Posted on January 21, 2008

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Dr. Paul is looking forward to a brokered convention 21:26:57
Message from Ron Paul - 1/21/2008 20:29:26
MLK: Letter from a Birmingham Jail 13:15:09
Winner Take All in Florida...Attend Largest Ron Paul Gathering Happening in Florida - We NEED THOUSANDS! ALL FLORIDA MEET-UPS! 00:43:31
Free At Last Money Bomb 21:26:58
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Does the MLK Money Bomb meet everyone's expectations? 23:58:13
Here is an idea 23:56:26
MSM blog talking about how everyone is broke: Not our Dr. tho 23:44:37
Couldn't Donate today, So Canvasing was 2nd best option! 23:41:37
Smear Wars: Revenge of the Giuliani 23:39:14
Defying CFR/MSM tyrants, the Revolutionaries Roar with $3M!! 23:32:30
A time of need requires the appropriate leader 23:17:04
My brother's Nevada caucus experience 23:15:02
Christian Newswire --Pro-life activist 'JANE ROE' (of Roe V Wade) and RON PAUL to make announcement on March for Life day 23:01:29
Paul's Loisiana gambit 22:56:29
NOW or NEVER! WHAT TO INVEST IN!! Please Contribute! 22:46:00
Ron Paul blames Federal Reserve for recession 22:41:09
Money Bomb Anyone? Opposition To Money Bombs is TREASON!! 22:40:53
Revolution Television - - ready for members! 22:34:53
Ron Paul on NBC San Diego 21-JAN 22:30:08
NY Times fixes omission of RP 1.5 hrs after this email 22:25:04
New York Times DROPS Giuliani, ADDS Ron Paul! 22:23:25
Ron Paul Reference - Need Your Help! 22:19:31
BILL HAS A 'DREAM' 22:14:20
Hillary's Healthcare - Debate 22:12:41
Markets Crash is PERFECT timing for the upcoming FL debate ! 22:07:44
The coming monetary collapse 22:07:13
Human Life Amendment 22:03:21
Meet the Candidates......... 21:58:52
We Are Losing The War 21:57:52
Vietnam Veterans Against McCain 21:57:29
final version of Chuck Baldwin TV endorsement ad now posted 21:55:20
Democratic Debate: Anyone Watching This? 21:52:11
Check out this Book it shows how right Ron Paul Is 21:39:56
Ron Paul in Shreveport, LA ..Video 21:36:01
Tomorrow's MAJOR market crash and begining of recession, possibly depression 21:30:57
Anyone have a total Ron Paul supporters estimate? 21:28:13
DIGG THIS!!! Massive Vote Fraud About To Come 21:18:15
Help me help Ron Paul 21:11:43
Keep donating after the money bomb if you can afford it! 21:11:39
Who would the world elect 21:08:43
KFI640AM in LA 21:02:13
Watch Larry King at 14:40 King offering CNN's services to Clinton 21:01:28
Viral Videos 21:01:07
Why is Julie-annie........ 20:50:18
Good Info on Ron's Economic Policies and NAFTA *** Formerly called Glenn Beck's Eonomy Piece 20:49:48
WE ONLY HAVE 5 Hours TO RAISE $600,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20:48:25 please sign the letter 20:42:33
Anyone else remember HE-MAN? 20:34:35
American Elections: 0% Transparency + 0% Paper = 100% UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! 20:33:41
CNN-5:26 MST Voting Machines 20:27:13
Day before Super Tuesday, money mega bomb? 20:24:27
biggest endorsement yet Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson Endorses Ron Paul 20:21:10
**Best Hour of BOMB YET - Graph doesn't LIE!!!! 20:21:00
deleted 20:20:31
URGENT!!! Forget MLK! 20:17:54
URGENT!!! Forget MLK! 20:15:51
Update from New Orleans 20:06:33
Montana Gov takes on REAL ID - the Revolution can help 20:05:20
URGENT! Can you donate $10. to Ron Paul NOW! 19:58:13
Mini bomb at 7pm 19:48:40
Stop Censoring, the Government Hates the Competition 19:46:20
WTF? Tucker Now - Gillespie anti-Paul 19:43:10
CNN - NOW!! 19:39:00
Wolf: "Ron Paul Drops another Moneybomb" 6:38pm EST on CNN 19:38:24
George Bush's resume 19:37:49
Washington Post: Paul Campaign Buoyed by Nevada Finish 19:37:18
FOX/MSM Decides or You Decide 08 19:33:00
Global Primary - 22 delegates 19:31:31
Something WEIRD just Happened with STOCK MARKET! NOW! 19:27:56
Has the Gary Johnson endorsement been posted here yet? If not..... 19:24:31
Getting Fred Thompson supporters --- the only other candidate who mentions FEDERALISM 19:08:39
Ron Paul has the Answer to the current economic collapse 19:02:20
A Great Day In Northeast Ohio For RP ***Now with video**** 19:02:16
RP needs $23 million, right? 19:00:02
*CELEBRATE* MLK Day Money Bomb! How Much Did You Give? Who Did You Tell? Spread The Word! 18:58:41
Voter fraud did NOT happen [ much, if at all] in Nevada. 18:54:07
Step it up and check these numbers!!!!!!!!! 18:47:48
Turning ON the Turned-OFF and Tuned-OUT 18:45:27
Everyone's Broke 18:41:11
How to kill the bomb 18:29:43
Mini-Bomb @ 7pm Eastern 18:28:20
What is the legal limit? 18:28:05
Possible Jane Roe endorsement? 18:28:04
Anyone from louisiana? 18:27:10
Ron Paul Endorses Money Bomb DONATE!!! 18:25:51
Excerpt from MLK's jail time writings.... 18:20:40
Ron Paul and the Web Race 18:19:58
Const. Party of Oregon Endorses Ron Paul 18:15:30
For eager but SHY canvassers..easy steps to help win!! 18:11:32
NH recount 18:11:09
Public Matching Funds 18:10:01
NYT Changed Their Page! Our Voices Were Heard!! 18:01:14
5 p.m. EST MINI BOMB!!! 17:56:30
5 p.m. MINI BOMB!!! 17:55:48
The Infamous "Expat Tax" Moves a Step Closer to Reality... 17:54:02
New Blog. Ron Paul-MLK article 17:47:00
How could a president fight the central bank? 17:45:48
Californians--Why aren't you Registered as Republicans yet? 17:44:44
21 days = 2.5 million is a great start! 17:42:53
Troll!!! 17:38:46
Upside of Economic Meltdown?!? 17:32:55
The Great American Anti-Fed Strike [Video] April 15th 2008 Tax Day! 17:31:00
Californians--you MUST be registered as Republican By Jan 22nd! 17:29:13
Gold and Silver index??? 17:29:05
I Have A Question About The Stock Market 17:27:42
David Dees offers his art on the web for the first time! 17:24:18
Feb money bomb ~ George Washington's Birthday!!!! 17:19:17
Hello, need some help with question 17:17:37
California!!!!!Tomorrow is the day tell everyone you know 17:16:28
NORAD staging F-16 excersizes Feb1st prep for Super Bowl 17:15:54
Lets go people! where in a Money Bomb!! 17:12:17
Romney wows African-Americans, MLK rolls in grave 17:00:00
Paleo-Toons and articles 16:58:35
Reaching 50%+ VOTERS --What are you doing? 16:57:04
Urgent!!!Ron Paul Graphs Map!! 16:53:32
Many Veterans Prefer Ron Paul to John McCain 16:50:39
Pass this along to all home-schooling families 16:44:31
Dr. Paul: The ONLY candidate consistently fighting for our freedom 16:43:56
Response to the Blackout 16:43:28
Fake authors writing negative campaign reports? 16:39:54
AOL Poll-Please Vote 16:36:32
Does anyone know where I can find a graph that 16:35:16
Ron Paul Posters now available - $10! 16:27:20
MUST SEE: Projected Ron Paul Primary Results by State 16:25:14
Liberty Works Radio Network 16:24:53
VALENTINES DAY MONEY BOMB - Must co-ordinate NOW.... 16:24:01
Ron Paul's Grandchildren on the Blimp! 16:23:13
Misdirection for pardon? 16:21:06
Interesting Article on CNN Money About the danger of the Fed Cutting Rates... 16:19:24
IIM - Independent Internet Media - Best Video of RP 16:14:03
This is how Iowa Precinct won - Here are FREE resources to run in your local newspapers 16:08:48
29% of donors today are NEW 15:57:15
Iron Man Endorses The Good Doctor 15:56:23
Is it fascism when we do it? 15:56:09
Question Regarding the Election Process??? Help Please 15:46:37
Almost at 1 Million!!! 15:45:02
Worldwide Market Selloff - Black Tues coming. Nothing on the news bout it? 1000pt drop or more? 15:44:11
NM Governor Johnson endorses Dr. Paul! 15:43:23
The Fear of a Wasted Vote 15:36:32
MIchael - Please get a Chip In to Improve the Server for Daily Paul 15:34:37
Just heard on Rush Blowfish 15:32:21
Get a Programmeable LED (Flashing Lights) sign for your car 15:29:17
Finally A Mention of the 2nd Place Nevada Caucus 15:27:25
Hunter To Endorse Ron Paul? 15:26:49
Great American Underdog ( With link ) 15:24:32
Puerto Rico can vote for Dr. Paul! 15:23:15
Puerto Rico can vote for Dr. Paul! 15:22:14
Puerto Rico can vote for Dr. Paul! 15:20:29
Independent Primary Poll 15:15:18
MANYSTROM!!! 15:08:11
MANYSTROM!!! 15:08:11
How to Win Florida (Publix on Sunday) 15:03:53
New Hampshire re-count Very important to follow this up... 15:02:57
Can someone please explain to me what a "brokered convention" means and the implications for this campaign? Thanks 14:57:23
Selling on ebay to send money to the campaign. 14:57:07
Great American Underdog ( Video ) 14:55:07
Time to Raise the MoneyBomb Flag on Digg 14:46:52
why can not we sue fox? 14:41:50
Holy cow! This guy is getting DESTROYED by today's Market Crash! [Video] 14:41:13
Murdoch Buying Another Media Company - Fascism Alive and Well 14:41:04
Anything that can be done??? 14:36:59
Ron Paul Racing UPDATE / need CPA 14:22:01
Electability 14:17:36
Why we should donate today (My Video on Youtube) 14:12:23
Gary Johnson Endorses Ron Paul ( Former New Mexico Governor) 14:02:30
Jane Aitken who and where are you ? 13:57:11
Organization is formed to overturn FCC rule relaxation - End the mediablackout! 13:56:02
Graph: TeaParty vs. MLK Day (updated w link) 13:47:06
Former NM Governor endorses Paul!! 13:40:45
Tom Petty in a "RP R3VOLution" Shirt! 13:25:00
S+P futures pricing indicate stock market will implode tomorrow 13:24:46
LA Times Editor Fired for Paul Friendly Reports ?? 13:13:19
Fox News is scared [Video] 13:10:33
How many of you want to win February 5th? 12:35:19
Poll 12:31:37
Paul invokes MLK's name to aid his campaign fundraising 12:29:44
GOP attack group plans $250m blitz 12:28:55
Asia and European Stock Markets Sustain Huge Losses January 21 12:27:53
World Net Daily Poll 12:21:03
Hillary Clinton the best thing for RP? 12:17:38
For those of you who are maxed out. 12:13:52
Max out everyone!!!! 12:12:50
MSNBC underreports Paul delegate count... 12:07:42
World financial markets are crashing 12:02:53
Remember Dr. Paul with Jogn Stossel? 11:43:54
Fox News is at it AGAIN 11:42:58 - Please VOTE HERE NOW! 11:40:20
It might be too late for Fred '08. Analysts say third-place finish in S.C. probably dooms Thompson 11:21:45 is picking up speed 11:14:21
Zuckerman/Crowley squirm after Ron Paul clip on McLaughlin 11:07:23
Mike Church - Supporting Ron Paul 10:58:36
What is it worth to you? 10:53:08
MSM IS A DYING INDUSTRY - See for yourself! 10:51:37
*****Sign Petition to keep Ron Paul in California Debates****** 10:41:18
If it Goes Into A Brokers Convention 10:39:11
The politician's secret 10:29:02
Ron Paul Inspirational Quote Thread. 10:24:54
just a reminder 10:07:10
We may just win Super Tuesday 10:04:15
Here comes 6th best Day in RP history! 09:46:19
over 300K so far 09:29:21
LA Times Poll 09:14:23
what will obama do? 09:08:49
I'm Begging Ron Paul Nation 08:37:01
Ultimate Ron Paul police state video - Use it - Spread it far and wide 08:19:01
Ultimate Ron Paul police state video - Use it - Spread it far and wide 08:17:24
We need a video message from Ron Paul. 06:49:38
Debate on gold standard: Mike Norman vs. Peter Schiff 06:47:16
Norris says McCain too old for president huck raises 200K plus 06:40:21
January 30, 2008 Ron Paul "Money Bomb" 05:50:25
Important - Ballot Access 05:45:53 (This donation is about more donors) 05:24:05
Caucuses to come, Louisiana tomorrow 1/22, Ron Paul there today 1/21 05:14:23
4th party candidate would be better??? 05:00:08
please sign this pettition for 04:51:57
Just donated 50% more than last time 04:49:28
Ron Paul and the January 30th GOP Debate 04:45:16
OPRAH DONATES TO RON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 04:40:45
I;m starting to leave anonymous copies of Zeitgeist and Freedom to Fascism 04:34:30
Latest Message From Ron! 1-21-08 Donate Now! 04:33:47
What did you do today? 03:56:15
Want to print a TON of RP flyers at home, CHEAP? Here's one way... 03:52:11
Watch NH recount Live! 03:50:06
GRAPH: MLK Moneybomb vs. other Moneybombs 03:02:49
SC voting machines not set to zero before voting started 02:49:18
Anyone here donated $2300 today? 02:23:31
Super Bowl Sunday is 2 days before super tuesday.... Big ad buy? 02:20:01
A Letter From Ron - Jan 21 2008. He calls out the MLK moneybomb... 02:10:07
NCEL/ NH RECOUNT Memo from Bob Shultz 02:03:28
Why is this site so slow? 01:59:55
Added 4 new videos for Direct Download..... 01:54:15
The Ron Paul Vagina Video 01:52:30
Why not nominate Dr. Paul right away? 01:51:26
Celebrity donation 01:49:58
20% of midnight moneybomb donors are NEW 01:47:50
Very Weird Ending to a Nice Interview 01:37:52
Graphs: Previous moneybombs per hour vs MLK moneybomb 01:36:16
If you are maxed out ... 01:35:38
New Donors are an amazing stat 01:30:11
Ron Paul Money 01:23:00
Hillary thinks she can manage the economy. 01:22:11
Has anyone heard of David Zublick? 01:19:23
In the coming days many primary states will need your help 01:17:28
15 mins in surpassed yesterday 01:17:24
Ron Paul Tattoos? 00:53:19
Money Bomb Knockout Punch 00:51:34
Vote Ron Paul 2008 - Don't let tyranny take hold new video 00:45:05
Debate questions (vote if you like them) 00:41:56
Ron Paul has a train.. 00:17:07
Money Bomb on Craigslist NEED HELP! 00:16:08
All rEVOLutions Produce Anger - What To Do With It 00:11:01
During bomb, DO NOT visit campaign site EXCEPT to DONATE 00:10:10
Cash and the Candidiates 00:06:44
2 WEEKS TO WIN: Here's how 00:05:56