Posted on January 8, 2008

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We MUST continue regardless of the results today and the upcoming weeks! 21:02:44
New Hampshire Results - Main Open Thread 21:02:45
September, 2008: The Republican Convention 19:48:08
Daily Paul Site Load - Tips Updated 14:36:12
The Fox / Leno Miracle 11:10:43
New Hampshire Primary Today - Thank You Ron Paul! 15:07:06
Dr. Paul Leading Romney and Giuliani 10:52:02
Steve Dore: The Liberty Song 10:49:06
Video: Ron Paul on Jay Leno 13:10:58
HR 1955 Just Passed/6-404 00:10:21
Breaking! - Frank Luntz EXPOSED! 13:10:57
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Ron Paul in Florida Speaking 23:59:02
I'm sick of the world 23:55:24
Ghoul Skooled/If necessary-Hope RP runs 3rd party...Bloomberg run? Slaves to DC(get SSC/etc) won't vote against their "masters"? 23:52:12
Ghoul Skooled/If necessary-Hope RP runs 3rd party...Bloomberg run? Slaves to DC(get SSC/etc) won't vote against their "masters"? 23:51:41
Ghoul Skooled/If necessary-Hope RP runs 3rd party...Bloomberg run? Slaves to DC(get SSC/etc) won't vote against their "masters"? 23:51:17
Candidates Already Giving Speeches??? 23:49:29
Boobus AmericANUS has spoken 23:46:38
Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters 23:42:45
Something is up in Sutton, NH - Ron Paul 0% but votes were cast. 23:40:40
Not a big deal, but... 23:40:03
Tonight's Ron Paul CSPAN speech - anybody have it??? 23:38:19
Dennis vs. Fred... 23:36:32
NH Voters on 'The Economist' 23:34:44
This is only the beginning. NO COWERING!! 23:31:15
Will These Candidates Drop Out? 23:28:54
Edwards is a scumbag 23:23:39
Ron Paul on CSPAN after NH 23:22:39
YouTube from winning Jefferson County 23:21:00
libertybroadcastnetwork: PAUL currently ahead of GHOUL!? 23:20:42
If we seceded, would they just prevent anyone from trading with us? 23:16:20
You wanna help in MICHIGAN?? DO THIS!!!! Please help!! 23:14:53
Facism is Fun! Funny Video from Down Under 23:14:30
RP on C-SPAN now 10pm EST 23:03:41
Turn on C-Span now 23:02:37
Very fishy in one town, my hometown!!! 22:59:35
College Towns Not Reporting Yet... Have Hope! 22:59:27
Very fishy in one town, my hometown!!! 22:59:05
Very fishy in one town, my hometown!!! 22:55:45
Don't immigrate, do this instead!------- 22:50:06
Stand behind Ron Paul! 22:49:07
General Washington Lost All Battles for a Year and a Half 22:48:54
The Sleekest Technique (check this out) 22:44:37
Ron Paul, Governor of Texas 2010 22:44:11
my success story 22:41:40
my success story 22:40:36
What really is Patriotic? 22:40:35
Exit Poll Fun: Post Your Insights 22:38:20
There May beTwo Reasons Ron Paul is Not Doing Better Than 4th or 5th. 22:37:28
Vote Fraud 22:36:31
IOWA 10% NH 8%??? WTF? 22:34:21
My NH Thoughts 22:33:01
Alaska For Sale 22:27:57
Confidence is the key 22:26:04
How come the polls have been closed for an hour and a half and more than half of the precincts havent reported?? 22:25:48
We need something to (re) inspire. Pep Talk central 22:17:49
A corrupt Baptist Minister and a War Criminal - Bravo America! 22:16:51
Website where Ron Paul supporters can debate other Presidential supporters online 22:16:19
Huckabee's strategy - WE MUST COUNTER 22:14:38
Chris Matthews 22:12:00
Remember the passion 22:11:52
still think there's no vote fraud? 22:04:42
What country will you emigrate ? 22:04:23
To divide us is to conquer us 22:02:58
How does Huckabee know he's won 3rd already? 22:02:58
The easier way to be free 22:01:01
"BLUTO is right...we've got to take these bastards!" - Otter 21:58:59
We Can Take Some Solace in the Fact That The Winner of the NH Primary 21:58:26
The Republicans Can't Win, Here's Why. 21:53:31
Conspiracy theories aside.... 21:51:44
Now This Sounds More Like This Little Weasel... His Whole Life Has Been Built on ONE BIG LIE 21:51:09
SW NH stronger for Paul... 21:47:47
Ron Paul on King's "tactic" of nonviolence 21:42:30
One more thank you to Fox News 21:28:59
"Ron Paul's foreign policy" I need some help, and exapmles for developing this issue 21:28:27
MSNBC just said 21:26:46
Obama stole his thunder 21:24:26
This could be a huge problem in NH... Ron Paul Kicked of of precincts!!! 21:23:57
Viet Nam War Lies published on Yahoo 21:23:04
RP left off CNN pie chart, even though tied with Giuliani! 21:19:08
Let's See If These People Will Still Be Cheering "Mac is Back" When He Reinstates the Draft and Their Sons and Daughters 21:16:24
Fire! Fire! Fire! 21:15:36
Infamous pie chart 21:15:20
Our message is WINNING!! 21:14:48
Did you see the roomful of RP supporters on CNN just now? 21:13:49
Is anyone seeing that UTube videos are not playing 21:07:32
This is why we need to keep the money coming in to our man! 21:06:55
Get updated results here 21:04:17
The Revolution - 8pm EST Hisotry Channel International 21:03:48
MY Congressman =Dr. Paul's take on Iraq 21:00:26
90% News results in Google for last 2 hours mention TRN RP lie! 20:56:54
Attention RP Supporters: American Sheep Are Socialists! 20:55:30
New Hampshire Numbers Rolling in. 20:54:57
We Don't Need 50,000 threads on the primary results! 20:52:00
Libertybroadcastnetwork 20:49:55
OK... Paul is just now getting the feel for the game, so be cool 20:49:14
Ron Paul Song 20:49:00
LATEST RESULTS–We're Good 20:48:47
NH Primary ... and its off Post all your NH comments here 20:46:10
Vote on MSNBC now... 6:45 the 8th 20:46:08
I wish Lou Dobb would ... 20:41:31
Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of a night 20:41:08
Current Standings 20:40:37
Northern Counties handcounted come in last - these numbers are from the city near Mass. 20:38:53
Why are there 40 threads on the NH results? 20:37:30
Beck mentions Ron Paul - Deficit 20:37:06
RP 5th place!!!! at lease only 4.5% reporting 20:36:58
RP at 8% now... still 5th 20:32:02
Beck going off about the National debt 20:31:31
3% is in.......and 20:28:58
Predictions based on Iowa exit poll trends! 20:28:14
Vote yes on this poll CNN poll are you tired of the issues not being adressed 20:27:47
1% in AND 20:25:12
MSNBC shady behavior 20:25:08
Positive blurb for Paul by CNN.COM 20:22:19
HR 1955 20:22:03
Tied for third! 20:21:42
Council on Foreign Relations....CFR....bad news 20:20:16
Ron is 3rd in NH!!!! 20:14:02
Remember, no matter what happens.... 20:12:57
If so inclined do as I do - Pray for Ron Paul to Win! 20:11:33
Real time updates 20:11:02
See this! 20:10:00
Ron Paul Statement on The New Republic Article Regarding Old Newsletters 20:08:07
Howard Stern Likes Ron Paul! 20:06:32
Results coming in. Keep Thread current 20:05:44
7:00 EST starts posting NH results 20:05:14
Ron Paul = Change! 20:05:04
38% of New Hampshire Independants voted for a GOP candidate 19:58:50
Media Bias 19:58:30
Our mission tonight: Sign Bomb!!! 19:58:09
Pay attention brothers and sisters 19:57:49
Vote for Ron Paul Go Now! 19:57:30
NH Meetups please give signs to Maine meetups after tonight 19:54:44
The Time Has Come! 19:54:43
Can we PLEASE.......................... 19:53:45
Why are people voting for these crooks(and not Ron Paul?) 19:47:07
Official response from Paul campaign on New Republic hit piece. 19:46:08
Majority Wall street brokers vote for Ron Paul 19:44:03
Ron Paul smacks down Laura Ingraham.. HARD 19:42:15
Oooooh... look at all those computers counting the NH vote! 19:41:46
Next Time You Feel Sorry For Yourself 19:40:58
Webcasting RP live for voter recruitment parties 19:40:22
Ron Paul Debate Collection 19:39:26 state-wise targets fundraising for Ron Paul 19:36:49
Ron Paul Archive 19:35:59
Huckabee retracts immigration stand - too funny -gilchrist must have thought he was talking to Ron Paul 19:35:39
New (more aggressive) campaign manager? 19:33:53
good article in Canadian press 19:33:00
30 Minutes left to vote! Ron needs you now! 19:27:16
sign bombs? 19:21:06
The One significant difference between Ron Paul supporters, and 19:20:04
Watching CNN online live at a polling place - it appears to be a good 19:16:55
Ron Paul vs Giuliani 19:15:41
Neocons are NOT Republicans 19:14:59
huckabee now on cnn 19:14:21
Penn Jillette 19:11:52
Talk about NH results all night here!------- 19:09:15
Boortz: Friend or Foe? 19:08:22
New Ron Paul Song 19:07:58
We're Crushin them! GO VOTE 19:04:16
Old Farmer's Almanac Poll 19:03:45
New Bush Coins 19:01:39
RP signs: NH ---> SOUTH CAROLINA 18:58:57
What would Ron Paul supporters do? 18:56:28
Doctor Ron Paul 18:53:31
They Hate Us Because We Are Free 18:48:42
Ron Paul Chocolates Fund Raiser For Ending The NWO 18:48:22
Ron Paul is smokin' em 18:40:56
Would Stallone endorse RP? 18:37:20
Help Ron win this 18:31:49
The revolution of U.S. presidential hopeful Ron Paul 18:26:02
Help us buy newspaper ads in Nevada - Chipin 18:25:33
time to bomb the Cafferty File 18:24:05
Laura's Education... 18:19:37
The smartest people in America are here! 18:19:20
If John McCain and the Other Warmongers Believe We Need to Fight a War On Terror Then Why 18:18:06
Fisrt OFFICIAL votes in 18:17:28
CNN Jack Cafferty 5PM Hour Question... 18:17:25
First Exit Polls Released (More - Update #3) 18:14:30
Jamie Kirchick admits... 18:13:55
Cafferty File Question 5:15 EST Who will the Republican Nomination? 18:13:48
Carville quote! 18:12:59
sit room 18:12:46
McCain 100 years in Iraq on Leno & Debate answer 18:07:06
Show this to gun owners 17:57:19
Votor Fraud we must act fast 17:56:56
Heavy Voting in NH spells great news for Ron Paul 17:56:33
Huckabee steals another Ron Paul Position 17:52:22
Shenanigans in Wyoming convention? 17:50:08
Bhutto's Son issues statement in line with Ron Paul's foreign policy 17:49:34
Huckabee is the Huckster. Taking another Dr. Paul position. 17:47:28
McCain opposed repealing the Death Tax 17:45:41
new information from Alex Jones radio..1:40 PST 17:42:34
ML Economist: US in Recession 17:40:28
ML Economist: US in Recession 17:40:04
Republican Voters Better Embrace Paul or face Defeat in November 17:38:51
Zogby releases tracking of 2:07PM 17:37:27
Wolf on Ron Paul Factor 17:34:18
Huckabee: 'We have signed up to be part of God's Army, to be soldiers for Christ' 17:32:43
Positive prediction from Portsmouth NH 17:32:34
I want to see hands NOW!!! Who in NH is going to demand to see a vote count!!! 17:31:14
DRUDGE has REMOVED TNR links! 17:29:49
Anyone know if is legit? 17:29:26
Drudge Removed the smear! Way to go Campaign HQ 17:28:22
You honest insight to todays voter turn out 17:27:56
Political Tactics 17:25:08
Anyone feel like some childish fun to make you smile? 17:21:48
Fantastic Homeschool Leader Makes First Endorsement 17:21:23
Ron Paul Resources - Radio Ads 17:19:08
The real story: The Establishment is scared to death 17:18:04
What makes Ron Paul so likable 17:17:12
News Corp Closed at NEW LOW 17:11:35
Thomas DiLorenzo debunks secessionist conference smears 17:04:47
Ron Paul responds to the New Republic Article 17:01:51
Duncan Hunter is beating us! 17:01:13
Ron Paul - NH Round Table Interview Today 16:59:35
Obama and Paul last in Politico - its wrong 16:59:00
Letter to TNR 16:54:08
CNN Wants Pictures From the Front in NH 16:54:01
On the ground in nh 16:53:04
RP in dead last on politco results-is it accurate? 16:50:39
Who is going to count the votes 16:46:41
Smear - The Campaign needs to issue a statement by tomorrow morning 16:43:34
Today's Cafferty File 16:41:23
Ron Paul shines on MSNBC! 16:40:16
Abolish the 16th Amendment! Get Real ! 16:39:13
Stand By Your Man. 16:38:28
John McCain Vietnam Record (according to some people) 16:37:33
Kucinuch Endorses Ron Paul.... 16:36:40
" ..... nothing happens by accident. If it happens, ... 16:36:02
Stop posting NH numbers without a source! 16:30:57
Blitzer, 11:32 post, "The Ron Paul factor..."! 16:28:29
HQ should hold a Webcast, to layout its strategy! 16:28:00
An Independent chooses Paul over Obama in the voting booth! 16:25:17
Paul at 17%-3rd place. in NH at 12:30 PST 16:25:08
Meanwhile, on the real news front 16:21:53
Help Ron Paul WIN this Poll 16:16:39
Thomas DiLorenzo's Response to New Republic's Jamie Kirchick 16:12:04
Help the Daily Paul Today! 16:10:21
Is this buying votes?? 16:09:07
OK, let's talk about the long haul 16:08:44
As a minority 16:07:30
What time do the polls close in NH? 16:05:56
Dr. Paul's New Book 16:01:53
The Smear Means Fear 16:00:54
Everyone relax, this was planned 15:59:34
Waste and war mongering continues 15:54:49
Drudge "exposes" 20 Year Old Ron Paul Newsletters 15:51:59
Artie Lange from Howard stern vs. Huck 15:39:30
The longer view 15:36:20
Drudge SMEARING Ron Paul! 15:35:36
Ron Paul was on Bloomberg television 15:32:19
saw 3 more signs in my neighborhood its definatly gonna be a fight to the end 15:29:41
Recession in the US 'has arrived' according to Merrill Lynch 15:28:20
Hit piece on Drudge 15:27:52
TRUTH-O-METER! 15:23:34
MSNBC New Hampshire Online Poll Vote Now! 15:23:17
In case you haven't seen this funny RP/Fed video...have fun! 15:22:09
3rd Place is within reach! 15:19:59
Smear on DrudgeReport 15:18:43
DrudgeReport is now linking to an article portraying rp as a racist! 15:18:42
"Live Free or Die MONEY BOMB"! Going on.. right NOW! (Strong push today, tonight is crucial) 15:18:01
New Ron Paul economics book now available! (download for free) 15:17:03
The smear piece is out! 15:13:53
Ron's New Economics Book: Get a FREE download from the Mises Institute! 15:13:51
Boob Tube 15:11:11
Ron Paul Mardi Gras Beads 15:04:07
The Supreme Court announced today that it would l decide whether the Constitution grants individuals the right to keep guns in 15:03:04
Voter Bombs! – Everyone recruits 5 new voters the weekend before each primary. 15:02:58
RP says he needs $23 million to beat the establishment 14:56:52
Huckabee admits CFR "advisor" 14:55:53
New Republic's Jamie Kirchick Admits HE IS A LIAR With His Attack on Ron 14:53:41
Remember Lee Iacocca? 14:51:25
Govt. Beginning Another WaR with American PEOPLE! 14:50:59
AOL at it again 14:49:44
Just Heard Back From Ron Paul Girl Liv - Howard Stern 14:47:02
Chat help 14:44:17
Local NBC affiliate censors Ron Paul Jay Leno Interview! 14:42:56
Awesome - Paul on PBS - PLEASE DIGG (its important) 14:38:33
MSNBC Just reported these results 14:29:58
Ron Paul has Meetup Groups in 31 countries 14:29:39
RP Nomination = MSM buh bye 14:19:24
Official Jan. 8th Sign Bomb Update 14:10:11
McCain Comment 100 Year War Iraq 14:08:15
HQ should hold a Webcast to layout its strategy! 14:05:05
More Howard Stern talking about Ron Paul 13:59:07
Remember, folks, it's about DELEGATES!!! 13:56:59
Is Huckabee The Anti-Christ? 13:56:25
Article About Ron Paul & NWS 13:53:27
praying today 13:51:39
New Republic's Jamie Kirchick: "I don’t think Ron Paul is a homophobe; I'm just cynical" 13:51:25
Capricorn 18: A black leopard with green eyes 13:50:27
Does anyone know? 13:48:39
News Corp Stock is Fast Approaching it's 52 Week Low of 19.68 13:45:27
Article About Ron Paul & NWS 13:42:18
CNN Fortune, today, "we're not laughing..." 13:35:38
First results ..... 13:35:28
Why The Establishment Hates Ron Paul 13:32:57
Paul on MSNBC Now 13:29:33
Dr. Paul just on MSNBC He said "it looked like the people chasing 13:24:47
New MSNBC Poll running... 13:24:23
Whatever Happens Today... 13:23:44
Greenspan's Wife is Interviewing Candidates on MSNBC 13:21:41
ACTION ALERT #1 - Giuliani, McCain & Romney promise to bust the budget 13:21:07
Radical Left wing socialist makes a great case for Ron Paul 13:20:21
Superb video for serious students of RP campaign 13:19:11
Civil Liberties Down the Tubes .. GREAT READ 13:18:08
Missed opportunity on NH primary day? 13:17:26
ABC News article on Leno - Ron Paul 13:16:23
ACTION ALERT #5 - Border Control gives Ron Paul high grade on immigration 13:13:13
ACTION ALERT #6 - Huckabee pirating Ron Paul's platform 13:11:52
ACTION ALERT #7 - Money worth less than the paper it's printed on 13:10:55
OC Register Poll-Easy to vote, brand new 13:10:54
NH tonight! 13:07:33
New Voter 13:06:01
Ron Paul video on the Guardian (UK) website 13:04:21
Vote for Ron Paul! 12:55:38
Washington Times Says Huck 1st To Want End to Birthright 12:54:13
Interesting Read about Mr Obama 12:49:45
Guardian UK coverage of the Ron Paul Revolution in New Hampshire 12:45:57
Neil Brootz: Xenophobe 12:41:55
New Chuck Baldwin Article: Why Does The Establishment Hate Ron Paul? 12:40:11
Must Read--Why does the establishment hate Ron Paul? 12:39:22
Ron Paul on the Radio.. 12:39:06
GREAT video of Dennis Kucinich on Ron Paul 12:35:04
Go start a violence website. This is not the place 12:33:52
Economic Barometer 12:31:30
Any result coverage? 12:26:46
Enemy combatant video with author speaking at college 12:25:35
Ed Schultz and Ron Paul 12:22:44
And AGAIN!!! Howard Stern 12:14:33
Paul, Obama Win New Hampshire Matchbook Poll 12:12:12
Boortz is dogging Ron Paul out RIGHT NOW 12:09:41
Links for latest news & postings re: Dr. Paul and NH primary 12:08:50
Suggestions Needed for Todays video...Crucial...Please respond 11:59:33
Huckabee steals another RP issue: Huckabee wants to amend Constitution on birthright citizenship... 11:56:39
Ron Paul Rejects Boortz Invitation. 11:55:48
Tomorrow is Crucial: you can help today 11:54:35
I've Got a Secret...I Think I'm Ready to Tell You Now... 11:54:18
The Daily Paul Site is not working right now -- Careful 11:51:55
Tip for Patriots......Take Ownership of your Precinct 11:49:54
Re: Fox News NH Results (Screenshots and Video) 11:46:48
Huckacopycat is at it again 11:43:47
same problem here, can't comment 11:39:56
Article about company. counting votes in NH, problems in Connecticut 11:39:10
The site seems to be buggy?? 11:38:09
comments 11:35:22
Ron Paul vs Obama AP/Yahoo Photo Gallery Coverage 11:33:17
McCain, Thompson Won't Sign No-Tax Pledge 11:29:10
GREAT Ron Paul site to use 11:28:35
Fox News Believes Plants at Hillary Speech Were Real Misogynists 11:28:20
Send this to your Christian friends 11:28:03
Even the feeble minded like Thompson can understand inflation with this VIDEO! 11:27:41
Delegate question........ 11:27:32
Come up to Concord 11:25:22
Are Our Comments Being Screened/Moderated for Content? 11:23:49
Censorship! UH-OH!! 11:21:53
RE: Where are all the comments? Mine don't show up either.... 11:18:43
MSNBC online poll 1/8/08 Paul in 2nd need more votes 11:18:35
Comments are busted 11:17:48
fight the police state: demand jury trial for all tickets 11:14:38
Where are all the comments? 11:10:11
Tonight will be a good night... 11:09:11
Huckabee plagiarizing entire Ron Paul game book 10:59:31
Does Huckabee have any original ideas? He is the only one wanting to amend 14th?! 10:59:29
MSNBC Poll on NH Primary 10:58:38
Ron Paul has a friend in Pastor Chuck Baldwin! Go read! 10:54:55
The Cat That Controls New Hampshire Election Programming 10:48:05
Video -- Gillespie defends Ron on O'Reilly 10:44:50
Link to REASON cover story on Ron 10:42:15
I think this should be answered 10:39:47
RP Finishes 3rd in Hart's Location, NH!!!! 10:37:01
AOL Poll 10:35:11
Don't wear Ron Paul shirts in NH while voting today! 10:34:09
Last Night Anderson Cooper 360.. 10:31:47
My good news from N.H. 10:27:44
RP get 17% in 1st 2 NH Hamlets! beats Rudy and Mitt 10:25:59
You have laugh 10:24:11
Dr. Paul getting ready to be on Brian and the Judge 10:20:06
Ron Paul Article in the Korea Times 10:19:25
Ron Paul correct, Merrill Lynch admits Recession is here 10:18:08
EVERY NH voter needs to see this!! - VERY SERIOUS!!! DO NOT GO TO VOTE without reading!! 10:16:24
Live polll numbers anyone? 10:16:08
The REAL racists of the Presidential candidates: The Clintons 10:10:53
A Lot Of The Forum Topics Are Done By Huck's supporters 10:04:09
Why are these posts back? 09:59:44
WAKE UP AMERICANS - Stop Being Sheeple!!! 09:58:49
Tracking NH results 09:56:55
Great Article on Ron Paul "Ron Paul is a man of the people, Constitution 09:51:55
Leno Might Have Started a "Sanjaya Effect" 09:38:35
Our own "Brother Square Toes" - Ron Paul 09:37:09
Paul does comedy 09:31:13 launches billboard in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire! 09:28:05
Heads up: RP will be on Neal Boortz today. 09:27:29
People Eat With Their Eyes First 09:27:15
Tracking Todays Results 09:20:46
The New IRS Booklets Are In ... 09:20:34
The left leaning website Crooks and Liars censors Ron Paul Supporters... 09:08:39
My Letter to the Editor Made the Paper Today 09:00:59
Home School Leader Mary Pride Endorses Ron Paul! 08:53:07
THIS is why we MUST persevere! 08:52:29
Heartfelt 08:38:51
WTF is this? Fox already decided NH results? 08:38:29
The Obama doctrine is essentially the Bush doctrine 08:30:13
Home schooling poll regarding the candidates 07:56:55
URGENT! HELP COUNT THE NH VOTE TODAY! Do so "in" NH, or "from your home" (on your computer)!!! 07:41:33
Post Super Tuesday Money Bomb-Event- Give Me Liberty or Give me Death! 07:40:46
Crazy idea 07:28:16
ACTION ALERT #7 - Money worth less than the paper it's printed on 07:21:07
ACTION ALERT #6 - How to respond to Hucklebee's parroting 07:17:21
Great new video 07:06:13
Cannabis Culture Supports Ron Paul 07:04:17
***NOTE*** Signs in background at night should be white 06:30:12
New RP Racist Smears - Possible Motivation Explained 06:30:00
having trouble getting signs quick enough? 06:21:10
$500,000 06:02:52
ACTION ALERT #5 - Ron Paul gets high grade on immigration 05:58:19
What is the thing with Animal cruelty with these guys? 05:58:08
ACTION ALERT #4 - Why they attack us / "Marque & Reprisal" 05:54:29
Hannity, it's called "blowback", maybe you heard of it? 05:52:24
BLOWBACK! Sean Hannity chased by Ron Paul Supporters! - video! 05:48:52
Google trends proves Media Bias 05:31:22
Results of first two NH Towns has Ron Paul at 17% in 3rd Place 05:31:17
(2 AM mountain zone) This just into my INBOX from Bev Harris @ BlackBoxVoting-dot-org 05:11:41
Ron Paul Economics 101 05:07:28
I need some sign resources. 04:59:49
ACTION ALERT #1 - Giuliani, McCain and Romney pledge to bust the budget 04:57:44
Wear a RP shirt every time you go to the gym 04:50:43
This is HILARIOUS!! 04:32:37
What was the whole "swift boat" thing about yesterday? 04:31:47
I just drove cross country in two days... 04:23:51
Ron Paul Precinct Leader program needs support! 04:12:03
Canvass the trash cans on pre-trash night *IDEA* 04:09:39
ABC (Local) on Ron Paul - Momentum in Michigan VIDEO 04:04:36
I Want to Thank the Media 04:02:07
Ron Paul and the Founding Fathers...You Tube Link 03:59:58
R U Inspired To Run For Office? 03:58:30
MSM has made every effort to stamp out Ron Paul's grassroots campaign 03:53:58
Anderson Cooper NH Ron Paul Supporters VID Link 03:52:01
Operation Live Free or Die & Google make timely tech news for Paul!!! 03:49:26
CNN Ron Paul signs in background ... question 03:47:26
Please clarify date of next Money Bomb Thanks! 03:44:42
Watching NH for Vote Fraud -- Where Are We 03:41:14
Reuter News Release ~ Looks like Ron Paul is finally starting to take the gloves off! 03:40:55
Flip-Flopping Buchanan? Seems So. 03:40:02
New Hampshire 2 precincts reporting (Paul @ 17+%) 03:35:19
Town Hall Meeting... 03:32:29
L.A. Times Blog: Ron Paul/Fox/ Leno..not bad. 03:30:40
HQ is NOT small 03:27:50
$6,000 Away!! 03:20:23
To the hot chick on the Fort Laud Flight with a RP sign... 03:19:07
Ron Paul "Citizen Heroes" Nominations 03:17:51
Great Video With Jay Leno-Must be on Top at "You Tube" by Morning! 03:16:46
If Ron is a "libertarian Republican", why aren't the others called "neoconservative Republicans"? 03:09:42
Tonight the tide has turned... We have entered the WIN phase!!! 03:07:33
Anderson Cooper Ron Paul signs in the back ground 03:01:15
Fellow Patriots! 02:51:39
12 year old just scored us a plug on Carson Daly 02:48:15
Ron Paul Signs On Ebay 02:46:29
Blowback and Unintended Consequences... 02:37:02
NH Early Results in 02:36:07
Ron Paul on Tonight Show /w Jay Leno - YouTube (both parts) here! 02:26:12
without clogging their site, NE1 know if the NH data is safe? 02:24:32
Dr. PAUL. 17.4% 02:22:14
While Ron Paul was on Leno, Huckabee was on Letterman 02:13:27
Olberman justifies Hannity incident 02:10:40
Nevada Republican Assembly pulls a fast one 02:09:38
New Hampshire Vote Verification Instructions 02:02:46
Free and effective way to promote Dr. Paul 01:55:54
Glenn Beck 01-07-08 11:50 central 01:53:12
Predict the outcome 01:51:20
Welcome all new Ron Paul supporters! 01:48:54
Predict the outcome 01:48:37
Jay Leno's blogger loves us 01:48:27
Paul 3rd In Ealry Vote count in HN 01:46:06
Good news, more people 01:43:53
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Ladies and Gentlemen who are discouraged at our progress....A thought to ponder 01:41:09
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