Posted on January 6, 2008

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Think Ron Paul Has Supporters in New Hampshire?! Watch this!! 23:33:57
Ron Paul & The Environment 23:26:45
Ron Paul On CNN Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer 1-6-08 22:56:03
NBC Evening News Blackout 22:28:58
Ron Paul at The Liberty Forum 1/6/07 20:04:43
This issue *IS* "mainstream" - Updated 19:30:48
Ron Paul Highlights 1/5/2007 ABC Debate 12:18:07
Charts for Tonight! 11:58:46
Ron Paul NH Sunday Hour Special - Update 12:18:09
NH GOP Withdraws from FOX 1/6 Event 12:18:08
Urgent!!!-12.5k needed for new ads 22:08:32
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Newt Gingritch Calls for War with IRAN and Occupation of Pakistan, ASAP! 23:59:13
Medicare/Medicaid Questions 23:57:21
How much does a Bulldog cost? 23:42:31
YouTube Link For NH Rally 23:41:45
Just got home from NH RP Town Meeting 23:37:42
Over 500 NEW Donors today!!! 23:34:11
Greta Van Susteren wants to know if you watched the ABC Debate 23:33:56
Sportsfan boycot of all big leauge sporting events televised of Fox??? 23:31:51
FAUX News automagic email link - 60 emails sent with one message 23:26:04
outcome based healthcare and McCain- this means you,!!! 23:25:42
outcome based healthcare 23:23:59
*THE* most POSITIVE article tonight about Ron Paul - He can win!!! 23:21:15
NH Town hall meeting video links 1-6-08 23:21:15
This campaign needs an aggressive bulldog for a manager 23:21:02
THANK YOU Fox News! 23:19:33
Fight for votes, not ad space 23:16:12
Need some GOLDEN advice ASAP! 23:14:09
Please send thanks to Barry Goldwater Jr. 23:12:54
Please bump this up its important 23:12:19
Send a big THANK YOU to Fox News! 23:05:30
Lemons to Lemonade--> Hope you're thirsty!!! 22:59:41
Ron no longer has any excuse for not confronting others 22:57:46
What do I say to this guy? 22:55:26
MySpace says donate! 22:52:15
Shin-Splints & Web-Sites 22:49:05
chipins for freedom 22:47:07
Everyone Bombard your Local News!! 22:46:44
Huck's 15 min of fame are over (donations) 22:41:07
Fox debate Sabotaged by Ron Paul signs 22:37:20
1126 guests :-) 22:36:41
YES!!! 22:34:46
For Today and for the Future - Learning about economic liberty 22:32:36
I'm REALLY mad 22:24:52
AWESOME Video - Spontaneous RP Rally in Manchester!! MUST SEE 22:21:13
Entire Town Hall meeting on YouTube 22:17:19
Has everyone signed up to become a Precinct Leader yet? 22:15:34
Michigan 24 Hour Letter Bomb NOW! 22:14:02
Romney owns Clear Channel Communications? DIGG THIS 22:09:38
Tonight (1/6/2008) in New Hampshire 22:03:15
First 2 min. of NH Town Hall meeting on Youtube 22:00:39
Letter writing campaign...need help with template 21:54:32
Rasmussen Poll-RP tied for 3rd 21:48:48
New Hampshire - 30-39 year old largest portion of the population 21:48:31
If Brazil Is Moving Ever Closer to Becoming Energy Independent...What's Wrong With America? 21:47:05
Great article on bringing the focus of 08 to the economy. 21:45:20
Was anyone at the rally tonight? How many people there? 21:40:02
Early Primary States 21:37:58
Top story on all of Reddit: Fox is removing Ron Paul's name from AP articles! 21:37:13
Faux news debate Jan 10th on Ron Pauls website 21:36:55
OMG FOX NEWS debate Live...UNREAL!!! 21:31:59
It's just not getting any better for Fox--Secret Service 21:29:44
Simpson's doing a great parody on the election. 21:27:23
Tag Dollars with Ron Paul links! 21:21:12
Is anybody wathing "The Simpsons" right now? ROTFL!!!! 21:20:28
I'm streaming Fox Forum, on two computers, with the volume down 21:20:02
Israeli newspaper Haaretz does a fairly decent article about Ron Paul! 21:19:00
Dr. Paul needs to take the next steps. 21:17:56
WFXT NH/Boston Fox affiliate phone # Call now! 21:15:43
MUST READ! Fox News Editing Ron Paul out of AP News Stories 21:14:22
bring coffee and donuts and dvds to the strikers at jay leno! 21:13:36
FIRST question to the "fab five" 21:13:32
Bring coffee and donuts and dvds to the strikers at Jay Leno! 21:13:06
bring coffee and donuts and dvds to the strikers at jay leno! 21:12:50
regular fox 21:11:42
Every American Needs to see 'Common Sense' [Video] 21:11:01
Faux Forum Window of Opportunity! 21:09:57
What the hell .. where is the hour of ron paul today and how come he got cancelled on all his airings? 21:09:14
ABC Debates on CNN Now 7:00pm Central 21:07:41
HBO_SPECIAL_Hacking_Democracy 21:05:43
Video - Ron Paul in Pakistan (1964 Air Force TDY) 21:05:26
Ron Paul Infomercial on DVD? 21:03:55
Time to get PUMPED UP! 21:02:55
An idea to reach out to TONS of new voters 21:01:12
Anti-war Filmmaker to Donate to Ron Paul campaign 20:57:18
ABC Debate: Romney's Bush Doctrine plus 20:55:41
Dr.Paul answering tough questions? 20:54:38
Huckabee Spokesman Endorses Ron Paul 20:54:35
Can we all work to get these young men and women out of danger? 20:49:14
Vote for 'Bunny Ears' 20:45:47
Ron Paul Should Say "Hogwash" at Least Once 20:42:06
Link to WSJ article RP referred to in debate? 20:41:49
The Truth about McCain and Iraq - Can we get the word out? 20:38:57
Murdoch meeting w/Fox re Ron Paul 20:33:19
PLEASE HELP - NBC Channel 6 News - Portland, Maine 20:31:09
"1984" alive and well in 2008 20:29:51
Motivating Poster in Honor of Fox News 20:28:10
Motivating Poster in Honor of Fox News 20:26:24
Motivating Poster in Honor of Fox News 20:26:20
I thought Glenn Beck had Dr. Paul airing tonght? 20:13:12
ABC Republican Debate replayed on CNN NOW 4:12 PST 20:12:54
Quotes from One of Our Founders That Are As Relevant Today as They Were Over 230 Years Ago 20:12:15
FAOX Delays an Hour at the Last Minute !!! 20:10:43
Been kicked off YouTube twice - what am I doing? 20:10:02
The 2008 election WILL NOT be televised 20:07:52
NH GOP Chairman explains problem with phone polling and mentions Ron Paul 20:05:35
Have any of you actually run a campaign??? 20:01:11
Homegrown Terrorism?? 20:00:19
They have the NH meeting up on MCAM Now 20:00:14
C SPAN ***NOT***airing Ron Paul NH Town Hall ***UPDATE*** 20:00:02
This is for real: Need a videographer for the Blimp! 19:59:20
Printable Ron Paul January Events Calendar from Ron Paul Explorer 19:55:51
We crashed their site! Standing room only! Thousands attend forum for Dr. Paul! 19:54:26
Jane Aitken (or anyone else in NH) - Question 19:51:37
Dear Dr. Paul Forum--Get HQ to listen and help us stop complaining without end! 19:49:29
the role of Patents 19:48:35
2002 Before the Iraq War - DIGG PLEASE (YouTube) 19:45:39
URGENT! Videographer needed for Ron Paul Blimp! 19:41:21
Can we hire an experienced republican campaign strategist ? 19:36:55
CRAZY? Your thoughts please. 19:29:17
VIDEO: CNN Late Edition with Ron Paul 01/06/08 19:29:00
If we swamped one web site.... 19:28:42
It's only ONE click -- please! 19:25:30
Just Got off the Phone with TV station, Servers crashed because so many hits! 19:24:17
Faux News Money Bomb 19:18:22
CNN just talked about the elections omitting again RP 19:17:40
Support over sea? 19:17:09
Ron Paul's Holistic Prescription 19:16:29
Boston Globe Poll 19:16:18
Money Bomb Found at Faux Forum! 19:15:46
Faux News is in the Twilight Zone 19:15:13
More Videos Please 19:14:54
Debate with a reporter about Iraq 19:14:04
Debate with a reporter about Iraq 19:13:30
Your Local Media in trouble thanks to FCC in bed with MSM-( loss of liberty)new law says major networks can buy local papers 19:09:03
"Overwhelming Interest" 19:06:56
MCAM says we broke their servers!! 19:01:27
*****Where's the Elephant?***** 19:00:51
Sign Bomb Today???? 18:58:50
Need Supporters help in Indiana!!! 18:54:46
Hackabee is now saying that he wants to eliminate all income taxes 18:51:52
Good article on electronic voting machines 18:51:34
23 tv is down! 18:50:08
Rally at NH Debate!! SEE THIS!! 18:49:13
Rally at NH Debate!! SEE THIS!! 18:49:06
Ron on 18:45:25
Ron on 18:44:53
Ron on 18:44:30
NY Times Weekend edition shows all candidates from ABC debates... 18:44:24
Contact NY SUPER VOTERS! 18:40:30
Huckabee Blames Americans for High Gas Prices 18:39:02
I called the TV station. Good news!!! 18:33:04
John McCain says He Knows How to Fix Washington...So What Has He Been Doing Since 1982 18:32:02
CNN 5:30 et Ron Paul in a cafe in NH comming up 18:31:01
Is the Town Hall meeting on Now? 18:29:46
Letter From Another Great 'Paul' 18:20:04
JAN 7 DEADLINE for writing letters to Michigan. This means YOU. 18:15:26
JAN 7 DEADLINE for writing letters to Michigan. This means YOU. 18:14:42
???? WTF All Streaming links are dead??? 18:14:29
Rand Paul Worried Vote Stealing 18:07:36
Greta Von Susteren Inviting Comments "Who Won The Debate" 17:55:37
Huckabee The Thief 17:50:02
Link to see Dr. Paul in tonights debate 17:49:57
Help me with an analogy 17:48:39
South Carolina 17:47:26
Is Ron Paul Hard-hearted to Oppose Birthright Citizenship (Anchor Babies)? 17:45:55
Dr. Paul will speak live shortly, come in here for link! 17:45:04
Even neocon voice NEWSMAX reports as cover story about the exclusion of RP 17:44:57
Riot At huck rally almost 17:44:41
Chuck Norris on C-Span 17:41:59
Get Ron Paul toolbar 17:37:23
SUGGESTION - Could Dr. Paul do 2 hours? 17:37:07
what would Ron Paul as president do.... 17:36:17
NewsMax article about RP's exclusion from the Fox forum 17:33:09
Compelling FBI, IOWA, Criminal Investigation Video. Must see! 17:30:06
If RP supporters work harder 17:28:46
The Ron Paul Toolbar 17:28:07
Bump This Great CNN Interview! 17:26:18
McCain & Schieffer Dis Ron Paul's Military Service Record 17:22:36
The Ron Paul Balloon took flight yesterday, Saturday morning 17:22:34
Ron Paul to Host Televised Townhall with Undecided New Hampshire Voters 17:22:00 Traffic Rankings: is the 668th most popular site in US & 6034th most popular site in world!! 17:16:22
What Poll to Trust? Rassmussen or Zogby/Reuters/C-SPAN? 17:16:00
Result of NH GOP vs Fox 17:15:49
Form Letter for Email Distribution 17:09:38
Potential Letter for Email Distribution 17:07:24
John McCain's comment to Ron Paul. 17:04:10
---Ron Paul--class lawsuit?-- 17:00:56
Updates on Fraud/Sabotage in Iowa? 16:55:54
Holly s@#t 16:55:12
First ballot for President will go to Ron Paul! 16:53:48
Post debate interviews..... 16:52:21
Ron Paul VIDEO GAME! 16:49:26
Did you know there was an African Union? 16:47:27
Help! Does anyone know the HQ address of Operation Live Free or Die? 16:47:23
According to my math this quarter goal should be 60Mill 16:43:25
Where's Paul on C-SPAN? 16:40:28
The Fox Backlash/Backfire is Incredible! 16:37:12
CNN to run replay of sat night debate 16:37:05
How Ron Paul will win. 16:32:41
Write the other Republican candidates 16:32:27 CEO response to Paul supporters about Fox 16:30:22
Ron Paul with Moyers repeat in Maine (PBS) 16:27:54
New Ron Paul 8 page pamphlets available 16:27:24
"A very long and winding road" 16:23:16
Was polled by Rasmussen just now 16:14:28
Susan Estrich says "Yeah, we'll fix that one." 16:12:06
CNN is airing a replay of last night's debate at the same time as the Fox debate! 16:11:56
Lou Dobbs "Ron Paul is the only inspiring candidate" 16:10:11
Blimp "Live Feed" A Hoax? 16:06:11
Photos of Ron Paul supporters at Hillary's Campaign Grand opening 16:02:59
'Independents' Can Vote for Democrats but Not Republicans in California Primary 16:00:32
No Campaign Strategy? 15:58:18
Ron Paul is all over the place today 15:58:06
If Ron Paul Loses, We Still Win 15:55:10
Here is the link to see Dr. Paul tonight at the town hall meeting!!!! 15:53:34
Monetary Policy and Consequences For Dummies (like me) 15:53:07
People From New Hampshire. Can you give us some insight on how things will end up Tuesday? 15:52:43
snake oil 15:48:39
Ron Paul to Appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 15:41:39
How about not allowing candidates who take part in the Fox fraud 15:40:33
Ron Paul Truck 15:39:10
Don't forget the Ron Paul Sign Bomb on Tuesday Night! 15:38:16
"Bring a friend to Vote Day" in New Hampshire. Victory in New Hampshire 15:35:22
MLK Money Bomb Events 15:35:12
More good Ron Paul news! 15:35:02
Huckabee Iowa Spokesman: 'I'm Proud to Support Ron Paul'! 15:27:21
Please vote in this poll, and then add a bump response. 15:25:19
Those who can.. Do..! Those who cannot... Preach..!! 15:22:52
Ron Paul Plagiarized 15:22:14
My issue is Internet Regulation...which is a lonely topic here 15:22:06
Vote For Ron In New Poll 15:19:41
RE: Debate Comment - "You have been reading their propaganda" 15:15:34
Are we going to MONEY BOMB Ron Paul tonight during Fox Debate? 15:10:21
New Obama video entitled "CHANGE" (it might be a little sarcastic) 15:08:37
Slow and steady wins the race - thoughts on NH and beyond. 15:03:07
A way to track who votes for Ron Paul 15:02:04
hacking democracy! 14:59:42
Cartoon as an Ad 14:57:45
PLEASE get this on the air in NH (McCain's 100 years) 14:57:28
Back to the Start: We need to remember what brought us together. 14:57:06
Paul says there was a rummor 14:54:53
CNN Sticks it to FOX! 14:50:33
Watch Paul Town Hall from Official Website! 14:50:08
Watch the Ron Paul Town Hall, live from New Hampshire at 5 PM 14:49:57
The ignorance we're up against.... 14:48:15
We need to win the support of the smaller newspapers 14:47:52
McCain "Why not 100 Years in Iraq" 14:44:39
When/Where Can I Watch The Ron Paul 1 Hour Special Today? 14:38:07
Drudge Reports CNN re-airing debate tonight! 14:37:15
RP Supporters need to run in 2010 14:36:12
Ron Paul on Glen beck?? 14:34:18
Mailing Ron Paul Slim Jims 14:33:49
C-Span cancelled 14:32:46
Money Bomb of Change 14:32:34
Free votes in NH. 14:29:00
Atlanta, GA - need place to buy yard signs 14:19:45
We are losing this poll about last night 14:19:33
Rupert Murdoch's E-mail Address 14:19:11
Match-o-matic prez poll 14:19:08
Boston Globe Vote 14:11:45
RP call in on CNN 3:30 EST 14:10:20
Looking for a certain flyer 14:05:18
McCain "The Surge is Working" 14:01:57
Ron Paul Support Growing across Racial Lines, it's the MESSAGE! 13:57:58
OBAMA 13:54:40
Boycott the NFL? 13:52:41
CNN replaying ABC New Hampshire debate - Overlapping Fox Forum 13:46:42
Glenn Beck Tonight 13:45:38
This YouTube Video Gaining TRACTION!!! 13:44:54
Revolution getting it's Mojo back! 13:44:53
Is Monday's Leno Appearance a Repeat, or New? 13:41:55
Talking Points 13:39:53
Campaign 2.0 needs an upgrade 13:37:45
Jon Hoenig is a free-market Paul supporter, on .... 13:36:00
Watch John Wayne instead of Fox News debate 13:34:27
DRUDGE says CNN to re-air last night's debate opposite tonight's Fox debate! 13:34:26
Granny Warrior on the road again 13:32:44
Guiliani arrogance 13:30:19
Quoting the Constitution 13:29:17
Ron Paul had the biggest sign & the longest stick! 13:27:28
1st Qtr Totals On-Line: Huckabee - $586,418.88, Paul - $293,483.16 13:26:27
Besides wasting time on the computer - what did you do today? UPDATE 13:23:34
Ron Paul on C-Span at 3:30 p.m. TODAY from C-Span Campaign 2008 Bus 13:22:49
**Charles Gibson goes down the line and confronts each of the candidates of what they have been accused of. My favorite part! 13:22:29
Huckabee is Overselling His Record...That's a Nice Way of Saying He's a Liar. 13:21:29
Republicans should't be Embarassed to be against the War 13:21:10
Boston Globe survey - Paul at 13% 13:21:10
A Most Important Endorsement 13:20:13
3:30 EST on C-Span 13:19:48
Revolutionary Spirit will live on.... 13:18:35
Internet WAR 13:16:37
William James from 'On Pragmatic Grounds' reflects Paul 13:15:16
Anyone Who Missed the ABC Debates, CNN has Made a Deal With ABC and Will Air Them Tonight at 7:00pm ET 13:05:59
CNN is re airing the ABC debate tonight the same time Fox is airing there forum! 13:05:14
Dr. Paul destroys them all in poll. 13:04:35
ALL MEETUPS - Fox MONEY BOMB DURING Fox News Debate 13:00:24
Has anybody else noticed lately 12:59:55
NEW HAMPSHIRE 11% TODAY'S Rasmussen poll! 12:59:15
Does anyone know who produced this ad? 12:54:36
Please know this, Boycotts work!! 12:52:45
NH residents complain of junk mail and junk calls 12:45:26
Ron Paul on Wolf Blitzer CNN right now (11:40 a.m. EST)!!! 12:40:34
RON PAUL on CNN now 11:35 am EST 12:39:15
Why do they hate us? 12:38:15
OK? Did you know that LETTERMAN endorsed RON PAUL in 1988!!!! 12:34:05
Dixville Notch 12:25:44
Does Anyone Know Anything About The Constitution Party? 12:22:58
Video - Fox News says Ron Paul is best to fix the economy 12:22:30
Polls don't include independent vote. Ron Paul had most 12:17:43
Proof of Planned Iraq Invasion 12:14:21
Ron Paul at 14% in NH. Rasmussen. 12:14:15
Tell your friends, and FOX News 12:06:02
Border Security??!?!? From the mouths of Globalists?? 12:04:35
Are we doing everything we can in New Hampshire? 11:58:44
Reuters - Bush: We would defend Israel against Iran (this is big time ready to go before Bush leaves office) 11:58:06
Donate a FOX Bonus to RP today 11:54:53
Huckabee Emulating Hitler 11:51:09
Times UK - Israel to brief George Bush on options for Iran strike (VIRAL THIS TO PREVENT IT) 11:45:52
The "Wasted Vote Syndrome" is not Exclusively the Domain of "Third Parties" 11:42:01
Ron Paul's Interview After ABC Debate 11:36:18
Has hell frozen over? 11:25:50
McCain on MTP now 11:23:55's CEO Speaks About Ron Paul's Supporters Calling 11:16:18
1/6 NYTimes - Cheney Rice:Expand CIA to Control Pakistan (iwo, Ron Paul is Telling the Truth) 11:07:32
You shouldn't have been worried about RI after all 10:46:25
My wife wrote this after the debate on her myspace Blog 10:34:22
There Is No Second Candidate To Go To After Dr. Paul 10:29:03
If gold had been money the price of oil would not have changed 10:27:07
Carpetbomb for Paul 10:25:58
Now is the time 10:22:39
Would Reagan Vote for Ron Paul? Article on 10:20:03
"Dr. Paul, the only thing you've changed is your party." 10:07:18
Bravo, Ron Paul! 09:47:31
Grandfather Paul, When you draw Fire, 09:45:06
Osceola And Pocahontas counties GOOD SHOWING! 09:44:09
Look at all the media coverage 09:42:34
BOYCOTT FOX NEWS!!! 09:13:13 CEO for Ron Paul 09:12:17
Heated Debate: Ron Paul vs Mike Huckabee 08:48:14
What was done to WIn Jefferson Co, IA 08:43:30
OMG... Is this true? 08:22:54
A challenge to us all 08:21:19
ACTION ALERT #1 - Giuliani really set himself up here 07:45:53
Live Free or DIE Moneybomb 07:42:28
Missing Iowa Precincts Explained by Bev Harris 06:58:11
Constitution and Economics Lessons by Ron Paul in Debate 06:54:12
C-span 06:15:09
Fly Ron Paul Banners Over Key Primary States 05:58:23
Reasons(?) people might vote for/like McCain, Romney, Etc?(just a guess or 3) 05:50:02
Proof that Ron Paul will win 05:49:49
Donate to Operation New Hampshire now 05:43:49
New Hampshire 05:41:07
Party Trumps Person - Ron Paul and the future of politics. 05:39:23
Remember Buchanan 05:25:05
Feb 1-5 should be get the word out for Ron Paul week 05:24:49
Let's DIGG this vet 05:20:13
What question Charlie should have asked the participants! 05:11:41
Fox News Removing Ron Paul from AP Press releases 05:04:29
*Excellent* NYT Voting Machines Article 04:51:31
Third Party 04:49:03
Stop trying to include RP in debates 04:30:48
UK living standards outstrip US 04:29:58
Debate Coverage ...1 line about RP (Yahoo, MSM nonsense) 04:25:48
FRONT PAGE OF ABC NEWS website - READ THIS! 04:23:41
Spin Room Paul Says Talk of Inflation Is a "Bold Step" for Other Candidates 04:18:43
ABC has no shame: Images of the Twin Towers on the back of the podiums. 04:12:38
Winning the War on Terror 04:09:23
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee 04:05:42
RP comments...etc, about debate(not bad) RP Laughing at Romney, Loudly! 04:04:56
RON PAUL POLLS 14% in NEW HAMPSHIRE!!!!!!! 03:58:15
HOW GEORGE W GOT RE ELECTED--lessons 03:52:16
Is it right to ask Ron Paul to change? 03:51:24
#1 problem for Ron Paul's campaign is .... 03:51:09
Contacted Penn & Teller! (Can you, too?) 03:51:03
Well for once someone had the sense to delete defeatist topics... 03:40:33
The "What" not the "How." - and how we can double our polling % 03:35:29
*Oil VS Gold* Please create a visual graph of this! 03:33:32
Miracles---------> 03:30:33
Corporate Fedralists: These are your opponants. 03:16:29
More articles 03:14:04
You want to impact Fox? Buy it, don't sell it. 03:03:56
Are Ron Paul Supporters Really Hurting Fox News Parent Company Shares? 02:59:17
Where can I watch the entire debate right now? 02:57:52
Am I the first to suggest opening Pandora's Box? 02:53:38
The Battle Must be Won with the Voting Machines! 02:52:29
Fox News Boycott and the Broader Revolution 02:46:41
It started way before Lincoln..Jefferson and the Fedralists.. This is what you are battling..Corporate Fedralists... 02:42:41
NH Gun Shop Supports Ron Paul 02:41:43
We need some celebrities to speak out STRONGLY. 02:41:26
Please Help!!! - Beta Testers Needed for Social News Network for the Liberty and Freedom Revolution 02:37:16
Raise $1 million during the Fox forum 02:36:46
Potential Solution to Fox New Hampshire Debate Issue 02:34:14
Hope Anthem-Ron Paul Revolution 02:28:42
Ron Paul already a winner 02:24:48
Important Poll (please bump) 02:23:20
Do I belong here? 02:22:54
It's the economy, stupid 02:20:30
Glen Beck - Ron Paul REPEAT on again SUNDAY 7pm, 9pm, 12am 02:19:59
Spin Room Paul Says Talk of Inflation Is a "Bold Step" for Other Candidates 02:18:16
Ron Paul, the only candidate that did not look like a whiny brat. 02:17:57
Are you MAD enough yet?? I mean, are you FED UP? ANGRY yet??? 02:16:06
If you want to learn alot about Ron Paul.. 02:07:59
What went wrong? 02:07:44
Ron Paul EXPOSED 02:06:14
*** Perhaps We Can Help Dr. Paul with More Emotional Metaphors, Analogies, and Similes *** 02:04:47
The End of the GOP 02:00:20
*** Perhaps We Can Help Dr. Paul with More Emotional Metaphors, Analogies, and Similes *** 01:56:31
Help me convince my family not to vote for Romney 01:52:27
Ron Paul on Late Edition - Sunday 01:47:53
Romney in Big Pharma's Pocket *** video...pass this on 01:43:51
McCain snidley says to Dr. Paul, "We're sure going to miss you tomorrow" 01:42:34
THOMPSONS THOUGHTS at the Debate... 01:41:58
CNN talking about HUGE 2 night debate 1/30 and 1/31 01:41:56
Fox News says Ron Paul is best for economy 01:40:39
Here is THE WAY to translate our enthusiasm into VOTES 01:34:08
Dunno What everyone is talking about. Dr. Paul kicked BUTT!! 01:32:21
For all the people new (last couple months)to DP... or old 01:29:19
Sometimes I wish he would explain better, Go Ron Paul 01:25:47
OB/GYN Ron Paul's Babies: Where Are We Now? 01:25:10
I love Barrak..but.. Blood and Treasure is Ron Paul's beef.. 01:21:47
Sign Waving in NH 01:13:07
Fox removing Ron Paul’s name from their news? 01:11:06
It's OVER, Last One Out Shut Off The Lights... 01:06:14
MSNBC has ZERO delegates for Paul 01:04:27
Barry Goldwater, Jr. to Campaign for Ron Paul in NH 00:59:34
Videos on will not play? 00:57:58
ABC Blog: Paul in the Spin Room post-debate 00:57:36
How To Block Evil Sites Forever 00:57:29
NYT: Paul dominated foreign policy in the debate 00:57:09
Ron Paul SMOKES THEM AGAIN!!! 00:56:58
Are we REALLY republicans???? 00:56:16
When you challenge "conventional wisdom" you lose! 00:51:30
What is wrong with Thompson? 00:46:51
Does Huckabee Reaaly stand for What Ron Paul says??? 00:40:15
Need some help and links 00:34:01
A New Mainstream Media 00:32:41
Dissecting Ron Paul's 14% in New Hampshire 00:32:05
+++ Tell Ron Paul your thoughts tonight! +++ 00:18:57
This is what I would like to see.... 00:18:13
Video--Ron Paul Demolishes Pre-emptive Strike Doctrine 00:14:40
Mitt on free trade and international Markets 00:13:01
Another debate poll, vote! 00:10:28
This so called "change" is what will keep America in Chains... DIGG STORY!!! 00:10:17
Who won the ABC New Hampshire Debate? Vote 00:10:04
Anti-Immigration Ad 00:06:16
Ron Paul getting AWESOME post debate ABC local news coverage 00:05:25
Laughing traitors make me sick 00:03:10
Ron Paul on Leno 1/7? 00:01:26