Posted on January 9, 2008

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Glenn Beck - The Real Story, Touching the Third Rail 23:55:13
NH RESIDENTS: What you can do to help with the recount 16:34:47
Organizing a Recount - RP'ers PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen up 15:10:21
Ron Paul Responds to The New Republic 15:05:54
NH Voter Fraud CONFIRMED 15:03:45
OMG Have you heard the latest????? 14:43:26
Restoring Accountability to Vote Counting 19:38:35
Brokered Convention will happen!! Firewalls and Surge Protectors 12:39:37
Ron Paul On CNN During New Hampshire Primary 01:06:02
The Man Who Changed the World - Now the Real Work Begins 01:01:12
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Recount is up to the grassroots, let's not waste this golden opportunity 23:59:01
Total number of Donors from New Hampshire? 23:58:16
New Video - Give Peace a Chance 23:57:42
Dr. Paul is fourth in total votes received so far 23:57:08
Great article on Dr.Ron Paul 23:54:49
AT&T and Other ISPs Getting Ready to Filter Internet 23:53:09
Michael please post this video on front page... 23:51:54
Post-Debate Rally 23:51:41
We have to focus on the economy. According to exist polls the economy is #1 23:46:32
Holy Schmoly - Look at that billboard folks 23:40:26
Holy Schmoly - Look at that billboard folks 23:40:19
We need to be focusing on the Michigan Primery! 23:36:43
ReCount - a waste of time! - for 1 delegate 23:35:40
Good news, Michigan! 23:35:36
Latest Michigan Poll - 2% higher for Paul 23:34:00
Let not be said 23:33:28
Remember - WE still have the blimp !!!!! 23:28:05
If they are willing to cancel a Straw Poll - then what about a Primary?? 23:27:27
Nothing to see here... 23:23:58
North American Driver's Licenses Are Being Issued 23:22:36
Call HQ and Demand a recount 1-877-Ron-2008!! 23:21:41
How to fight fraud 23:21:38
Mitch Lau: A hero In Nevada 23:20:21
New Hampshire's over - 48 to go. 23:20:05
ATENTION! Meetup vs. vote number 23:18:52
HUGE HUGE "Terrorism" Issue - Dr. Paul has to be all over this!! 23:16:25
Encouragement from South Carolina 23:15:44
Tony Bliar Conned His People Into Unwanted War. His Reward? 23:15:14
It is time to clean up our behaviors if we want Dr. Paul to win ... 23:14:58
Check out Rudy's Campaign Last Night.. HILARIOUS! 23:14:30
The Message 23:13:05
Forum reviewers- please read 23:12:40
John McCain is not viable in the general election. New Hampshire Republicans are braindead. 23:10:36
let's try here 23:06:00
Everything is fine, go freak out somewhere else!! 23:05:35
Just something funny...Heeeere's Johnny....hehehe 23:04:13
What Good Talking if the Campaign does not pay for Recount.... and NOW 23:01:08
I am an election noob 22:58:47
A Vote Recount ChipIn Has Been Started By The Granny Warriors 22:55:52
Think outside the box. I just got Dr. Paul about 20k worth of free plub. 22:55:31
Glenn Beck tonight on 14th Amendment 22:54:44
Elephant in the room 22:52:26
Durham and Strafford - Tip of the iceberg or just magic how many committed voters (totally) changed their minds 22:47:08
Glenn Beck on the economy... Great mention to DR. PAUL 22:46:28
"The lesser of two evils." 22:45:58
Anti war vote goes to McCain? Only in NH 22:40:21
Time to get the N.H. vote fraud word out to the media 22:39:15
RP website (precinct captain drive) 22:38:25
GodTube poll (RP at 5.3 ) 22:37:17
An open letter to the PRESIDENT Paul Revolution 22:36:07
Bill Richardson Drops out - Welcome Richardson Supporters 22:35:57
Tyler, Texas Line In The Sand Conference 22:23:54
They want us to give up. 22:21:20
For Paul to win, we must answer this... 22:18:50
URGENT: Ron Paul May Have WON NH! WATCH THIS VIDEO: 22:15:30
Flashing signs going fast... 22:12:23
Its the economy stupid - video 22:08:51
Good vibes. Check it out! I got the blimp in the savannah local paper! 22:06:25
Women and over-65'ers deciding presidency 22:05:31
Uplifting video! 22:03:23
The only Strategy approved by RP 22:01:29
Eric Dondero, Libertarian Republicans against Dr. Paul.. 22:00:47
Is anyone working on a Google Map for NH 21:55:31
RonPaulVoteCount needs NY state coordinator!!! 21:53:06
WAKE UP!!! Stop pretending to be so shocked! 21:46:36
IT started 21:43:36
Money Bomb For a Recount in NH 21:43:36
Tyler, Texas Line In The Sand Conference 21:43:18
Must come out swinging tomorrow evening in debate (brainstorm) 21:41:31
We have done an amazing thing! - What New Hampshire Results Mean for Ron Paul 21:39:03
Ron Paul CUSTOM t-shirts--help the grassroots! 21:38:59
This Just In 21:37:50
Veterans Disarmament Act signed into Law Jan 8 21:32:49
Jon Stewart stood up for Ron Paul...was hillarious 21:32:27
Recount of votes will HELP Dr. Paul's Campaign 21:31:55
Before jumping into a recount 21:18:00
“It’s the economy, stupid.” - what do you think??? 21:17:17
Cheer Up 21:13:27
Who is Ron Paul? 21:09:32
Wanted: An Official FoxNews Boycott Site 21:07:59
SeattleTimes Article - Give it a Digg 21:06:58
You tube Fraud video is fake!!! 20:56:11
New Polls in South Carolina, Florida and Michigan (Not Good) 20:55:23
Sisters and Brothers, organize quickly and prepare to move NOW 20:53:21
President Paul - BEAUTIFUL ARTICLE!! 20:45:17
Great Map! 20:44:03
Voter Registration changes 20:43:04
Democracy Now! 20:42:27
I felt depressed, I found the answer "Animal House" video here! 20:40:22
Straw Pole 20:38:01
Were Paul's Votes Switched With McCain's? 20:36:31
Is Paul camaigning in Michigan? 20:35:54
Fraud 20:31:43
Liberty Republicans!UNITE and FORCE CHANGE! 20:20:13
ANTI-RON PAUL Message & response 20:17:34
Ron Paul too weak! Needs to be Stronger! 20:15:09
This Paul won -- our's can too! Please watch. 20:11:39
Need list of Ron Pauls % in each NH town 20:09:31
Diebold Voting Machine Owner Committed To Give Votes To Bush in 2004 20:09:09
Solution to voter Fraud 20:08:37
After they rob Ron Paul this sept,what country are you going to? 20:06:28
View of Ron Paul from Guam 20:04:53
NH paper ballot shows different results 20:04:41
We Need a Transparent Campaign !!! 20:02:11
DIGG THIS UP!! 20:01:08
Anyone check out the Ron Paul War Room?? 20:00:49
New AOL Poll 20:00:28
Strange percent discrepancy 19:58:51
Vijay's Email Address 19:58:11
CNN - When RP Hangs it up?? 19:53:11
Campaign Needs Shakeup 19:48:40
They are becoming frantic 19:42:51
Jim Cramer just called out 2 FED officers 19:38:58 RP Clip-Gold Market Rigged 19:37:53
how should we respond to this? 19:30:35
The real rulers in Washington... 19:29:06
KMOX radio pumps RP newsletter smear 19:28:29
Hand Count Shows 15% For Ron Paul 19:24:11
How many people have you talked to one-on-one about Ron Paul? 19:14:51
Fly a flag over US Congress for Ron 19:11:03
Let's see what dr PAUL thinks... 19:04:39
Free To Choose: Power Of The Market 19:01:36
Davidg11/poorly run campaign VS Ron Paul Newsletters 19:00:12
Ron Paul in League With Extraterrestrial Invaders 18:59:18
What about Michigan and South Carolina? 18:57:32
Its a Revolution not a Campaign 18:53:50
Announcing: Ron Paul Rewards Card 18:53:16
What to do with our Money Bombs... 18:52:44
where can I get the NH voting data broken down by township??? 18:46:39
MSNBC-Blatant Misreporting 18:45:35
How we can win MI? PLAN TO DO IT EASY CHEAP AND EFECTIVE. 18:44:36
Huck on the CFR 18:42:39
*** Strats, the Future & The logic of recounts *** 18:40:14
100% Exit Poll by Constitution Party 18:34:53
Voter Fraud? - A New Hope Video has the answer 18:24:24
Hannity-Ron Paul 18:20:47
Time to get honest with theories 18:15:26
Set Your TiVos to "Stun" 17:51:16
Quick Poll 17:47:06
If Bush had given up he never would have become Dictator 17:41:25
Bush ratchets up war rhetoric against Iran. 17:41:17
Obama and Hillary really tied in New Hampshire 17:39:06
Is America really worth it? 17:37:08
Ron Paul in livingston county, michigan paper 17:36:43
Sleeping Natives & frankdogg commercial 17:21:09
How we win... 17:20:05
Super Bowl Ad 17:17:05
New Hampshire's Polling Fiasco 17:13:54
Once again the opposition does us a favor! 17:08:31
Lower Voter Turnout will Benefit Dr. Paul. 17:08:09
Fight aint over! Only delegates count! 17:03:15
NH Primary Results [from every town] listed here are wrong 17:02:11
Paul to appear in Fox debate 17:01:56
BBC Interviews Rand Paul 16:58:56
Romney pulls ads 16:58:45
A Challenge... 16:56:12
Suspicious "OTHER" category garnering a lot of votes! (VOTE FRAUD update) 16:53:34
Is a recount really worth it? 16:53:14
Must DIGG vote fraud to #1 16:50:23
-----Fox invites Ron Paul to the GOP debate Thursday night-------- 16:48:14
Libertarian VS Obama 16:46:54
make Ron Paul a bestselling author 16:44:44
Our man has a plan, and it's working 16:43:37
LHS programs NH Diebold has cocain record 16:43:11
The Recession is our ally 16:38:29
Michigan Vote Accountability 16:20:03
"All you crying fraud need to grow up" 16:18:01
James Madison (4th President) -- Father of US Constitution 16:15:18
Katrina 16:13:30
is election rigging domestic terrorism? 16:13:01
For those that do not believe COMPUTER VOTE FRAUD EXISTS? PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO. 16:10:39
$53 Trillion and Growing 16:07:21
Instead of a recount... 16:05:27 16:02:08
Promises they can't keep.. 15:56:09
Poll... Please Vote! Need some help! 15:55:23
Recount in Iowa 15:54:21
CNN reports 17% voter/poll discrepancy but falls short of stating Fraud... 15:53:11
New Sign Idea 15:52:16
How to END proprietary voting machines 15:46:01
Delegates So Far ... 15:43:00
Short but sweet "WOW!" article 15:37:59
This is very encouraging 15:37:56
Debt Money is the Issue to Win On 15:33:33
Patrick Henry Post 15:30:57
Donate Now 15:30:31
Confirmed vote fraud 15:24:25
Educating people about Globalism 15:23:26
another 25 votes "found" in Greenville, New Hampshire? 15:21:00
Obama Explains Flag Pin 14:55:30
Compare Hand-Count to 8% total - Something Fishy! 14:52:26
DEMAND HQ PAYS FOR NH RECOUNT- Press will be great!! 14:46:36
Ron Paul in Good Shape 14:45:56
How could we afford it? 14:36:39
12 towns still have ZERO votes counted....why? 14:36:22
Conservative Forums Reader Thinks I'm George Soros 14:32:31
Let's give Ron Paul what he asks for 14:29:26
Boortz claims Paul is afraid to do an interview 14:27:55
I Didn't Want to Believe in Voting Fraud 14:26:29
GAO Walker on Beck 14:26:07
Preventing vote fraud in upcoming primaries... 14:25:22
According to this newscast, Ron Paul is not dealing with the most important issue. 14:22:09
You wanted to know who actually owns the fair and balanced media ? 14:20:58
Internet voting Registry!!! For NH and others 14:18:39
We know now what we need to know 14:14:26
Fishing the homecoming king vote 14:11:28
What we have to do next 14:10:52
Sutton Fraud, lets find more 14:08:33
Why should I care? 14:03:14
Cheap recount Idea!! 14:03:10
My Response to LA Times piece: Ron Paul, Loser Again 14:01:31
Ron Paul WON Richmond County 13:59:40
WHO IS RON PAUL? Why is he here for us? 13:56:29
RP = Texas Hold'Em Tournament Poker Champ 13:54:51
Ron Paul's Book is now a FREE Download Online 13:53:07
Is the Fed's strategy working on you? If you feel bad read this Now! 13:51:23
Two 5th Place Finishes...but is there a bright side? 13:47:26
What about Iowa? 13:47:14
LOUISIANA Deadline is TODAY for party switch 13:46:09
On fire for Ron Paul! Whooo! More than $600,000 this quarter already 13:43:57
Nice article from Nashua Telegraph 13:43:22
Vote Recount money bomb $67,000 - VOTE FRAUD CONFIRMED 13:42:36
Vote Early in Illinois!! 13:41:17
Huckabee retreats on birthright citizenship - Washington Times 13:36:38
Limited Constitutional Republic In Trouble 13:34:33
I noticed something unusual about the Ronrox stats 13:30:46
Three Ron Paul songs 13:27:50
OUTSIDE THE BOX THEORY for advertising RON PAUL 13:27:26
Unintended Consequences of Liberty 13:25:39
Need to see 13:23:28
EVERYBODY needs to tune in to Alex Jones right now ! 13:23:28
Town clerk from Sutton reports 31 not 0 votes for Ron Paul! 13:21:40
Dr. Paul Take Off Your Gloves 13:19:56
South Carolina Governor is a Libertarian Republican 13:19:07
Why does the media black out Ron Paul? 13:18:52
Need To Vote in New AOL Straw Poll 13:18:51
AOL's straw poll had tech difficulty.. 13:16:57
Conservative or Libertarian??? 13:16:04
Strategy To Enlighten Voters And Win 13:15:22
*** "The Economics of Complaining" 13:14:45
Have hope, he will break through! 13:11:56
"As a physician…” 13:10:18
Bev Harris speaks soon: NH primary vote fraud 13:09:10
Every Press story says: GOP Wideopen 13:08:22
Need a good laugh - here is what is coming 13:05:57
IA/NH RON PAUL in 4th place overall - results 13:05:19
Old Media Pushing Viewers To Ron Paul? 13:04:59
Remember the secret plan? You’re about to see it! plus Words of wisdom from your fellow supporters. 13:04:07
Potrero CA serves 5 out of 6 Planning Board members with Recall Notices 13:03:45
anybody in contact with ron paul or HQ??????????? 13:02:48
Where all missing the point !! 13:02:32
Get Out the Vote- Ron Paul did not get the Ron Paul vote in New Hampshire: Statistics 13:01:36
off to South Carolina! Don't whine - Help Win! 12:59:20
If you don't like how the campaign is being run.. 12:58:33
Are we a movement or a campaign? 12:57:56
Ron Paul is only the start---------- 12:57:31
Who is willing to help DR Paul 12:56:47
Paul Supporters Out-Shout Clinton’s - ROFLMAO 12:54:08
NH voter complaint line set up 12:46:20
anybody in contact with HQ or Ron Paul????? 12:43:18
Onward to SOUTH CAROLINA?! 12:36:43
Is this a possibility? 12:36:43
Super Tuesday Mardi Gras Bead Media Blitz, one last push 12:35:00
Time to take off the gloves!!!!!!! 12:34:00
Folks, these have been the "pre-season" games... 12:33:35
let's have a paid vote for campaign strategy 12:33:12
how do we request a recount 12:29:10
The perfect running mate? 12:28:03
The only way to get RP elected...... 12:27:43
We need more Woman Voters! 12:24:21
January 21 Ron Paul Donation 12:21:54
I AM ANGRY 12:19:30
BRAIN-OFF CONSPIRACY (BOC) - Insight... 12:19:21
It's all fixed 12:13:37
Cant stop , Dont stop, Wont stop......TOO LEGIT TO QUIT 12:13:21
Action REMEDY /Dr Katherine Albrecht's immediate solution 12:12:48
S.C. to use voting machines banned in other states 12:10:39
A Letter to Michigan Voters 12:10:16
Ron Paul for Governor of Texas!!! 12:09:38
Michigan: How do we canvas Democrats to vote in the Republican Primeries? 12:07:23
Best Way To Spend Each Dollar - Television and going .... 12:04:21
HOW BANKS ROB YOU! A five part video that explains everything you ever wanted to know about money and debt 12:04:18
C-SPAN: Possible Sutton County, NH vote fraud 1/8/08 - Video 12:03:41
Ron Paul on Sean Hannity's Radio Show on Jan 2nd 12:00:43
Voter Fraud Against Paul Confirmed in Sutton, N.H. 11:59:52
Time to Attack with Negative Ads 11:56:56
Take Heart from Nolan Chart 11:56:38
Tancredo... 11:55:03
To Those Who were DUPED into buying Jamie Kirchick's LIES. 11:53:45
Article about vote fraud 11:53:27
Shocking Sibel Edmonds, revealing Treason in Washington..view here 11:48:19
The Press and their predictions. 11:47:36
Become a precinct captain 11:47:04
Article: Gutless GOP Snubs Men 11:46:44
Only 2,000 Votes Short in NH and Iowa !! Good News 11:46:39
McCain raised more money than we did 11:44:45
We will lose the war on terror if Ron Paul is not elected! 11:40:25
Would you rather the system beat us or us beat the system? 11:38:49
What do we do to get a hand Recount? 11:37:21
It is time to replace the heads of the Ron Paul campaign 11:35:56
Calm down 11:33:33
Front Page News Paper Article 11:33:27
Hand Recount 11:25:24
Article: If GOP Nominates Another RINO it will Destroy Republican Party 11:23:57
I Drank Way Too Much Last Night. But... 11:19:22
Americans are nuts! 11:19:14
If Tancredo dropped out why 11:17:34
America is controlled by traitors: 11:16:48
Pulling in the ranks from the Left 11:08:59
Possible Vote Shifting BUMP BUMP 11:01:14
I have only just begun... 11:00:07
Bi-Weekly Ron Paul Ad: "McCain-Clinton Legislative Outrage of the Week" 10:53:18
Ron Paul's revolution: a GuardianFilms special 10:53:01
Polling vs. Actual Results. A set-up to cover-up vote fraud? 10:45:06
Which precincts were paper ballots? 10:44:26
To all the "truthers" out there 10:42:59
Soilder Commercial 10:42:19
NYT: Survey: Diplomats Oppose Iraq Policy 10:42:03
Ron Paul Wins Richmond NH - Hand Count 10:32:46
ACTUAL VOTES SO FAR: Ron Paul Leads 2nd Tier 10:31:19
Books that have shaped RON PAUL? 10:28:37
Feeling good again... 10:27:58
*** Ron Paul's Birthday *** 10:26:16
Time is Ripe for a 3rd Party in America 10:21:58
Iran says gunboat videos, audio, all fabricated 10:21:17
I am donating now, who's with me 10:20:34
Would Obama work with RP to Uncover CFR Fraud in New Hampshire? 10:19:07
Does anyone know of any.... 10:18:28
My reply to Mr./Misses Goldwater, concerning, Americans being dumbed down 10:18:03
How about we all quit complaining for just a moment and make a donation!! 10:17:02
Nevada's Vote Doesn't Count? 10:14:56
Interesting article about what happened to Ron Reagan 10:14:33
Halt Your Consummer Spending 10:12:07
Howard Stern Poll 10:10:57
Michigan Is Next 10:10:20
Financial analysts in denial (and why the revolution takes time) 10:08:45
U.S. officials caught in scheme to sell nuclear secrets to international black markets! 10:03:15
The dollar will collapse. It appears most Americans are stupid. 10:01:56
The double talk express, an ad for SC 10:00:03
Paul will WIN 09:58:12
New Money Bomb.....or mimi bomb at least before Super Tuesday! 09:53:18
What Will the Election Be About? 09:50:30
Preliminary Statistical Analysis Indicates Possible Anomalies in Ron's NH Vote Counts 09:48:30
Change Must First Come from Within 09:47:10
Stealing our votes in plain view 09:35:28
Thank You NH! 09:30:03
Sharing Campaign Materials 09:24:14
Don't Give Up 09:22:33
Damage Control For Ron Paul! 09:17:55
RP beat rudy in exit polls 09:17:23
The key to winning is nationwide Webcasting for Voter Recruitment Parties. 09:16:32
Take the gloves OFF! 09:09:10
Time to Continue BUT....Where are the ADs 09:08:07
Show Ron Paul we're still behind him, let's pass $1 million today! 09:05:54
Why Pay Down Debt ? 09:03:52
It is time to RALLY! We have miles to go before we sleep! 09:03:34
I Heard the first Radio Commercial in St. Pete 09:01:27
DIG UP their dirt or lose :( 08:48:31
Boyapati, Lyman & all other Live Free or Die Operatives - You Are My Heros 08:47:47
Okay, how'd we win Richmond? 08:46:30
CFR stacked deck to ensure McCain win 08:36:37
Reality Check 08:33:09
Glen Beck last night 08:32:31
Christian Business Daily - Fox News Blackballs GOP Candidates 08:26:42
This Is Just The Beginning 08:20:45
Thank You NH! 08:13:07
Can We Get This Video On The Front Page Of YouTube! We WILL NOT back down! 08:07:36
Dam PROUD 07:56:10
We Are Up Against The BEAST Spoken Of In Revelations 07:55:54
Are we Blind? 07:30:33
Silver Linings: How has being part of the Ron Paul message changed your life? **updated** 07:24:39
Shake It Off Marines And Stay Frosty 07:24:13
Winning Ron Paul's way 07:14:12
Resolve 07:09:18
im sick(a positive piece) 06:38:58
Obama and McCain siphoned independent votes from Ron Paul 06:38:33
Is the country ready.. I dont think so 06:36:41
Barack Obama related to Dick Cheney...ahahah 06:36:13
In response to the "voting irregularities" I made this... 06:22:54
Inspiring Songs for Paul 06:18:43
How we respond... 06:15:07
Canvassing all 301,139,947 Americans, 150,000,000 Households 06:14:37
A little humor 06:05:03
all you bravehearts in the revolution watch this now plss 06:02:45
How much would it cost 05:49:08
Ron Paul said "Have Fun!" Are you? 05:48:56
I was down until I added Iowa and NH numbers together 05:44:18
Hamburg/Germany Demonstration for Ron Paul 05:43:28
Boston Globe shows Ron Paul or Tancredo wining NH 05:34:42
Angry yet ? 05:30:05
You have to read the book "VOTESCAM"!!! 05:18:05
Last Man Standing 05:12:35
Boston Globe shows some hokey figures 05:04:04
The television agenda 04:52:41
John Mccain knew he was going to win! 04:51:48
VOTER FRAID and what I am doing here in Calif. 04:46:37
Reality Check 04:45:42
This is NOT about Ron Paul winning - It is About a Message! 04:38:46
Campaign WAY Short of Cash!! 04:38:46
Why Ron and Rudy are Still In the Race 04:36:36
These are times that try men's souls.... 04:35:52
Not for the Weak Hearted! 04:34:21
JOHN STEWART STANDS UP FOR RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAILY SHOW...GO TO IT NOW!!!! 04:32:41
All The Whiners Make Me Sick! 04:32:09
Cheers to the R[evol]ution! 04:30:10
The Fifth Column 04:26:01
How Can RP Get More Women To Vote For Him?Should he be "tough" , or"Open Up", or both? 04:22:26
Things I have learned since learning about Ron Paul 04:16:29
Michigan, Nevada, South Carolina, Florida, etc. 04:09:08
very interesting thoughts on HQ's strategy - hope the author is right. 04:05:29
How did "Other" get 30% in Albany County? Who is "Other"? 04:03:38
The Message! Losing or Winnning is irrevlevant if the message is Lost! 04:01:15
Ron Paul's Twenty Years Versus Our One 03:55:17
Bush Convenes "Plunge Protection Team" 03:55:09
It's the economy, Stupid! 03:52:46
Washington State here, Food for thought 03:50:21
Campaign says Paul voters were switching to Obama... 03:50:14
Can we crash the $ if every supporter converted life savings into Euro's? 03:50:05
WHERE IS THE 20 MILLION!?!? 03:48:24
Its the Economy Stupid! 03:43:10
It's on to Michigan 03:42:56
How to rig an election... 03:42:26
Awesome review of the Current Situation: 03:42:06
What the Old Media Will Never Report About McCain 03:41:42
ATTENTION All meetups in NH 03:34:06
Ron Paul Statement on The New Republic Article Regarding Old Newsletters 03:33:39
Video Brought Tears To My Eyes 03:33:29
Hmm. Julie Anne hasnt won anywhere - wonder if he is done too! 03:30:11
Message To Ron Paul Official Campaign 03:27:30
Get Tough! 03:21:56
Let Them Have It 03:20:13
Never Give Up on the Cause 03:18:35
Consider this. We are winning! 03:18:08
Attn: Concord Ron Paul Meetup Group! 03:17:19
If Rudy/Fred drop out, will some/most of their vote(r)s go to RP, or what? 03:16:15
Why Ron Paul would be saddened if he were a DP reader. 03:14:51
The March for Life and Ron Paul 03:13:08
EVERY RP VOLUNTEER MUST READ!!! Ron Paul Campaign Problems and how to fix them!! 03:11:52
I know we wanted more, but were still in better shape than most 03:07:59
Needed: Thread to report on vote count inquiries: When, Where, How, Who 03:06:30
Ron Paul in 4th overall 03:05:12
GoogleMap of RON PAUL'S NH results by town 03:01:59
Any Economists in the House? 03:01:50
Sutton, NH Fraud 03:01:21
we need to concentrate on wooing supporters of other candidates 02:59:12
Did RP vote for MLK day? 02:53:56
Dr. Paul will be the next president of the U.S. 02:53:50
Anonymous Experts, the Crybabies, that is, 02:53:48
I'm in 'till the end 02:52:07
RP speech right now 02:50:21
Thank God there is a place of refuge! 02:48:24
Remember tancredo supporters didn't go to romney 02:42:40
By Removing Legitimate Criticism - You get GROUPTHINK 02:41:52
Letter to the Editors! 02:40:34
We need more women voters!! 02:40:08
Where is the money? 02:40:07
Let's Light a Fire!! 02:37:14
Giuliani Needs to Drop Less Than 1/10 of 1% to Tie Ron Paul with 8% 02:36:34
* Taking the Campaign Back...? * 02:34:26
Ron Paul on C SPAN NOW! 02:34:16
Don't alienate other candidates supporters 02:32:48
As candidates drop out, who will the delegates support? 02:31:19
The Grassroots fire back... 02:30:56
All money should be spent on making sure vote was legit 02:28:42
Paul only got 4% of female vote and 11% of male vote 02:26:44
Ron Paul Supporters - 30,000 strong 02:26:31
Video from tonight's CSPAN coverage of RP? 02:24:25
Why YOU Should be Proud and Excited! Ron Paul 4th in Total Popular Vote 02:22:58