Posted on October 12, 2008

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Ron Paul's Clear Direction 14:12:26
Chip-in to get this Ron Paul TV ad aired in Louisiana! 10:47:28
Ron Paul on Louisiana Ballot! 14:12:29
Ron Paul the Decider in Montana! He's on the Ballot!!! 14:12:28
Ron Paul On Restoring Confidence in the Markets 14:12:27
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My Friends......this one is for you. 23:56:13
What the US is going to look like after the economy fully implodes 23:43:31
Endocannabinoids and why our leaders are assholes! 23:38:08
ID cards plan in crisis as the 'guinea pigs' revolt 22:45:47
A £516 trillion derivatives 'time-bomb' 22:29:12
A Twilight Zone episode with relevance to our gold situation 22:25:35
Bond Market Collapse is Imminent 22:21:09
This is the change that Obama brings. 22:10:47
Hyperinflation History 22:06:30
20 weeks and counting! 21:51:47
The world finance leaders officially go insane 21:50:43
Osama Bin Laden's role in the current economic crisis 21:47:29
The Revolution continues..New Video 21:46:19
What will the US foreign policy be tomorrow ? 21:45:50
Anti-Democratic Nature of US Capitalism is Being Exposed 21:43:42
China Vs America Video 21:32:52
Fed Copies Weimar Hyperinflation 21:28:06
New plan has been release from the Global financial meeting 21:21:52
Tetanus Vaccine 21:15:38
The Really Hard-to-Swallow Truth about the Bailout 21:09:56
France pulls tainted Chinese food 20:56:26
Bob Conley's debate with NEOCON Lindsey Graham 20:39:11
Who Would The World Elect for the President of the United States? 20:20:59
Polylogism 20:01:47
Volunteers needed to help Rex Brocki for Congress 20:00:26
Market Implosion not so bad for the Carlyle Group 19:55:39
Utah Senator's canned reply to my letter on Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 19:52:17
Bush Surveys Disaster Area 19:50:52
Shelters and Soup Kitchens Hold Crisis Front Lines 19:42:29
When do the Asian markets open? 19:39:12
WORLD BANK Takes Over G7 19:30:09
Satire: Bush's resignation speech 19:21:05
World Bank, IMF, and G7 all meeting in DC this weekend and no protests 18:51:33
Ron Paul about World Bank 18:37:17
"Are we all Socialists now?" 18:34:32
Barrack Obama BORN IN THE COAST PROVINCIAL GENERAL HOSPITAL AT MOMBASSA, KENYA at 7.24 PM on August 4th 1961? 18:27:18
Who Would The World Elect for the President of the United States? 18:22:33
How much money is out there. 18:12:49
Silver and Gold Markets open in 15 minutes!!! 17:43:49
lets not let this happen to US and us!!! 17:07:21
Interesting and positive discussion on Ron Paul on the real news 17:02:20
EXCELLENT clip for ALL to watch- Why America is a REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY!!! 16:58:25
37 Iraqis infected with anthrax 16:57:53
IMF - The Central Bank for The Central Banks - What are they planning? 16:57:35
Oy Vei! 16:38:00
Illuminists Plan in a Nutshell 16:31:34
***Get Ready For President Nader*** 16:26:27
The Heaviest Element Known to Science 16:06:45
A little pick me up... 15:57:05
***The Quadrillion Dollar Powder Keg Waiting To Blow*** 15:43:12
The Revolution continues..New Video 15:37:51
*Joerg Haider Assassinated By Banking Cartel?* 15:28:13
Two Slogans for Voting Third Party 15:20:09
Dying for Water: Bolivia's H2O Privatization Scheme (The Corporation) GET TO KNOW OUR NEW MASTERS 15:07:29
World Bank creating poverty (BBC Newsnight clip) 14:55:13
***Nader Says Legalize Hemp Cultivation*** 14:49:14
And they called us dangerous 14:49:04
In case you haven't noticed.... 14:48:04
***Gas Money For Nader*** 14:33:47
Ok Tonight's The Positive Activity Night at 10 PM Eastern 7 PM Pacific. KEEP BUMPED 14:32:12
Pelosi wants another 150 billion stimulous ? you got to be kidding ! 14:17:14
!!!MUST READ!!! Super Easy Guide To Understanding the Financial Crisis 13:56:59
Bob Bird for U.S. Senate in Alaska. A strict constitutionist like Ron Paul 13:54:25
Check out the new "Education" section at C4L 13:52:11
Sovereign = lonely 13:51:00
Iran celebrates global meltdown 13:31:06
French intelligence , Israel planned false flag attack on U.S. 13:08:12
SOVEREIGNTY, Who Needs It? 13:06:43
prison planet featuring Ron Paul Q&A videos 13:02:30
Please Respond I need some Arguing/Response Points 12:44:13
Question for Christians 12:43:53
Can someone explain why some local currency is illegal while others are not? 12:40:59 000.000 $ ? 12:37:21
CFR head Richard Haass confronted by WeAreChange 12:12:12
Constitutional Terrorists? 12:06:26
Gold runs out in German rush 11:58:01
Sunday Morning Reading list. Must add to library for coming events, survival, housing, gardening. 11:56:24
A different take on the crisis 11:32:57
Bob Conley and Lindsey Graham- The Whole Debate! 11:23:10
Question about Dr. Paul, and the end of congress 11:07:54
20 movies about the first Great Depression, to watch during the sequel!! 10:55:43
Canada safest! Countries with the soundest banking systems 10:47:54
Deflation: Silver, Gold, and the Dollar 10:45:38
Judge NAPALITANO says BAILOUT VIOLATES U. S. Constitution (Video Link) 10:19:21
Conley v Graham Debate video 09:56:14
You Can Judge a Man by the Company he Keeps? Obama/Odinga 09:47:27
Bob Conley destroys neocon Lindsay Graham in debate - video 09:29:05
Bill Clinton at Zeitgeist '07 09:22:14
Open a Pawn Shop to get cheap Gold 09:18:22
Silver Auction Bids Canceled -- Auction Still On 08:02:38
Palin Supporter Brings Racist Monkey "Obama" Doll to Rally 07:45:26
'Hockey Mom' Palin Greeted By "Resounding Boos" At Hockey Game 07:43:31
Who here has joined the Campaign for Liberty? 07:33:04
Austria Witnesses Gold Rush 06:45:37
MOVIE: H.G. Wells' "Things to Come" 06:44:11
Perhaps this may help to open eyes of Obama supporters? 06:22:37
True or False? 04:29:56
Federal Reserve has a tutorial video on it's website 04:25:16
Fulford on the NWO 04:22:42
When the internet will get shut down 04:03:33
"Audit the Fed!" 03:55:24
Leaders are "talking about a new Bretton Woods.'' 03:45:53
Bush's mortgage speech in 2002- 03:06:32
Our time ,our waterloo 02:56:50
Pennsylvania Chemical Leak Prompts Evacuation. 02:53:13
Peter Schiff radio show 02:39:53
Does anyone know what happened to WTPRN??? 02:22:55
Study The Formula!! 02:22:07
Dow Down 228 already for Monday??? 01:38:40
Explosive Obama anger at a McCain-Palin rally! 01:24:07
New info last few days re: NWO from around the globe 01:05:51
Tape Blows Cover On True Treasury Intentions 01:04:50
A little weekend humor 00:51:43
a New Deal for globalization 00:29:41
Article about McCain in Rolling Stone Magazine 00:27:23
Bankruptcy, Theft & Fear 00:26:17
Now This Really Pisses Me Off! 00:22:54
Bob Bird for U.S. Senate in Alaska. A strict constitutionist! 00:15:29
Ron Paul Campaign Sabotage 00:10:28
Not Done Yet.. Freddie Fannie buy $40 bill per month 00:07:01