Posted on January 24, 2008

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Hawaii's caucuses starts tomorrow! 09:28:24
Encouraging signs 09:05:31
Attention! Want to convert every Jewish person to Ron Paul? 02:31:04
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Paul's Question To McCain 23:56:27
MediaSucksNBC online poll 23:53:33
How are questions posed to Ron so amusing to those who ask them? 23:53:29
Major Reverb on RPs Mic. Totally Distracting. 23:52:58
(Satire) "Ron Paul Recycles 1960s Economic Plan" 23:52:11
A BIG Thank You To The Media, And The 3 Dillweeds On Stage With RP In The Fla. Debate 23:49:38
MSNBC POLL 23:46:50
who's creating youtube videos of tonight's debate? 23:43:40
Did anyone else get the very subtle way Dr Paul just........... 23:42:53
Coupe De Gras!!!! 23:37:35
Very disappointed in this debate 23:30:50
McCain's mother says he has no support from base 23:27:39
Huckleberry's finances 23:24:26
Text poll? 23:22:41
Text poll? 23:21:10
Did anyone hear the whisper to Romney? 23:21:06
Ron Paul Super Bowl Ad 23:14:53
McCain had NO idea about the Working Group on Financial Markets (Here is his reading list.) 23:11:54
Ron Paul is the best! He looks really strong tonight!! 23:07:47
Ron Paul is the best! He looks really strong tonight!! 23:06:45
Boca Debate: they wouldn't let speak the entire second segment 23:06:14
Someone begining to see the DAD! 23:03:17
McCain is clueless about Economics!!!!!!!!!!!! 22:51:37
Did anyone else just hear that? 22:47:31
Don Luskin, as RP Campaign's official Economic Advisor. 22:32:26
Most conservatives detest McCain. Ron Paul makes his points. 22:31:48
A little update on La. Caucuses as of 8:00PM 1/24 22:25:37
Why Ron Paul Cannot Lose 22:25:09
Mama McCain: Son Has No Support From Base 22:25:03
mccain is about as dumb as bush... 22:23:17
9:16 Finally asked him a ? 22:17:08
Autographed RP Liberty Dollar for sale on Ebay!!! 22:08:37 22:03:35
Ron - May the Force Be With You 22:02:28
Ron Paul looks Great! 21:59:52
El Debate 21:57:26
<<<<<<Take Action Sign Petition, For Ron Paul to Debate McCain 1on1>>>>>> 21:57:10
I just went three weeks with no internet access. 21:56:36
What about the Gambling Community in Florida? 21:51:09
Digg it to the sky 21:37:39
After FL there will only be 3 candidates left and one of them will be Ron Paul 21:37:07
Ron Paul Has Been Ahead Of All The Candidates In Tonights Debate 21:34:23
Ron Paul Campaign to Louisiana GOP: Count All the Votes 21:19:30
Jim Forsythe for Congress 21:11:59
IPPAC & 21:11:06
Critical Weekend for Canvassing Precincts !!! 21:11:01
POLITICO DEBATE: We have #1 under most popular. Keep voting to keep it there 21:10:04
Tonights debate 21:04:24
The truth to Dr. Pauls words are beyond doubt.... 20:55:35
Amnesty: McCain's Waterloo 20:53:47
Don Luskin Named Economic Advisor to the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign 20:53:13
How do you keep the war going anf fix the broken economy at the same time? 20:49:42
The republican recount begins today in NH 20:49:21
Help Hawaii 20:47:54
Movin' on up in Georgia... 20:43:04
Politicians keep giving us empty words 20:40:17
Rise - Ron Paul Song 20:34:48
Please stop posting on this thread and post here instead 20:25:35
Excellent interview 20:24:05
advertising for Ron Paul 20:19:33
How will they portray Dr. Paul tonight? 20:10:14
Time to file suit against the Louisiana GOP 20:10:03
Ron Paul's Economy Plan needs to be read! Help us get the word out! 20:05:58
Ron Paul FL campaign strategy 19:52:55
The guy seen with Bush lately 19:50:38
Ron Paul eats McCain's lunch for breakfast 19:48:44
I need some help on certain issuses. 19:45:11
McCain/ Rambo what a crock 19:42:21
Paul needs to be aggressive tonight. 19:41:43
"And then, there were FIVE" 19:41:39
Cafferty just went off on CNN 19:38:17
looks like Iraq wants us off their streets 19:29:58
Maybe we should be copying Canada's economy!! 19:29:34
Pope John Paul, meet my hope, Ron Paul 19:28:08
I DON'T HAVE A TV!! HELP!! 19:24:42
Which candidate would most likely fix the U.S economy? 19:19:59
Just converted 10 people 19:13:31
Great Letter To The Editor Article On Ron Paul 19:12:53
Don Luskin named campaign economic Advisor!!! 19:11:51
Tucker Defends RP to Former RNC Chair 19:09:16
What to Say to Non-Believers in Paulitics 19:08:37
Health Threat from EU & UN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 19:06:10
Author Woke Up as RP Authority / PhD Economist & Wrote Hit Piece 19:04:49
RP Economic Stimulus Plan seems watered-down 19:04:13
Ron Paul Signs on Cross Country Trucks and Trailers. Please! 19:03:57
Just noticed something on Google 18:59:54
Gold rose $30 per ounce today at $913! 18:59:42
nevermind 18:59:24
Dave- where's the follow up on GodTube? 18:58:04
Ron Paul would have WON Louisiana 18:55:03
"End the Income Tax" Flyer 18:51:49
Who do we want to win Florida? 18:51:35
Link For MSNBC Debate Tonight???? 18:46:12
Great opportunity for Paul campaign & its supporters 18:44:59
New -Ron Paul Report Website 18:43:22
BLOWBACK gone bad 18:42:26
Matching Funds 18:39:12
"Not Just a Campaign, It's a Movement" 18:38:06
WHATS THE REAL CONTRAVERSY IN LA ?:::Ron Paul Campaign to Louisiana GOP: Count All the Votes 18:33:58
...a few dollars and a couple of minutes 18:27:14
First 30 minutes of MSNBC debate are Candidates questioning one another! What should Paul ask and to whom? 18:25:41
Positive News Article On 2nd Place Finish In LA!!!! 18:24:12
Need help on a vote for RP 18:22:30
Huckabee alienates Arkansas GOP 18:20:32
FL Ron Paul Supporters - Get Over to FAU Now! No RP Signs Behind 18:18:46
Stallone Endorses McCain - Boycott new "Rambo" Movie! 18:14:16
Are there any links of the media talking about Ron Pauls economic plan 18:14:04
The legacy of Bush’s presidency 18:07:03
An important question to be addressed concerning war in Iraq. 18:07:01
WOW! RP can win California! Hilarious News! 18:06:15
PRESS RELEASE › Ron Paul Campaign to Louisiana GOP: Count All the Votes 18:04:25
Let's Welcome Kucinich Supporters to the Paul Campaign 18:00:14
Undecided Florida Republican Mentioned Ron Paul 17:48:33
Paul: 'Momentum is going to continue' 17:46:49
Plain Dealer reports: Kucinich Drops Out 17:46:36
They asked for it--Let's do it!!! 17:44:23
New diet craze sweeping the nation 17:41:26
New!!!! - President Paul's economic plan 17:37:31
What does the Campaign need? Precinct Captains and Donations!! 17:36:59
Education,Free Markets,etc. 17:36:49
New RP ad! Excellent! Use this one, Grassroots Patriots! 17:33:14
John Gibson Mocks Heath Ledgers Death on Air 17:29:36
Propaganda! Understand! 17:29:01
What FAUX News STILL doesnt want you to see! 17:23:54
Ron Paul, the founding fathers, and redeeming America 17:23:19
Donators of the FAUX NEWS, RP ANNIVERSARY, BOSTONTVPARTY on Feb 1st, read THIS. 17:20:28
Fred & Rudy Supporters Won't Go to Ron Paul 17:15:53
Faux News Hypocrisy - Criticizing NY Times 4 "Hit Job" on Romney! 17:10:56
Faux News Moneybomb Feb 1st!! 17:03:14 - What's Behind The Record Price Of Gold? 16:59:51
A question for you on the 2nd Amendment 16:59:06
DailyShow: P.J. O'Rourke On the Wealth of Nations 16:50:59
I'm amazed at the childish name calling and complaining here and on the streets 16:50:27
What would Ron do with his rebate check? 16:49:15
The first rule of PAUL CLUB is... 16:46:53
Debate News Pre-packaged by AP - MSM 16:46:18
Quick Summary of Ron's Economic Stimulus Announced Today 16:44:48
Constitutional protections against state laws? 16:44:21
when is ron paul going to be in portland maine? 16:41:45
Please don't hate me for suggesting this... 16:40:19
I want Paul to press Rudy and Mitt on a draft 16:37:55
This is gonna be a good one! 16:36:20
Congressman Paul Comes in 2nd in Louisiana 16:33:20
***Huckabee struggles with empty coffers*** 16:32:43
Dr. Paul's economic plan, did you Digg? 16:12:44
Another Online Poll for Those Who Love Them.....RP Needs Votes! 16:12:43
ATTN: FL RP Supporters: Destroying Rudys support 16:10:54
ATTN: FL RP Supporters: Destroying Rudys support 16:10:50
Can we please set a money bomb(storm) date... days are passing us by 15:59:57
Daily Ron Paul hour 7:00-8:00 PM EST. Donate what you can. 15:59:13
Paul's belief about using the arms of the 2nd amendment against the gov't 15:58:29
I hope someone will 15:45:59
How about weekly goals instead of money bombs? 2 million a week=about 25 million a quarter 15:41:37
Are Deep Pockets Around? 15:38:14
War on Drugs 15:33:10
I LOVE BUT... 15:30:57 - Keep This Handy During the Debate Tonight 15:27:00
where can we go to recruit fred's supporter? 15:24:03
WORLDNETDAILY.COM POLL is asking "Who are you voting for President ?".... 15:19:03
VOTE NOW in WorldNetDaily Poll 15:17:52
the revitalization plan is on the site now... 15:16:36
Gold Standard - Great article by Dr. Paul written over 20 years ago! 15:15:34
A Challenge to Barak Obama: Lie Detector test 15:14:55
a little bit from tennessee calling for thomson supporters to come to paul... 15:14:40
Lets all Play the MSM GAME... 15:14:00
Please Digg - Ron Paul's Economic Package - Please Digg 15:01:37
USA Today puts picture of 4 candidates on cover 15:01:00
Super Tuesday won't decide nominations (AP) 15:00:41
TAX REBATE: Completely OUTRAGEOUS!!!! 14:58:04
Read Article, then Fax Pelosi 14:57:22
Mini-Money Bomb 7PM Eastern Before NBC Debate 14:55:54
401(k) + Mandatory Withdraw age 70 1/2 + Baby Boomers = BAD 14:50:41
Ron Paul's new Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan!! 14:42:13
Music for the Revolution 14:36:06
I'm Not Trying To Depress Anyone -- I Just Want You To See This For What It Is 14:31:41
"A troop will die today, everyone but me on this stage thinks that death was necessary:" 14:29:35
Hitler's Cross (How Hitler Crushed the church in Germany) 14:26:46
Brokered Convention? Can someone help a Ron Paul gal out here? 14:25:33
can i get some help e mailing or calling portland maine news stations? 14:22:13
What about W. VA.? 14:19:37
Can Neo-cons and Dems string us along... 14:16:42
Congressmen for Ron Paul 14:14:11
Best Answers to "He can't win" 14:13:41
Where did the RP blimp site go? 14:12:02
Unbelievable video!!!! 14:11:24
Ron Paul: Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan 14:02:15
Jim Forsythe for US Congress! 13:59:56
Donate your economic stimulus check to Ron Paul! 13:57:41
Professional Ron Paul Ads from Granny - Please Bump 13:52:45
<<<<Take Action Sign Petion and Vote in Polls>>>> 13:50:49
Prescription for Prosperity: Congressman Paul Unveils Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan!!! 13:45:55
3 New Florida Polls out today - Ron Paul at 4% 13:43:39
Racing for the White House or the Out House ? 13:41:44
Ron Paul on the Economy--first on faux??!! 13:35:42
Paul wins Benton County poll (in Arkansas) 13:34:19
INSPIRING Radio: Brian Malatesta -- CommonSense flyers! 13:31:08
INSPIRING Radio: Brian Malatesta -- CommonSense flyers! 13:30:52
i respond to saul and i get flagged 13:20:24
935 Iraq Falsehoods 13:19:02
Will You Pledge Your Rebate 13:12:56
DIGG-Pentagon Agrees to send $ Millions and US Special Forces to Pakistan 13:05:16
need help with a letter 13:01:26
There is a Counter Huck Bomb going on this weekend 13:00:05
Has Anyone Given This Serious Thought? TAXES (a list) 12:58:16
An Excellent article Digg this 12:55:16
FL Debate Tonight: Are you going? Where is the hangout? 12:47:54
Recent News items I'd like to know more about... 12:46:04
Liberty Card Question 12:45:20
OMG!!!! YOU'VE GOTTA SEE THIS!!!!!!!! 12:43:25
FUNDRAISER TONIGHT - DEBATE GAME Let's Use their words to raise money for Ron Paul. This will be fun! 12:42:49
McCain admits that he “doesn’t really understand economics” 12:42:13
Not Disliked - Just Ignored 12:40:12
This has to go viral !! 12:39:10
Glenn Beck Radio Today (anyone listen) 12:37:49
Huge News! Ron Paul to Unveil Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan 12:36:45
Can someone help me 12:33:59
A Tribute 12:33:50
'Jane Roe' of Roe v Wade endorses Ron Paul - *Please Digg* 12:29:18
What is the Catholic support for Dr. Paul? 12:28:51
Ron Paul TELEVOLUTION 12:25:54
A big difference between Ron Paul and the others 12:24:35
McCain About To Be Swiftboated 12:21:22
****NEW AOL DISLIKE POLL**** 12:19:51
Great Article 12:19:43
Offering Graphic/Website Help! 12:18:21
Cheney prods Senate to extend surveillance law 12:15:36
JUST Posted on Smells! 12:15:02
Yet another cool band sticking their necks out for Ron Paul... 12:11:05
401K: Are We Trapped? 12:05:15
New Poll - Larry King Live (vote for Ron Paul) 12:04:30
Miami Herald on Florida Primary: No Commentary on Ron Paul! Please read the Article and call the Hearld! 11:55:34
What Celebrity Do We Have? 11:53:50
FREE Ron Paul Signs! Literature! Pass this on! 11:52:21
Watch Daily (It Really Helps) 11:49:48
Congressmen for Ron Paul - New webpage 11:48:39
Ron Paul Posisitions Wikipedia Page 11:48:07
ESP (Economic Stimulus for Paul) 11:46:24
Where is a Video of Louisiana Results PLEASE? 11:46:06
getting ready for hard times 11:39:49
Pope Tells Fox News to Clean Up Its Act 11:27:06
Commercial ideas 11:24:31
Aljazeera on Paul! 11:23:14
"Money Bomb to End All Money Bombs" 11:19:36
Georgias OWN grassroots commercial compilation!!! 11:17:43
Forward this article to all of the Church groups in your area!!!! 11:11:48 : McCain wins Louisiana caucus: preliminary results 11:11:13
SC economy must be slowing FAST! 11:10:36
*** Money Bomb to End All Money Bombs!!!!! UPDATE 11:10:36
they're working it in OHIO 11:05:24
BREAKING NEWS! Dr. Paul to unveil economics reform plan!! 11:04:50
McCloverfield 11:04:21
Disregard, made a new post. 10:47:48
"Mr. Military" McCain interfered with investigations into POW/MIA? 10:44:50
So I was at college putting Slim Jims on cars when an officer came up to me....UPDATE! 10:36:52
The Invisible Winning Republican 10:32:34
Florida rEVOLutionaries! Protest Missions! 10:30:52
Pledge now to give your $300 rebate to Ron Paul 10:15:19
Medved is creepy 10:13:07
McCain Vs. McCain ... excuse me while I vomit!!! 10:13:05
This is EASY!! 10:12:02
Yard sign idea 10:07:20
The Counter-Intel Thread 09:56:57
World Net Daily Poll: WHO WILL YOU VOTE FOR ? Dr. Paul in lead..... 09:55:48
Defence Spending Chalmers Johnson 09:53:21
Over 900 false statements leading into war in Iraq, and MSM doesn't seem to care 09:51:38
People need to know who John McCain really is 09:22:59
Romney tops in ill will among GOP rivals 09:03:38
Washington Rally on Independence Day 09:03:11
Double Agent Delegates 08:25:36
We cannot let go of how slimy the Louisiana GOP caucus was... 08:08:02
Don't Ever Do This - If You Do, Say You Support Another Candidate 07:58:44
[YouTube]Ron Paul New Jersey Radio Interview 07:58:06
[YouTube] State Senator Bob Hedlund supports Ron Paul (Watch This!) 07:50:13
It seems like these people want to cause a terrorist act or bring about 07:49:09 making up totals for NH primary? 06:35:23
Paul agrees with Corsi on NAU 06:14:38
Write to Glenn Beck 05:54:31
RonPaulBlimp raising money for Superbowl comercial 05:43:35
George Soros/Lyndon LaRouche 04:54:55
RP on Cavuto - watch here 04:53:25
Some quotes about us from the Julie Annie Forums - enjoy 04:38:20
We Must Act 04:35:48
9/11 Japan Parliament MUST SEE Japan Questioning 911 04:32:20
MA State Senator talks about Ron Paul (Video) 04:28:42
Stop "bombing" things 04:24:47
Ron Paul second in Louisiana!!! 04:22:35
New Jersey: Public Opposition to Toll Roads Leads to Arrest video 04:06:14
Voting Machine Issues - Florida to vote on paper...AFTER PRIMARIES! 03:57:33
Ron Paul Art To Lighten Spirits 03:50:03
Mrs. Ron Paul Interview 03:40:08
Ron Paul DIGG BOMB 03:38:44
Delegates on American soil-pseudo bump 03:33:31
New online poll 03:27:25
Watch this! Funny vid! RP 2008! 03:17:28
for all you McCain lovers (not) here. Watch this, then wipe your tears 03:17:11
All These Money Bomb Suggestions Have To Stop 03:16:55
CNN Larry King Florida Poll. Vote and bump thread 03:13:16
Gas Stations! 03:07:08
"PrayerAndFastingEarthquake" 03:07:06
Map of RP supporters 03:06:14
Ron Paul Registry - go signup and ask your buddies to as well. 7000+ already 03:02:20
Vote for RP in new Newsmax poll 02:58:30
51st Anniversary Video (The Love Bomb) 02:52:03
Infiltrate the Enemy 02:50:53
Posted Dr.Paul's announcement of New Economic Plan at *QUICK UPDATE* 02:45:20
Paper ballots!!----------Paper ballot bomb!!! 02:41:02
Ron Paul to Unveil Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan 02:38:42
Presidential Poll on 02:37:23
Hey! The Naked Man Banner Ad is Still Up!!! 02:34:10
This is how delegate votes were legally increased in LA and how we can do this in other caucuses 02:30:26
Ron Paul to Unveil Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan 02:30:07
Buy the Provisional list for 5K or sue them 02:26:33
Lou Dobbs mentioned Ron Paul! 02:26:11
IMPORTANT: Lest We Forget Why We're Here 02:24:16
Us & Thompson Supporters 02:18:15
Critiques and rebuttals are how science advances 02:12:40
The End of America 02:11:20
A Way to get the money Raised NOW!!! 02:06:31
Please take the time out to send a letter of thank you to glen beck! 02:05:14
Homage to Fred Thompson 02:04:09
Want to see what bills Ron Paul has sponsored? 02:04:02
Nabbed us a Fred-Head tonight 02:02:08
Ron Paul Comprehensive Economic Revitalization Plan 02:00:32
Digg it! Voters: An Election is NOT a "Horse Race" 01:56:37
Slim Jim Precint Cluster Bombs!!! 01:56:02
The Coming Financial Collapse of America 01:55:14
What kind of fight are we in ? 01:54:48
Huckabee official campaign circumventing FEC regulations 01:54:14
An open letter to Ron Paul and other freedom loving individuals 01:50:28
Is Fox News Killing Reagan Conservatism 01:49:42
East German Style Spying On USA Citizens 01:45:12
Fight homeschool poll - 3 clicks 01:39:58
The Killer B's 01:37:23
Fred Heads Turning to Ron Paul! 01:36:33
Great Social Security Article 01:29:05
Take a stand against Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorist Act 01:23:21
Taking Aim at McCain and Romney 01:22:38
Paper ballots in COLORADO! 01:21:54
Thank you Sacramento! 01:19:34
My Ron Paul-Israel Flyer is Taking OFF! Many Jewish people are converting to Ron Paul! 01:17:52
"They Are Going To Kill Capitalism" 01:16:50
The Question Was Answered Six Years Ago 01:10:02
Dead Cat, but... Irony of all ironies, J.Kirchick's Source is the NEONAZI Bill White!!! 01:06:42
The MSM says Dr. Paul is wrong on everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! 01:01:04
Our Counterintelligence Sucks! 00:58:32
Can anyone tell me... 00:58:24
Please help? 00:51:31
Online poll 00:50:35
Louisiana Caucus-- IT IS NOT FINAL! 00:48:46
Ron Paul won straw poll in Arkansas! 00:48:27
You can vote for Ron Paul TODAY in Illinois!!! 00:43:51
Feb 4 money Bomb 00:35:36
Just a few Questions: 00:28:48
Todays Coverage (Jan 23rd) 00:28:41
Trying to convert family 00:10:46
Please! If Your State's Primary Is On Or Before Feb. 5th - Become a Precinct Leader Immediately! 00:09:37
McCain wins Louisiana caucus: preliminary results 00:08:08
Need help getting message directly to campaign 00:07:28
Guerrilla Newspaper Takeover Network - For Ron Paul - Update 00:06:01
Original Anniversary idea started right here on Dailypaul!!! 09:28:25