Posted on January 28, 2008

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Giuliani hints at possible exit from GOP race 19:10:50
New Ron Paul ads from HQ! 15:26:23
State of the Union Address Tonight - 9PM ET 15:11:53
Ron Paul interview on FOX - Seattle 13:24:20
Left vs. Right: The Illusion of Opposites 12:31:09
Devvy Kidd: NH Recount - Urgent Action Required 12:12:16
Ron Paul Needs Your Voice in Kansas! 12:04:53
Please support Operation Call4Paul 01:15:59
Video: Ron Paul Updates Us on Campaign Progress 13:24:21
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ron-paul-under-radar-strategy-super tuesday 23:57:04
Paul Defeats Clinton! 23:54:48
Blood Stains in the Snow Ruby Ridge Idaho 23:48:30
San Francisco Chronicle Endorses McCain - WTF? 23:41:22
Huckabee swamping Florida with campaign ads 23:39:08
The forces of socialism are upon us 23:35:51
+ + Message from Ron Paul 1-28 on Strategy & Delegates + + 23:34:27
We need to Extend and Olive Branch to Huckabee Supporters NOW 23:31:10
State by state mini bombs to get the 23 Mil. 23:28:08
Everyone...keep it simple... 23:21:03
How to WIN FLORIDA!! 23:18:26
This is a great tool to get Votes! 23:15:19
New Ron Paul Ad.. lets jerk em out of their seats 23:15:18
Maybe other world citizens should pick the next potus. 23:11:28
PLEASE Vote For My Politico Question! Put McCain on the SPOT! 23:01:00
Recount New Hampshire UPDATE! 22:57:46
Was there A state of the union Money Bomb. Wow we are cooking! 22:57:17
To Iran's Leaders: We will defend our interests in the persian gulf. -bush 22:54:10
Notice how divided our congress is? ...watching this state of the union... 22:50:36
Say Goodbye and Thanks for the Blimp! 22:41:17
Frickin W just used the "L" word! 22:39:20
Oh boy! We might overtake Huck for today. 22:33:56
Bet Chuck sure is getting tired of writting those Huckabee checks 22:33:53
WHAT IF??? 22:33:09
Email message from Ron Paul - Strategy going forward 22:31:51
Look behind Bush 22:30:10
Does Bush really know how full of it he is? 22:24:59
Kennedy the red nosed policitian 22:24:31
LA GOP recruiting new leadership! 22:22:51
Check out the symbolism behind the president 22:21:49
Actual Quote from a Huckabee supporter 22:15:27
YouTube Rebuttal 22:12:27
**** Talk is Cheap **** 22:08:34
AOL poll has been reset. Vote now!! 22:02:01
Huckabee, what a hack! 21:57:57
A Message for "Saul4Paul2" 21:57:20
**** The Most Important Message At This Time **** 21:57:17
New Billboard Designs for Austin 21:55:26
A Wachowski brothers endorsement would be nice. 21:49:23
spotaneous money bomb 21:46:16
The Most Important Message At This Time 21:45:47
New Hampshire Recount Update 21:44:58
Ron Paul Billboards 21:40:46
Need a good laugh today? 21:39:45
Ron Paul Has Class, wish ALL of his supporters did too 21:32:51
Please help us move this question to the top 5 for the CNN debate on 1/30 21:30:30
DIGG! Laugh Rudy out of the race 21:29:09
+++ RP Chocolates for Valentines Day--proceeds to RP campaign + + + 21:24:25
Hello Campaign? Where's our Guy? 21:20:41
zeitgeist movie 21:16:45
* Cute-useful too - For the Kids- Ron Paul Political Report: KIDZ Page * 21:16:27
The Ant and The Grasshopper 21:12:51
Question:What is Ron Paul's Circular Lapel Pin? 21:10:39 election poll 21:09:39
The more popular Ron Paul gets, the more MSM will ignore him. 21:08:21
Falling Satellite 21:06:28
Where does your state stand? 21:03:28
* * * Drug Testing for Politicians...Huh...say what? * * * 20:59:41
RP excluded from MySpace/MTV Super dialog? 20:59:41
State by State Money Bomb 20:58:31
Life Liberty Property Self-Ownership 20:49:36
Drew Carey Endorsement? 20:49:03
TWIC is coming 20:48:27
Paul won Connecticut straw poll!---beat Hillary! 20:47:23
Ron Paul beats MSM 20:45:51
Surge? What Surge? 20:45:49
Paul: Stimulus is 'fiction' 20:40:48
Continuous Money, Volunteer, and PL Bomb till Feb 5th. DONATE and JOIN NOW! 20:40:34
Schiff on Beck! NOW!~! 20:38:06
Videos: Life, Liberty, The Tax Issue and Ron's Record Vs. the Others 20:35:51
a moment of your time please! 20:23:20
Found the BEST Henry Kissinger quote ever on Now Public...look 20:22:46
Don Luskin Interview 20:22:06
AP "Hit Piece" ... by Omission 20:13:50
Much Needed: Video with Love Train song by The O'Jays 20:08:25
Ron Paul and the EBay Effect 20:07:17
***New Ron Paul Radio Ad*** I like it !! 20:03:53
Hawai'i causus update 20:03:40
Need Video with Love Train song by The O'jays 19:58:38
Ohio advertising! 19:54:17
And Be Prepared for the Ron Paul Onslaught 19:52:56
An idea 19:48:35
Latest Message from Ron ---- Jan. 28th, 2008 ----- Excellent! 19:41:25
This is what we are fighting against..... 19:39:27
Government Poisoning Population with Chemtrails? Cause of Morgellons Disease?? 19:35:53
Dominate and WIN with this strategy 19:31:21
A Letter from Ron - Jan 28 - Reveals Strategy! 19:31:13
When Will Huck Go Away? 19:25:46
Why "winner take all" system needs to go! 19:25:15
We got Ron on our local news with no effort... 19:23:34
John McCain: the Manchurian Candidate? 19:17:10
The Economy and your Senator and Representative, Write them 19:16:20
How to market the "Anniversary Bomb" 19:13:25
Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal 18:56:19
deleted 18:54:32
* * * Make it PERSONAL!!!! A get em mad reality check!! 18:51:47
Want To Get The Entire Pro-Israel Community to Vote for Ron Paul? Please Cick Here. 18:49:55
Please, Send Your Thoughts 18:49:23
Keep Giving to Meet our Feb 5th Goal!!! 18:38:44
Free Advertising - 1,2,3 18:37:55
The Unmasking of the Corporate Media 18:31:10
Quickly: need a one page black and white for an ad 18:29:51
Rand Paul coverage on WKRN -Nashville today 18:26:14
Are you ashamed that you support Ron Paul 18:14:30
===Maine working hard for Ron Paul=== 18:13:50
Another Straw Paul win 18:11:37
I saw on Ron Paul's comment on youtubeThe Mayor hints on dropping out lololol is it true or not just got home 18:11:31
Gotta love this....VT town votes to arrest Bush and Cheney 18:10:58
From the Daily Dose 18:10:33
Success at the local media level! 17:59:52
Correction: National debt is not THE problem, it's PART of the problem 17:55:37
WOW. Breaking News on Ron Paul 17:45:22
Glenn Beck Lets Ron write in his Newsletter 17:41:15
Louisiana GOP posts final tally. Where do we stand? 17:40:13
Ron Paul committed to win Minnesota airs TV & radio ads 17:35:13
**MUST SEE** a 1988 Ron Paul interview: Powerbrokers behind the American Empire. 17:32:54
Obamas campaign donations under scrutiny 17:30:01
We Are All Just One Step From the Nut House 17:27:56
Positive stories...Who's going canvassing today? 17:24:50
Ron Paul - Media Coverage in Maine 17:17:32
Feedback Please- Business Idea- 50% to Ron Paul 17:16:24
List that Proves that Dr. Paul is Strong on Defense 17:01:47
The Ultimate Team Action Calling List (Phone, Email, Fax) Press, Federal, & State Officials 16:49:16
Great Comparison Chart! We should buy an ad in this Sunday New York Times! 16:46:06
Breaking News: Rudy Giuliani hints at dropping out 16:41:17
Important info from Devy Kidd on NH recount 16:38:43
Government the Destroyer -- Ron Paul's Economics -- The Correction 16:37:45
Just got back from Augusta, Maine where Paul was speaking 16:24:35
2 NEW RP Interviews 16:23:17
Fight the vote fraud before it is TOO late, especially NH residents 16:11:40
Please Digg this! 16:11:18
Wars Over Energy 15:54:41
Zogby Poll 15:51:38
Zogby Poll 15:51:13
New Hampshire Sham Chain of Custody - PART TWO 15:40:42
|Ron Pauls book is on sale for only ten dollars on the main site 15:40:41
***WAY TO HELP get people to vote--without you doing it*** 15:39:47
Really cash in on Feb 1st. Get Nationwide Local Media Coverage, easy to do... 15:33:26
another video of Ron Paul in Portland Maine 15:27:17
*new AOL poll*bump & vote* 15:22:40
a bit of Ron Paul in Portland 15:22:21
Please help Illinoispatriotspac fund ads for Ron Paul 15:21:23
MUST READ - If you want Ron to WIN 15:16:19
If McCain Loses In Florida Then The Huck Is Out For Vice-President 15:07:00 - The Job Board for the R3VOLution 14:58:27
Looking for some feedback 14:54:00
Don’t be fooled by polls in January predicting what may or may not happen in November 14:45:22
Buchanan: More Wars McCain would mean war with Iran. 14:43:45
This is exactly what we DO NOT Need! DC Metro area need help to correct this... 14:42:35
Heads-Up! Guam, No.Marianas, Amer. Samoa Delegates = 27!!! 14:39:53
My letter to ABC Radio regarding Super Tuesday Coverage 14:33:38
NH recount URGENT update...ACTION NEEDED 14:32:33
Financial Question 14:23:18
Is ANYONE paying attention??? 14:22:17
Suggestion - Lets ALL start to call McCain "More Wars McCain" everytime we use his name 14:20:50
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Mississippi-The Revolution is Everywhere 14:20:18
How do you close the deal? 14:19:52
Prediction of Campaign Press Strategy 14:15:55
Wake Up: Lessons of History 14:08:50
CNN Debate Question on Democracy 14:08:26
Why is the national debt a problem? 14:02:50
A Look At The Delegates (So Far) 13:58:47
Paul Congress Money Bomb 13:58:10
Ron Paul: Gold Market Rigged for Decades 13:55:47
How any one person can make a serious difference in the outcome for Ron Paul! 13:54:08
Obama's campaign slogan is "Change". Ron Paul's campaign slogan should be "Logic" 13:53:41
Will Ron Paul leave open local offices for candidates to use running under the RP platform? 13:49:06
An excellent comparison chart between ALL candidates. Only RP has... 13:48:27
How anyone person can make a serious difference in the outcome for Ron Paul! 13:45:45
New OFFICIAL Videos from the Ron Paul Campaign! 13:35:25
Chelsea Meets Ron Paul Supporters 13:34:55
Main Stream Media 13:25:09
Wristbands for April 15 protest/strike 13:24:40
McCain Warns: "There Will Be Other Wars" Sunday. Huffington Post "Video" 13:22:41
New slim jim, print, cut and go - free 13:20:08
Need suggestions 13:19:30
To Any Forumers 13:12:42
My Bid For Congress 13:12:00
The Eyes Of The World Are Upon You 13:11:10
Going for the Gold - Unflattering Photo of RP 13:10:53
Should Ron Paul decide the outcome in FL? 13:06:58 12:57:06
Any donation support would be appreciated.. 12:54:09
How can the world donate? 12:53:15
I just found out 12:52:34
mitt romney gets pranked by arnold schwarzzeneger!!!! 12:48:00
No I will not comply!! Period!! (Excellent video) 12:41:08
RP Classified ads-help! 12:41:08
FOX Seattle. Excellent RP interview 12:39:51
Huckabee Plays Chicken With the Media 12:22:09
Official Site - Requests Your Photos of Junior Revolutionaries 12:15:34
Rand Paul coverage on WKRN -Nashville 12:15:00
Front Page News in TN!!! 11:49:43
deleted 11:27:21
Ron Paul Racing Daytona Idea 11:21:53
Saddam lied about having WMD's, FBI Interrogator says 11:17:31
Final Grassroots PUSH!! 11:04:54
I went to vote today and argued w/ the head lady in the county about Diebold 11:01:51
The People Speak.............Upcoming Documentary 10:58:32
A Commercial To Speak To All Generations......STARWARS 10:55:25
Mike Church Is a huge advocate 10:54:36
*****Money Bomb Competition 10:52:05
Devvy Kidd says we can help! (Recount in NH) 10:38:28
The future of our movement: The Ron Paul voting block. 10:34:26
MSNBC debate relatively fair 10:26:07
Ron Paul: The Most Manly Candidate 10:25:57
NH Re-Count Question. 10:24:07
New Hour Fundrasining record to beat 10:23:02
12923 Leaders in 11,995 Precincts! 10:20:57
Please help me to distribute this Ron Paul appeal message. 10:20:41
Have you googled Ron Paul today ?!! 10:19:07
Save Money on Your Phone Bill - Give to the Campaign! 09:57:13
Big Government 09:55:43
60 Minutes yesterday? 09:52:42
Ron Paul: Four Part Campaign History (OFFICIAL VIDEOS) 09:49:36
Georgia TV Cable Ads 09:32:07
The Moral Case for Hot Revolution 09:30:10
Money Raising Idea 09:27:46
Wisconsin - 1/31 Reg. Deadline 08:57:15
Stimulus Plan Blowback...Higher Mortgage Rates Possible 08:53:48
Important DATES! 08:46:19
Push "Fifity One Years" mass donation 08:32:48
hillary-clinton-to-vote-no-cloture on FISA 08:28:22
Romney Gains in fl 08:15:03
Health Care Issues 08:14:28
Will RP be in the next Debate? 08:09:35
Next debate - WEDS 1/30 07:57:49
paul-chances-thinning 07:54:51
Where did MY $600 go 07:50:58
** FL e-Voting Systems Failed Certification ** 07:19:39
Saddam Hussein tricked us??? 07:19:01
More Wars McCain - send him a message 07:15:47
How LA threw away Paul's votes 07:15:33
Ron Paul 4 Part Campaign History: Part 2 - From - YOUTUBE 07:08:56
Email FORBES NOW! 06:13:24
I know someone who would love Paul, but they've been lied to. What do I do? 05:38:45
Dear Mainstream Media 05:34:14
Laws uncovered requiring voters to be able to watch count 05:24:12
Seattle Loves Ron Paul 05:09:26
January 20, 2029 at the Ron Paul Constitution Day Celebration (20 years after the Ron Paul Inauguration) 05:04:11
dead post 04:58:52
For thoughs that were asking about gold and silver. 04:48:44
Why Should You Give All the Money You Can Get Your Hands On To Ron Paul 04:31:43
CNN DEBATE 1/30: The dreaded Iraq war question - working thread 04:25:05
One final Sunday night musing 04:22:46
Please Digg This! 04:12:46
Undecided Republicans 04:10:15
Trekkies....another Sunday night musing 04:08:46
Which states are we going to win? 03:56:46
Ron Paul Loves The People 03:48:57
Guts... 03:40:12
New Flyer and/or e-mail letter for mass distribution; PLEASE HELP 03:14:36
nh-recount-urgent-action-required 03:13:02
Jefferson Country Iowa - Ron Paul Won! 03:11:36
List Of Who Supports The Real ID and Who dont 02:45:56
Simi Valley Rally for Dr. Paul after debate 02:35:16
Self-fulfilling Prophecy 02:34:28
N.H. Recount - URGENT action required 02:31:16
Web of Debt 02:26:16
An Open Letter to the American People 02:24:08
The Truth not Money will set us free: Official Japanese opposition questions prime minister on 9/11 02:18:55
GodTube Excludes Only One Candidate 02:13:24
What is a Billion 02:07:27
Florida, Super Tuesday, and Beyond... 01:50:36
Bush Legacy... Cannot be repaired ... Great article!!! 01:40:52
Why not an interest rate of zero? 01:39:34
NH Recount 01:25:45
Heard one of the prettiest songs I've ever heard today... (Not RP related) 01:22:08
Why was my donation refunded? 00:55:18
Freedom and liberty draw hordes 00:55:03
My heart aches 00:54:20
$17.76 (the Daily Paul active thread challenge) 00:53:39
Asian stocks tanking again 00:50:49
My Ron Paul Car 00:50:20
Video: "Change the World" 00:40:41
Chelsea Clinton meets Ron Paul Supporters 00:38:57
There already predicting ice and snow in Missouri on Feb 5th 00:38:45
Digg-Bush Legacy Far Beyond Repair 00:36:19
GREAT New Video: "Ron Paul's Meteoric Rise" 00:24:45
H.R. 1955 Discuss and Decide- and vote for the CNN question! 00:23:45
Guess What I Just Saw (Or Didn't See)... 00:23:41
Romney “Who Let the Dogs Out” 00:19:10
Gold according to RP 00:15:21
Prediction thread 00:13:15
Reader's Digest: The Federal Goverment Wastes Nearly $1 Trillion a Year 00:11:38
It's almost crazy enough to work... Ron Paul Cab? 00:09:56
Memorize RNC Rule No. 40 (b) 00:08:32
Random Thoughts (Lies) on the Campaign 00:03:05
Boston Globe - MAINE GOP Director says...guess who's most active?* * 00:00:01