Posted on October 9, 2008

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High Resolution Voter Bomb Graphics Now Available! 23:51:57
The Primary Precondition of Deflation 22:47:23
Thank you, Ron Paul. Iran Resolution Shelved (H. Con. Res 362) 22:10:21
Nothing like a Great Depression to really bring people together. 16:18:58
*** McCain Calls Americans My Fellow Prisoners *** 11:43:13
Glenn Beck: End-game of the New World Order 10/08/08 11:04:32
Ron Paul Fundraiser for SIX Maryland Congressional Candidates - Today! UPDATE 00:37:17
NOW: Third Party Presidential Debate LIVE October 9 2008 9pm ET 8pm CT 11:04:33
Friday Update: US Markets Continue Freefall 23:51:58
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Bob Barr on the Bailout - Wheres the DOJ? 23:47:29
the Paulson Plan 23:44:40
SIDEBAR - Any UFO stuff? 23:34:53
Platinum 23:32:40
Girl Texts Boy Her Naked Photo, Boy Gets Arrested, Held in Juvenile Detention 23:17:13
Check out the Asian markets right now... 22:43:39
FINALLY - response from Feinstein and my CA ballot arrived! Lucky Day 22:43:22
For Catholics who vote 22:42:23
Clean your money! 22:40:31
Schwarzenegger Tells Paulson Fed Rescue Is Working 22:39:56
"Professor says this is like the 1870s depression (worse), not the 1930s" 22:34:33
Reality Check, Investment Alternative! 22:34:20
About Martial Law!! 22:33:57
Alex Jones discusses Zeitgeist Addendum 22:33:14
Gold up over $90 in last 3 days.. 22:25:16
Adam Kokesh needs a website and a link from DailyPaul 22:24:59
Glenn Beck: The end-game of the New World Order(10/08/08) 22:19:58
Home Sales Up Strongly 22:19:15
Support our troops: Spy on them 22:12:16
**ADVICE** KEEP YOUR EYE on ATM's & BANKS Friday and Through Next WEEK (UPDATED) 22:09:26
HANG SENG opens and down 1,225.72 in the first 8 mins 22:04:57
"Helicopter" Ben Shalom Bernanke of Federal Reserve Banks - [image] 21:53:47
Obama calls McCain a P*ssy 21:53:07
Not worth a Continental 21:52:03
Top story at Yahoo News. . . People's Republic of the U.S.? LOL 21:36:21
Hiding in a cave 21:33:48
Europe to Britain: Let’s Part, Shall We? 21:23:47
My computer can no longer visit this website 21:18:33
New Prediction: Voters Plug Their Noses, Vote McCain 21:16:29
Falling Politician Screensavers 21:10:25
**This Is Why G. Edward Griffin Does Not Like Zeitgeist Addendum** 20:57:01
Colorado People Please Read 20:53:45
Yet another precious metals question. 20:48:06
Japan down 1042.08 20:41:36
10-10-08: DOW drops 1000+ points and Gold rockets to $1000 oz. 20:40:18
***Bataan Death March Tickertape*** MUST READ!!!!!!!! 20:34:28
Why is the Federal Reserve engaged in actions that, if committed by other nations, would warrant a military response? 20:23:21
Gov. Schwarzenegger VETOS CA REAL ID ACT!! SB 60 VETOED!! 20:18:09
How Much is a Billion vs. a Million? 20:12:23
Instantly incapacitate any crowd. A "must have" for any Dictatorship. 20:07:54
?? Any DP'rs want 60 mins freedom of speech on the BBC?? 20:00:42
Is the Federal Reserve Engaged in Acts of Economic Warfare Against America? 19:49:47
First time 401K: Wisdom? Sierra/Republicae et al.? 19:49:31
Priceless..... 19:35:42
*How do we bury our Silver and Gold to avoid Metal Detectors?* 19:33:38
Fire The Jerks!! 19:32:03
Pres Bush signs executive order to ease transition to a next president. 19:06:51
What would happen if ... 18:47:57
INFOWARS down? 18:46:35
Worst Autumn Ever 18:44:21
Michael Nystrom : Is there a question you would like to have asked during tonights debate? 18:33:18
Don't Forget...9 pm TONIGHT!! 18:32:55
How many will play this game 18:32:43
Ron Paul for President 18:23:39
HAHAHAHAaaa - Stocks recommended buy? Spain Co. - US toll roads 18:16:33
Rules for the market 18:13:12
Senator Webb: No Fox News crap in Iraq 18:09:59
Rumor: German banks have stopped selling gold 18:06:59
Seven Perfect Survival Foods 18:06:42
ALL Congressmen Who Voted 4 Bailout MUST 18:05:16
how long before martial law? 18:03:59
Just Remember, this is all planned 17:52:41
My prediction here. 17:49:20
Obama Girl, Ralph Nader Officemates (With Jesse Ventura!) 17:39:20
Wanna buy Gold? "Out of Stock"!!! 17:33:17
Polygraphs proposed for Indiana congressional debate 17:31:30
So, after blowing a Trillion in Iraq.... 17:23:29
Crude oil 80.40 Prices per gal should be 2.30 ? Should we start a phone campaign? 16:56:59
the bozos at work are saying its crashing becouse of 16:53:30
You reckon Japan's market will open in a free fall? 16:52:35
takeaction... look : ) 16:37:36
IRAs....what do you do with them now? 16:35:17
Bribes paid for Corsi to escape from Kenya 16:33:37
*Ron Paul Money Machine Bombs Republican Candidate* 16:32:20
WORST PRESIDENT EVER (Sorry I forgot the link last time) 16:22:58
The All Seeing Eye.... 16:22:53
FDIC Warning UPDATED!!! 16:20:49
AP: Suspected US missile strike reported in Pakistan 16:20:44
Where's the boss today? Any calming words from RP? 16:18:31
Today's DOW Investment Thread! Questions?? 16:10:37
Government action critical - Abolish the Fed - How I would fix it in short order, & without cost by mike montagne - Stay Tuned 16:08:44
Final Results of the Fannie Mae Senior Auction, Monday 6th October 2008 16:07:51
Bush Administration Ponders Part Ownership With Banks 16:07:34
How many people have pulled their 401K? 16:06:20
Lovely Dow Down to 8666.4 16:04:21
How to get rich now that the market is tanking 15:46:12
I need advice asap! i cashed out my 401k last week 15:46:07
DOW BREAKS 8700!!! Coming Back??? 15:39:29
If no gold, BUY HEROIN :) 15:34:07
The Russians get it....... 15:23:52
New music video: WORST PRESIDENT EVER (please digg) 15:09:30
All fall down 15:09:15
HAARP's Rainbow Aerosols aka Not Everything is a Conspiracy 15:03:31
McCain addresses crowd as ‘my fellow prisoners.’ 14:59:43
Frank Luntz now Likes Ron Paul's words.... 14:57:51
Hey fellow Paulites! I've been working on this project for a couple of months, please help me out with a bump and a digg. 14:56:15
George Bush (Will Farrell) Global Warming Video -- funny 14:55:52
Gold/Silver prices... 14:52:23
***Amy Goodman Calls To Open The Debates*** 14:45:33
McCain Considering Conceding Election Soon? 14:41:38
Iceland collapsed -- apparently PROOF of global warming! 14:41:01
The DOW will drop in the 8 000 territory in the next minutes, We are officialy screwed 14:36:29
Hal Turner Shows New AMERO Currency 14:34:31
EDITED: DOW BITES THE DUST 8600's 14:15:54
The Fed is Bankrupt: Update on the Helicopter 13:51:01
FEMA sources confirm coming martial law, says Wayne Madsen 13:48:13
CBS show ”Criminal Intent” slanders Libertarians in Latest episode 13:41:45
Voter Bomb Plan 13:37:52
What those who support McCain or Obama need to remember. 13:37:50
New Dollar Bills? - Suppose this was bound to happen 13:30:58
Article to introduce Baldwin to your Christian friends and family 13:27:27
use debate to unite 13:03:32
Trucking slump? 12:57:10
Sweden stock market down 40 % this year (2008) 12:57:03
UK Applies Terrorism Law to the Country of Iceland 12:51:21
US will our forces be used under this NWO? 12:35:18
Commercial Paper - Where's The Beef? 11:57:21
National Debt clock can't keep up, needs another (*(*zero*)*) 11:54:29
Bush has reached two great accomplishments 11:53:02
Murdoch, Bloomberg About-Face 11:36:43
DOW closes today 10/9/08 8,579.19 down -678.91 -7.33% 11:29:19
Future Unwritten part 3. I'm floored. 11:25:48
WOULD YOU RATHER..... 11:18:01
Minnesota major talk radio talk show - supports Ron Paul 11:06:55
"White House Considers Bank Ownership Stakes" 11:03:46
CHINESE Troops in San Francisco today?!?! 10:53:40
Here's a honest sheriff 10:46:57
White House considers ownership stakes in banks 10:36:50
Bush Admin/government will soon own ALL the U.S. Banks 10:36:00
HCR 2034:If Martial Law, Arizona Will Secede 10:35:36
Taking Hard New Look at a Greenspan Legacy 10:10:00
How can Dow be up when it is lower than open? 10:00:21
A response on one of emails... 09:40:40
Silver & gold, 8 October a.d. 2008 09:30:43
Illegal Immigrants" Constitutional Rights Violated? 09:25:49
Tennessee Student Indicted for Palin E-Mail Hack 09:25:08
Amendment 10 - Powers of the States and People 09:23:21
Bankers Want World Economic Government To Solve Financial Crisis They Created 09:21:56
When capitalism and socialism blend 09:05:52
Off topic: That babe in the t-shirt ad is HOT! 08:59:49
New World Order: Global co-operation, nationalisation and state intervention 08:51:26
New You tube video going viral about the police state. 08:45:24
"Drop Weapons" 08:35:46
Bob Barr, the Best Libertarian Candidate Ever 08:16:53
FEMA sources confirm coming martial law 07:49:08
Forbes Covers Ron Paul Visit to Univ. of Md. tonight 07:46:36
Poll on AIG bailout(s) - Charlotte, NC 06:53:37
this guys good 06:02:23
Banned SNL skit on bailout here! See it here for now until it gets pulled! 04:59:47
GOP suing elected Ron Paul committee members for getting elected! Please help! 04:20:12
Secession is the answer 04:03:33
CRAWFORD movie 03:53:01
Buyer Beware on Silver... Know what you're buying 03:10:59
The Next Samual Adams? Want to be fired up... 03:04:24
Illinois sheriff: No foreclosure evictions on my watch 02:56:47
$25k more to reach BJ Lawson's goal 02:52:09
The Tina Factor 02:45:26
McCain's latest big slip of the tongue! 02:35:53
911 Truth Movement nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 02:10:21
**BREAKING NEWS** AIG hits up Fed for $37.8 Billion more 01:52:07
"Zero Dollar" bill giveaway -- want one? 01:49:45
Bailout Debate - need video ideas 01:44:48
Daily Paul... honestly.. 01:27:11
*What Happened to The I.M.F. investigating the Fed.Res.'s Books??* Anyone Know?? 01:18:24
New SouthPark 01:13:48
Oh lord... 10.06.08: UK government to spy on phone, email, browsing, of entire population 01:00:23
This was too funny not to share. 00:59:05
For those who remember when JFK was alive 00:47:52
Senator's revealed... laf a little 00:25:47
Analyst: Gold will hit $2000 per oz in 6 months 00:18:24
uh oh ? the Jig is up ! 00:10:51
What if? Regarding the FEMA Camps... 00:05:12