Posted on October 10, 2008

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Ron Paul on Fox Business (10/10/2008) 20:08:13
*** Nader on FOX Video *** 12:54:34
CNBC Poll: "Who Should We Be Listening to?" (look at bottom of page) 12:08:13
Help me build the Voter Bomb Blog Roll 09:55:21
U of Maryland Newspaper Report on Ron Paul's Visit 08:12:56
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FREE $1200 from Microsoft!!!! 23:06:30
2 More Banks bite the dust 23:02:26
Ron Paul: One World Bank 22:42:44
Cologne 22:41:22
++This Is Not Good++Grain shipments stalled in credit drought++ 22:37:23
Ron Paul needs to be on all network and cable TV channels for 1/2 hour next week to explain the financial mess to America. 22:27:39
Bush Just Makes It Worse 22:25:11
Details of Friday G7 meeting "sketchy" 22:20:48
Liberty Belle 22:15:51
Great Orginal Song about the engineered financial crisis by - Billy Craig "Friends on Wall Street" 22:12:51
And to think they dismissed Dr paul ? Man did they make a mistake. 22:12:11
Transition Towns (Daniel Pinchbeck article) 22:10:10
The Success of The New World Order & the North American Union 21:59:33
You cannot have to many guns or bullets people. 21:54:36
Spreading NAFTA's Love Across The Atlantic 21:41:54
~~~~~~~~~ CFR TALKING ON C-SPAN ABOUT THE DOLLAR~~~~~~~~ 21:36:14
Found this poem/lyrics to a song to the elites-good stuff 21:26:19
henry paulson @ g7 and the new world bank 21:12:49
Good Piece by Naomi Wolf 20:43:37
Don't use Silver SnowBall! 20:38:57
Lehman Brothers demise triggers huge $365 billion default 10/11/2008 20:37:14
Seven Days In October 20:33:30
Is something BIG happening this weekend? 20:31:12
Excellent CB Video For Friday Night Viewing 20:26:56
Watch This it explains everything 20:26:53
JUST IN!! Palin Abused Her Powers During Trooper Investigation 20:25:40
Three New C4L Videos Today! 20:10:19
Has anyone taken apart the digital signal boxes? 19:51:32
Video of George Bush giving his new tactic for saving the the country 19:48:41
Leaderless Systems 19:45:41
Bob Jump, the voice behind Republican ads 19:35:05
★ Moneychangers Destroying America... 19:25:20
John McCain: "Founding Fathers...Continued to Emphasize the Jew..." 19:23:07
A terrorist attack at this point could push the economy into the abyss! 19:20:56
Barack Obama in Philly tomorrow 19:20:43
WOW Watch Feedback Please Banned BUSH VIDEO 19:16:18
Wachovia ,the bank prepares to send 75 employees on a Mediterranean cruise. All-expenses-paid cruise of the Greek Isles 19:15:58
Working Class White Voters are Ditching McCain 19:09:15
Jim Rogers Interview on CNBC (VIDEO) 19:06:15
Kevin Barrett could break Libertarian records 19:02:20
Fed lends record $431 billion as of Wednesday 19:02:07
This is how you win a revolution 18:45:40
Jim Rogers: Global Bankers Have Unleashed Inflationary Holocaust 18:41:29
Jim Rogers: Global Bankers Have Unleashed Inflationary Holocaust 18:41:26
Jim Rogers: Global Bankers Have Unleashed Inflationary Holocaust 18:40:53
World markets plunge again 18:35:46
Positive light everyone together Here We Did It!10 Eastern Sunday the12th UPDATE Thanks for Joining in Feedback Welcome! 18:33:09
Banks and Loaning Credit 18:29:50
Two bird brains in a cup video. 18:24:08
Food storage 18:19:32
Poll:Home Schooling... Does your local politicians support it? 18:19:11
The Death To The New World Order Anthem (Updated) 18:14:04
Where the heck do I buy silver and actually get it??? 18:11:58
Do we have Abundance or Scarcity? 18:10:51
Fiat becoming a farce 18:00:22
Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin Speak at JBS 50th Anniversary 17:52:58
Jim Rogers 10/10/08 -- (Bloomberg News) 17:51:16
"Drop Weapons" being used in Iraq - The end of innocence 17:50:22
does ron paul have an immediate solution for this mess? 17:34:59
~~~~~~~ ARE YOU READY FOR 80 DOLLAR OIL????????? 17:24:39
Mohammed: A Libertarian? 17:02:37
Indictments 16:42:14
9/11 Truth KICKASS in TV debate! 16:40:21
Petroleum closes down at 11.36 barrels per troy ounce of gold. 16:36:04
buying land for small family farm 16:34:56
NYU's Roubini Sees Risk of `Severe Global Depression' 16:12:03
Ralph NADER Moneybomb for Anti-Bailout radio ads! 16:09:29
What Companies Got Propped Up Today? 16:08:31
The American Empire, RIP 16:04:49
This caught my up. 15:56:50
Huge 9/11 truth Rally in Santa Monica CA- Oct. 11, 2008 2PM 15:55:31
CNN just said there were no WMD. We went to war on a lie 15:52:19
Off Topic - buying a firearm need advice 15:47:38
WHOA! Metals got hammered today! Silver down 17% 15:44:58
Next Up: Hyperinflation? 15:40:20
USA Tomorrow 15:32:26
Did anyone try to venture into the PPT's manipulated market today? 15:17:09
****DIGG***** Bush Feeding Market Instability!! 15:11:17
*FED Financial War Crimes Against Humanity* 15:09:45
TROUBLE: International trade seizing up due to banking crisis 15:05:56
The McCain-Palin Mob in Strongsville Ohio! (Viral Video) 15:01:17
3:00 PM EST now. Time to watch the Dow. Wonder if we get a repeat. Any guesses? 15:00:17
Greenspan speaks! 15:00:07
Off Topic: Shotguns- Advice plz? 14:55:22
Sherrif refuses to evict 14:46:19
Alex Jones is seriously being disrupted today 14:43:58
BATTLE CRY...!!!! 14:42:44
DOW today 10/10/08 14:33:00
Horrid thought I just had on Gold and Silver manipulation.... 14:21:44
Sell your stocks and T-bills now!!! 14:13:40
SHould I Dive out of International Funds? DODFX 14:08:03
What the heck!? 13:59:30
Again the DOW dives under 8000 mark, as I write 13:57:12
RON PAUL On Restoring Confidence in the Markets 10.10.08 13:54:42
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HERE IS A VOTER BOMB GRAPHIC TO USE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13:50:37
What is YOUR opinion on the Gold Market today??? 13:47:26
I think the R3volution needs to rise to the occasion. 13:47:24
Leaders May Close World's Markets 13:46:23
Gardner ordered to take down barbwire 13:42:37
Margin increases by large banks fueling market declines 13:41:27
The ignorant, over-educated, bean counting central bank economy experts were, and are still wrong!!! 13:37:27
*Breaking Calm down! Bush says he can solve this crisis. Everybody relax! 13:36:24
Funny Masonic Monty Python Clip 13:24:45
CNBC: US Consumers Lose Faith in Fed Due to Crisis 13:11:10
CNBC calls for leadership to speak on the show. One of the people they mentioned was Ron paul 13:09:02
World Bank Group's computer network hacked 13:07:22
Jim Rogers Declares "Financial Holocaust" - MSNBC 13:06:50
++++ WALL ST IS DEAD - MSM will be NEXT! HELP ME START A NEW KIND OF MEDIA!!! +++++ 12:44:14
Berlusconi: New Bretton Woods, Markets may be closed until solution found 12:43:07
Please think before you fan the flames of panic! Who benefits from these situations? 12:39:43
Political leaders discussing closing World Markets 12:36:35
Which seeds are better? 12:35:37
Rhino: Breaking: Not worth a dime!!! 12:34:30
Oil Falls Below $80, Gold up $9. 12:26:12
A 1765 Call to Action--"Educate Young and Old: For Liberty"--As Timely Today as When Originally Made 12:25:29
The Ultimate 9/11 'Truth' Showdown: David Ray Griffin vs. Matt Taibbi 12:19:38
Bush Says - Global Leaders Working Together To Fix Crisis 12:17:37
I just got "Not Disapproved" for a gun 12:11:21
Berlusconi Says Leaders May Close World's Markets 12:07:30
Stocks Tank Because of the Corrupt Federal Reserve System... Time to End the Fed! 11:58:58
Valley National Bank wouldn't cash a check for me?? 11:58:08
Dow is down 400+ points already. 7,000 territory in sight! 11:48:04
due to economici crisis,how long b4 martial law 11:47:00
Jim Rogers, World banks unleashing inflationary holocaust - VIDEO 11:35:20
***Bailout Boys Obama McCain Crashing Down*** 11:34:57
Oil and Politics 11:34:01
Polling Info for NC-4 11:27:08
ADL Headline News - ADL Reports Surge in Anti-Semitic Messages on Online Finance Sites in Response To Money Crisis 11:23:04
DOW today 10/10/08 11:22:11
I missed the little shrub's 11:21:52
Arnold e-mailed me back 11:20:25
Pentagon Recruiting & Retention Goals 11:18:36
Yemen seizes Israel-linked terrorist cell 11:14:26
NEW VIDEO ADDED!!!! >>>> Do you really want ron paul -- well do you??? THEN READ THIS>>>DIGG IT AND SIGN!!! 11:10:55
Ok, Now It's Time For U.S. Taxpayers to Start Bailing Out Foreign Countries 11:09:18
I Just Woke Up Another Person!!! 11:06:37
The Fed Is "Unleashing Inflationary Holocaust" 11:05:50
RP's Been Vindicated, Might As Well Surf The Web 11:00:52
NESARA~It's time has come !!! 10:56:16
Forgive all debts 10:41:21
We are screwed (Graph) 10:35:37
Greenspan's Objections to Derivatives Regulation - 1998 10:26:37
Anyone else sick of hearing this whole thing was caused by bad mortgages? 10:24:49
Question on Confiscating Gold and Silver 10:22:42
Opened an ETRADE Account today Updated! 10:22:21
Impressive Video 10:21:27
Anybody need gold? 10:10:56
This is some serious stock market manipulation happening NOW! 10:03:39
Tens of thousands illegally denied voting rights, sound familiar think 2004 10:03:24
Now That Was Amazing - DJI 09:55:08
Did anyone just see that ---DOW dropped 1,041 points 09:42:38
USA is not a capitalist system 09:39:04
*****To say for Zeitgeist Addendum***** 09:33:18
Down 600 Already 09:30:37
Friday stock market thread. How low will it go? 09:27:46
MSN poll with Baldwin, load it up 09:25:02
Did you miss last nights 3rd party Presidential Debate? Download it here in 1 hour segments - Link here 09:15:29
U.S. Soldiers Admit Planting Weapons on Innocent Victims 08:56:28
How to pump water manually from an electric well? 08:53:08
Nebraska Senator Nelson's justification 08:52:26
ZEITGEIST WAS RIGHT !Check this out! Earthaven Ecovillage, Zeitgeist was right, HOPE 08:14:46
Rogers: We are facing an "Inflation Holocaust". 07:56:14
World Bank Director on CSpan NOW 7:55am getting slammed 07:55:00
Where is the inflation? 07:44:05
letter from my elite 07:42:16
does anything look out of balance with this chart? 07:38:01
Called a "sterling contribution" to 9/11 Truth 07:37:06
Report: U.S. spied on Americans' (including soldiers) intimate conversations abroad 07:29:15
The remedy is love of mankind... 07:24:54
Please help: I need the BEST one page flier 07:09:37
*****Alex Jones' Review of "Zeitgeist Addendum"***** 06:53:42
Pro McCain Youtube just sent to me - smart comments needed. 06:35:14
Rockefeller is worried about privacy 06:25:24
DIGG IT NOW!!>>> What Is The New World Order?.....If you want to know in about 10 minutes-- watch this.... 06:23:47
Blackwater to check itself on US arms export law 06:23:08
1000's of voter registration forms faked 05:29:04
A fat lot of good a gold eagle is going to do me at Safeway 04:32:49
National debt clock runs out of numbers! 04:19:23
What happens when the money runs out? 04:16:35
Have you all read this ? 04:08:39
ALERT! You know Martial Law Is Around The Corner When ... 03:57:33
MSNBC: McCain linked to Nazis and death squads in Iran-Contra scandal 03:49:54
Vote by Mail 03:28:03
Lehman Brothers derivatives set to do major damage tomorrow. 02:56:22
League of Democracies 02:51:21
Bob Conley to Debate GrahamNESTY on Saturday! 02:34:16
From 24hGold - posted to GATA website - Currency-to-metal converter 02:31:08
Lindsey Graham is bought and paid for by big banks, Lobbyists, and Wall St! 02:29:54
Its Time to Focus on a New Direction 01:51:28
Michael Savage Creating a Third Party 01:33:43
Mutual Fund Withdrawals a Record as Investors Flee (Update1) 01:19:03
Is this how we get World Government? 00:55:58
Gold is about to VAULT UP. 00:55:58
Asia stock market down over 1000 points 00:55:40
A Laugh For Thursday Night-I Couldn't Resist 00:55:15
Why would Russia bailout Iceland? 00:46:17
And the winner is: Wells Fargo 00:45:41
Jim Rogers on CNBC 12:45am 00:40:38
Vote NO For Those Who Voted Yes(Vote Guide Info) 00:31:09
America Under Siege 00:27:43
Pete V. Domenici, Return letter on Bail Out ??? hmmmm 00:27:15
I'm speechless... 00:17:49
@Bush administration debates taking part ownership in banks@ 00:11:36
The Web Bot Guys on Rense 10-6-08 00:03:45
New Pennsylvania Web-Site 00:00:16
Palin pre-empts state report, clears self in probe 00:00:01