kucinich 11:04:33
Ron Paul Fox Debate -- All 8 Videos 00:10:45
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Daily Kos urging Dems to vote Romney in Michigan! 23:58:07
Must Read: A Manifesto by Jim Babka & Perry Willis 23:44:32
Hey NH & IA - Can We please use your Ron Paul Signs? 23:38:04
They are succeeding at quieting RP. 23:36:12
Digg --rigged voting machine DIGG IT UP 23:28:22
Let's takeover News Corp from Murdock 23:25:54
C-Span.(REAL ID) 23:25:00
Christian Churchgoers: Please come here, weigh in ==> 23:23:21
Dirt Rhodes Scholar: I am a Mexican-American, I worked for Ron Paul in the 1990's, and I Know Ron Paul is No Racist - ARTICLE 23:23:19
Vote on this poll.... a different kind... this time don't pick Ron Paul 23:23:01
One of Our Computer Savvy People Needs to Put Together a DVD That Shows How The Old Media Lies 23:20:23
O’Reilly: Fox Vandalized, Attacked 23:13:10
Hand counted-only towns show RON PAUL 3rd NH 23:07:01
We wont be allowed to win! 23:05:57
Pledge for Paul: Vote out Incumbents (Who's coming with me?) 23:05:49
NPR Article Asking For Feedback 23:02:01
The Ultimate Insult 23:02:00
Romney suggests replacing Musharraf with Gen Keani 23:01:16
Time to get serious and organized. A MUST READ FOR EVERY RP'er!!! 22:59:50
Can someone down load this so that it can not be erased? 22:59:28
Report from California radio @ KFI AM 640 22:57:40
Dr. Paul's Best Congressional Address 22:56:50
Where is Mark Sanford ? 22:53:27
California, the ultimate nanny state... 22:50:45
Racist Paul. Follow Link for a worker's story. Trust Ron. 22:49:54
Infomercials? 22:49:20
Smoke Bomb!!! 22:48:43
Celebrities for Ron Paul 22:47:07
Did anyone record the debate last night? We need it because 22:44:03
List the conspiracy 22:43:44
OMG: Fox forces removal of Ron Paul clip from YouTube! 22:40:35
STRATEGY!...Ron Paul THE MAN is a Christian... 22:35:11
Media Bias Poll at 22:34:59
DO YOU THINK FOX IS STUPID? (if: yes. you NEED read this) 22:33:48
WV news 22:30:57
New Hampshire to Recount Primary Votes 22:29:13
[To lurking truthers:] Look at what you are doing... 22:25:57
New Bill Mahrer Tonight. 22:22:54
If Hillary wins the nomination over Obama, 22:21:27
Did you notice in the SC debate 22:20:25
America! The Obituary 22:20:04
This is like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 22:18:56
OK, I'm a NYC liberal who reg. as Rep to vote for Ron 22:18:35
Strange comment by Frank Luntz to focus group - Anyone catch this? 22:13:53
AVOID VOTE FRAUD, sign/submit an Affidavit documenting your Ron Paul vote to your "Precinct Team" 22:10:51
Celebrity 22:04:13
O'Reilly Calls Kucinich a Pinhead! 21:58:41
Republican Vote Recount 21:58:17
Spread the word Luntz 21:53:20
We have been brainwashed (please comment).. 21:51:08
REAL ID Final Rule! They released it today. Hello sanctions. 21:50:30
defeatatlast2008 21:48:00
Folks, I think Fox needs a NEW slogan..Let's vote! 21:47:14
Inspiring or Leader 21:47:07
NEW LAW strips away right of Habeas Corpus YOU WONT SEE THIS REPORTED BY MSM 21:46:21
Chuck Todd is at it again 21:30:13
Huckabee the most successful fundraiser in the last quarter of 2008? 21:29:31
HQ Suggestion: Archive of Anti-Paul Media Bias 21:26:33
O'Reilly: Fox News Vandalized, Attacked 21:26:31
Awesome billboard made it on 21:25:29
Top 25 most MEDIA-CENSORED news items of the year(Bush moving toward martial law ) MORE REASON WE NEED PRESIDENT PAUL 21:20:43
Message to whiners and criers met on the path of Honor--Never Give Up 21:20:10
The REAL ID is About to Become Reality for Many Americans 21:14:51
Why the "surge" is working 21:12:56
Where are our ground troops? 21:10:06
Why NEO-CONS Are Frightened 21:09:04
Freudian Slip ? 21:06:35
NEW WEBSITE: Informed Voters for Ron Paul 20:54:51
IGNORE Hannity?! Make him part of BOYCOTT! 20:50:32
Reagan though Julie Anne was "crazy" - see for yourself 20:50:24
Cafferty File stuffed full of RP support 20:45:40
Money blues 20:44:20
Hardball Just Brought up Smear Again. If Ron Paul is to Get Beyond This he and his Campaign Need 20:43:00
News update on the NH Recount 20:39:38
Expose The Media 20:37:23
Thomson reading his script ??? 20:37:08
Debate "Are you electable, sir" question on FIRE on digg 20:35:39
Are any publishers looking for an interested amateur writer? 20:33:05
Abolishing the Fed is the Most Important Issue 20:29:36
ANYONE want to split a ONE PAGE AD in the CHARLOTTE NEWS... 20:24:06
Sent Kucinich $20 for recount 20:22:08
Respect 20:21:42
The Ron Paul Revolution for Dummies- or Chicken Soup For the Apathetic Soul 20:11:44
New Hampshire Recount is ON 20:11:03
Message should enlighten, but not frighten! 20:09:23
Can you help write comments to articles? 20:07:13
Ron Paulapalooza 3 day concert help needed 20:05:41
Excellent Bill Moyers Journal tonight! 20:04:28
Hannity calls Ron Paul an idiot on the radio 20:00:58
The Republican Party Needs Us More Than We Need Them. 19:58:56
Ron Paul is loosing in the AOL straw poll!! 19:58:41
Support the first "Ron Paul" Republican 19:52:58
I need help! On the "general welfare" clause and whether it meant healthcare 19:52:51
Chertoff Just On Fox 19:52:26
I Hope Everyone's Watching Tucker 19:48:26
Ron Paul wins Arizona straw poll of young professionals 19:41:55
No PAC Money = Change 19:41:46
Video from Real News with Ron Paul 19:38:35
We Won! FOX article mentions Dr. Paul twice as anyonelse-19X 19:37:49
Chicago Blackout 19:31:39
What was the secret behind Ron Paul winning Iowa Precinct winning? 19:24:36
Some People Really Irk Me About This "RP is Prejudiced" nonsense.Lim-Bawl/Vanity. 19:22:48
Romney Campaign Raised $5 MIL on National Call Day Jan. 9, 2008. 19:22:00
Ron Paul needs to expand his answer about bringing home the troops. 19:09:53
Dennis K lost Texas- not Ron Paul 19:02:24
Question regarding recount 18:54:57
Mccain - We can destroy him with the 100 year comment 18:54:29
Cafferty just read my email!!!!!! 18:54:13
NEW PROJECTS... Vital to Paulian rEVOLution! 18:53:23
4 great Ron Paul articles lots of positive comments. 18:50:28
Can anyone tell me how the attempt to get rid of these electronic voting machines is going nationally? 18:42:02
Michigan Newspaper Letter!!! 18:40:04
My response to an anti-Paul Democrat 18:37:36
Cut from re-air! What Fox News doesn't want you too see. 18:36:29
The two types of RP supporters 18:34:54
Please "Pssst" this 18:29:52
Just for Laughs 18:28:41
Opinion of an Iraq vet 18:26:12
Frank Luntz - Wierd Comment 18:22:14
New Hampshire to Recount Primary Votes 18:16:06
Gold standard discussion 18:14:07
DIGG** Ron Paul cut from Fox debate rebroadcast** 18:11:59
Bush still thinking about Bombing Iran!!! 18:09:31
Speech For Dr. Paul At Your Local Republican Club 18:03:33
Hillary in trouble with the black vote? 18:01:53
McCain and Huckabee Are Just GOP Diversions 18:00:42
I am a Mexican-American, I worked for Ron Paul in the 1990’s, and I Know that Ron Paul is No Racist! 18:00:32
National Right to Life endorsement of Fred Thompson 17:59:42
google:RING OF POWER PT.1&2 17:52:00
Aren't you glad Paul didn't say anything about NH recounts? 17:48:30
New Ron Paul Money Bomb $1Mil Before Michigan 17:46:52
Giuliani broke? Staff to go without pay 17:42:17
Highlights of the South Carolina Debate? 17:39:02
I think Paul Just Lost Texas- District Court just ruled against Dennis K. 17:34:10
The Daily Dose 17:31:28
Are We Stepping Into A Trap With Recount? 17:25:49
Site HTML broken today? 17:22:20
Eyes Wide Open – Your Words Ring the Bell of Truth 17:18:20
Jan 21st. Our Big Money day.. and Huckathiefs too. 17:11:50
Albert Howard: Republican Vote Recount Set for Wednesday1/16/08!!! 17:11:13
New Newsday Poll - vote 17:10:27
New! Just In About O'Reilly - Feel better 17:02:09
I Do Not Trust A Recount,, But let us debate the solution, this is my Idea 17:01:05
NEW - THE DAILY DOSE - Ron Paul Campaign HQ Blog 17:00:35
Why Is Bush Making Multiple Stops in The Middle East? 16:55:49
Ron vs. Obama? Ron vs. McCain? Need talking points. 16:52:14
HQ Talking to US!!! 16:51:37
Can we pay them? 16:50:46
I made a comedy song that has a big dig at government and media (one certain animal) lying to us! Listen and laugh -hopefully) 16:48:42
Would Kucinich as VP bring new life to the primaries? 16:46:24
Giuliani out of money? No paychecks for Campaign Aides 16:39:38
----Thanks James H. Wood---- 16:30:36
Ron Paul - front page of Yahoo 16:30:36
Urgent!!!Can someone one start a site that says "Boycott Fox sponsor' 16:29:32
Matthew Dowd Should Be Ron Paul's Chief Strategist 16:24:49
Just heard on NPR that Kucinich and Howard RECOUNT is going to happen 16:24:48
Albert Howard, confirms live on Alex Jones that the recount effort is official... 16:20:16
HQ Suggestion: Science Debate 2008 16:17:23
I'm Mexican-American,I worked for Ron Paul in the 90’s, and I Know that Ron Paul is No Racist! 16:16:52
Watch this video and learn why we need Dr. Paul! 16:10:13
Front page of Yahoo- Right now (2:08 CST 01/11/08) 16:08:49
Actors Viggo Mortensen and Sean Penn endorse Dennis Kucinich for President 15:56:26
Why Not Hire Dick Morris? 15:52:53
Tom Petty's "Rebels" 15:52:47
Please Don't Let This Fail! Donate Now! Only 30 minutes Left for NV 15:50:21
Will Dr. Paul Make a Tough, Executive Decision to Change H.Q? 15:49:08
Can someone please verify 15:48:00
Ron Paul Video Archive 15:45:27
Poll: are the machines rigged? 15:40:46
Fox News is hiding the Jan 10th debate Poll Results 15:34:45
Official Website Needs "ECONOMY" Section 15:30:39
Today's Cafferty File 1-11-08 15:30:20
God Forbid! Another Criticism of the Official Campaign 15:28:17
Pulbic Relations Help - Emailed to Headquarters 15:26:30
Liberal Daily Kos Urges Michigan Democrats to vote for Romney 15:26:16
Diebold....... Interesting These are the same guys doing the voting machines!!! 15:22:40
AOL Poll, RP Behind 15:22:06
$67K for Recount? Inexpensive Publicity and Puts Other States on Notice 15:17:11
Fox News outlawed in England 15:13:24
Thomas Jefferson on implied powers 15:11:17
NH Recount Moving Foreward .. 15:11:08
Ron Paul on Racism - his own words 15:08:59
Mother of all NH vote anomalies: 15:08:25
Republican recount in New Hampshire official ( Thanks Albert Howard ) 14:57:55
Guiliani going broke 14:55:34
An Idea from a Free Thinking American - How Dr. Paul can Win, easily. 14:54:41
Moving on - "I Have Not Yet Begun to Fight" 14:54:24
video of "you jerks" comment 14:51:54
Best analogy yet for US Financial situation. 14:51:14
live or work by an airport- make a sky sign 14:50:00
Trolls over at CNN continue bad over old newsletter 14:46:16
Video - Ron Paul Wins FOX News Debate, Hannity Not Pleased 14:45:21
I have not heard of a good reason why Fox allowed Ron Paul into their most recent debate, so 14:45:03
USS Cole 14:43:43
Psychology 101: How to Convert a Pro-War Person to Ron Paul in Minutes 14:43:29
CNN Reapeating Ron Paul Smear 14:43:10
Ron Paul Wins FOX Debate Poll, Hannity Displeased 14:41:17
Giuliani Staffers Forgo Paychecks, a Sign of Possible Money Troubles 14:41:17
Ron Paul Campaign: STOP ONLY RELYING ON SUPPORTERS! 14:40:43
This guy is a bit nutty, but I like him after reading through 14:40:39
Debate transcript released 14:34:17
"Make fun, Buddy" 14:34:08
The big picture....why WE and RP need to hang on..... 14:34:06
Here’s a backed-up fact to directly help Dr. Paul today: Learn it 14:32:57
SMILE Ron, your on Candid Camera - A debate tactic 14:31:13
a really cool site with a bill proposed by Paul to return our freedoms, we need to make Calls now guys 14:30:44
America is getting Ron Paul 14:29:41
Paul Warns Against Rush To War With Iran, All Other GOP Candidates ‘Ready To Attack’ 14:25:58
Vote NOW. poll about Real ID 14:25:29
Ron Paul pics that will make your day! :-) 14:23:45
A DOLLAR BILL! 14:23:31
California comes up with a Green plan that works! 14:21:48
Either get serious or get out of the race? 14:16:18
I Was at the Debate 14:10:53
How to take the gloves off 14:07:27
George Orwell.... Crimestop. 14:03:14
How do we convince the non thinkers? 13:59:15
HQ SUGGESTION: Sign up jessie ventura immediately. Heres why 13:56:38
African Americans Please help Ron Paul 13:54:29
An Open Letter to the Campaign and its Grassroots Supporters 13:53:15
Volunteer NOW to ensure RP represented at Republican Convention 13:47:42
OPEN LETTER: Do you really support Ron Paul? 13:46:48
Watch C-Span 2 13:46:43
Randy Rhodes called Dr. Paul racist 13:44:42
"May I please participate in the Current Debate?!" 13:44:27
Listen/Call Now: Rand Paul on minority issue! 13:37:04
Suggestion for Ron Paul to put on a website (not the presidential one) 13:36:46
Take a stand... The GOP needs us. We need Ron Paul 13:31:24
I cant vote! 13:28:54
Time to get specific 13:28:04
Help me email bomb these people! 13:22:45
Communication Disconnect? 13:22:21
My Mom Shook Dr. Paul's Hand Last Night! 13:22:00
Why do people cheer Hucksters "gates of hell comment"? JMHO 13:21:33
Whoever made racist comments, admit and become hero 13:19:56
We have been heard by the official HQ: "daily dose" 13:19:43
Arkansaw and Conneticut FMN Poll Results 13:12:51
NEW POLL 13:12:41
Group Mentality Will Gouge the GOP 13:07:53
Breaking News on MSNBC, Homeland Security unveils plan for "more secure driver's license"! 13:07:51
C-Span: Michael Chertoff talking about REAL ID Act (12:00pm EST) 13:07:00
We're Doing Something Right 13:05:31
South Dakota needs help from the official campaign for pettitions 13:04:37
VOTE in AOL POLL!!! RP currently at 6TH place!!! Check Back WEEKLY! 13:00:33
CNN Headline news is running a piece 12:59:28
Ron Paul Blimp makes impression on SC Gov 12:58:50
Ron Paul Unleashed on Electability~ Transcript 12:58:37
Huck's "Gates of Hell" comment bothered me as a christian 12:52:39
Jesse Ventura Speaks the Truth 12:52:28
Yahoo blackout of Dr.Paul? 12:51:53
Recession has struck the U.S. Looks like Ron Paul is right AGAIN! 12:50:29
Fox Insider Spills the Beans 12:46:21
Glenn Beck on now about RP 12:46:21
How we can get more people to vote? 12:43:19
We can blow their little minds with a mini money grenade! 12:41:12
Rudy's BROKE or damn close to it 12:35:58
Educate the (Re)Public 12:35:41
Ok..I have a question 12:35:20
The "TROLL" issue & why it should NOT be addressed 12:29:06
Somebody Explain What's Happening at 12:28:19
Home Run Derby! 12:27:18
MSNBC SC Debate Poll 12:26:44
Does anyone have a link to the whole debate last night? 12:22:23
Nice article from SOUTH CAROLINA paper 12:21:20
Blimp news...I love the last line of this article! 12:19:02
Good observation about the media game 12:16:11
HQ needs new leadership 12:15:05
How about a mini-bomb tonight just to get us to $1 million. 12:09:33
2010: North American Union - If RP Not Elected, What Then? 12:07:33
MSM news audience = 26 million, Internet audience = 210 million! 12:07:00
Howard Stern on politics 12:06:21
Bring Our Troops Home NOW // A Music Video // A Campaign Issue 12:05:59
Did Paul Dis Hannity? 11:58:42
Daily Paul, This site is full of trolls,so start flagging their comments! 11:58:20
To all the Monday morning quarterbacks 11:53:04
Instead of going negative..... 11:47:41
The grand nature of RP's message won't fit in this short debate format. 11:45:36
albert howard is doing a recount. 11:45:02
Ron Paul Dis-invited? 11:42:49
Official Version of Naval Incident Starts to Unravel 11:41:07
Ron Paul needs me as his debate coach!! 11:40:00
Finally some pictures of our fearless leader 11:37:50
HEY FOX! We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaack :-) 11:29:51
How do we show the other candidates are weak on defense? 11:28:11
Can we save the silly photos and jokes for after Super Tuesday? 11:26:32
Debate transcript? 11:25:43
Ask Paul's Paper to Endorse 11:25:35
C-Span Washington Journal: Huge Ron Paul Support 11:24:11
Contact Michigan Right to Life and ask them to endorse Paul 11:20:41
Enough with the sheeple crap! 11:20:20
Foreign Policy: Protecting our Interests 11:19:18
What's Really Behind The Recount ? 11:19:18
Grassroots Coordinator Hired by Campaign 11:09:36
South Carolina debate puts the revolution back on track 11:08:39
Let the bleeding continue 11:07:57
Ron Paul Republicans 11:04:17
S. C. debate 11:04:12
Thank You RON PAUL -- Words From A 9/11-Truther (ME) 11:04:08
Fox Moderator Trying to Make Paul Look Stupid 11:03:49
Reason to Be Optimistic 11:03:39
Top Giuliani staffers to go without pay 11:00:12
Great Article 10:56:24
Everyone, Please Pray For Dr. Paul 10:54:55
Integrity - Many Voices One Message 10:52:09
How to recruit a neo con 10:50:27
BREAKING!! Just Released, A Telling Photo from an Iowa Polling Station... 10:48:37
One Shrewd Dude 10:45:33
We need our troops to protect Democracy 10:45:08
Fox New Has Brought a New Low to American Journalism... 10:39:20
Rally? 10:38:16
Could use supplies in NM 10:37:36
Is Fox Using a Laugh Track? 10:37:28
MOSH for Ron Paul 10:36:40
Positive Article Front Page - Charlotte Observer! 10:35:39
My cable will be canceled this weekend 10:28:20
McCain on Immigration 10:21:55
This was on ABC comment board 10:16:32
Federal Reserve increasing the price of Gold... again... 10:10:17
Video:RP Debate Highlights 09:58:03
Ron Paul Voter Bucks - drop cards 09:44:37
CSPAN & Murdoch 09:42:48
A Critique of Ron Paul at the SC Republican Debate 09:42:29
Critique of the Grassroots 09:40:18
Albert Howard's Presidential Platform 09:38:41
where can I DL last night's debate? 09:38:03
RP completely omitted on Olbermann after NH??? What the heck? 09:29:14
Democrat Effort to Vote Romney in Michigan Out of Mischief 09:27:35
Draw a line in the Sand - Remember the Alamo- Texans for Dr. Paul 09:26:56
Pardon for nonviolent drug users ad 09:24:26
Recount has been called for 09:22:07
They Tried To Make A Mockery Of RP 09:20:19
How do we explain newsletter 09:18:56
They Attacked 09:18:53
Excellent Article in the Charlotte Observer 09:13:35
A nationwide energy boycott is in order! 09:11:52
Fundraising - Needs to be said. 09:10:30
Kucinich will need money for Recount 09:08:44
Big Sister Muscle !!! 09:04:20
Rating All The Candidates Intelligence(I.Q.) I'd have to say... 09:01:45
Why didn't FOX bring up the newsletter? 08:59:11
ABC's Website excludes any mention of Ron Paul at the debate 08:56:32
Always say "Dr. Paul" not "Ron Paul" 08:55:03
McCain ~ "I would have started Iraq War regardless of WMD" 08:55:00
Great Article ! 08:50:53
A Guide to a Grassroots Life 08:41:33
Call Your Local Radio Stations 08:34:53
"Make Fun, Buddy" is my new slogan 08:33:48
CNBC this morning - hitting on our issues 08:25:22
Kucinich asks NH for recount..... 08:01:23
Ron Paul Partisans see opprotunity in Montana 07:57:39
Harmful article on engine search re: young RP supporters 07:35:39
You folks must use more to be on top of things 07:06:11
Reagan on foreign policy 07:04:10
Howard Stern talks favorably about Ron Paul a second time. 06:54:45
Debate Replay butchered 06:52:31
Ipod Canvassing technique idea 06:50:37
I Do Not Trust A Recount,, But let us debate the solution, this is my Idea 06:40:47
Funny Blog Posting: Romney Winning on Planet Mercury, But Ron Paul Signs All Over 06:39:07
Important Message from Ron Paul 06:37:23
i could go negative ::see here:: but i won't 06:31:30
"We lose all these lives, promoting Iraq" was a beautiful moment 06:28:57
Need some info 06:22:30
Atta boy Ron Baby!! you killed them tonight 06:10:07
Gamblers for Ron Paul? Could be interesting 05:35:20
Don't get your hopes up about a RECOUNT 05:35:08
Look at this! Has this been exposed???? Associated press error? 05:33:17
Wow.. this guy makes excellent points 05:18:56
PROVOCATION ! Frank plays with you. He need another "loonatic RP supporters" video. 05:13:27
JUST SAY NO...TO FAUX NEWS!!! 05:11:21
I put "Live Free or Die" to 'Auld Lang Syne' for you to hopefully sing at rallys + new song "Poor Reporting". 05:02:08
Internet Paul versus TV Paul. 04:45:13
Mitt Romney Gets Booed For Attacking Ron Paul 04:30:34
McCain loan could violate donor privacy 04:12:29
Artists 4 Obama? ?? 04:07:33
Romney Win MI or Done!;Thompson Win SC or Done!Guiliani Win FL or Done! 03:56:26
FoxNews Vote 03:52:01
A question for Michael Nystrom and all DP contributors 03:48:08
I just purchased this new Ron Paul book. You should too. 03:44:38
6 U.S. soldiers die........Iraq 03:41:45
A peek into the enemies mind 03:39:50
New AOL POLL 03:39:17
Some Constructive Remarks By a Supporter 03:37:43
It is time for the Revolution to flex it's muscle and Stop Fox 03:33:10
Debate on Digg. Please digg. This was Rons best performance to date 03:32:51
Reagan Coalition is todays RP Revolution 03:22:54
The Reagan Revolution 03:21:57
After this debate last pm, I am NOT VOTING 03:18:22
Who has money to go all the way? 03:17:07
A Way to -=END=- Voter Fraud Tomorrow? 03:16:55
Lets create our own Fox 03:11:48
#1 Question Not Asked To All The Candidates 03:10:18
John McCain racial slurs troubling 03:06:57
Get on the air with LUNTZ 03:02:40
Why does Fox News fear Ron Paul, are they insane? 02:54:56
BLOWBACK for RP 02:47:18
Did FAUX delete RP's butt chewin to the dork on the re-air? 02:46:11
In celebration of Ron Paul kicking ass and taking names tonight! 02:35:05
McCain tried to shrug off RP's clear concise reasoning about the war 02:33:16
ISRAELIS for Ron Paul? 02:32:29
Ron Paul as Gandalf 02:27:03
Leave a Comment as to why you support Dr. Paul 02:26:30
Here is why we will lose!!!! 02:25:25
Joe Pesci for VP, NO JO 02:24:59
Ron Paul Revolution - Ready, Steady, Go! 02:21:47
voter affidavits 02:21:14
ARTICLE: RP in Detroit News Misleading 02:19:20
Debate/NYC/NJ meetup heading to SC! 02:17:55
NEOCON Rapid Fire Lies and Contradictions 02:13:22
Any transcription from the Fox debates tonight? 02:10:45
Ron Paul's Finest Moment 02:08:40
Funniest video you will see all day 02:07:14
"Ron Paul and the New Revolutionaries" 02:06:09
Yes! Yes! Yes! - Ron Paul SC Debate SMACKDOWN! - Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 02:04:58
3 MOST OUTRAGEOUS Arguments of the night... 02:03:59
Boston Globe Initially showed Paul Landslide with 86,000 Votes ...Must SEE 02:03:41
mccain has a blinking problem 02:03:26
Romney cancels tv advertising from South Carolina and Florida 02:01:04
GOP can't win Gen Elect w/o Ron Paul supporters on board 01:54:35
Very Inspiring! 01:52:49
2 songs I'd like to see as YouTube videos for RP 01:52:28
Fox obviously biased. Will it backfire on them? 01:51:53
What did Dr Paul say? 01:51:31
McCain said he never asked for Earmarks - Huffington Post Disagrees 01:51:14
Are We Victims of Pysops? 01:50:16 transparency 01:45:15
Scottsdale AZ Straw Poll 80% for Ron Paul!! Votes were almost stolen!! 01:43:47
Scottsdale AZ Straw Poll 80% for Ron Paul!! Votes were almost stolen!! 01:43:40
Scottsdale AZ Straw Poll 80% for Ron Paul!! Votes were almost stolen!! 01:43:38
Tell Keith Olbermann About Hannity 01:42:53
Some questions that should be asked of the other candidates. 01:40:36
Huckabee Schedule for Michigan Meetups - Spread this around 01:40:20
On the funds matching 01:39:48
If you love JESUS 01:39:37
Madeleine Albright on Ron Paul 01:38:13
CAN someone do a summary of all questions posed to RP only 01:38:08
Open Letter to the Paul Campaign on Recount and Managment 01:37:14
A focus group set up for Thompson? 01:36:06
Debate link? 01:35:43
New Hampshire District Admits Ron Paul Votes Not Counted 01:29:04
Good vote fraud article.....and how Paul got screwed 01:28:20
Amazing Final Statement from Paul to Hannity - The Coupe de Grace 01:24:56
Frank Luntz speaks the truth 01:23:58
Frank Luntz speaks the truth 01:23:06
I found Frank Luntz's Email 01:19:25
What's Kirkchin's email? 01:11:08
Another republican is paying for a recount 01:09:03
McCain Makes Me Sick 01:07:03
David Walker, Michael Scheuer, Ron Paul Round-table 01:05:28
Go Vote on the AOL Straw Poll 01:03:04
Fox, Show Your TEXT! 00:59:52
"Un-electable?" 00:56:48
David Walker, Michael Scheuer, Ron Paul Round-table 00:54:00
Fox News is right out of Idiocracy! 00:53:58
Paul won another vote tonght... 00:47:40
More GOOD news. 00:45:05
Ron Paul is 100% Correct When He Said We Arm Those Who Are Our Friends at the Moment, But End Up Turning on us With Our Own 00:43:39
Fox outlawed in England 00:43:33
***YOUTUBE*** January 10, 2008 FOX Debate Videos 00:43:33
Frank Luntz, The American manipulator, watch this clip on Pen and Teller, they hate Frank also! 00:33:57
TEXT Won't Go Thru 00:32:11
FU FRANK!!!! 00:29:00
Ron Paul Promotes Freeatlast2008 Donation Day 00:26:51
McCain DOUBLE SPEAK--Funny 00:24:24
DIGG: Did you hear McCain??? 00:23:47
Fox Interviews everyone after debate except Ron Paul? 00:21:57
Ron Paul can't here a thing Britt Hume said 00:21:56
Ron Paul can't here a thing Britt Hume said 00:21:52
State of the Union donation day January 28 00:20:41
I have some GREAT news for you all! 00:19:21
Text R4 to 36288 00:16:43
Kucinich asks for a recount in NH 00:15:33
video part 1 of tonights debate up, more on the way 00:15:03