Posted on January 20, 2008

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Want your WHOLE neighborhood to know what's really going on? 02:40:35
Granny Warriors report from SC 22:20:30
Wishing Ron Well 21:26:24
RP Los Angeles MyFOX Interview - 19 Jan 2008 19:53:04
The Nation: Ron Paul has now done something that Rudy Giuliani has never done 10:39:05
Ron Paul Beats Giuliani AGAIN in South Carolina 01:16:18
MSNBC Discusses Ron Paul's 2nd Place Finish in NV 01:01:01
Paul 2nd in Nevada: AP 00:40:42
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Soldier Joins THE rEVOLution 23:54:45
Paul on Stern 23:47:39
Inauguration Day Bomb 23:45:40
Is anybody else excited for MLK DAY!?! CASH MONEY! 23:44:56
SW Missouri Precinct leader meeting 23:44:22
What About Louisiana? This Tuesday? 23:21:19
A perfect article outlining exactly one of the messages Ron is trying to get out there 23:20:07
is anyone watching CNBC - BIG BROTHER/ BIG BUSINESS 23:19:39
The beginning of the “War on Drugs” and Global Warming (boycott Dupont!) 23:06:35
great money bomb video--short and inspiring 22:47:00
No Evidence of a Conspiracy? 22:34:12
Is Ron writing off Florida? 22:31:09
Will you donate tomorrow for the money bomb? 22:27:49
Obama Campaign claims voting irregularities in Nevada caucuses! 22:20:24
Real ID: Tell your Governor NO! 22:09:38
People... The best way to deal with a troll is to let his thread die! 22:06:21
Enough with Vote Fraud and other Conspiracy Crap! 21:58:17
Google Search Huckabee and click on the ads 21:46:52
CNN No Better Than Fox News; Watch This New Video... and bump please. 21:37:43
Buying Beer = Votes for Ron Paul (FL) 21:36:45
The problem with People 21:29:23
All this talk about Rudy's "Florida" Firewall.... 21:26:54
Have gMail? Take money out of huckabee's campaign immediately 21:17:01
A documentary needs to be made 21:12:39
"OPERATION AMERICAN FREEDOM" - Super Tuesday Chaos 20:45:00
Profiting From Paul 20:44:34
"OPERATION AMERICAN FREEDOM" - Super Tuesday Chaos 20:41:18
New York Times Excludes Ron from Primary Results!! 20:39:13
Our Best Voice are the Money Bombs - Let's do it again! 20:38:43
New York Times Excludes Ron from Primary Results!! 20:35:36
Why Republican candidate Mike Huckabee worries Jewish voters 20:30:06
How will you donate ?? will you trust paypal or use another way ? 20:13:46
Poll - Courier Journal - Louisville, KY 20:13:39
convincing those 60+ 20:07:37
American Free Press did a 7 page supplement on Ron Paul 19:43:28
2 paypal spoofs and a overcharge before MLK bomb 19:35:39
A Mini Bomb at 11-11-11-11 (see Counter) 19:35:38
Vigilance is the Best Answer against VoteFRAUD & Other Impropriety. 19:27:49
Plan B - 19:16:42
Everyone!!! 19:09:39
Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected 19:08:49
FreedomTV 19:08:15
Howard Stern Audio Clips 19:05:08
A letter to all Ron Paul's supporters around our country 18:59:41
Online Polls 18:59:05
Denver MeetUp @ Democratic Convention-Stop The War March 18:58:13
NYT report: Other candidates running out of money. Paul not mentioned! LOL 18:51:22
Another CRAZY idea? 18:21:38
OILDRUM.COM 18:03:22
Positive post for actions with purpose 18:02:32
"Hacking Democracy" Rules! 18:01:38
Have you ever created a video for Dr. Paul? 17:45:25
Monday & Tuesday...for ..."Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness"....... 17:43:48
Ron Paul ... Weak on Foreign Policy...? 17:25:43
Did anybody from your state pledged? 17:24:50
Granny News ( report from the field) 17:11:42
I'm hoping Tom Brady or Brett Favre... 16:51:15
The secret to Ron Paul's win in Jefferson County, IA 16:48:55
How About an Independent Website to Gauge RP Votes? 16:46:26
The "average" voter 16:37:20
I am addicted to Ron Paul-are you? 16:32:52
A Real Conspiracy Theory ( For all you naysayers) 16:29:37
We need to try to beat Giuliani in Florida 16:12:27
We have to stop allowing the negative posts to take us away from our campaign!! 16:11:41
Simple idea: remove Fox News from your remote channel list 16:08:11
Guy post youtube vid of RonPaul signs he has taken down 16:07:58
Dr. Paul on 16:03:30
Great Local FoxNews interview 15:55:23
Who is in for the money bomb tonight and tomorrow? 15:54:18
A Soldiers Revolution GREAT VIDEO 15:49:47
MSM reports that everyone is running out of money. 15:48:40
Comparison Chart 15:41:14
Don't tell people "Gold Standard", explain so they can understand. 15:38:10
Do you still want a peaceful Revolution? 15:37:26
Candidates Side by Side Comparisons 15:35:51
Court injunction needed--entire election a sham 15:34:13
Stop the bickering!!! 15:32:04
Border Agent Killed 15:15:50
It's time to fully support Ron Paul's official campaign 15:14:35
Video of Las Vegas ABC-affliated reporters saying Paul finished 3rd five hours after the results were in 15:11:12
Ron Paul Needs to Visit Alaska: Here's Why 15:08:31
American "neo-con" Soldier JOINS THE RON PAUL REVOLUTION!! 15:07:29
Blimp needs $10 from 1000 people 14:58:16
A must see video! 14:55:59
update your virus definitions! 14:55:29
Where's Ron Paul? 14:48:32
Why we can't turn back now. 14:48:17
Listen ... for the love of Paul ... please .... 14:46:46
Miami Herald article. Nice. 14:45:52
MLK money bomb.......estimates???? 14:45:10
Ron Paul Talking video Widget 14:42:51
MEETUP MEMBERS 100,297 14:33:34
Paul campaign needs to do infomercial 14:33:28
I just called Ron Paul Campaign Headquarters: Louisiana caucus is this Tuesday, January 22nd!! Not February 9th! 14:30:00
The "Amazing DVD"...You WILL have lots of success with it! 14:29:25
How to get votes.... 14:27:42
8977 so far........started day with 8802 14:23:34
Great grassroots video. 14:22:01
No money for MLK moneybomb? Try this.... 14:20:50
Why a 3rd party run won't happen. 14:19:50
Campaign's strategy to win Maine 14:18:47
Can we win in Louisiana? The primary is this Tuesday! 14:17:03
Dr. Paul's Secret weapon.... 14:16:44
Why Ron Paul will become President 14:13:41
People PLEASE! NO 3rd Party's why 14:11:43
We need Ventura campaigning in Minnesota 14:01:56
Did RP give a speech last night?? Is it on video anywhere??? 14:00:42
Mass Media Challenge 14:00:08
*** Incredible video - make this go SUPERNOVA!! *** 13:47:54
Russia says: will use Nukes in Preventive strikes 13:43:49
McGlaughlin Group - RP statement quoted 13:40:11
Which state will be the first one to " SHOCK " the nation with RP in 1st place.... Predictions??? 13:38:08
MUST SEE and pass around documentary - The Clinton Chronicles (HIGH CRIMES, COKE, MURDER!) 13:33:55
Delegate Count 13:29:38
Ron Paul leads poll 13:21:09
Paul-Bloomberg and what it could mean 13:18:35
Stop right there! Take a break and read this! 13:05:17
dem vs rep- you'll going to love this video! 12:59:49
Hawaii caucus starts Jan 25th and ends February 5th? 12:57:07
Next Debate 12:49:56
Guerrilla Newspaper Takeover Network - For Ron Paul - Help Needed 12:43:52
Louisiana this Tuesday!! 12:42:39
We don't need to win them all... 12:39:16
Democrats: Happy Happy, Joy Joy! McCain Victory in NC 12:32:49
Did Bush's nose grow? 12:24:35
Bloomburg wants to run if situation is right 12:21:19
Want to feel good or do you want to feel great 12:13:20
We can Win !!!! Please Replicate This Message Now !!! 12:11:37
Message from India about the RP Revolution 12:09:11
Inspiring video from the Phoenix Meetup group! 11:58:38
Paul needs to focus on all smaller states 11:58:17
3rd party - 200,000 voters - $10 a week 11:54:29
Reach 100 voters TODAY 11:53:50
For those of you who got discouraged before 2nd place in nevada 11:52:21
We Need Judge Moore Before Super Tuesday 11:50:22
Hey FLORIDA -- Important You Pay Close Attention // The Real Rudy 11:49:06
I can't believe some of the people on this forum 11:46:45
Twins for Ron Paul 11:36:04
SA vs FOX News Carl Cameron on Ron Paul 11:33:40
My email to Jason Tanz (WIRED Article) 11:31:49
Better Bad News 11:29:27
RON PAUL 1ST Place in Nye County, Nevada (and US Airforce Personnel) at 34 % 11:28:24
There is no doubt this will be a brokered Republican Convention 11:18:40
RP Losing LA Times Poll 11:17:37
Duncan Hunter Drops out 11:15:19
Infiltrate for the Long Haul 11:13:08
Please, Lets stop pairing RP... 11:11:05
Internet TV could be RP's "End-Run" around MSM? 11:05:37
Formula for WINNING before FEB 5 10:51:35
Obama: 25 Years In The Making ? 10:40:14
Yes sir Mr. Rockefeller 10:26:32
Check THIS OUT ***MUST SEE*** VIDEOS 10:03:26
Florida Police State Issue 10:02:11
Is Louisiana Primary/Caucus January 22nd or February 9th? 10:01:00
Judge Moore for Vice President 09:54:45
Paul-Bloomberg 09:43:30
Montana governor fights Real I.D. 09:05:41
Whats your favorite canvassing package? 08:41:54
We've Already Won 08:16:50
Florida 07:32:43
* * Comes down to this: Would you rather have Hilliary or Ron Paul in the White House? 07:32:35
The Campaign Needs MORE MONEY 06:28:29
Urgent Poll: Vote now! 06:07:42
My letter to a fellow Christian who had reservations about Dr. Paul..... 05:24:25
Washington Post Article on NAFTA Superhighway 05:21:15
Why we are GREAT! 05:08:41
Politically Correct 04:16:39
Florida will determine election 04:07:05
California and Utah! Register to vote on Monday or it's too late! 04:05:15
***Billionaire Bloomberg 3rd party run*** 04:02:29
For Ron 03:54:21
Ron Paul Needs to Publicly say... 03:40:19
Ron Paul's real competitor 03:30:00
This actually MAY be Fair and Balanced 03:24:56
New Jennifer Reynolds article - MLK to win - all others broke - TIME TO GO ALL IN 03:23:34
GREAT QUOTE 03:22:11
will the campaign launch full out attack on McCain and Huckabee where needed? 03:21:52
Faux News: Fairly Unbalanced 03:13:53
Jesse Ventura for VP? 03:13:04
Looking For A Blog Writer 02:44:14
2012 02:37:00
Help this U.S. soldier of 7 years get his message out. He's risking a lot for all of us. 02:22:52
When Ron Paul is elected President 02:19:16
Get inspired again video 02:17:47
hire new super leader for staff to run media and endorsements let others go 02:01:34
VOTE HERE NOW 01:53:59
Put a paid celebrity on Ron Pauls staff. 01:48:16
Ron Paul Web Page & CNN 01:47:47
LA Times Poll, cast your vote now! 01:43:54
Where's the interview with Dr. Paul? (after finishing 2nd!) 01:43:17
Changing things from the bottom up 01:41:06
What are you Fighting For? 01:36:38
LA Times Poll - Get'r done! 01:32:08
To win we need to inform the public 01:22:11
Smart VP Now! 01:14:44
F*** YOU FOX NEWS!!!!! 01:10:04
Did Ron Paul give a speech?? Does anybody know where to find it? 01:04:02
I'm hesitant to bring this up but.... 01:00:57
Best places to buy Silver 00:58:00
Please Dr. Paul, run as an Independent if you are not nominated! 00:55:50
Something is in the air... 00:55:31
Time to Ready for a 3rd Party Run! 00:52:32
Digg This!!! Nevada Vote Fraud Proven! Update! 00:20:01
What Super Tuesday States are Best for Dr. Paul? 00:19:45
Help us hijack the media! 00:09:13
NJ Straw: Paul Kicked butt! 00:01:54