Posted on January 17, 2008

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Ron Pauls HQ reveals strategy...Awesome Radio Interview 22:36:28
GRASSROOTS – How would you like a RP Nightly Newscast? 20:34:15
Marc Scibilia - Hope Anthem - Ron Paul Song 13:37:57
Campaign Concerned About Incorrect Caucus Location Information Provided by the Nevada GOP 13:37:58
New York Times: Can You Count on Voting Machines? 13:29:30
AUDITING YOUR ELECTION 101 By Andy Stephenson 02:17:42
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Are online polls good for the campaign? 23:57:25
RP Video the MSM doesn't want to get out! No racism here! 23:57:05
How about a video or website collecting all the Media bias, insults, and libel against Ron Paul? 23:50:14
*Oh NO!* Online, Obama Starts to Beat Ron Paul - Wash. Post 23:50:03
NYTIMES omits Ron Paul from the election - CALL, WRITE, EMAIL - THIS MUST BE CORRECTED! 23:47:40
John Gibson will realize Ron Paul is right! 23:46:46
Quiz: How many new RP Meetup members the last 7 days? 23:46:17
Ballot tampering??? 23:44:48
The Public School Nightmare, by John Gatto(2 Time NY Teacher of the Year) 23:39:11
JAN 21th - need more pimping - contact myspace friends 23:31:44
Is this a scam? 23:28:10
A glimmer of light from the National Campaign Staff???............. 23:25:02
Campaign Need 23:24:27
Donations needed 23:22:57
NH Recount UPDATE! Huge Problems FOUND! WMUR and SOS Lies! 23:07:20
ROn Paul BOXING: Whatever happened to it? 23:06:31
How about YOUTUBE BOMB? 23:02:49
Great article about old right vs. neo-con 22:59:52
Website says "TROOPS WILL NOT BE REMOVED FROM IRAQ nomatter who gets elected! Let them know the truth!!! 22:54:40
Bernanke getting crushed on CSPAN NOW - he looks like a fool! 22:52:47
Invitation only rallies for Ron Paul? 22:48:15
Think you had a good day helping RP get elected? Beat this .... 22:47:35
Google Question 22:45:18
Vote now for biggest racists 2008 campaign... 22:44:51
Pratce being a border patrol officer for you border guys 22:29:56
Is it time to do with CNN and other stations the same we did with FOX? 22:28:26
USC COLLEGE NEWSPAPER endorses Ron Paul 1-17-2008 22:25:13
Help Digg Romney Down 22:21:23
Can we find out a little more about Dr. Paul's military service? 22:15:22
Ron Paul enlists Walter Block as his "scholar-adviser" 22:11:20
I'm a bit concerned... 22:04:11
Defense of Free speech: Ezra Levant takes on the thought police 21:57:12
Get your Slim Jims, Rubber bands, and a Stapler, 21:55:38
What's up with the ticker its frozen. 21:51:35
Where is Ron Paul going to speak in Charleston SC friday? 21:51:19
Voting Rights Bill in the House 21:51:16
Grassroots people!!!!!! 21:51:16
OMG--What we're up against! 21:49:22
Anyone going to Veterans Rally in Charleston, SC? 21:48:14
|Warning !!!!!!! Canada puts US on there list of countries that practice 21:40:22
Any information from Nevada? 21:40:19
*URGENT* In Illinois 21:36:46
if we stop now they win!!! 21:34:25
From the folks who brought you Iraq, 21:33:39
*URGENT* In Illinois 21:32:35
Sundance and Intl. Film festivel with a interview from Ron Paul too. 21:28:35
FOX plans to insert politics into superbowl-- Includes Giuliani, Thompson... Excludes Paul! 21:26:53
ROMNEY Loses COOL with Reporter!! Must See Video NOW! 21:22:01
Last 10 Flasing signs available 21:21:34
Old Media - At Times I Long for Tar and Feathers 21:20:46
Benjamins For Paul 21:16:04
Amazing Audio Clip: Ron Paul Taking No Guff From Laura Ingraham! 21:11:45
Liberty Website 21:10:12
Economics Forum, come one come all 21:09:31
NH recount. More UNSEALED boxes arriving for recount. 21:08:38
The Bestest State in the Union 21:06:21
PRO-LIBERTY/PAUL SITE NEEDS bloggers/writers *please help* 21:06:06
I was just on the air with Herman Cain and sounded like a retard. 21:04:55
Navada GOP determined to stop Ron Paul!!! 20:56:19
***An Epic Battle*** 20:55:47
Tucker on hardballl 20:51:28
Ron Paul TV Ad: Troops Support Ron Paul MUST SEE! Too much OBAMA on youtube front page! 20:48:56
Why Is The Signbomb On February 4th, the day Before Super Tuesday? 20:48:51
Wow Tucker just said he is for Paul! 20:47:13
NH recount results posted here: 20:45:44
9:00pm EST Ron Paul Blimpette answers your questions live 1/17!! 20:38:49
Have you ordered materials from HQ? 20:24:52
New Video: Ron Paul - Something in the Air 20:24:15
FEC Campaign Finance 20:21:49
WOOHOO! Go see Buchanan site ~ wall to wall Ron Paul!!! 20:17:33
so who wants the pleasure of writing a short phone stump 20:15:18
Let's learn something from Barbados! We have Power! 20:14:48
Ron Paul Leading in Nevada According to Yahoo... 20:14:42
Lets rip these media guys a new one 20:14:07
Mike Huckabee, THE Spoiler 20:08:57
Something to do about non-coverage of Ron Paul 20:04:42
Article: Confessions of a Republican Operative 20:03:32
How can we increase the number of precinct leaders asap? 19:59:32
OMG Jack Cafferty did everything but say Go Ron Go 19:55:59
Will Thompson Retire From the Race if He Does Not Finish First or Second? 19:54:06
Why is there a naked African American man on my computer screen? 19:53:29
Does the census bureau have the right to search your home? 19:44:39
New Supporters (Last 90 days) How did you learn about Ron Paul? 19:40:55
"Republicans are bracing for a possible surprise first-place" 19:35:28
**CHALLENGE** Online, Obama Starts to Beat Ron Paul 19:29:53
Joe Rogan supports Ron Paul - Fear Factor host 19:28:42
Little gold nugget I found 19:23:44
I just sent a response to Jack Cafferty Files...let's see if he reads it 19:22:07
BREAKING:Huckabee's SON ARRESTED with GUN @ Airport! from April 26th! 19:21:00
Nevada Caucus Information? 19:13:30
Foreigners and the Blimp 19:04:49
Getting votes on the economy 19:04:42
Bin Laden son wants to be Peace Activist 19:00:03
Message to Christians 18:59:50
NH Recount Results 18:59:28
Rudy: "I ran as a Republican, but I'm really not" 18:55:44
Ron Paul's Remarks on HR 1955 18:48:36
Blimp on Hardboiled 18:38:52
Fool us once, shame on them. Fool us twice ... shame on us! 18:37:46
When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Get Going 18:33:10
Breaking: ECONOMIC plan by BUSH!! $800 rebate WOW! Huge! 18:26:23
Answer Cafferty File now!!5:12 PM EST 18:13:56
Hannity & Colmes interview happy RP supporter while Murdoch watches 18:12:57
DOW drops 700 points since Friday!! President seems oblivious... 18:06:44
This is very important. Our own radio network. 18:02:11
Yet another reason to vote for Ron 18:02:06
Welfare & Food Stamps..please`educate me on ron pauls stance 17:59:33
Inflation and the Tax Man - By RICHARD W. RAHN 17:51:46
Attention UTAH voters 17:47:59
Ever Heard the Story of the LIBERTY TREE? 17:38:52
So basically, Ron Paul is the best Politican ever! 17:24:03
***RON PAUL UNCENSORED*** How the Ron Paul Blimp exposes a primary state to Ron Paul 17:23:27
?Why is my post only found under Track??????????? 17:23:04
Campaign Needs a new Slogan? 17:21:53
Radio Interview with Albert Howard he needs help 17:11:01
--New funny Ron Paul Ad--- 17:10:37
I'm Wide Awake 17:10:19
Why I am sick of my government 17:10:08
May I make a few nitpicky spelling corrections please? 17:09:01
Systemic Global Financial disaster on the horizon 17:08:48
Time to roll out an economic plan/outline?? 17:06:57
Rudy w/ Ron Paul Picture 17:02:14
Ron Paul Hope for America? 16:59:55
Ron Paul right again: Fed governor acknowledges whiff on subprime crisis 16:58:49
Another Nevada Question 16:58:12
There is only one way Ron Paul can Win! (prove me wrong!) 16:56:22
Digg.Com proven to be biased against Ron Paul! 16:52:54
Huckster Cannot Win 16:47:21
Ron Paul in Las Vegas PART 1 16:29:19
New Tally on New Hampshire Recount 16:27:11
Paul on the Prowl in SC: Phone Bank Calls Critical of Rudy 16:07:36
California Supporters Check This Out 16:00:36
NH ... Why Are So Many GOP Ballots Turning Up In Dem Recount? 15:55:31
Ross Perot on McCain 15:54:56
Ron Paul has been Erased. (UPDATED) 15:54:32
EASY! This only takes a min: Oppose Government Surveillance of All Internet Activity 15:46:27
U.S. BORDER CONTROL - Turn in employers who hire illegal aliens 15:45:28
Iran issue in FOX South Carolina debate 15:44:34
---Lou Dobbs 4 President---- 15:43:52
Hope Anthem - Video Bomb, Rate All Now! 15:43:46
Hope Anthem - Video Bomb, Rate All Now! 15:41:52
Maxed Out? Buy ad space in newspapers or radio spots 15:38:54
Has John McCain even Read the Job Description? 15:36:16
Sean Penn (Actor) -- Says It Straight 15:36:08
Great Ad--Already produced 15:35:36
***GOP Figure Contracted to Deliver E-Voting Machines in Maryland*** 15:31:37
Take this online quiz 15:29:30
NH recount. RELAX They haven't even counted one full county yet 15:28:31
What is the easiest way to get phone bank lists??? 15:25:19
South Carolina primary in violation of it's Constitution! 15:19:21
Phone Bank volunteers needed 15:12:15
Volcker: Fed Caused Bubbles 15:10:43
JFK vs The Federal Reserve 15:08:25
NEW Blimp Video! 15:08:18
UPDATE- VID- ABC, opera singer rides blimp-RP to be with blimp Sat and More 15:07:52
Have You Signed Up? MLK Money Bomb 15:07:11
10 Most Corrupt Politicians of 2007 15:00:51
It's the ECONOMY, stupid 14:57:26
News 14 Carolina Coverage of RP campaign rally in S.C. 14:50:42
Update from Milford, CT 14:49:53
Let the War Begin! 14:44:27
What's the possibility of setting up a 527 for Dr. Paul... 14:44:26
*WHY* Press Coverage is Negative / Non-Existent. Please Read! 14:43:53
More Classic "James Cramer Moments.' 14:43:50
Earth to the Paul Campaign-TAKE OFF THE GLOVES!! 14:30:40
Do something worthwhile - FLOOD COUNTRY WITH RON PAUL SLIM JIMS! 14:28:57
Who attended the post MI primary party??? 14:28:22
A Look At NH Recount From A 'Sister' Website 14:18:59
Retirement Living TV 14:12:17
Alex Jones listeners! please read 14:10:55
Why Isn't Dr Paul Directing His Own Campaign??????????????????? 14:10:01
Texas Ron Paul Fundraiser 14:00:26
On the Frontlines: Ron Paul Volunteers in Charleston, SC 13:52:35
Coordinated Media Blitz 13:50:23
If you want to sway anyone who's pro-war 13:48:38
The Paulitical Press- New Political Cartoon Site! 13:41:22
Dealing with troll/mis-info topics is easy... 13:36:15
Canada puts U.S., Israel on torture watchlist 13:36:06
Numbers USA 13:29:34
Will Anyone Pay for the Iraq War? 13:27:17
Let's Do It! A New Strategy. Help. 13:10:55
***Become a Precinct Leader*** 13:07:55
Digg Caught Red-Handed Censoring Ron Paul Stories 13:05:36
Free market and KILL THE BLIMP 13:03:35
Paster Baldwin Sparanburg SC 5 pm 13:03:29
Charley Reese Sounds A Lot Like Ron Paul 13:02:52
Faux News Sponsors to Boycott 13:00:04
So let us all be forewarned. If Ron Paul's candidacy should rise to serious contention, that New Republic hit piece will be mild 12:43:55
Digg Caught Red-Handed Censoring Ron Paul Stories 12:41:04
South Carolina Vote is Already Stolen 12:35:57
NATO 12:35:39
Laura Ingraham trashing Ron Paul****LET HER KNOW! 12:33:25
Rick Beltram Rides the Blimp! 12:31:47
Ron Paul Road Show... We Have A Plan... 12:31:17
Digg Caught Red-Handed Censoring Ron Paul Stories 12:27:45
Ouch! Perot blisters McCain in Newsweek article 12:25:58
*** Attention Meetups in Nevada *** RP needs some help with this 12:24:58
***URGENT*** help Ron Paul Patriots get HOME! NOW! 12:17:38
Subvert the Dominate Paradigm 12:17:07
Tell 10 Friends 12:06:37
latest shinannigans ? is this true ? wrong locations sent out to nevada.. 12:01:24
I canvassed trashcans last night, what'd you do? 12:00:32
Any one know if this is true? West Va. gave RP 17 out of 32 delegates 12:00:32
Looks like the Federal Reserve... 11:49:01
Check out my Ron Paul Vlog 11:46:55
Did you know: Nevada has more delegates than South Carolina? 11:44:01
I really like John Derbyshire 11:29:05
Michael Savage's challenge to candidates. 11:16:37
McCain/Lieberman 2009 11:15:10
Winning one state 11:14:27
Bernanke to Testify Before Congress today: 10 am.--SEE RP's remarks last year to Bernanke, predictive 11:13:35
Ron Paul right again: Volcker: Fed creates bubbles 11:08:21
New 3-Day Money Bomb Idea. Jan 21, 22, 23. $18 Million 11:06:14
Penn Gillette endorses Ron Paul on the Howard Stern show! 10:58:24
And once AGAIN! Nice things about Ron Paul on the Stern Show. 10:52:48
I never saw this before Really good 30 second ad 10:46:14
***Become a Precinct Leader*** 10:42:00
Defence of Dr.Paul on 10:40:35
Huckleberry's at it again! 10:38:39
Blimp needs $70,000 by tomorrow 10:37:50
Sounds a whole lot like Ron Paul 10:37:34
What to expect from a NH Recount and Why 10:22:26
Fed Chairman speaking to congress today.. 10:22:12
8 page full color tabloid sized RP Revolution handout. VERY Reasonable for printed copies or free download online 10:12:33
Ron Paul defends himself against the new republic 10:04:41
Question... 09:54:11
Caucus Confusion in Nevada! Updates Posted! 09:54:10
CNN Blowback!! 09:53:45
Nevada residents, we need your HELP! 09:51:59
Our troops and police support the Paul Revolution, Don't forget!!! 09:41:06
Monkeywrenching The System Ron Paul's Revolution 09:34:40
Jesse Benton's second choice is Fred Thompson? 09:21:21
Jerkoff Just called Ron paul a terrorists on morning JOE 09:10:44
Daily Joe just mentioned Ron Paul supporters stirring things up 09:08:14
To Those Doubting Reason For NH Recount Watch Local FAUX Spin 09:06:04
Where's the news on NH recount results!!!? 09:05:06
A Call to Action 08:42:06
Recession and the MSM 08:32:11
RP's speaking agenda today Jan. 17th 08:29:02
MSNBC continues to misreport delegate totals 08:24:33
Aaron Russo - Freedom Fighter - Hero 08:19:25
8 STATE AD BLITZ UNDERWAY--LA TIMES--Who you gonna blame? 08:14:57
New World Net Article Slamming Pornography: "Not Free Speech" 07:56:31
Poll on Ann Coulter endorsing Romney 07:03:57
Congressman WEXLER (D/FL) Wants Hearings 06:59:45
Nice article by Shimshon Weisman 06:42:56
Off topic - Water powered cars - VIDEO 06:42:39
Ross Perot SLAMS McCain 06:07:10
How to UNDERMINE the "Christianity" of Huck, Fred, McCain .. 05:58:26
This is an army...don't forget! 05:35:18
More steps taking us closer to one world government, thanks to Bush 05:17:25
O' media, how I despise thee 05:06:24
The Truth Behind The Machines 04:46:49
Chinese Navy Confronted USS Kitty Hawk 04:39:34
A different take on "billionaire letter" 03:52:32
Question 4 All Candidates 03:52:32
Editorial says Paul's 'radicalism' isn't the answer 03:42:48
Forget Voter Fraud: Half our vote was lost to Wasted Vote Syndrome! 03:02:58
Wesley Snipes = My New Hero 03:00:49
Both McCain and Romney swift boated in SC. 02:42:48
Vote Audit 02:30:01
President Paul interview in NV 02:20:06
MLK pledge not working for me--HELP?! 02:17:48
Republicans ponder deadlocked convention 02:08:16
Why does everyone seem to be downplaying the MLK moneybomb? 01:48:52
Who's canvassing this week and where? 01:38:21
Michigan Vote Totals... Fail!!! to Represent Convictions of Voters!!! DIGG THIS STORY!!!! 01:37:16
N.H. Secretary of State recount tally 01:35:59
McCainiac Song. Presidential Campaign song of McLaim 01:31:12
Ron Paul Blimp in SC on WYFF 01:28:29
It's a bird, it's a plane . . Ron Paul blimp flies over Upstate Spartanburg, SC Includes VIDEO! 01:28:24
Great Article from Las Vegas 01:27:08
WOW Chuck Baldwin: Why Does The Establishment Hate Ron Paul? 01:12:42
Be My First Precinct Captain Recruited! 01:11:19
Vote verification idea 00:56:40
What's up with Freeatlast2008 site 00:56:16
Democrats won't end the war immediately... perhaps not for years 00:56:11
What the media hopes to accomplish 00:40:00
Daily Show quickly exposes The New Republic as pro-Mussolini 00:32:45
This weeks's AOL straw poll - Paul leading 45 of 50 states 00:32:05
Now is a Time for Action 00:27:10
Ron Paul Campaign Statement on Beating Giuliani and Thompson… Again 00:25:18
Where is Ron Paul Expected To Finish in SC? 00:23:40
They will STOP AT NOTHING! Confirmed: PayPal sabotages New Hampshire vote recount 00:23:15
Break the machines...Then complain...Loudly 00:22:26
Dr. Ron Paul will be the only Presidential Candidate to speak 00:20:16
I had a good conversion day today 00:13:12
Mysterious post 00:12:45
Dennis Kucinich, The Courts, and GE 00:11:20 Fined by France for Free Delivery of Books 00:07:00
Weird Bob Jones University-Ron Paul Story 00:05:41
Gulf of Tonkin 00:04:40
Take a risk for MLK moneybomb. 00:00:02