Posted on January 22, 2008

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Louisiana Needs Your Help! RIGHT NOW! 19:38:14
Kelly Halldorson Walks for Paul Again! - UPDATE 19:29:48
Ron Paul Picks up 3 Major Endorsements 18:05:39
Daily Paul Fundraiser 19:38:16
Time for a Boston TV Party? 07:56:06
Happy Birthday Daily Paul! The Interview that Started it All 02:18:20
Money Bomb Total: $1.8 M - Third Highest Fundraising Day Ever! 01:54:28
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Ron Paul only candidate intelligent enough to predict the market collapse... 23:59:50
I hate to be negative, but 23:59:41
* * * Exposed - Romney, Bain, ClearChannel, Limbaugh Connection --add DRUDGE too * * * 23:59:38
IRAN IRAQ question video 23:54:32
Trying to convert someone over to Paul? Heres a suggestion 23:44:54
Take a look at this! 23:44:34
Car Wash for Ron Paul 23:43:40
RP video suggestion: Something In the Air 23:31:28
LA Results - I spoke with LA GOP 23:31:27
"The People Speak" - The Billion $$ Man - here he is 23:28:19
AOL Straw Poll 23:26:08
Wait till they get a load of us !! 23:25:17
Pat Buchanan nails Romney's Bain buyout 23:21:47
Ron Paul getting most delegates in LA 23:21:42
Watchdog Group: Ron Paul is 'Strongest Opponent' of Real ID 23:14:56
FUN!!! Fundraising Idea! 23:13:20
Federal Reserve + Ron Paul Commercial 23:10:00
Ron Paul Congressional Race - Help Requested 23:09:18
Top 4 music vids 23:05:03
Buying Gold & The Patriot Act: Fact or Fiction? 23:04:37
Huckabee Donation Spike Today!! Donate $25 Before Midnight EST 23:04:09
Federal Reserve 23:03:40
Arguably, The Biggest Hurdle 23:03:22
Photos of SLITS in NH Ballot Boxes (joke recount) 22:53:36
eBay Sale for Ron Paul 22:52:06
Paul has big edge in Montana. 22:50:57
CSPAN2 March For Life Jan 22 Ron was there! On now 9:30pm! 22:50:56
Former N.M. governor backs Ron Paul 22:50:23
Must See "Soldier" Video...and one listed below in comments... 22:45:19
AP Bush issued hundreds of false statements preceding Iraq War 22:35:57
Don Luskin Endorses Ron Paul for President 22:30:28
C-SPAN2 has the Pro-Life Rally (is this where Ron went) 22:28:08
Ron Paul is Not a Bigot 22:25:40
Paul supporters in New Bern, NC 22:24:03
What is Ron Paul doing to prepare for the Thursday debate? 22:22:48
Ron Paul is the mutineer candidate 22:13:45
The Big Stall 22:13:29
Does Ron Paul have any Press traveling with him? If not, why not? 22:09:09
Ron Paul graduating to "long shot"? 22:00:04
this is funny But look how gullible he is Romney being prank called 21:49:31
Play The Debating Game 21:48:56
this is funny But look how gullible he is Romney being prank called 21:48:43
Fred Thompson Quits Presidential Race 21:39:52
When Posting Comments on News Websites 21:39:25
EMAIL LOU DOBBS! I CAN'T Believe This… 21:39:21
The Ron Paul Debating Game 21:35:22
Info on Louisiana Caucus Anyone? 21:33:06 21:29:30
ATTN: Southern Ron Paul Supporters!!!!!!! 21:26:37
AOL straw poll, McCain winning, Vote here 21:25:49
Tribute to Fred Thompson (Humor) 21:25:49
Bam! This is how we raise 23 Million Dollars for Ron Paul 21:24:45
UH... Did anyone see John Stewart ask about Ron Paul? 21:23:09
Skew the Dobbs poll in favor of edwards (since theres no RP) 21:16:11
Next step: CNN 21:14:52
How do you reply to Pro-Choicers? 21:11:10
RP supportors vs Guiliani (funny). 21:10:09
The list is growing 21:05:55
Joe Farah of WND very close to givng the nod to Ron Paul!!!! 21:05:55
Thousands Protest Roe V. Wade Decision 21:03:45
Just for fun let's bomb ABC comment board for running Candidates Respond to Economy and not mentioning Dr Paul 20:59:00
Michael - The Site is Great. Please don't change it. 20:57:25
$100,000 raised today and 45% are new donors 20:55:00
Ron Paulapalooza!! AWSOME! 20:54:37
Italian newspaper suggests Hilary Clinton's victory in New Hampshire was a miracle of technology 20:49:48
How can we convince the "I like him but he 'can't win'" crowd? 20:48:10
The biggest obstacle to freedom within the GOP 20:43:30
The biggest obstacle to freedom within the GOP 20:41:59
Talk show bomb!? 20:37:02
Louuuuuser Dobbs - Go to his web site 20:35:20
*****IPPAC: BIG THANKS to ALL YOU PATRIOTS!!!**** 20:31:35
If I hear "long-shot" one more time! 20:22:40
Please vote in this poll LAST WEEK 20:19:41
Right on Target about McCainiac 20:18:51
The Bush - Hitler Connection *Great Video* 20:18:37
Ron Paul is "CRAZY"? 20:17:21
Ron Paul Could Be Louisiana Dark Horse (Huffington Post, NY) 20:12:35
Please help me convert people on the abortion issue 20:10:05
SAD NEWS: "The Patriot" Heath Ledger dead at 28. 20:01:11 19:57:29
LOU DOBBS IS GETTING ME ANGRY! Keeps saying NONE of the CANDIDATES have a plan for economy 19:50:25
Huckabee begging for $25 19:45:34
$800 for RON PAUL! 19:41:10
We CAN do it! 19:39:28
Attracting female voters 19:34:19
Vote For Paul on This AOL Poll! 19:29:35
My 6 year old even gets it ! 19:28:06
Vote For Paul on This AOL Poll! 19:27:23
Ron Paul Needs to Get Out in Front of The Wall Street Meltdown 19:16:01
BAGINA!!!!! 19:15:24
DP - Home of the kids who told on you in school. 19:14:34
Attention! Want to convert every Jewish person to Ron Paul? 19:12:14
NCLB Money Bomb - No Candidate Left Behind Money Bomb! 19:03:11
Update Thread - Louisiana Caucuses - 7:00PM EST 19:01:11
According to the report, Republican maverick candidate Ron Paul should have finished third in the Republican primary rather than 18:57:15
Italian newspaper suggests Hilary Clinton's victory in New Hampshire was a miracle of technology 18:56:49
Tonight's Louisiana Caucus - one analysis 18:52:55
How Ron Paul achieves victory. 18:49:24
Local TV station ran a story about Jane Roe's endorsement of Dr. Paul 18:39:38
Super Bowl Ad on Matthews right now??? 18:31:37
DIGG Now! The Fed Sacrifices the Dollar 18:26:33
AOL Strawpoll is reset Please *VOTE* 18:18:28
McCain cheaters at it again???? 18:18:25
Is Rush Limbaugh a Closet Paul Supporter?.. 18:17:01
What happens to assigned delegates when a candidate drops out? 18:12:38
Money bomb on CNN crawler 1.4 million 18:09:44
Question 18:08:59
Proliferation of Ron Paul's name on YouTube Vids! 18:04:56
Bill Clinton May Get Payout of $20 Million WSJ Article Jan22. 18:04:48
Fort Knox 17:40:45
An Open Letter to Fred Thompson Supporters 17:38:37
**LAST DAY TO REGISTER REPUBLICAN IN CALIFORNIA** Recently became a closed primary 17:32:22
DIGG--Fed Sacrifices Dollar to Avoid Market Crash 17:22:44
Brokered convention strategy 17:20:38
Subtle RP video - send the link to your friends 17:11:50
Everyone here PLEASE READ THIS!!!! 17:05:09
* * * Anyone have a flyer targeting recent market woes--economy for RP ? * * * 17:02:56
Presidential Candidate Ron Paul mysteriously appears in NYT. 17:02:39
Early Voting is a Bad Idea, and is it going to hurt us? 16:53:24
Rudy to quit race after NYTimes article 16:49:58
Dat ol' HUCKSTER is....broke :-) 16:49:43
Huck Almost Broke! 16:44:56
Donate! Donate! and Donate More!!! 16:44:12 Ron Paul Group 16:35:00
Ron Paul Racing ** Who Is Running It? 16:34:42
Ron Paul's Horoscope 16:27:35
Grassroot Efforts in GA 16:20:01
Do you have an original or favorite RP saying? Add it to this list. 16:19:03
47 delegates Today 16:17:58
Storm the Gates! Donate NOW! 16:08:58
The NEXT moneybomb should be a fundraiser strictly for a SUPERBOWL AD 16:08:34
Need for oil is the biggest fraud in the world's history 16:04:54
LOUISIANA is TODAY. Get out and Vote!!!! 15:56:07
Louisiana caucuses today? 15:54:49
Welcome Fred Heads to the Paul Campaign - Let's make America a sovereign country again! 15:54:05
For Those Friends Of Yours Who Think Ron Paul Will Lay Down For The Terrorist 15:44:50
** Excellent Mash Up - And Justice for Paul ** 15:34:21
Interesting Interactive Ron Paul relationship map at Muckety 15:28:03
Texas Legislature Vote Fraud 15:19:31
CNBC Talking Heads Are Such Stock Market Shills 15:03:20
My 64 year old mother tells me what she is worried about! 14:58:48
What is the best way to buy gold and silver? 14:56:11
Ron Paul Tool Bar Tutorial and More!!!! 14:44:41
Positive article on FOX News site 14:44:40
Donald Luskin from National Review article on Ron Paul 14:41:38
The Granny Warriors are Expanding… 14:39:05
Magnificent Deception/I think Ron knows 14:37:54
Ron Paul To Win The GOP In The Western States? 14:34:33
Alright, America, who do you want to put in charge of spending your money? 14:32:11
Is Mike Huckabee broke? 14:30:56
CNN Says Ron Paul has raised $8.2M in total????? 14:27:48
FED Fighting Off Deflationary Depression (Jan. 22, 2008) 14:24:44
For Serious Discussion - How can we raise $20 million? 14:23:44
Letter Writing and Question 14:20:42
NYTimes Declares Rudy an A**hole, Paul replaces him in election guide 14:03:00
Freds out! Keep going Paulites! Pick em off one by one! 14:00:33
Subtle Use of Language Effects Mass Perceptions 13:56:19
Let's wake up from our slumber!! 13:52:58
I am EXCITED AGAIN!! New Life for RON PAUL!! Here is why??? 13:47:14
Just saw the movie Jesus Camp... 13:40:08
How Can the Stock Maket go From -464 13:38:11
McCain... "oops" 13:37:26
The Israel factor. 13:37:04
InStead of Money Bombs: Why Not 13:27:34
A letter to ron 13:23:34
Talk Radio Hosts for Ron Paul 13:21:30
Article: Paul calls for elimination of federal income tax to avoid recession! 13:21:24
Jane Roe endorsement on RP Web Site 13:21:21
Another great endorsment 13:20:57
Another Endorsment for RP!! 13:16:09
Which country are we talking about? 13:14:09
Contact Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, request endorsement 13:09:22
Does your State use this voting machine or any kind like it? 13:06:46
The Glory Of Grassroots!!! 13:05:13
It's the WARFARE/WELFARE State Stupid! 13:02:16
Giuliani: A Thug and Bully 13:00:40
HUGE! !!!!! 12:56:44
Giuliani is losing to McCain in NEW YORK! 12:56:24
Huckabee Scaling Back Operations... 12:54:20
January 28 State of the Union money bomb (spate) 12:53:41
removing the new world odor 12:52:50
GOOD Article...on Fox Site!! 12:50:49
Good article 12:49:53
Ask the John Birch Society to Endorse Ron Paul 12:40:18
I Repeat: the Fundraising Tracker Should Stay on the Daily Paul homepage 12:31:27
Markets Down, Prime time to talk RP!!! 12:20:54
We need a George Washington Money Bomb!!! 12:20:35
What is the Ron Paul Campaign Strategy? 12:20:01
Glenn Beck radio 12:19:50
Bill Clinton falling asleep during MLK day speech - Video 12:18:39
Well, the Fed's 75 basis point cut is working 12:17:19
BUCHANAN - McCain is "Bush on Steroids" (VIDEO) 12:16:59
We are in need of help in Florida 12:15:33
One of the greatest Articles Yet - A must read and Follow! 12:15:14
Florida supporters 12:14:14
Why is Ron Paul campaigning in Louisiana? 12:12:12
GOP changed to fit the neocons agenda.. 12:08:38
MSN poll... 12:06:45
Weekly AOL Straw Poll - VOTE TODAY! 12:04:27
test 11:59:53
Cheney - A 'Quagmire' - in his own words 11:52:27
Debate Comic 11:51:40
She is in Laveen, Arizona tonight!!! 11:48:50
Let's get the blimp up ASAP 11:44:44
The Billionaire Rumor... 11:41:52
Proof of Election Fraud likely in NH for all you naysayers read this. For everyone else read this 11:29:48
Republican committee set for straw poll tonight...NW Arkansas. "IMPORTANT" 11:22:13
Louisiana: post info here 11:21:56
Donald Luskin on National Review Online starting to see the light? 11:20:23
Mexico set to interfere in US Elections-Lou Dobbs 11:19:00
Paulson Praises Fed! Says Stimulus Plan Needed! 11:17:49
Donations This Quarter 11:11:27
Can someone create a comercial showing RP's forsignt into issues...Economy? War, etc... 10:56:38
Wake Up! It's the "Groundhog Day Rebellion" 10:53:06
A new banner "I told u so" "Ron Paul 2008" 10:43:02
in 5 mins, the dow has plunged 400 points 10:40:34
Fund Raising Ticker should remain on "Daily Paul" website 10:34:05
Ron Paul meets with Jane Roe today 10:30:38
The Paulonomics Factor - Donald Luskin of Nat'l Review - Interesting 10:23:57
Strike and March Millions march on the White House April 15th to oppose theft day 10:21:33
Michael - PLEASE add a paypal donation button at the top now! 10:15:27
Does anyone have a list of Ron Paul Books? 10:14:25
California Democrats 10:06:43
Honey...It's President Paul on the phone and he wants to talk to you. 09:57:10
Any news on NH Recounts? 09:54:17
Fed emergy rate cut 09:50:24
Newest Chuck Norris Comment 09:49:44
Let's flood Jon Steward's email with thank-yous 09:45:16
Who Dat Say They Gonna Beat Ron Paul 09:40:32
Fed drops interest rate 75 basis points 09:35:21
Where is a safe place to buy Gold American Eagles? 09:34:41
Why the U.S. stock market will crash tomorrow !WATCH THIS! 09:34:29
Ron Paul in New Orleans 1-21-08 (YouTube) 09:29:54
Just annouced FED to cut discount rate .75% 09:23:51
Huck Broke - Staff asked to work for zero 09:21:30
Romney says he's the man to fix the economy?? 09:10:37
Benton, Co Arkansas straw poll tonight 08:49:46
Paul Blames Fed Reserve for Economy's Woes - Houston Chronicle 08:48:20
Philadelphia's new black Mayor just endorsed Clinton He promoted - 08:46:48
defense contractor posts WAR propaganda piece of indefinate stay 08:32:10
They are ready to listen today 08:26:57
LA Times head editor fired 08:25:10
The dark side of McCain...article and ugly photo 08:03:48
Good or Bad? Another Opportunity For Vote Fraud. 07:39:56
Hardball: Cramer disses the FED again! 07:18:54
I Think Morning Joe S. Got the AX 07:06:57
Airport Security - Check this out 06:43:24
Help, I Need The Link to "From The Wilderness" 05:39:32
Billboard poster for sale! 05:35:43
MLK Jr. March + Ron Paul 04:54:37
Global Century (Funny Video) 04:30:24
How to get the media to stop ignoring Ron Paul (this is your duty) 04:26:18
Blimp needs $8,000 04:22:38
Possible Florida Vote Fraud Already Happening? 04:19:21
Ron Paul will destroy any Democrat in the National Election 04:09:41
WNDs Farah sez Ron Paul ain't so bad...sort of 03:56:29
UN Wants Final Word on Rearing Your Kids 03:49:03
Rudy made NY a "sanctuary" city 03:45:23
How about making OPERATION DONATE NOW????????? 03:45:12
The Great American Strike on April 15, 2008 03:39:36
Pre-emptive nuclear strike a key option, Nato told 03:38:43
Good Video 03:37:53
Florida Meetup Group Totals 03:37:28
And you wonder why rudy continues to get media coverage 03:22:45
More people asking me about Ron Paul every day! In Iowa! 03:14:04
Mitt, Mormonism & Blacks 03:05:59
MSM bombs 02:59:10
Huck ends press freebies 02:43:45
Christian Newswire link...Ron Paul Endorsment tommorow 02:41:59
Write Nat'l Right to Life and request they endorse Dr. Paul - NOW! 02:35:15
Ron Paul WEB BOMB to Support Revolutionaries... 02:27:04
Something Smells Fishy with this site... 02:23:47
LOUISIANANS!! Today is your day!! Please participate in your caucus!! 02:21:31
RP blames the FED! 02:14:59
Need Help 02:07:52
Mitt gaffe is going viral! 02:00:42
My Reply to FOX News MLK article 01:59:35
Federal Reserve System (1996) 01:56:33
Tell Us How You Really Feel, Jack! 01:55:36
Who would Dr. King endorse? 01:53:03
Who would Dr. King endorse? 01:51:57
Why Ron Paul will win Super Tuesday! 01:46:10
Tucker/Gillespie/"OTHER" CFR Guy 1/21/08 01:45:21
Canada for Ron Paul 01:41:37
Time to respond (intelligently) to this misguided author 01:38:10
The American Ideal of 1776 01:37:43
Woooooo Hoooooooo! 01:35:55
Tomorrow's Ron Paul Press Conference 01:27:21
"The Road to Serfdom" - Are we going to be slaves?? Idea from Robert Paul 01:24:06
14 Symptons That Only The Good Doctor Can Fix 01:23:04
Are we not Financially Fine Through Super Tuesday? 01:20:55
Will Jan. 23rd Donations Crash Like the Dow? 01:14:59
Plea for Peace: True Forgiveness 01:06:43
1.852 Million Not... 01:04:14
Last ten min, aw screw it I'm donating again!! 00:54:49
Kurt Vonnegut on our campaign 00:50:09
NATO wants pre-emptive nuke option 00:47:13
Cafferty Video, Bush tries to pardon himself for War Crimes 00:38:50
BOOYAH FOR YA 00:37:52
Market Crash: History repeats itself with scarily similar details 00:31:23
Latest Anti-Paul Article from Faux News 00:30:38
Jon Stewart Daily Show just mentioned Ron Paul 00:27:18
Florida Radio Station Poll 00:20:14
2 mil is not chump change 00:15:21
Up with the revolutionary spirit! RP strategy is set up to win! 00:04:49