Posted on January 4, 2008

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CNN on Ron Paul Situation 1/4/2008 21:06:10
Video: Is Fox News Trying To Ruin The Ron Paul Revolution? 16:56:39
Fox's Greta - "Not like he's an insignificant player" 16:56:40
NH State Reps appeal to NH GOP over FOX follies 11:01:58
New Hampshire NEXT... Alex Jones has great insight on this! 10:24:59
Fox Stock Dump 09:54:46
The BEST proof to tell people Ron Paul IS winning and is TOP TIER. 09:14:46
According to CNN Ron Paul was one of the Winners in Iowa Tonight 01:54:16
An Open Letter To Ron Paul Supporters 01:02:30
To The Students in Iowa-Thank you! 00:01:35
Tonight Was A Good Night 00:01:36
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Question?..Ron Paul ON Moyers 23:59:36
Come on Guys DONATE for DVD's 23:57:29
Wyoming Republican Caucus Saturday Jan 5th. 23:57:27
Great new video on the Democrat's foreign policy 23:55:54
Ron Paul vs. Rudy Giuliani: The battle for 4th place in New Hampshire 23:53:23
Cattllemens organization R-Calf sounds like us... 23:46:26
Wyoming 23:41:34
Checklist before New Hampshire! L@@K 23:39:17
The National Campaigning Effort Begins! 23:38:41
CNN's Iowa pie chart snub 23:38:15
Would everyone who hasn't already please go to the offical website and look what the campaign is asking for from you in your sta 23:33:08
Could you make a sticky of ways non-American's can give to the RP cause 23:28:55
EASY Effective Advertising for Dr.Paul that we can do! 23:18:46
Wyoming County Convention Link 23:17:56
MSNBC Survey 23:17:26
Advertising in the Big States 23:17:15
44,000 letters need to be written to Florida voters 23:15:48
**** FREE Way to Donate to the Blimp et al **** 23:13:57
deleted 23:12:29
Bush manages zombie invasion 23:11:42
Second thoughts on Iraq 23:08:21
placing bumper stickers 23:08:00
Poll at 23:01:56
How to turn 1 vote into 15 or 20 in New Hampshire and elsewhere. 22:56:56
So, they say Florida is the KEY 22:55:49
Video: From The Programmer's Mouth: How The 2000 Election Was Fixed 22:54:44
Top 10 on Digg Right Now 22:54:01
King George ignores Congress 22:51:03
Obama's South Carolina hair salon strategy 22:49:10
Ron Paul w/ PBS before the Iraq invasion 22:48:53
Misinformed Lou Dobbs tonight 22:48:45
From The Programmer's Mouth: How The 2000 Election Was Fixed 22:48:31
What is Liberty? 22:48:05
Campaign Revolution Proposal 22:46:27
Spreading the Truth 22:44:50
CNN video: Ron Paul's prospects in NH and discusses Fox's Cencorship FAVORABLE COVERAGE! 22:44:40
Secret to turning 1 vote into 10, 15, maybe more - THIS WORKS 22:39:19
Iowa Votes on Post-It Notes 22:37:22
Soldier supporting Ron Paul, speaks volumes of truth. 22:36:12
Ron Paul on Bill Moyer right NOW!!!! 22:30:48
Article comparing RP to MH 22:09:26
Digg McCain "100 Years" video 21:57:45
Kucinich 21:57:09
We can rebuild Him - We have the tech. We have the money 21:55:34
A Win in New Hampshire 21:55:30
Can Someone Explain Why The Campaign has Not been in WY more? 21:54:09
MUST SEE CNN Report on RP vs FOX 21:52:37
New Poll at the Caledonian-Record 21:47:44
Talked to HQ today-about being a delegate 21:46:09
Ron Paul Campaign Mailer Targets Huckabee on Taxes 21:44:53
Ron Paul: Is he the only one who thinks about monetary policy in Washington? 21:44:48
Freedom, Prosperity and Peace - THAT is the message 21:44:25
Talk Radio "Bomb" 21:44:16
GREAT video of RP vs FOX on CNN! 21:41:10
Efficient use of our time & energy on RP's message 21:37:28
Ron Paul w Bill Moyers' Journal PBS 9PM ET 21:35:14
What happened to RP Donations? 21:31:59
The only way to win NH 21:31:56
Got 5 minutes? Post on Topix 21:28:57
Nice poll... 21:25:49
FORWARD ONLY! The past is the past. 21:24:47
Precision Video Bomb Attack!!! 21:24:19
Is RP's message attractive to most Americans? 21:23:03
Wanna blow off some steam? 21:21:21
Anyone Seen this 21:20:41
Huckabee Trashing Ron Paul & Lying 21:17:55
Fighting for Freedom! 21:15:51
The Real Reason for Huckabee's win and his eventual demise 21:12:13
(article) "DITCH THE PREACHER MAN" 21:05:43
Ron Paul at 7% Right Now - Come on Baby! Now or never! 21:05:18
My Fellow Patriots, Be Bold 21:02:14
What's the word on Wyoming!?? 21:02:05
McCain - "Make it a hundred" years of occupation in Iraq 21:01:19
I’m extending an open invitation to everyone out in cyberspace to join me in creating a little annoyance for the MSM. 20:56:52
MUST READ column by Pastor Chuck Baldwin - forward far and wide !!!!! 20:55:59
5 Expectations for Campaign Ron Paul HQ before Super Tuesday 20:55:12
If we continue at this pace, we won't win 20:54:14
Must see video 20:52:53
Florida Letter Writing Challenge 20:52:51
RonPaulForums is onto something: Solution to win 20:48:49
DID paul give a speech 20:48:03
Michigan Letter Writing Challenge 20:48:02
Give me your good news 20:44:14
Need Help Converting votes! My number 1 question about Dr. Paul... 20:42:56
The Long Haul Revolution 20:42:23
URGENT: Wyoming in 15 hours!!! Pls read and take action now!!! 20:41:47
Ron Paul on CNN/Situation Room 1-4-08 (VIDEO) 20:40:27
Wow, the Ron Paul Revolution is Real! 20:38:11
The Case for Ron Paul’s Video Diary 20:33:31
Top Ten Reasons we Lost Iowa -- Not for Faint of Heart 20:21:35
This needs to be distributed to all the huckleberries!!! - comical 20:21:24
Liberty Broadcast Network is currently updating its totals 20:20:15
Idea for the TownHall meeting on Sunday in New Hampshire 20:16:33
Soldier expressed his views about Ron Paul 20:08:53
Open Letter to Fox New Chief, John Moody: Whats Your Excuse Now? 20:07:42
MSNBC- Ron Paul beat Guiliani 19:55:55
RP says thanks. Campaign listens to DP. 19:50:02
comments on CNN 19:48:58
Thompson's 3rd place finish in Iowa helps Ron Paul 19:47:10
BIG NEWS!! Precinct Captain System going officially live Saturday 1/5/2007 19:41:09
Situation Room 1-4-08 Fox and Debate 19:38:53
I know it's bad to give them traffic but... 19:38:07
Email YouTube Videos to people in NH!!! 19:33:32
Police Entrapment Cheered On By Modern Neocon "Conservatives" 19:25:16
What did they do to win Jefferson County? We want to repeat what they did. 19:23:37
Romney, Giuliani Exposed, Huckabee Is Next 19:22:52
NEW HAMPSHIRE! Time to strike back! EVERYONE HELP! 19:21:09
UNBELIEVABLE !!! endorsement for Huckabee in NH! 19:20:52
Concentrate on NH 19:20:09
Ron Paul vs Mike Huckabee: A Soldier's Viewpoint 19:14:52
Include Ron Paul in N.H. debate 19:14:49
Iraqis Resort to Selling Children 19:08:07
Ron Paul on CNN/Situation Room 1-4-08 (VIDEO) 19:05:49
Wolf Blitzer says Ron Paul is a player 19:03:53
Silly I know, but... 18:59:15
Wolf Blitzer says Ron Paul is a player 18:58:05
Welcome to the magic show of missing precincts 18:54:47
Please read Uplifting I think. Esp last paragraph /bow 18:53:38
"its conceivable that Ron Paul's zealous supporters could persuade enough people to poach a few national delegates." 18:50:53
Remember my Man George Will 18:50:40
Remember my Man George Will 18:50:07
U.K. Guardian on Ron Paul "An unpredictable factor " 18:48:24
RON PAUL AMMO Inflation, Manufacturing, and Jobs 18:45:51
I need your Help? Is This a good Idea?? 18:44:13
I called the Iowa GOP office 18:37:27
Paul's NH mailer! 18:36:17
Iowa was a success. Here is why: 18:35:18
The billion dollar money bomb! 18:34:13
Watch CNN NOW!!!!!! 18:32:33
How to Get WAAAAAY More Attention from the MSM! 18:31:58
It seems lately that CNN and other networks 18:31:01
It seems lately that CNN and other networks 18:30:33
Anyone know why official website says Wyoming primary tomorrow? 18:30:16
GOOD NEWS!! Lots of new donors and good fundraising today!! 18:29:31
Situation Room CNN 18:28:47
RP says he max do his own event if Fox doesn't come around! 18:27:23
CNN Situation Room 5:24 P.M. EST Ron Paul Now! 18:23:04
REVOLUTIONS 1776 & 2008 - similarities and perspective 18:22:39
Situation Room 18:21:39
CNN - FOX vs. NH GOP - ON NOW 18:21:28
Public Access TV Airtime? 18:19:16
Latest New Hampshire Zogby Poll 18:16:52
This is our campaign to win. 18:16:38
Iowa Perfect For Ron Paul? 18:13:42
A last hope in NH—Get his name out! 18:11:54
URGENT Call to NH 18:10:49
Cafferty now 18:09:53
Why are just 95% of the precincts accounted for by the Republicans 18:07:38
Ron Paul Hits Huckabee on Taxes (WP) 18:03:57
Don't Dismiss Ron Paul or John Edwards (AOL Article) 18:02:47
Backup plans.... 17:56:07
Don't think we won in Iowa? 17:55:27
Romney - lets have more entanglement in the world 17:53:32
The Camcorder Commandos are on their way! 17:51:36
New eLib3rty 30 sec commercial!!!! Incredible!!! 17:49:49
Some Iowa Statistics 17:42:22
PAUL-A-NATION!!!! Tell everyone you know and ask them to do the same! 17:41:29
NY Boxer for RP challenges Chuck Norris to 3 round fight 17:39:29
Interesting: Iowa county by county stats 17:39:19
Ron Paul's Counter Forum On January 6th 17:38:44
WND posts positive RP article!!! 17:38:14
Collapsing US economy. How do we Paulers protect our assets? 17:35:14
contact cafferty fileWho ultimately will emerge as the GOP presidential nominee? 17:34:18
Check out what is doing.... 17:33:20
Unity 08 17:32:13
Wolf Blitzer to talk about Fox forum and Ron Paul soon (3:15 CT) 17:29:50
Ron Paul Revolution Documentary 17:11:08
My letter to Iowa GOP Chairman 17:09:19
Updates on Vote Security Issues! 17:08:45
is this all it takes to win?? 17:05:29
Ron Paul placed 3rd in IOWA!! 16:57:43
Here is something no one has noticed 16:56:29
Lets make this easier.... 16:53:44
New Hampshire delegate quota cut 16:53:25
HQ & Canvassing & Mapping 16:53:15
Wyoming County Convention Date: Saturday, Jan. 5, 2008??? 16:52:08
Dollar going fast! 16:51:44
Please spend 5 minutes sending Bestbuy boycott letter 16:50:59
Paul a Nation - It's time to Paulinate everyone you know 16:48:48
Why no funding for operation broadcast freedom 16:46:15
STOP ATTACKING other candidates!!! 16:45:55
330 plus volunteers = 12,000 IOWA votes???? 16:43:40
Ron Paul Wrongly Listed as Democrat on CNN 16:39:57
rage against the [voting] machine 16:38:00
Supreme Court Justice Bill Clinton? 16:37:15
Immediate Vote Needed! 16:29:49
Iowa the perfect outcome... something to smile about! 16:28:19
Slow Servers? 16:27:49
One Man's Soundrack of the R3VOLution 16:22:52
Good News that can finally be said without provoking a full-fledged DP attack 16:14:13
We Desparately Need the Confessing Church 16:13:20
Caucus Fraud - heres some weak evidence 16:12:54
I just spoke with Fox News Chief's Office 16:12:37
This should be the next money bomb. 16:11:08
meetup emails 16:10:29
---RP Bumper Sticker clothing challenge!--- 16:10:22
Iowa great indicator for picking loser! 16:10:19
Ron Paul Addict Support Group 16:09:57
What's wrong with third? 16:09:47
Awesome idea for ads.. guaranteed 16:09:12
ABC Cuts 3 From Presidential Debates - RP NOT CUT. 16:08:44
The "guy in the blue suit" at the Caucus last night? 16:08:10
Huckabee Is Bad News 16:03:57
"I am the REAL CONSERVATIVE" 16:01:27
Thompson - food for thought 16:01:22
Grassfire Ripping Fox and ABC 16:01:12
***Shocking NH Huckabee endorsement*** 15:59:26
Vote Count Fraud happening now -- why the votes haven't come in yet 15:59:20
My Open Letter to Fox News 15:57:44
Link to blog on NY Daily News website 15:51:13
Fox advertisers boycott letter, including newspaper forwards 15:51:13
Link to blog on NY Daily News website 15:50:55
Link to blog on NY Daily News website 15:50:43
Why 4th Place is cause for celebration! 15:49:11
Did NPR just announce Ron Paul is added in the fox debate? 15:47:12
Why are so many precincts still unreported??? Looks like... 15:46:13
Donate, Donate Donate!!! 15:41:53
ABC now including Ron Paul on debate!!! 15:40:59
Fox News - Smell the fear!!! 15:34:59
Ron Paul says keep pressure on Fox! 15:34:20
Dr. Paul request continued pressure on Fox News! 15:33:03
New pre vote slim jim needed 15:26:23
I thought daily paul people where researchers!! Research this 20% repub side 0.00% dem side 15:24:54
Stan Goff says.... 15:23:39
What If? 15:22:20
Fox Business averages 6,000 weekday viewers 15:19:59
ron paul on ALEX JONES NOW!!! 15:17:38 15:15:46
A Day Dreamers Paradise 15:15:13
Update on ballot access? 15:14:54
Soldier speak out against Iraq FOR RON PAUL - make this go viral 15:13:04
RP Des Moine Campaign Hdqtrs -- Database Files were sabotaged 15:12:36
Sad Day in West Virginia: 3 out of 5 in my family can't vote. 15:12:03
Change,Truth and Talking points to winning..... 15:11:13
One Perspective On The Situation In Florida 15:03:31
Take Action.... Let Fox and ABC News hear from you ! 15:02:48
Precinct Captains 15:01:32
McCain: 100 Years in Iraq "fine with me" 15:00:11
POPULAR YOUTUBE MOVIE Reviewer - Posts Video on the FOX EXCLUSION of RON PAUL citing our right to hear ALL CANDIDATES! 14:59:19
Themes of attack and victory 14:56:56
Wyoming County Conventions Saturday 5 Jan 2007 14:56:42
MSNBC shows Dr. Paul polling higher than Huckabee in NEW HAMP!! 14:56:03
Testimony about the Iraq war from one of our soldiers. 14:53:48
Economics.. Without Ron Paul at the wheel this country is in big trouble! 14:52:37
Please Ask the Campaign - Post Info on Delegates and Precinct Captains on front page 14:51:23
Ron Paul Ad - Support the troops 14:50:22
Hijacking Christianity 14:44:39
GO VOTE HERE 14:42:43
Big Daddy Don Garlits Endorses Ron Paul 14:40:27
* Help Support Ron Paul. Make your Homepage * 14:40:15
Newspaper advertising - Ron Paul Blimp style 14:40:15
Ron Paul should consider a negative TV campaign ad 14:39:34
Wyoming Results 14:39:31
Wyoming Results 14:39:23
Wyoming Results 14:38:46
Ron Paul Yellow Pages 14:38:38
Ron Paul - Only 15 Delegates behind Huckabee!! Just 1189 to go! 14:38:34
Is Fox News Trying to Ruin the Ron Paul Revolution? [VIDEO] 14:35:33
Crash & Burn? 14:33:45
Data on Paul in Incomplete Counties 14:32:21
Please Stop! 14:32:19
What About Nolan Ryan? 14:32:18
A must see Video by Catherine Austin Fitts 14:31:27
So was the Iowa caucus fair or is it possible there was vote fraud? 14:26:55
NH News Update 14:23:40
Video-Glenn Beck--just out of Hospital--Surgery goes "Horribly Awry" 14:23:09
It's time to regroup. 14:22:35
What was the Jefferson County formula for success? 14:20:22
MSNBC Just Discussed McCain 100 Years in Iraq Comment 14:17:34
More reasons to beware of Mike Huckabee, 14:16:34
Ron Paul Will Be Interviewed By Alex Jones Around 1:40 pm ET Today 14:15:28
Obama, Huckabee win, DOW down 200 14:14:56
A Challenge to All Ron Paul Supporters 14:13:45
Ron Paul's 10% In Iowa Shocks Establishment Media 14:08:36
New fundraising brainstorm -- NOT a moneybomb! Thoughts? 14:08:04
Sure would like to see the real numbers! 14:06:20
TODAY = PAYDAY 14:05:51
Transdniestria would vote for Paul 14:05:34
Getting screwed out of hundreds of votes 14:04:17
To legit to quit 14:03:37
Ron Paul Highest Among Independents in Iowa, Could He Take New Hampshire? 14:03:28
Cheeky McCain 14:02:24
Wyoming County Conventions are Sat., Jan. 5 14:02:03
Thompson and McCain 10+pct Higer than straw.. 14:00:58
This is what we are up against 14:00:02
can ANYONE find info on the remaining 81 precincts? 13:59:04
NH Ideas 13:58:59
How about a new Liberty ISP? 13:58:10
Wyoming - Sat., Jan. 5 13:57:17
Iowa Caucus Observation - anybody else notice this? 13:53:50
Magic for Ron Paul 13:52:54
Wyoming!!! 13:47:29
LA Times - Ron Paul beats Giuliani but loses to Fox News 13:44:51
Isn't CSpan paid for by our tax dollars? 13:44:07
Dr. Paul is in for the Saturday Debate...good news! 13:40:33
Greta Van Susteren @ FOX NEWS - THANK HER 13:36:12
CNN Entrance Poll (more good stuff) 13:34:21
Ron Paul TV Ad - Commander In Chief 13:31:53
Sheep, Lemming, or... 13:31:00
I Just Don't Buy it. 13:30:03
Unemployment at 2 year high! 13:27:11
Open Letter and Poem for Ron Paul from Camelot Castle England 13:27:00
Ron Forrest, Ron! 13:24:49
Iowa: The Perfect Outcome For Ron Paul 13:20:48
This is how a campaign wins Official campaign looking for precinct captains 13:20:29
Ron Paul - The Last DJ 13:19:55
Iowa: The Perfect Outcome For Ron Paul 13:19:47
Baltimore Sun on FreddieMac, Fannie Mae, and Ron Paul 13:14:28
To all those supporters 13:10:44
Ron Paul goes Public 13:10:01
To all those supporters 13:09:59
BUSH vs. HUCK - The similarites are scary! 13:09:27
CALL TO ARMS! Let's help do Dr. Paul's dirty work! 13:08:58
***We've Lost Our Minds!!!!!*** 13:05:46
Vote in this poll! ........... 13:04:20
Thanks Liberty Broadcasting Network! 13:03:22
what about FRED? is he still going to drop 13:02:16
Important! Anyone here from a tourist town? Or in the service industry? 13:02:15
Worldnetdaily comes to the aid of Ron Paul 13:01:31
Huckabee, Paul labled as most family friendly.... 12:58:28
Faux News Money Bomb ? 12:57:19
Hillary is DEAD IN THE WATER!!! 12:54:57
Roy Miller Endorses Ron Paul 12:53:55
This still makes me LOL every time! 12:53:30
Ron Paul,Rand Paul,Kent Snyder to be on Alex Jones Today!! 12:52:59
Bankruptcy on the rise and job growth can't keep up with population growth 12:52:46
ABC Debate Saturday includes Ron Paul 12:52:08
Recharge with this video! 12:52:06
"Nasty" names for goofy candidates here - lOOk 12:51:37
Look at Big Picture (General Election), People 12:51:14
VP names mentioned here - Naomi Wolf - NOT!!!! 12:44:56
10>3 12:44:05
4 Days until Huckabee chokes - then what? Are you weak or strong? 12:43:27
A Soldier's View of Iraq 12:42:29
Huckabee out raising Paul in Cash 12:35:23
Shep Smith Says Fox should reconsider 12:28:41
Ron Paul gets some revenge! 12:27:46
Why 10% in Iowa equals big wins in other states for Ron Paul 12:21:43
WHO is BROKE! Rudy, Fred, McCain, and HUCK! 12:21:27
IOWA....the perfect outcome.. 12:18:54
Ron Paul gets 14% in Eastern Iowa 12:18:17
Prediction early Results: WHO HAS TRUE VISION? 12:13:30
Breakdown of vote by county in Iowa - 14% in Eastern Iowa. 12:12:40
Let's remind NH of McCain's "Straight Talk" 12:11:49
Even a Anti-Ron Paul reporter says Ron Paul is being unfairly Censored 12:09:57
A large obstacle to freedom - the average oblivious American citizen (a large %) 12:08:21
Paul one of 3 to WIN AN IOWA COUNTY! 12:08:07
LISTEN to RPRadio NOW & Thank the 10,000 Iownas who voted RP! 12:07:21
Where are the exit pole results? 12:06:51
Tomorrow Saturday - Wyoming Republicans caucuses 12:04:24
Where are the Ron Paul hot-air baloons? 12:03:32
Why this will be a brokered Republican convention and why we need delegates 12:03:32
I-D-E-O-L-O-G-Y 12:03:21
Exit Polls from Iowa 12:00:40
Could you imagine 11:58:33
Don't Be Discouraged: What the Mainstream Media Wont Tell You About Iowa 11:50:20
Why are the Iowa delegate percentages inconsistent with votes? 11:45:28
Mardi Gras - New Orleans, Feb. 5 11:45:06
Attention Christians, A MUST read on Huckabee 11:43:20
Does the campaign understand that their biggest competition is obama? 11:40:10
3rd, 4th and 5th place in Iowa receive nearly same amount of delegates 11:34:11
Ron Paul vs Cicero 11:33:37
Start pounding "States Rights" for Mega Tuesday 11:32:27
Shocking NH Huckabee endorsement 11:29:38
We Need A New Ron Paul Video 11:27:46
Time to hold our candidate accountable? 11:21:48
Ron Paul won the Independent vote in Iowa 29% good sign for NH 11:21:25
East Texas Area-wide Event for Dr. Paul and the Constitution- REMEMBER the Alamo 11:20:31
ABC will have PAUL in NH forum! 11:19:58
NO MERCY on FOX 11:19:21
Worldnetdaily Let Paul Debate 11:18:27
New Ron Paul Military Ad! A Must See! 11:14:55
! ! ! Have you noticed the donation trends this AM? ! ! ! 11:14:42
Canvassing Doctors, Nurses, and a Hospital 11:11:32
HQ Needs To Change Its Advertising. 11:10:06
***IOWA CAUSUS ATTENDEES - Please post - We want to hear from you! 11:08:47
Human Events Article On NH yard signs 11:07:59
How resolved are you? 11:07:20
A Free Precinct 11:05:40
THEME Songs (Fun Friday ideas thread) 11:05:30
The Tortoise and the Hare 10:25:09
Pro War Republicans get crushed in Iowa by the Democrats - Ron Paul strategy 10:59:19
Chuck Baldwin ='s A Lot More Votes Than A Blimp Ever Could (Read ON) 10:58:17
On Drudge: Huckabee Chairman Ed Rollins Trashes Romney 10:54:34
Is Ron Paul 3rd in Iowa? 15% of Iowa counties uncertified 10:53:23
Why aren't Iowa results finalized? 10:52:07
Ron Paul Winner! 10:51:58
Let's Get the Christian Vote - We Know It Will Help 10:49:40
Welcome Dodd suppoorters 10:49:24
Churches - sign blitz needed now 10:48:07
McCain: "Troops in Iraq for 100 years is fine with me" 10:47:11
Where can I find Ron Paul's speech from last night? 10:40:39
Fascist Huckabee vs. RP- A soldier's eloquent truth on Iraq 10:40:30
Should the Campaign focus on Ron Paul's VOTING RECORD in the ads? 10:40:20
Interesting CNN entrance polls 10:40:05
Dr. Paul did well in counties that haven't fully reported 10:39:49
Hellary Rotten & Ghouliani 10:37:22
Calling All Floridians 10:37:13
NH undecideds watch FOX? 10:35:09
Did you notice? 10:32:35
MSNBC Morning Joe clip Jan 2- WATCH Russert Predicts Paul Could Beat Giuliani in Iowa 10:32:10
Ron Paul needs precinct captains 10:31:40
The Danger of John McCain 10:31:07
Turn on 10:30:34
Other vote counting site? 10:28:39 10:28:05
Iowa 3%?? 10:27:19
So, what is the response 10:24:53
The Montgomery Independent Endorses Ron Paul 10:24:11
Christians for Ron Paul web page 10:22:59
Bill Maher still a jerk 10:21:04
Mathematically Projected Final Results for Iowa 10:17:36
Post your Well Wishes to New Hampshire Here! 10:16:56
McCain: "Make it 100" 10:14:46
Another important poll... 10:08:23
Define "neocon" 10:07:17
Sly like FOX 10:06:11
A Great General once spoke these words. 10:03:04
Good News and Bad News 09:58:44
Mainsteam News Manipulations 09:56:15
Good Job in Iowa and the Lessons Learned 09:55:23
Someone please post this at 09:54:50
Maybe I'm just paraniod but...... 09:53:25
What is the total donor count for Iowa? 09:50:28
Raise money bomb to BUY a news channel that doesn't censor! 09:50:15
Huckabee is like Hitler? Please Read 09:45:59
Great Article in Chronicle 09:42:16
America Is Dying! 09:39:08
From what I see we are the only other candidate that won delegates 09:34:54
Name Recognition 09:31:04
O'Reilly says that Fox WILL have Dr. Paul in their SC Debate? 09:26:00
We Were Always Going to Get About 12,000 Votes 09:24:35
Ron Paul Baffles Iowa Media 09:22:00
What We got was a Magic Show 09:16:39
Why is CNN different than LBN? 09:09:38
"Confessions of a economic hitman" 09:07:53
The Revolution Continues ! 09:06:32
CNN reports Ron Paul gets "slaughtered" in Iowa 08:58:46
independant voters 08:53:26
RP: Hit media with this question: UPDATED with PROOF 08:52:50
CNBC pulls plug on RP supporter! 08:42:01
Churches & Related Religious Organizations 08:40:58
Wyoming anyone? 08:38:29
Reminded how grateful I am to him 08:36:17
Petition to Fox and ABC - Please Sign and Pass On 08:21:55
Yesterday's Results? -- Truly Not Too Bad 08:12:39
Rock the Fox Box! 08:11:30
What was with Jefferson County where Ron Paul Triumphed? 08:10:59
"Confessions of a economic hitman" 08:08:35
Huck had evangelical 08:08:00
Ron Paul has to reach Christian voters 08:07:11
The Biased Media lost... 08:05:52
New Online Polls 08:05:22
100% precinct reporting yet? 08:02:56
LA Times ~ RP's Revenge On Rudy. 07:44:46
Very positive clip on Fox about Ron Paul 07:36:07
Google-Mapping Iowa for Analysis 07:33:48
Always look on the bright side of life 07:28:37
Q13 FOX Seattle may consider Ron Paul - again! 07:27:02
Very interesting numbers=very positive 07:21:27
Suggestions For Grassroots 07:11:37
Horrible hit piece..... 07:04:38
I'm using this as my fortune cookie 06:42:13
sick to my stomach 06:36:17
Don't Forget The Dollar 06:31:42
Vote for somebody other than Dr paul Poll 06:26:50
Fox/Monsanto shady deals (this needs to go viral) 06:24:21
What we need to be thankful for about last night. 06:22:34
Help Raise Funds * Use Ron Paul ToolBar!! 06:21:20
New Ron Paul Military Ad! A Must See! 06:14:25
What happened to liberty broadcast network??? 06:07:08
I think we did pretty damn good last night! If we didn't, the media would be rubbing it in 06:06:21
A 50-state Campaign Strategy For Supporters **PLEASE READ** 06:00:09