Posted on January 3, 2008

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* 10% - Double Digits, Baby! * Paul Beats Giuliani * 23:31:04
Iowa Caucus Tonight 20:22:26
Iowa Goes Hollywood 17:45:59
Ron Paul Makes Me Want to be a Better Man 20:24:14
Erroneous Boycott Info - Please Take Note 15:49:05
Ron Paul on Larry King 1-3-08 (UNAIRED VIDEO) 15:37:48
Chat Update 15:34:59
Ron Paul on Bill Moyers 14:11:10
Video: The Ron Paul Mini Blimp 12:05:19
Ron Paul on CNN's A.M. - Pre Caucus Interview 1-3-08 12:52:54
RISE - Song for Ron Paul. Excellent! 15:49:06
AlterNet: Should Big Media Choose Our Candidates? 12:05:18
US Senator Sununu (R-NH) on Forum Exclusion in NH 12:05:19
Iowa HQ: Vote Observers Needed in Iowa!! Urgent Need. 12:05:19
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It's a Revolution, not a trip to the 7-11 23:59:42
Easy solution 23:59:16
Easy solution 23:58:30
We did alright but now... 23:57:49
Take your bat and ball and go home! 23:57:26
Something stinks in Iowa 23:57:13
The real lesson we learned tonight... 23:55:20
My money says . . . 23:54:51
Time for HARD ads!I Want MY Party BACK! 23:53:46
RON PAUL LIVE NOW 10:50pm 23:51:26
Did Huckabee take votes from Ron Paul? 23:51:16
We've Only Just Begun 23:45:13
Ron Paul will end up in a fourth place tie with McCain 23:44:00
On to New Hampshire!Fight Harder! 23:43:43
Thinking ahead... 23:43:24
Less than second - Thompson said he's out 23:42:58
Iowa Delegates? 23:41:41
Ron scores 10 times more than Obama and 8x more than all dems combined! 23:41:40
Let's Rally for Ron! Onto NH! Let's Stop McCain! 23:38:24
Tonights numbers tell me... 23:38:05
Reality Check 23:37:34
RP, Iowa, and The Battle Of Long Island 23:37:19
THESE are the times that try men's souls... 23:33:38
Iowa is only 1% of us! 23:32:42
Important: Paul Won The Republican Independents! 23:32:42
I Feel Like Someone Just Died 23:31:41
To The Foot Soldiers in Iowa 23:31:41
The Pie Chart on CNN 23:31:36
ha ha ha Edwards is beating Clinton! 23:30:10
America proving for the 3rd time they are idiots 23:30:03
Time to get focused 23:23:25
Look for Ron Paul and McCain tie for Fourth 23:20:44
Iowa you broke it, you own it 23:16:03
One real simple question.... 23:14:10
Anyone in Iowa 23:13:19
Shocking endorsement for Huckabee 23:13:05
liberty network link for actual verifiable totals--not projections 23:12:39
How come CNN wont show Dr. Paul's % 23:12:09
ABC Reporting third too close to call 23:10:26
I can feel this bringing us together 22:52:49
Bizarre 22:45:20
LINKS 22:42:32
Rudy drops 2000 votes and Paul in 5th Now! 22:41:34
RP Needs to go to Wyoming this weekend 22:36:10
41% counted 22:19:12
UPDATE: Ron Paul 5th so Far with 10% (93%) 22:15:21
Drudge declares Huck winner? 22:04:56
Drudge declares Huck winner? 22:04:18
The Democrats are doing hand shows on C-Span 21:58:23
OK, someone help me understand this... 21:55:23
Complain to Faux News advertisers? 21:53:44
John Werden In Carroll, Iowa Says 21:51:48
CNN's Coverage - the Empty Pie 21:43:07
Endorsement 21:42:27
Show me the 4th quarter money! 21:41:45
DID YOU GUYS SEE CNN??? 21:39:39
Holy Cow Batman - Repeat Texas Straw Poll - singing a Pro War sympathy song 21:39:33
George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton both finished third in Iowa en route to winning the White House. 21:37:13
Rudy will do better than you think 21:35:58
If Ron Paul finishes 3rd... 21:34:58
Exit Polls in about 28 minutes 21:34:32
Interesting alot of people don't know what wards they are in 21:33:02
Dem Caucus 21:32:02
Potential upside and opportunity: Freedom! 21:31:09
Freedom Message - Broadcasting LIVE! Call us if you are in Iowa 21:30:17
CNN GOP Caucus live at 21:28:39
Help Me Name That Video... 21:28:20
Does anyone know what time they will announce the results? 21:28:12
Why would iowa voters throw votes away on huck and mutt 21:28:10
Could Ron Paul be 3rd in Iowa? 21:20:43
Council on Foreign Policy of Freedom 21:20:29
Anybody watching C Span 2 There's a guy in a dark blue blazer 21:18:59
Did anyone just see MSNBC (815 pm est) ? 21:17:30
Did anyone just see MSNBC (815 pm est) ? 21:17:11
Tim Russert says "Ron Paul is in this for the duration" 21:16:58
Did you see this? 21:14:07
Iowa turn-out appears to be HUGE for both parties 21:13:19
MSNBC reported George Town stats poll show Paul 3rd! 21:10:22
Live results on Google Maps! 21:10:06
Milton Friedman on Limited Government - AMAZING - MUST SEE 21:08:06
Early entrance poll 21:06:06
List of Sponsors for Faux News from Alex Jones website 20:55:05
Shocking Endorsement for Huckabee 20:54:10
Where is the Chat? 20:50:33
Who actually controlls the IRS ? Paul should address that. 20:49:53
Foreign Policy Change Implications 20:49:08
The LOWDOWN on Iowa--what can it mean? 20:47:38
When do the results from tonight's caucas come in? 20:37:35
Iowa Caucus means alot, but its marginal in the overall scope of things 20:36:46
C Span 2 stopped taking Republican telephone line after 20:34:55
World's largest banner flies over Iowa 20:32:23
Hello Ron Paul's America! 20:30:57
82,500 references to Ron Paul on YouTube ??????!!!!!!!!! 20:29:59
Dangerous Resource 20:28:34
C-Span - Lots of Ron Paul Callers... 20:27:06
Lets hope our fellow IOWAN supporters are not here! 20:25:58
Best Match Up: Ron Paul VS Barack Obama 20:23:16
Google Caucus Map 20:22:33
Where do I go to watch Iowa online 20:15:58
NYT tomorrow morning 20:13:27
McCain Campaign Distraught By Ron Paul Strength 20:05:20
Does anyone know of any future money bomb plans? 20:04:41
Ron Paul Air Superiority !!!!! 20:03:31
Everyone see those AirCorps pics??? 20:02:57
Go Go Go Now is the moment we have been waiting for. GO NOW 20:00:58
C-SPAN 2 has coverage of Republican Caucus 20:00:28
It was just a matter of time before he opened his mouth 19:56:46
The Epistemology of Liberty 19:54:10
Iowa Ron Paul Precinct Numbers 19:50:50
Don't get too Settled! 19:48:17
CNN is talking about Dr. Paul again at 5:40 p.m. (CST) 19:45:41
Tucker mention something about Ron Paul after this commercial 19:45:13
Fox News Guard Bodyslams Ron Paul Supporter on Hannity & Colmes 19:43:28
Ron Paul Air Corps Set To Soar Over American Cities 19:43:22
Y'all Remember the Words so sing along 19:39:44
Paul Campaign Manager Urges Boycott Of Fox News Sponsors 19:39:44
Why do they hate us? 19:39:15
FOX News Corp Stock Taking a Beating for Slighting Ron Paul 19:37:46
What are we doing in Florida? 19:30:37
Liberty Broadcast Network!! (CHECK IT OUT) 19:30:23
Dr. Paul surfs! 19:30:10
ALL IOWANS - YOU HAVE 60 MINUTES to get to caucus 19:29:28
DEMAND THAT THE CORPORATE MEDIA INCLUDE ALL BALLOT-QUALIFIED CANDIDATES...Now !!! 19:21:26 announces South Carolina billboard campaign! 19:20:57
Are we riding Seabiscuit? 19:14:32
Ugly Giuliani Ad spoofed 19:13:16
SF Paul-ers kicked off Cable Cars 19:10:18
Carl Cameron Fox News just said there could be a Ron Paul 19:07:01
Fox News just said (6:05pmEST) that Ron Paul could place THIRD 19:06:10
New Fox Sponsors Boycott Site 19:06:06
lou dobbs was just stumping for Ron Paul 19:05:39
Lawrence County, Missouri ---- New Meetup forming 19:04:26
Lou Dobbs just said something positive about Ron Paul 19:03:06
Are you guys watching CNN right now? 19:01:01
Lou Dobbs just bumped Ron Paul with Edwards and Obama! 19:01:00
Go after the Fox News Sponsors 18:59:43
Ron Paul wins Myspace Primary 18:59:14
Ron Paul wins Myspace Primary 18:59:08
1 hour 30 minutes 18:52:48
Rejoinder that I use in promoting Dr. Paul to critics. 18:51:09
Voter to donor metric says Paul can win Iowa 18:50:27
If you live in Iowa, you should'nt be reading this 18:47:05
Activists: Urgent ~ Need help to spread word on Huckabee!!! 18:46:17
I contacted Larry King and got a response 18:46:00
Wow, watch this Paul supporter kick booty!! 18:45:11
The Good Must Get the Upper Hand 18:44:24
My magic 8-Ball for CNN 18:43:11
TIRED of propoganda from the dinosaur media?? Listen to GCN live for some REAL news 18:33:04
Some places in India no longer accepting U.S. dollars due to dollar falling 18:30:44
does anyone know if the Paul campaign is going to bus anyone to their caucuses? 18:25:28
We are not as young and unlikely to vote as we are perceived (though we are all young at heart) 18:24:08
Quote for the Christians 18:20:34
About abolishing the IRS and expenditures 10 years ago... 18:19:46
Ron Paul: 2nd Best Organization in Iowa 18:17:12
Dr. Paul's fair weather friends 18:13:30
MUST READ: Greetings From New Hampshire, Again 18:10:50
The subtle reasons why I want Ron Paul for President. 18:08:41
How many Meetup Members in Iowa, how many caucus goers? 18:08:06
When will the results be announced for the caucus? 18:02:41
What's happening in Wyoming? 18:00:01
Early results and Analysis from Daily Paul Poll 17:59:03
CAFR funds for the people 17:58:10
Ron Paul Just Took ARKANSAS from Huckabee! 17:57:44
Michigan campaign problems 17:51:03
Nice Journey song for the Revolution 17:50:25
Brand New Posters 17:49:39
NEWSWEEK'S "Political Distortions of the Year" 17:46:27
A report from the troops in New Hampshire: A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE 17:44:30
Good article 17:44:16
Other candidate ads all have violence in common 17:38:11
OLD MEDIA BACKFIRES! How the MSM is going to innadvertantly destroy their favorite candidates. 17:28:28
Trip to NH from NJ leaves tomorrow 17:26:26
Painting of the Day: Ron Paul with Lady Liberty MUST SEE! 17:23:03
For All You Chess Fans... 17:15:41
Situation Room Just Talking About the Ron Paul Factor! 17:13:45
Immigration Grades -Paul "A-", Huckabee "F", Giuliani "F" , McCain "F" 17:12:47
Kudlow yesterday 17:12:02
Cafferty 4pm question 17:11:17
WOW!!! What a Ride News Corp Stock Went on Today. 17:08:55
Ron Paul on Sean Hannity's Radio Show (1-2-08) 17:08:53
"Trust Huckabee" Group-Illegal Fundraising? 17:05:10
RAGE Against the MACHINE! 17:03:30
"Liberty Can't Be Censored" Donation Drive/Money Bomb 17:00:28
IMPORTANT question about Google! 16:58:32
Another AOL Poll 16:57:21
Lets all pray 16:56:57
NH Rocks For Ron Paul! 16:55:56
You have 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to your caucus 16:53:32
Money Bomb on Fox debate night if fox doesnt allow Paul? 16:52:31
Ron Paul Aircorps Flying Banner Over Cedar Rapids Today 16:50:35
Ron Paul supporters to fly helicopter over Cedar Rapids 16:50:24
Be nice to Huckabee fans.. unless they're attacking us 16:49:37
Oprah Helps Barack Obama Defeat Ron Paul in YouTube Popularity as Primary Approaches 16:49:18
Jews Should Embrace Ron Paul's Message 16:49:12
ATTENTION: The Larry King Interview is going viral... 16:48:13
New York Times End of The Year Editorial - Looking at Amerika 16:46:59
Ron Paul Air Corps Set To Soar Over American Cities 16:46:31
America WAKE UP! GOP WAKE UP! 16:44:56
Ron Paul talks to George Stephanopolus about ABC BET 16:44:41
Drag-Racing Legend Don Garlits: 25 Reasons I Support Ron Paul 16:43:51
BILL O RILEY talks about Ron Paul 16:42:07
Go early, stay late, and KNOW who the real RP delegates are! 16:41:11
Score 1 South Carolina vote for Ron Paul 16:40:16
Pat Buchannan and Tucker talk about RON PAUL getting THIRD in IOWA 16:40:00
Why They Are Afraid of Paul Now 16:39:48
Iowa results? 16:39:46
Why They Are Afraid of Paul Now 16:39:39
McCain "irked at Ron Paul" and Ron Paul is "excited about it". 16:37:30
Excellent piece on students for RP in Iowa by CBS News 16:37:14
Iowa Caucus Process? 16:35:50
McCain Campaign Distraught By Ron Paul Strength!!! 16:35:40
Citibank limits ATM cash 16:34:51
Be like RP! Roll with the punches and keep moving forward. 16:33:04
This Quote of FDR will blow you away... 16:29:53
Help Win Michigan! 16:27:05
Liberty or Death 16:26:16
Has everyone checked out this new site? 16:25:18
This place is BLOWIN UP!!! 16:23:24
What About Having a "Daily Paul Boycott Central"? 16:16:39
Ron Paul cannot ride the short bus, Fox News says 16:10:27
Wise Contribution Here 16:10:24
s 1959 coming up for vote soon?? 16:07:34
Under 35? Vote in the League of Young Voters' Facebook app 16:04:16
Weather in Iowa is Good -- And That's Good! 16:01:29
Meetup 16:00:29
New Ron Paul Site! 16:00:04
If People Were Using Some Common Sense When it Comes to These Polls, They Would be Scratching Their Heads and Asking 15:54:02
Help Support Ron Paul Use Start Page 15:52:39
Ron Paul prayer moment in 10 minutes for anyone who wants to participate. 15:49:48
The best Fox News ahhhh.... "satire" site lol 15:47:51
A Message From Ike* 15:45:44 survey 15:35:52
Is News Corp stock being proped up or 15:35:43
Mitt Uses Norris' Own Words To Roundhouse Huckster 15:33:25
Google Maps Showing County by County Iowa Results! 15:33:21
Mitt Uses Norris' Own Words To Roundhouse Huckster 15:33:13
They thought they were free ... but then it was too late 15:26:24
Listening to Ron Paul Radio at work 15:24:39
Was Mitt telling the truth? 15:21:56
Need some info help 15:17:10
Ron Paul is Rocky and the Neo Cons are Mr. T 15:16:05
Some wicked good quotes to inspire you 15:12:47
Don't Regret Your Vote, Vote Ron Paul 15:10:05
If Freddy drops out of the race tonight, will FAUX offer his empty chair to RON? 15:09:34
The Cause We Have Undertaken 15:06:35
This is huge: Conservative author Richard Viguerie blasts Fox for excluding Paul. 15:03:24
Ron Paul Blimp Covered In Political Editor's Blog - Florida 15:02:17
Supporters of All Ages...And they all Rock 15:01:21
Ron Paul Radio Question 15:01:20
Does Rupert Murdoch have U.S. citizenship? 14:59:35
Does Rupert Murdoch have U.S. citizenship? 14:59:30
Looking to NH a bit, here is an inspiring blog piece 14:59:29
Larry King Interview 14:59:20
Remember The Message 14:57:32
Dr. Paul's speach in Iowa last night 1/02/08 14:52:29
Helicopter banner-tow over Cedar Rapids, IA 14:46:13
Rand Paul on Alex Right NOW..Ron to be on later (1:32 Eastern) 14:33:23
Getting Thompson's supporters - Preventing McCain! 14:33:16
What can we (those outside of Iowa) do to help out today???? 14:28:01 is all you need to gain supporters! 14:25:56
Watch the Vote 2008 14:24:34
Iowa Caucus People Go Early Way Before 6 PM 14:22:44
Official - Next MoneyBomb Jan 21 14:22:12
Independent Audit of Vote 14:21:30
Video for Last Night's Rally (1/2/08) 14:19:18
"Fox in a Box" on YouTube 14:15:11
Iowa Caucus People Go Early Way Before 7 PM 14:13:43
Blimps, Airplane Banners, what's YOUR opinion? 14:10:37
Ron Paul War Room launched 14:09:23
freedom to fascism 14:07:05
If the election was held today poll Thompson in the lead ;-/ 14:05:35
We've got it made now 14:05:22
updated 4th Quarter fundraising total 14:04:38
Real time caucus results/Google Maps mash up. 14:03:21
Libertarian Goes Republican Column 14:02:57
Partial Results of DP poll --- WOW 13:56:10
Letter to Scott on 1110 KFAB Fox Radio 13:56:06
Ron Paul Helicopter In Iowa 13:53:13
Fruits of Our Labor 13:50:22
Dr. Paul Wins Delaware Newspaper On-Line Poll 13:50:03
Where is the best source for Iowa results? 13:49:37
Largest Banner on Earth in Iowa 13:47:55
How Are We Doing In Iowa? 13:47:51
RP Blimp Goes Hi-Tech with GPS System & High Speed Internet 13:44:54
Ron Paul Leading Candidate According to FOX interactive, inc. 13:44:47
Rand Paul on Alex Jones second hour (1 PM EST) 13:41:03
Iowa Results 13:39:21
Poll - What place will RP get in the Iowa Caucus? 13:38:48
Video: Message from our troops to John McCain 13:34:40
New? Boycott ideas 13:33:45
Its up to Joe Six Pack 13:33:34
Iowa supporters - you have 6 hours to get to your caucus 13:26:15
get ready for this... 13:20:41
Ideas to do if Ron Paul is still excluded from the Jan 6th Fox Debate 13:20:35
Democratic Republicans? 13:19:56
EXCELLENT article on RP's Debate Exclusion - from Huffington Post!!! 13:19:23
Blogger seeking pro-Ron Paul writeup 13:12:57
Exciting check this out! 13:12:56
Rand Paul, Anderson director of RP Air Corps(right now) and potentially RP on Alex Jones Today! 13:09:49
Poll on Boortz 13:09:15
Is the fix in? "John McCain FIRST in NATIONAL Poll"???? 13:05:43
Ron Paul knows how everything works down there.. you know.. "down there" 13:04:58
DISGUSTING Ghouliani ad... 13:01:49
MySpace voters support Obama & Paul 13:00:33
Sign the Petition against the Fox Exclusion!! 12:59:38
Is Iraq getting better just a coincidence, or a lie? 12:58:43
Fox News (NWS) stock is still going down down down..... 12:56:36
NEW AOL Poll about Paul being excluded. Results are RIGGED Big Time! 12:54:08
HELP! Why did Ron Paul vote for the Bankruptcy Reform Act? 12:53:42
Why are you wasting time like this? 12:45:58
Ron Paul wins MySpace primary! 12:45:53
DES MOINES WEATHER 18 degrees wind at 16 mph 12:42:34
"Amerika" or Federal Matching Funds: Which? 12:40:44
Another Jewish man about to convert to Ron Paul 12:39:01
While waiting for the Iowa results, Impeach Dick Cheney! 12:37:16
Almost 1,500 online with DailyPaul right now! 12:36:57
my local Fox affiliate response 12:36:26
For our freedom Attack!!!! Everyone read this...... 12:35:35
Mccain now 1st in NH? 12:32:03
Freedoms I miss 12:31:04
Ron Paul Makes Me Want to be a Better Man 12:30:10
Luntz the NeoCon Pollster - Manipulating for the MSM 12:30:05
Become a Ron Paul Precinct Captain! 12:29:58
Iowa Entrance Polls? 12:28:04
Should Big Media Choose Our Candidates? 12:27:28
Ron Paul on CNN's American Morning - Today 12:23:52
233 Years Later, Ron Paul! 12:20:35
Final Iowa Poll: Paul has the Big Mo' 12:20:13
Article about "each" candidate (excluding RP, of course) 12:17:46
The response from my FCC complaint against Fox..basicly Fox is allowed to lie etc.. 12:14:28
NPR live 11 am et now 12:11:56
Ron Paul Air Corps Inc 12:11:45
Just on CNN: Huckabee Asks Voters to "Join the Revolution" 12:07:55
O2 Secure Wireless, Inc. Soars With the "Ron Paul Blimp" 12:04:33
GOP Insiders Think Ron Paul May Win 12:03:48
Ron Paul Video Supply For Use, For Free 11:59:44
Ron Paul's CNN Interview This Morning 11:56:24
Ron Paul continues 30-year crusade 11:55:49
Here's what the candidates really think of Ron Paul 11:53:39
Heard KENT SNYDER in an Interview Yesterday Say When Asked What he Thought About Boycotts... 11:48:59
Obama talk about CONSTITUTION! 11:46:29
A beer with a Paulinteer 11:43:19
Pray and Fast for Ron Paul's Landslide Victory Today In Iowa 11:42:47
Great video of Paul supporter speaking!! Must watch 11:40:23
Rasmussen: Republican identity jumps to two year high 11:40:20
Ron Paul Double Digits in Latest Iowa Poll 11:29:11
World of Warcraft Ron Paul March 11:26:45
*** Radio Survey - CALL NOW *** 11:24:22
Please Explain This To Me. 11:21:07
When will we know? 11:13:35
Don't be afraid to Hope 11:12:21
Neocon vs Ron Paul supporter... guess who wins? 11:04:34
Are Ron Paul supporters just a bunch of bored College kids? 11:00:15
Don't Email The Gallup Poll anymore 10:54:10
Just on Morning Joe.. 10:49:29
RP wins Myspace poll - Take that Murdoch!!! 10:48:20
Pocket DOI and Constitutions Needed 10:47:41
So any "scoop" on what happened with Larry King? 10:41:03
Neal Boortz Poll... We're behind, VOTE 10:40:00
Holy Hell! Whats With The Donations At 19 Million This Morning? 10:31:22
Read this MSN online poll CAREFULLY before "voting" 10:24:40
Radio call-in 10:22:08
Phone bank messages are working 10:22:00
Vice Presidential debate 10:17:47
CNET Tech. Voters' Guide: Ron Paul 10:10:48
VOTE HERE & Ron Paul Article on Newsmax Media "Ron Paul Furious over Snub" 09:56:24
CNN am Video 09:55:27
1000 precinct openings in Montana -- GOP caucus up for grabs 09:49:48
And the NewsMax Poll winner is.......?? 09:49:45
The National Ledger - "The Secret of Ron Paul's Success" 09:49:04
Paulites Running for Congress 09:47:41
McLaughlin/Buchanan 09:42:33
Dreaming about the caucus 09:33:32
Good Luck Iowans 09:18:38
Zogby - RP tied for 3rd - Here comes the Revolution! 09:16:47
My husband is having a meltdown 09:14:23
Ron Paul Revolution -- it's personal 09:13:55
RP Coming on CNN in 1 minute 8:14 09:13:12
Collapse of Giuliani Article 08:54:51
Pat Buchanan's "Outsiders" comment On Tucker 08:52:04
Ron Paul surge in Iowa! 08:51:13
Mrs. Paul reminds George Stephonopolis of his bet with Teflon Ron 08:50:45
any news from wyoming ? 08:41:40
An Open Letter From An Arkansas Evangelical 08:30:05
Rush Limbaugh said RP only Reagan conservative? 08:13:50
Fred Thompson may drop out before 1/6 08:04:31
Meet Up Group Protesting Fox Afiliate Miami. Press Release 08:01:58
Nick Gillespie is a great spokesman for Ron Paul 07:47:20
The War on Coyoteism 07:33:49
Double Bush Voters? 07:23:36
Quickly, we may have an opportunity (Bill Maher on Letterman) 07:15:23
Piece about Fox snub picked up @ AlterNet 06:42:32
Digg -- "Huckabee Breaks Writer's Picket Line To Chants of Scab" 06:05:56
I can't stomach McCain winning anything. 05:52:42
Just for fun 05:28:14
Wisdom from Steponallofus 05:15:37
Iowa Results 04:56:19
Iowa caucus-goers - don't be late! 04:35:43
Secret to Ron Pauls success 04:28:00
Concord Hymn is a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson. 04:25:45
Jack and Margy Flynn, doing some great patriotic things in our courts 04:19:58
Blog needs our help (racial smear job going on) 04:13:47
Goooood Moooorning Iowa!!! 04:09:14
Tips for talk radio success 03:47:14
Ron Paul Wins Poll 03:43:36
Mike Huckabee fundraising 03:34:14
Two Pro Ron Paul articles, I think the backfiring has started 03:22:09
Paulites on caucus day = this scene from south park 03:00:47
Predicting Iowa results is fun - how about this to help make good results in Iowa!!!!!! 02:47:47
ACMJ Endorses Ron Paul 02:45:47
Ron Paul on Cover of New Issue of Cannabis Culture Magazine 02:39:56
Romney, Paul, McCain to a Brokered Convention 02:38:56
The 70% A march to the capital. 02:37:24
Info For Homeschoolers 02:35:24
What's your prediction for the Iowa Caucus??? 02:25:01
Huckabee getting some of his own medicine, LOL 02:24:28
A Thought from a Broke College Grad 02:12:52
USA Today on NH supporters 02:11:01
I got to school 2 Talk Show hosts in one nite! 02:10:19
Coast to Coast AM 02:10:13
Daily Buzz - Grassroots TV Segment - 140 stations - Airs in 4 hours!! 02:04:34
Ron Paul draws 600-700, Romney 500 - What the Huck! 02:04:08
My Parents going to Iowa Caucus - need dirt about Mitt 02:01:51
Iowa Caucus Goers, and Grassroots Supporters 01:58:48
Help Ron Paul Win the Battle of the Yard Signs 01:56:19
Boycott. 01:56:17
Margin of error vs. selection bias in polls 01:55:22
Young voters 01:53:11
HI, I'm Dave from , Howard's friend... 01:51:56
How Ron Paul "Shocked" Iowa -- Digg This 01:47:51
Newton’s Third Law 01:47:20
Website I found... 01:40:13
Newsmax poll: 400K votes: Ron Paul #1 01:39:54
Buchanan ~ havin' his own Ron Paul party on his site...! 01:38:03
A Special Thank You 01:37:19
storming the fortress 01:37:03
Cyber attack????? 01:36:27
This deserves its own post! 01:32:56
Absentee Ballots/info by state....and your thoughts on absentee voting 01:32:04
Thompson about to drop 01:30:25
Nick Gillespie on O'Reilly about Ron Paul 01/02/2008 01:28:42
To Iowans for Ron Paul: Godspeed! 01:27:35
RP callers on CSPAN! 2x!! 01:25:25
This petition = anti-Ron Paul 01:20:54
Process Tomorrow? 01:17:44
Sign the Petition for DR. PAUL being silenced by FOX 01:16:36
Bring them HOME, Bring in ON!!! TEA Party anyone? 01:16:07
Nice RP pic inclusion on ABC News page 01:12:34
Blitzer and Co. Discuss RP 01:12:02
Petition to RNC about Ron Paul exclusion 01:10:00
Ron Paul ad played during Letterman commercial break 01:09:31
ABOUT the IOWA caucus 01:07:08
Voice of America 01:04:25
Let's Get Everyone to Donate Now! 01:04:05
USA Today article to enjoy 00:59:30
Bill O'Reilly pwnd and pwnd again 00:55:27
Ron Paul supporters and video on C-Span now. 00:54:22
Ron Paul on Sean Hannity show 1/2/08 00:51:48
Obama, Hillary, Rudy & Huckabee all Make Judicial Watches Top 10 Most Corrupt List 00:51:10
NOC? What's up with this? 00:49:10