Posted on October 14, 2008

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Natural News: End the Tyranny of the Federal Reserve 18:38:52
C4L's Education for Liberty 18:32:16
America's future is NOT Mad Max 11:31:12
Ron Paul on Fox Business 10/14/08 09:56:50
B.J. Lawson Commercial 03:39:36
U.S. to Buy Stakes in Nation's Largest Banks - Wall Street Journal 01:48:53
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Help me change the top: I've got access to power brokers... 23:42:23
When is enough, enough? 23:42:11 Presidential Poll- VOTE NOW! Deadline tomorrow at noon! KEEP BUMPED. 23:40:15
For those looking for gold w/o the hefty premium...... 23:38:09
Aliens Yet?? 23:37:30
Financial crisis haunts Milton Friedman's legacy 23:35:29
This is what cooks my goose! 23:13:02
Lets Start 2 New Parties 23:12:40
I am from California, we have on our ballot the Defense of Marriage Act.... 23:06:17
Suggest a GREAT video 22:46:27
Canada has Voted 22:45:28
Is The US Militrary Big Enough? 22:43:48
Careful what you download , Bush just signed new legislation again. 22:42:33
Hey where are the aliens? 22:42:03
deleted 22:39:12
The Depression --- Not if, but when! 22:25:05
Anybody from SC as mad as me? 22:23:07
Ron Paul for President 22:05:44
Im no communist!!!! listen to this song!! the last verse is what RON PAUL is saying!!! 22:01:48
im practicing civil disobedience- not paying child support- they are coming after me!! 21:57:45
America has died , from market ticker today 21:55:35
After all this time........ 21:50:18
Jim Cramer has a good segment on financial situation 21:47:31
A Break for Humor 21:43:22
Banktron :) 21:42:12
No Debates for Paul? Why? 21:32:25
Glenn Beck is actually speaking Ron Paul's words, and about the Constitution!!!! 21:14:14
WLAC Radio, exclusive Ron Paul interview 21:06:34
Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle on LIVE now 9pm EST 21:03:09
New 911 media lies uncovered, We keep ripping this lie apart. I love it. 21:02:47
As a nation we stand together 20:49:35
End the Fed teleconference tonight 9PM EDT 20:37:42
Steven Horowitz's letter to the left 20:37:21
10-14-08 8:30 PM ET Peter Schiff on CNBC 20:23:49
Very important!! This is not Socialism, it's Corporatism 20:19:51
"Md. Police Put Activist's Names on Terror List" 20:17:45
The Daily paul "COMEDY BREAK " This guy is too funny! 20:17:08
You can't spell patriot without r i o t 20:04:46
Money BOMB for Bob Conley for US Senate, everyday until NOV 4TH! 19:53:36
GMAC announces financing for only 700+ fico 19:49:16
Ron Paul Video - Reminder How He Only Attacked The Ideas Not The Individual 19:25:53
New Ron Paul Video posted 2 days ago... 19:11:26
Let's get down and dirty!!!!!!!!!!!! 19:04:23
Peter Schiff on Headline News with Glenn Beck NOW 7 pm est 18:58:31
***Security & Prosperity Agreement - NAU Plans Update *** 18:31:42
This is why I am about you? 18:23:50
Acorn? what about the Voter Corruption against Ron Paul? 18:23:19
Independence Petition 18:12:20
You know what: Borrowing costs remain high 17:32:07
U.S. Stocks Fall as Earnings Concern Overshadows Bank Plan 16:46:51
Sixteen reasons why Russia should NEVER trust the West 16:30:38
I AM SICK OF THIS - RON MUST RUN NOW!!!!!!!!!!! 16:05:27
Palin also connected to "Terrorist" Oh Boy! 16:02:55
Do You like music? 16:00:53
Two-seed theory: The origins of the psychopathic elite 15:50:51
Palin now accused of being with terrorist Alaska Independence Party! 15:49:00
Nation building added to new Army manual 15:43:24
545........ 15:36:48
Deflation History 15:30:37
US crisis freezes China sovereign funds 15:14:09
***Take Action~Activist Thread*** 15:06:25
Here we go again Dow down -300 14:47:23
Cindy Sheehan Challenges Nancy Pelosi to a Public Debate 14:46:48
CFTC investigating Silver manipulation! 14:28:51
"Suicides From Financial Crisis Cause Concern" 14:26:50
Anyone Ever Placed a Political Statement on Craigslist? 14:26:12
Why 911 truth must go on 13:57:26
Ron Paul Mini-videos 13:44:47
Made in the USA 13:21:25
***Ralph Nader to Paulson "Bail out your buddies"*** 13:10:22
The Woman Who Could Have Prevented This Financial Mess Was Silenced by Greenspan, Rubin and Summers 12:55:33
How to Fix Our Depreciating Money by Lew Rockwell 12:39:32
Analysis of the Conley-Graham Debate 12:38:51
Second Wind 12:30:15
Ron Paul - Let the Market do its Job 12:25:19
The Ben and Hank Masks - LOL 12:14:14
The Money Masters have pulled off the biggest financial heist in history! 12:08:10
***It all went wrong when we left the gold standard*** 11:50:14
Online Course in Ron Paul Liberty Available Now 11:41:19
Kucinich Supporter Gets Volunteer of the Year Award! 11:35:31
QUICK---John Kerry is going to be near me today--What should I yell at him? 11:33:30
A UFO Called LIBERTY... 11:13:56
Marc Faber says US will go bankrupt on Bloomberg 11:12:12
Free Global Energy 10:54:48
Obama and ACORN: Stealing the Election 10:49:50
Surprise! Cheney's still got pull 10:47:51
Anyone else seeing products labeled for the NAU???? 10:40:19
Another Economic Stimulus Package - For What? 10:38:04
Will there be enought pro-constitutional canidates in congress? 10:30:32
Has Anyone Actually Asked A Congressmen 10:25:34
Derivatives Regulation Proposal in 1998 -Killed by, Guess Who? 09:59:18
One Bank To Rule Them All: The US Moves To Nationalize Banks 09:54:16
Dow beginning to trickle 09:53:00
One Bank To Rule Them All: The US Moves To Nationalize Banks 09:51:44
Don't fear the market, but be prepared. 09:51:09
I find it funny 09:49:49
An Online Course in Ron Paul Liberty... This really is FABULOUS!! 09:43:52
For those still not understanding our system 09:32:31
Markets open at +400 again today ? 09:31:12
The sheeple at work say more government regulation is needed so seniors dont have their savings wiped out 09:16:43
Year by year, what do you, personally, think will actually happen to our country? 09:02:27
This morning I am deeply saddened 09:00:34
Peter Schiff said inflation could be around 30%. What does that look like? How long will that last? 09:00:10
Apocalypse now! Do you think the depression will get so bad that there is no clean water and no electricity? 08:57:46
What do you think are the chances of America becoming a police state within the next 10 years? Even with Obama as president? 08:54:20
Credit Crunch Song (humor) 07:39:08
Mccain / Obama / Paul Supporters RoundUp 07:32:30
Fed Releases Flood of Dollars, Market Rates Fall 06:25:56
The Devil's Advocate! 06:14:37
G. Edward Griffin wants you to USE THIS BOMB TOOL FOR FREEDOM!!! 06:06:40
Peter Schiff on Glen Beck (Video from 10/13/08) 05:28:24
Peter Schiff Video from 6 Years Ago 05:26:29
Jerome Corsi arrested in Kenya, Obama's country. 05:24:28
Russia test-fired three long-range missiles from submarine distance 7,145 miles 05:13:06
Media finally waking up? 04:54:34
The Republican Voter Fraud Hoax-Brad Friedman 04:01:59
Bilderberger group may be reason Ron Paul got no coverage! 04:01:39
The Ron Paul Movie : WOW! (updated) 03:16:35
Audio Books: "Give us this day, our daily Mises." 03:08:21
Big Banks Get $125 Billion Cash Going Away Gift From Paulson and the Bush Administration 02:54:58
The Guy Who is Suing Obama 02:51:11
A Taxpayer Bail-Out Plan 02:25:27
A Once Proud Nation... 01:11:47
Is Sen Obama a US citizen? 01:07:04
Poll: Who's your choice for LP 2012 candidate? 00:47:36
Connecticut Performs Pre-election Audit Of Memory Cards 00:20:26