Posted on January 19, 2008

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The puzzle which MUST to be solved: WHO is directing the anti Ron Paul Operation 01:56:22
Delegate Count: MSM Gets it Wrong Again 21:10:02
NV, SC Primary Results - Main Thread 14:25:32
RON PAUL is the bravest man I have ever seen. 11:08:24
Ron Paul meets his Limo 01:56:21
New MLK / Ron Paul Video 00:40:47
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i really need some help 23:52:43
The issue is shifting to the economy. The game has changed 23:47:13
Time to hit the BLOGS! 23:38:01
You are doing the Boycott all wrong! Listen, if you want it to work you must do this!!! 23:37:40
A Ron Paul surge in Nevada 23:18:54
Way behind Mccain in money raised? 23:14:58
The Charlotte Conservative: MSNBC disgraceful towards Paul 23:09:33
Ron Paul on the Economy 23:05:14
1 vote does count 23:04:07
Should Ron Paul Seek Secret Service Protection? 22:51:06
Support Florida Advertisments! 22:37:31
asking people to take the leap 22:34:29
Unemployment in California spikes to 6.1% 22:26:34
A great Ron Paul video addressing our economy 22:26:14
Watch them cheer in the MCCain's camp. 22:25:23
My accidental run-in with Huckabee supporters 22:23:14
* * * Positive & neg. ABC NEWS article on Ron Paul Nevada - got 51% of independents* * * calls RP the 'insurgent candidate' 22:20:42
Exit poll says Ron Paul should be at 6% in SC. 22:10:15
Why is this site so SLOW? 21:58:24
DEFINITIVE REBUTTAL to Ron Paul Smear 21:56:25
We need Fred's supporters, so start talking about how Fred was the closest to us in the race. 21:55:18
Gotta Love SC for Supporting the War Effort 21:53:10
This Is Weird And Different...But I Like It! 21:43:30
Now, there's a SURGE I can get behind!! 21:40:21
Who's the "fringe candidate" now Rudy? 21:38:29
HONEST ELECTIONS…..they lose 21:36:22
I love Navada 21:22:58
Fox News completely leaves out Ron Paul from NV results 21:14:58
Nevada loves Ron 21:12:11
Elections with 0% Transparency and 0% Paper are 100% UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! 21:10:01 - Updated to include Nevada results and NH Recount, SC soon! 21:06:15
sounds like FRED... 21:01:13
LA Times: A Ron Paul Surge in NV 20:56:53
World War II 20:51:34
MSNBC asking will Ron Pauls 2nd place finish start a prarrie fire ? 20:49:48
Nye 34% Story 29% NV not reported till after SC polls close 20:46:34
*Need Help* Recruiting question! Ron Pauls health care plan 20:45:28
TOTAL membership in Nevada LDS?? 20:42:22
With 98% in,Paul's Best Counties NOT Reported Yet ! 20:42:10
Ron Paul at 14% beating McCain by 1% - 7:30PM EST 20:31:46
MLK Money bomb reported on in MSM 20:23:54
Paul needs to go to Florida RIGHT NOW and not leave until the primary is over 20:22:41
Who is the Concealed Candidate? 20:19:49
Breaking News: A Ron Paul surge in Nevada 20:19:05
2nd Place in SC 20:18:08
No Ron Paul coverage by the BBC 20:13:28
Horry county SC 20:11:48
Being a "constitutionalist" justifies a SWAT team! Just b/c you don't want to pay for ER? 20:11:07
Important--MSM Reporting Nevada Delegates Incorrectly 20:09:44
heres how the MSM will spin Nevada 20:05:45
22,000 votes for Romney? 20:05:44
RON PAUL being discussed by MSNBC Chris Matthews 19:59:48
Ron Paul Media Blitz! Help! Help! Please Help! 19:53:34
Ron Paul Media Blitz! Help! Help! Please Help! 19:53:03
Duncan Hunter just dropped out of the race. 19:51:01
What happened in Clark County, NV 19:35:21
Less than 6,000 votes in NEVADA?!? 19:33:05
NYE County? 19:26:52
getting the OLD vote 19:21:17
We Need to Hunt DownThese Election Fixers! 19:16:52
Can anyone believe... 19:14:54
CNN entrance polls 19:14:28
Great Unifying idea ****Boycott if you like. Do not boycott if you do not like** 19:10:02
The r3VOLution is here! 19:09:20
Ron Paul Gets 2nd in Nevada! 18:59:46
GOP Caucus Complaints Emerge 18:53:39
Ron Paul 2nd (43 Votes) w/ 95.6% reporting 18:49:12
South Carolina Patriots Read This! 18:29:56
South Carolina Used Paperless voting today, Horry County broke down! 18:29:15
Please Read and Post here... 18:21:09
My observations at my caucus location 18:14:13
Are we expecting a RP speech from NV ? 18:11:21
Washoe Mystery 18:09:17
CNN: Voting machines malfunction in South Carolina 18:06:13
I can't find the quarterly ronpaulgraphs 18:03:12
Ron Pual ....SILENCED? URGENT! URGENT! 17:59:41
Nevada: Romney #1 46%, Paul #2 18%, McCain #3 11.6% Final Projections 17:57:21
Democrats count faster or what? 17:37:08
mccain trying to alter results 17:36:31
Paul on CNN homepage? E-mazing! 17:36:11
Results for Armogosa Valley NV 17:35:12
First had news from my Las Vegas Caucus site 17:26:13
2nd in NV for President Paul as of now - 4:16 EST 17:17:25
Anyone else notice... 17:09:11
What is going on with Esmeralda County, NV? 17:05:42
Russia adopts US policy of pre-emption, will use nukes 16:58:53
Listen to Ron does our effort NO GOOD to boycott FOX, etc. 16:56:55
caucus more fair open than primary 16:53:45
New YouTube on South Carolina, Super Tuesday and Ron Paul 16:48:18
CNN results show nobody in second in NV 16:39:22
Sign This Petition, Wishing Ron Paul well. 16:28:19
* * * Where ??? SC primary results? 16:26:09
I Just called FOX News... 16:25:54
Romney with 55% of the vote so far?!! That cannot be! 16:05:32
Paul second at our high school 16:04:37
Maybe we should make a concerted attempt... 16:04:23
Ron Paul will get 2nd! 16:01:06
FOX...CNN...NOW mentioning Paul 15:59:50
"Free" MSM Advertising 15:54:25
20% more will get us to $7.5 million 15:49:27
How to burn DVD from YouTube? 15:47:14
Back & forth battle for second 15:38:03
Reno Nevada...the good, the bad, and the ugly 15:34:51
Exit Polls Show Ron Paul 2nd In Nevada 15:32:31
Improved Video: Ron Paul - Waiting for the world to change 15:32:05
Paul went from 60 percent to 15% in Esmeralda County!!! 15:31:22
New Video: Ron Paul - Something in the air 15:29:36
*******URGENT***** Must read for ALL Ron Paul Supporters! 15:27:20
Duncan Hunter beating Rudy in NV 15:22:01
Florida Primary? 15:13:51
Turn Off The BoO0OoB Tube - GET THE RESULTS HERE... SC and Nevada 15:08:37
Everyone Boycott Fox!!!!! 15:07:41
FAUX NEWS - Not a mention of Ron 14:55:26
AWESOME RP Mention on MSNBC just now! 14:48:36
Yahoo Home Page says.. 14:43:24
2nd in Nevada...We're Back! 14:37:59
Freedom Bus West 14:30:23
TERRIFIC NV Entrance Poll Results for RP 14:27:39
does anyone know if Ron Paul can run in Texas 14:23:44
Fact Check: Huckabee Flip-Flops, misleads 14:22:06
Should Canadian Gov't feel shame for saying America Tortures 14:20:18
CNN ticker: AP Call NV for Romney, CNN will wait for votes to come in 14:16:25
Why do I get my best ideas in the shower? 14:13:51
John McCain & the missing votes McCain's abysmal record 14:11:32
cnn already said Romney wins nevada 14:06:56
* * * marketing marvel - BLIMP DEFUNDED? $$$ downpayment deadline 10K short---* * * 14:01:32
** McCain Betrays POWs for Political Agenda?? ** make this go viral 13:57:19
Media Results Link....(official results will be ignored later) 13:55:05
Just cast my vote 13:55:03
Canvassing Lists -- Where?? 13:52:59
A true Patriotic Video! 13:52:38
United States Soldier Joins The Ron Paul Revolution 13:51:20
Anyone have the link to primary maps? 13:37:59
Ron Paul Wins First Nevada Caucus 13:27:01
NH a role model for the rest of the country???!!! 13:25:03
The Voting Machines are already down in SC 13:17:14
North American Union to Replace USA? 13:03:58
CBS News Article. They say RP has said 9/11 was inside job 12:55:18
If 130,000 Ron Paul supporters donate 100$ 12:54:27
I Voted At 11 AM & 12:52:00
You Gotta Love That Fred Thompson 12:50:54
Ron Paul Supporters - go to your local MLK march! 12:50:45
Texans have secret National ID 12:30:52
Ron Paul Billboards Texas Campaign Aims To Reach 5 Million People In 4 Weeks 12:13:49
For You With A RON PAUL Craving -- Can't Get Enough! 12:08:14
List of Nevada Radio Stations - Streaming Live 12:06:05
You know, he really has been successful 12:02:53
Poll reveals overall declining trust in news media 11:59:28
Is Ron Paul the best ?.......EXACTLY ! 11:58:07
Are you a precint leader? 11:56:27
Federal Debt Relief System 11:51:22
please digg this elib3rty vid from 11:50:56
Montana Governor Tells Chertoff To Back Off Regarding Real ID! 11:48:45
File Bankrupcy, Blame Bush - "Go Shopping" remember? 11:48:18
One Nation Under Siege 11:46:24
U.S. economy teeters on the brink 11:44:02
How Paul Won Jefferson County 11:34:45
New voting method ! 11:34:35
Neo- Con to freedom fighter explained in 7 minutes 11:30:55
Impeach Public officials not following the constitution 11:30:27
Help on a quote? 11:21:14
Nevada & South Carolina Result Pages 11:15:26
A Paul SC Victory Would be Best, But a Huckleberry Victory beats a McCain Victory 11:15:21
Ron Paul for the Long Haul 11:09:14
President Bush To Donate Millions To Paul Campaign.... 11:01:51
NH UPDATE - so far 1694 less votes than reported for democrats 10:58:11
The Smear Campaign on Ron Paul 10:55:54
Most powerful Ron Paul video yet? MLK + Ron Paul = Freedom! 10:52:25
YOU can do some last minute campaigning for Ron Paul in South Carolina & Nevada! 10:44:34
*** Daily Paul Needs Our Help *** 10:44:04
Nevadans are getting fake calls telling them Caucus time changed 10:40:30
Do we want a Huckleberry Victory in SC Tonight? 10:27:11
A Peek Under The Rock 10:17:37
Bob Jones University Visit vs Las Vegas? 10:05:17
I voted in SC my husband Might have 10:04:10
Online Poll - WBT - Charlotte, NC 09:51:02
South Carolina Minuteman Group Praises Ron Paul for Strong Immigration Policy 09:37:33
Washoe County GOP Chair: A Paul Upset? 09:27:39
President Ron Paul's Cabinet Members.. 08:55:48
Google "Ghost Troops" 08:48:03
Where'd the money come from? 08:43:13
Veterans Disarmament Act 08:07:07
You are Destroying America. Yes, You. 08:00:43
An Exercise in Futility 07:58:01
bobby Fischer talking about the ratt Bush how they were going to jail him 07:57:10
Cspan In 15 Minutes - help call in about Recount in NH 07:43:42
Latest polls in South Carolina 07:24:06
Info from official campign ***URGENT*** 07:17:27
We'll nuke Iran - Bush promises Israel 06:52:32
Rebate Checks 06:47:00
Huck on Israel 06:35:23
$1,500,000 06:25:24
there are so many members of media involved in the CFR 05:30:15
Now would be the time 05:28:02
Quality Online Radio 05:16:50
Holy CRAP! 05:02:22
Huck Talks Nasty Again 05:00:20
They are laughing at me!!! 04:36:33
HIDE YOUR GUNS! 04:31:17
Ron Paul Song 04:20:56
Bush legal brief threat to Second Amendment 04:20:19
A Soldiers Revolution 04:14:08
Anyone catch the bunny ranch on Nightline? 04:10:14
Needed: Two Yard Signs in South Florida 04:07:15
The chip is coming... believe that! 03:48:47
How to fix the exclusion of Ron Paul on the fox Football game coverage!!! 03:41:19
******Criticial Info of Navada Caucus, BEWARE of fake calls. Read! 03:17:21
Confederate flag backers praise Huckabee in ad 03:11:19
Almost 100,00 Members!!! 03:05:49
cool video to inspire people to donate today 02:58:45
Real Clear Politics Doesn't Include Ron Paul in Delegate Count! 02:56:40
FOX NOISE-fox backing ron paul live on air - treason 02:47:58
Just sharing my good news.... 02:44:47
ABC TV NIGHTLINE : Pimpin’ for Paul: Vote Meets Va-Va-Voom 02:42:05
Rosary Rally on Candlemas Day- Feb 2nd 02:32:52
please digg from Best RP VID forum 02:31:05
Possibility for a Super Tuesday Bump 02:30:26
Help put paul in the press! 02:26:05
Montana Governor Thumbs His Nose at the So-Called "Real ID" 02:25:38
Stop Dreaming and A New Hope Videos? 02:22:34
WSJ - 1/15 Article Omitts Dr. Paul but Includes Each Other Candidate 02:07:24
Kramer: Dow Will Drop 2000 pts., Major Mortgage Companies Belly Up... 02:02:13
If only Ronald Reagan would have chosen Ron Paul as his VP 01:58:23
Material for Unaffiliated Voters? 01:58:02
Daily Dose - Paul vs. Huckabee 01:54:09
Huckabee's Elite Backers. 01:45:47
* * * BLIMP DEFUNDED ? - NIXS THE IDEA -Literal money bomb dropped out of RP blimp * * * best idea ever! 'The Falling Dollar' 01:33:57
Ron Paul's Birthday Bomb! 01:31:12
"Gangs of New York" Movie & RP Campaign 01:27:23
Kucinich loses bid for Texas primary ballot 01:08:20 dirty fool 01:07:39
NY online poll down to 2 candidates! 01:06:27
Cal Thomas speaks the truth 01:04:57
GO GET'EM SC! 01:04:52
Huckabee's strange bedfellows... 01:04:50
Nightline did a Ron Paul piece 00:59:14
Bruce Lee backs Ron Paul 00:53:40
Benton says.....and Imagine This Picture 00:52:51
DIGG is RIGGed... No more Ron Paul 00:52:05
Vote here RP needs ya! 00:51:52
* * * This RP Video has 3.4 Million Views * * * 00:44:56
What we're up against: MACHIAVELLIANISM 00:42:12
It has become fairly obvious that we are making the powers that be nervous 00:28:50
Media noticing MLK-Day moneybomb 00:25:48
New Video: Ron Paul - Something in the Air... 00:24:46
Best RP VID EVER 00:21:17
sent 150 emails, skipped the friday night for the revolution 00:17:07
see these new videos? 00:15:23
Ilana Mercer: Return to Reason--Vote Ron Paul 00:14:10