Posted on January 16, 2008

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Hacking Democracy 22:32:17
Granny's Paypal Freeze Over - Recount is On! 17:54:13
This is Money Bomb Week 14:06:39
LA Times: "Ron Beats Rudy and Fred - Again." 14:02:36
Ron Paul: Second Biggest Winner in Michigan 10:40:36
Americans Must Turn to Russian TV for Coverage of Ron Paul 10:33:11
New Hampshire Recount Update - Pay Pal Freeze Out 10:26:13
***Thank-You Michigan Paulunteers!*** 00:23:14
Rudy Giuliani: Fringe Candidate 00:09:38
GHoeberX: Free At Last 17:54:14
Michigan Results 10:33:12
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"The Austin Chronicle" ad campaign.....see these pics! 23:59:54
Hold on to your hats, we have reports of VOTE FRUAD in Michigan!!!!!!!!! 23:57:48
I'm mad as hell & turning off my tv and radio 23:51:30
Video-CIA Whistleblowers+Phony Iraq war Evidence 23:49:15
ALERT! Why we should change and vote for John McCain! (Sarcasm) 23:44:22
North American Union is it Fact or a conspiracy theory? 23:40:35
Two Local SC Polls to Blitz! 23:36:09
So. Carolina voting.... 23:34:07
Was this Charleston City article posted yet? 23:24:24
Revolution Television - Major Breakthrough Today 23:18:20
CFR question 23:15:31
Ron Paul WAS getting a lot of press 23:04:46
Michigan: Precinct Leaders for Ron Paul DOUBLE the Vote (I need your statistics, too.) 23:04:13
So when's the recount and where's the coverage? 22:51:26
Ron Paul May win NV 22:40:20
OOPS! Lamestream Slip. RP gets Yahoo! front page mention 22:39:40
Local TV Coverage of NH Recount 22:36:52
Didn't FOX love Bush a short while ago? 22:25:27
Be Careful about Billionaire - might be a diversion so we don't donate 22:13:46
Should gorongo1580 join RP as VP? 22:12:09
Interview of a guy that is helping the states drag Real ID into the light 22:11:06
For the Sake of Good Kharma: No More Third Party Talk 21:59:00
Ted Nugent endorsement? 21:54:59
How I could have attracted more votes in Michigan - Learn from my mistakes 21:44:05
Chuck Baldwin 21:41:51
Why I'll NEVER leave the liberty movement... 21:41:23
*PERK-UP* MLK = $10+ million 21:35:50
Help! I need Aid in Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 Please Tell me How. 21:34:50
Mark Sanford still not endorsing anyone 21:34:25
An analysis of trolls and Ron Paul: I have identified all of the trolls 21:34:04
RP Nevada discussion on Lou Dobbs CNN coming up next 8:30pm 21:32:15
Lou Dobbs says "Ron Paul Has a Chance" Report Coming up on CNN 21:32:00
How come speed boats from 3rd world nations make the news 21:31:16
Wow lou dobbs mentioning Ron Paul now right now NEV to Ron Paul 21:31:01
Good article on RP in local paper in CT. Circulation about 100,000. 21:26:45
Who's On Board With The Money Bomb ? 21:22:40
Ron Paul, Bibles, and Bayonets 21:16:32
Anyone In SC Got Your Ears On? 21:16:02
Florida Calls 21:14:55
More Messages 21:11:17
South Carolina Elections are UNCONSTITUTIONAL?! 21:08:13
Want to Help Gain Illinois' 21 Electoral Votes? 21:07:26
Does anybody know 21:07:20
Ron Paul, Long Shot? I Don't Think So! 20:57:25
Glenn Beck 20:46:23
Ron's plan.....and the Constitution party 20:37:05
St. Petersburg Times Leaving RP out - Need help 20:36:47
going through similar ride? 20:35:36
Happy recount will go forward? Proud of our magnificent efforts? Missed it all? 20:28:11
Ron Paul = Today's Thomas Paine: Get some COMMON SENSE HERE! 20:27:54
In Response to WSJ Ron Paul Article 20:26:59
Paul mentioned on "Hardball", sorta 20:25:00
Lou Dobbs Tonight (Wed--1/16) 20:24:16
Mancow 20:21:49
RP SOLID 4TH - after 3 states --see the numbers plus more to come 20:21:29
Getting Ron Paul into People's Heads 20:21:03
Reclaim the media - Continue the Fox Boycot 20:18:55
MCCAIN Winning! VOTE NOW! 20:16:11
That winning speach in Jefferson County 20:12:31
*CAMPAIGN IDEA* "Vote for Ron Paul if you don't want to go to Iraq" 20:09:56
Chris Matthews 20:05:58
Ross Perot versus The Ron Paul Revolution! 20:05:54
Lew Rockwell... 20:02:18
CNN prematurely decides the primaries 19:56:25
Ron Paul supported Nevada 19:52:07
It couldn't happen here – could it? 19:48:55
Chuck Baldwin to Speak With S.C. Ministers on Behalf of Ron Paul 19:44:47
Thoughts become things, please stop responding to negative posts 19:41:21
Paul Screwed in Recent National Rasmussen Poll 19:40:33
World Bailing out America - News on NBC 19:37:44
Margaret Singer on Mind Control 19:36:14
Democrats Hosting New Republican Straw Poll - lol 19:33:46
a Powerful mesage needs a powerful speaker 19:33:29
Nevada...the Yorktown of this REVOLUTION! 19:33:24
Tucker 19:31:27
Tucker Now! 19:30:10
Tucker Now! 19:30:09
MSNBC Tucker Carlson is having RP Info next 19:30:04
Eloquent - We Can Learn From This 19:23:30
Delegates: Can someone educate me? 19:22:58
Ron Paul: Robustly Christian, yet religiously tolerant America.... 19:19:28
Stop Slinging insults like TROLL, etc 19:18:36
AP: 'Republicans are bracing for a possible surprise first-place showing by long-shot Texas Rep. Ron Paul' in Nevada 19:15:15
**Intercepted communication from the establishment to RP trolls** 19:15:10
LAWSON FOR CONGRESS! Another Dr. No! 19:14:08
Why I will give on the MLK day! 19:13:18
Granny Warriors Still Need Help ($$$) 19:12:55
You said that you would do it And indeed you did! 19:09:34
When was the first amendment repealed? 19:06:56
Veterans Support 18:58:57
Trying not be be discouraged 18:57:23
Integrity, the one thing Dr. Paul has that the others don't. 18:56:47
Why I am NOT leaving this forum or the campaign 18:55:02
Daytona 500 --- Update 18:52:28
Why I am staying in this forum and this election 18:51:39
Hotties Rock 4 Ron Paul in Hollywood 2nite!!! 18:50:33
The future of the revolution 18:47:28
MLK Day Money bomb.. 18:47:11
“I am a Mexican-American, worked for Ron Paul, I Know that Ron Paul is No Racist!” 18:45:26 blog- new hit piece-pls. comment 18:45:00
What's going on with the Kucinich recount in New Hampshire?? 18:40:52
Voter to Donor ratio thus far - about 10:1 and predictions 18:40:14
***Most Republicans: There’s a Nevada caucus?*** WIN NEVADA!!!**** 18:31:02
don´t forget Dennis Kucinich needs help 18:30:44
To You Paul Supporters Living in Post-February 5th States 18:29:59
Federalis Plan to Police Internet - RED ALERT 18:27:34
Should David Walker be RP's VP? 18:26:20
This NH Recount Might Be the Kick We needed ... Media Blackout Be Gone? 18:24:15
great video report on the dollar and other economic news 18:22:16
Why THEY will do anything to stop Ron Paul 18:21:14
Logic: To fix a problem you must first deal with its root cause. It’s time to march! 18:18:13
Give Florida A Bump 18:17:28
The real racists! 18:14:55
Being Obsessed with the MSM is Counterproductive! 18:09:06
Blimp just mentioned on MSNBC 18:00:20
Fred Thompson & Duncan Hunter 17:56:18
Nevada & South Carolina 17:55:04
Giuliani Beaten by Ron Paul - Front Page Huffington Post 17:54:08
Current Favorite Ron Paul Song 17:52:09
Stop calling people trolls NOW!! 17:51:29
Martin Luther King Day Money Bomb 17:51:17
Ron Paul will WIN Nevada?? 17:50:12
History is bound to repeat itself 17:45:51
Paypal/Ebay 17:43:52
Ron Paul Nascar! 17:42:52
***WIN IN NEVADA*** 17:40:48
WSJonline- 17:40:32
Joe Rogan on Ron Paul! 17:36:20
Stepping out on a limb. 17:30:06
A New Conversion to Lighten our Day 17:27:17
Article about Vote Counting 17:27:06
Download new sign design for MLK day march 17:20:07
Some Math for Precinct Leaders - Why we can win 17:08:40
Nevada vs. South Carolina importance 17:06:31
Do you live in NJ? Lucky for you. 16:59:24
THANKS to all who are helping to CLEAN up this website of *plants* 16:54:11
Is the Meetup mail system down? 16:51:46
Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Visits Las Vegas 16:51:25
Why I am leaving this forum and this election! 16:50:58
Need Help in Florida Phone Banking 16:48:41
I signed up to be a precinct leader. Have you? 16:48:15
anyone have any sources on when ron paul first addressed these racist claims? 16:46:38
23 large 4 x 6 Ron Paul signs.... 16:46:09
Anyone know the vote count from last night? 16:39:27
Take what they give you 16:38:49
It is not the critic who counts... 16:36:37
Isolationism 16:32:33
Revolution Congressmen 16:25:51
Just Returned from South Carolina from a weekend of Canvasing. 16:21:58
Illinois Patriots Ron Paul Media Drive Update 16:15:07
Massive Attack on Ron Paul Underway via Instapundit and Reason Magazine 16:12:05
Media Blackout Forum 16:11:18
When the going gets tough...... 16:09:35
Priceless 16:06:37
Time magazine for Kids, This months issue. 16:05:13
Use the word 'occupation' instead of 'war' ! 16:03:53
Any RP HAM RADIO operators out there? 16:03:29
DIGG--Michigan Voters Undermine Their Beliefs with their OWN VOTE--DIGG 15:59:33
Vote for Debate Question 15:52:25
Scientists Develop Semi-accurate Dog Translator... 15:51:44
Powerful Interview with Barry Goldwater Jr. - KHOW, Denver 15:51:22
Author/Reseacher David Icke endorses Ron Paul 15:46:23
You have got to see this one! 15:43:34
Ron Paul Front Page Huffington Post 15:41:28
All NEW content and videos...Please Look... 15:36:56
The Recount is On - With Grannywarrior update 15:35:28
Fantastic Song! 15:03:12
PayPal - "You have successfully closed your account." 14:57:48
Comptroller General David Walker on Glenn Beck (Video) 14:55:19
Contact PAYPAL and demand your funds released... I did... 14:50:58
T-Shirt with Sound Bites 14:48:04
Quick Question 14:44:52
We need to bury Lou Dobbs in email! 14:43:23
8870!! 14:41:25
Good Job HQ! - Thanks! 14:39:45
Media Revolution 14:35:09
The Real Story 14:30:53
New Ron Paul Polling Matrix Site ! 14:24:47
Senator Tom Coburn Endorsing McCain Today - Traitor 14:23:31
2008 PRESIDENTIAL campaign most expensive ever! 14:17:00
2008 PRESIDENTIAL campaign most expensive ever! 14:16:44
4th Qtr Contributions 14:10:14
Who will drop out next in the GOP 14:09:41
Ron Paul is a Republican- not a Libertarian 14:06:51
news outlet 14:04:16
Who Elects Presidents The National Media Or The American People? 14:02:08
Granny Warriors Need OUR HELP NOW!!! Re Count ON! 14:01:55
RP SOLID 4TH - Come see - After 3 states---don't miss this! 13:58:10
fundrasing Hukabee vs Ron Paul 13:56:26
Who is the next candidate to be banished from this online poll 13:48:33
Tommy Thompson's brother endorses Ron Paul 13:46:18
CIA steals our money from Granny Warriors 13:42:02
An idea that may get the votes we need to win 13:36:54
NEW UNIQUE RP FLYER--reach undecided, apathetic, others... 13:34:55
RFID Chips in UK Prisoners, We're next! 13:33:49
Ron Paul wins a straw poll IN UTAH! 13:33:20
please DIGG 13:32:26
benton says 9 million in bank left 13:29:02
Ron Paul Sticker Update 13:22:19
What will World War IV cost? 13:16:40
Have We Been a Bunch of Rubes or What? 13:07:25
Questions for Diebold Guy...ASAP 13:01:20
Super Bowl Ad? 12:59:55
Have You Seen the New Talking Head at He Talks Directly to You. 12:51:54
Granny Warriors Please Keep Funds For Lawsuit 12:43:27
How Much Money 12:43:27
Everbody using the "R" word now 12:41:59
Paul Leading AOL Poll... 12:35:30
Grass roots in action in Virginia 12:26:57
How much for a michigan recount? 12:25:56
Where is ???? 12:23:43
---New York Post: Paul vs Rudy---- 12:23:28
Dems and Republicans - No choice! 12:19:37
Excellent article on "Op-Ed News" 12:19:12
Onward to NEVADA!!! 12:06:43
*L.A.TIMES:Ron Paul beats Rudy and Fred - AGAIN!* read it here 12:02:07
Huck imitates again. 12:01:34
The Old Media is choosing our next President. 11:52:57
Donating to Paul outside america 11:41:12
My family will get a message to hundreds in Florida Jan 19-23 11:39:23
Paypal catastrophe explained ? 11:38:34
MSNBC/ Showing 0 Delegates for Ron Paul - What Can We Do? 11:37:46
Paypal and hold on money 11:34:52
New Hampshire Primary Recount 11:34:20
Trying to Argue the Case... 11:33:05
1 million people at Mardi Gras, Air Corps them! $1900 still needed @ 11:29:52
Ask servicepeople if they would serve under Hillary 11:23:04
Report: Infation Soars... No Mention Of Fed PrintFest ! 11:15:42
Embrace Paul and Canvass 11:13:31
The U.S. economy is like a punch drunk fighter 11:04:40
Spoke with the Grannywarriors a moment ago (1/16 - 9:30 AM EST) 10:58:50
Total Proof! CFR Wants a One World Government 10:47:58
Local News cites Mitt, John, Mike, and RUDY; *NOT* RP!!! 10:46:19
Must Watch Videos on the demise of the American Dollar 10:45:22
Coalition to Draft Ron Paul 10:45:00
Huge MLK Haul Will Put MSM In Quandary: This is the Tipping Point 10:40:23
No Recount in New Hampshire! 10:37:17
The World for Ron Paul 10:36:31
Russia Today likes Ron Paul 10:26:37
should we all stop using paypal? 10:22:30
Who's behind the candidates - 2008 Presidential Charade 10:15:10
Be nice to Julie Annie: He beat Mr. Uncommitted by 1% 10:04:41
We need to advertise FreeAtLast2008 more 09:55:19
Keep It Simple Silly 09:54:30
Ron Paul Write-In = Democrat victory 09:52:03
Going Third Party - The time is near 09:43:18
***Hillary Clinton Wants World Government? - Video 09:40:42
LA Times Hasn't Counted Ron Paul Out. (Great Analysis) 09:37:20
Still a Marathon 09:29:55
I got published in local city paper...doing what I can 09:25:45
Upcoming Debates: In or Out? 09:13:17
HELP NYC get the word out on the radio 09:11:21
Bomb Main Steam Media with Emails 08:57:23
Media totally ignoring Ron Paul 08:51:03
83,000 Votes and Counting 08:41:53
Thoughts 08:34:36
New all-in-one RP website 08:16:19
nevada 19th? 08:14:06
Next 2 Republican Debates before Super Tuesday! 08:11:23
Patriots vs. Politicians 07:42:59
For maxed out campaign contributors! 06:59:31
Hurry! Only 2,257 Delegates left to go! 06:58:24
some perspective on MI :-) 06:55:27
Ron Paul Needs a Breakthrough! 06:45:41
More great coverage 06:01:10
The directions are pretty clear. 05:57:07
Four ADDITIONAL offices opened in Illinois 05:51:06
Excellent RP write-up in LA Times. We are getting there folks! Keep it up! 05:40:45
Joe Rogan endorses Ron Paul... sort of. 05:32:02
Reach 1 Million Viewers that aren't on the Internet for $2,800 05:28:08
Paul in 4th Place Nationally (so far) 05:17:32
Republican candidates misguided, but NOT Ron Paul ! 05:09:27
>>Ron Pauls SECRET PLAN to WIN!! So Simple!! You will be HAPPY!! 05:07:59
Becoming a registered Lobbyest 04:56:17
New York Times - Paul beats Giuliani again. 04:37:40
Josh's t-shirt (now with free bumper stickers and Liberty Cards) 04:33:33
Islamofascism - The new horsesh@t word 04:24:05
Only heard one remark about Paul beating Thompson & Rudy on MSM 04:16:38
McCain cheats on his wife when she becomes paralized 04:10:31
Funnest Ron Paul Event 04:09:54
Great Ron Paul Article! From Kucinich Supporter! 04:06:10
Does this sound like a joke? 03:54:10
Look at the bright side!!! 03:53:54
Voters to Donors 03:48:29
84,554 Ron Paul Revolutionaries have cast their vote 03:41:39
What will the rest of the primary be like if the ballots don't match the machine totals? 03:38:55
How come nothing is happening in Maine? Deadline to Register Republican Jan 17th! And it's an early Primery! 03:30:25
Remember this Thomas Paine quote. 03:29:28
Why don't most Americans care about our country? 03:24:09
Now this would be funny, if it wasn't so true... 03:16:47
If we dont beat our two previous money bombs will the Media say 02:59:33
Canvassing Strategy: Assume People are Interested / In-depth Handouts 02:58:14
Funny Edit of Ron Paul at Debates All Fun HERE VIDEO! 02:52:17
Michael Chertoff has duel citizenship 02:48:36
Winning 4 States = 80,000+ Patriotic Americans w/Teeth!!! 02:47:11
Chuck Norris asked [told?!] to support Paul on Medved 02:35:29
Please lets make sure our votes count 02:29:13
Canadian RP article 02:28:15
Does anyone have the videos for tonight's Michigan GOP debate? 02:25:45
Help Buy TV Ads... 02:22:44
Nevada election is a caucus right? 02:14:11
Ron Paul rolls in Michigan 02:05:28
It is wide open 01:58:55
I will donating Money to celebrate Robert E. Lee's birthday Jan 19, 2007 01:57:28
What's REALLY kooky... 01:56:10
Nevada...the Yorktown of this REVOLUTION! 01:50:21
Chatting on daily Paul is impossible with Trolls 01:48:43
Big MLK DAY PUTS THE SMEAR BACK Where it belongs 01:43:21
South Carolina: Mark Sanford. 01:40:26
If you start to argue economics... 01:38:48
How much for a Michigan recount? 01:38:40
Another steady finish, clearly a lot of Americans like the Ron Paul message 01:37:33
They are talking about letting the Federal government take over highways 01:36:40
OMG: Bill Clinton: We are in a Perfect Global Union 01:36:11
The Paul Campaign Needs To Address the Media Blackout 01:32:53
WE MADE THE CNN PIE!!! 01:32:18
Ron Paul speech from NV 01:28:15
NH Republican vote recount cancelled! 01:26:55
Let's take a second to say thank you and good job to Dr. Paul 01:19:46
huck ripping off Ron Paul? 01:18:03
Richard A. Viguerie launches Ron Paul website 01:03:27
MLK Fundraiser IS The TIPPING Point! 01:02:15
Savage Nation 00:59:27
I think V was talking about the R3volution! 00:57:45
All in? Or the slow approach? 00:57:42
A Soldier Video: Absentee ballot 00:56:47
A Soldier Video: Absentee ballot 00:54:56
OMG HUGE publicity stunt for RP IDEA 00:54:01
A Soldier Video: Absentee ballot 00:53:29
Super Bowl Ad - GHoeberX 00:53:17
Ron Paul WILY AS A FOX.... 00:51:49
OMG! McCain calls Michigans Mexicans!!! 00:51:28
McCain Camp Challenges Mailer's Claims 00:47:07
We need a website for Ron Paul supporters running for Political Offices 00:44:30
Any Scoop on Dem debate tonight? 00:41:26
What kind of voting system is used in MI? 00:40:14
So, here's the situation (I would say its good :) 00:38:52
NEWSWEEK ignores Ron Paul Completely in Jan 11 story on Campaign Fundraising... 00:36:07
Great Success in Eastern Michigan! 00:32:42
federal reserve argument 00:28:41
Poor Immigration Policy 00:23:03
Did Anyone Hear Huck Say That if You Are Not Going To Vote For me Then Stay Home And if You Know Anyone Who is Not Going Vote 00:17:50
****Senate Money Bomb**** 00:16:07
FOR HQ: Stress u r Christian with a Prolife workable plan 00:13:15
The giggling monkey Guiliani bites the dust. 00:08:44
How can Paul receive more money and finish so far behind? 00:05:12