Posted on October 15, 2008

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Adam Kokesh & Iraq Vets Arrested at the New York Presidential Debate! 22:38:18
NY Times- the Third-Party Debate 21:47:08
The FED just pulled off the biggest grand theft in history. Yet very few seem to understand what has just happened! 18:44:16
Open: Final Presidential "Debate," Tonight, 9PM ET 16:21:12
Well>>>It happened!!!! 15:24:54
Market Update: Volatility! 14:00:07
Bernake to speak at 12:15 ET 10-15-08 11:30:30
CEOs not allowed to leave before signing Paulson's takeover 11:27:18
"Just stop paying your mortgage" by Peter Shiff 10:37:04
Ron Paul, A Campaign for Liberty. Keep the Revolution Alive! 11:30:31
TODAY: Mass Demonstration Planned On Wall Street *** 14:00:08
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Asia Sees Red, Japan's Nikkei 225 Plunges 10% 23:57:42
Peter Schiff Is My Hero 23:54:46
Adam Kokesh Need's our help!! Please Chip in 23:48:09
Can Agnostics handle the truth? AND STILL BE AGNOSTIC??? 23:46:00
New ACORN story from Michigan 23:45:25
If push comes to shove 23:41:38
Can those that leave the seat UP handle the truth? 23:32:03
Can Hindus handle the truth? 23:27:01
What is love? 23:14:34
The Way Out of This Mess Is the Way of Mahatma Gandhi 23:12:07
Joe the Plumber 22:59:28
Enuf With The Christian-Athiest Stuff Already. This ain't the place for it. 22:56:22
For advocates of closed borders 22:55:39
I seem to have lost a link.... 22:49:42 poll results! 22:40:38
Japan 22:30:04
We Need A New Rally... 22:26:11
I Hate McCain 22:23:46
Mail from Texas GOP 22:16:47
White House memos endorsed CIA waterboarding: report 22:15:45
Post Debate Poll Choice "America Loses..." VOTE!!!! 22:01:05
Contact C4L: Bob Conley needs our help 21:50:25
Anyone watching CNBC? Do you notice something? 21:48:35
Do You Know Who the PRIMARY DEALERS are? ... NO CREDIT FREEZE! ★HOT DIGG★ 21:41:44
Idea for new campaign commercial 21:34:47
GUNS CAN BE GOOD!! 20:59:27
The way to win this war 20:53:15
Time For Some Campaignin' 20:32:25
deleted 20:27:30
Tesla to delay new car, cut jobs to save cash 20:12:20
Goodbye, GOP 19:53:58
Sarah McCain Palin 19:48:15
Is Anyone Interested in Having a REASONABLE discussion about Zeitgiest's Ideas 19:20:11
Banned for fighting Marxist infiltration of Daily Paul? 19:14:24
10/14/2008 Peter Schiff On Glenn Beck:Depression In Disguise 19:10:53
Do Not Abide The Lesser Evil 18:53:21
Ron Paul on U.N. plan (1990's) 18:46:43
“Zeitgeist Addendum” Uses Brainwashing Editing Techniques? Please Read!! 18:42:56
No Matter How Hard They Try, They Can't Beat Us! 18:38:52
What will the next 10 trading days bring ? 18:22:58
Steve Miller 18:22:19
Parents give kid life sentence 18:18:40
Forget Tonight's "Debate" - Still To Come - 3rd Party Debate - NY Times Today 18:17:00
How many DP members have filed an affidavit of sovereignty? 18:09:15
Zeitguss losers if there is No more payday who will snake your sewers with all the crap you spew? 18:03:05
Let's push "The Revolution" hard 18:01:40
Digg "The Great Tomato Bubble" 17:58:51
This is what Paulson is up to... 17:58:11
BJ LAWSON Debate in Audio format 17:50:18
Third Pary Voting Disallowed At Mock Election 17:32:10
ACTIVISTS NEEDED NOW! Milton Friedman Institute issues call for help! 17:26:04
A SAFE insurance company? 17:23:57
How can you support Ron Paul and his opinions but not his philosophy?THIS IS NOT A DAILY so beat it freaks 17:16:46
Ron Paul for President sign on MSNBC :) 17:16:17
McCain stock? 17:06:27
J.P. Morgan: 1907 Patriot? 16:45:13
This is "something" you can do right now!!! 16:04:32
NEVADA County Delegates - PLEASE read this!!!!! 16:02:48
GOLD and Rothschild 15:24:47
Energy Backed Money instead of Gold? 15:21:54
Obama supporters are so ignorant!!!!!!! 15:17:09
McCain is VIP and should not suffer for bad laws? 15:11:58
The new DiCaprio movie "Body of Lies" shows how we'll never win the "War on Terror" 15:08:39
***Total Bailout Cost Heads Towards 5 Trillion$*** 15:07:03
Tea Party Video 15:06:22
Sorry 15:00:07
BIG BOX MART :) 14:58:44
Neo-Con Recruitment Video 14:57:50
Great article on Primary Dealers 14:48:46
Another way to play gold.... Give me your opinion on article... 14:47:14
Question for Muslims 14:46:11
***Ralph Nader PBS Interview*** 14:44:12 Presidential Poll: Chuck Baldwin takes 4.3%!! 14:38:38
New deal allows Iraq to command our troops ? Hey, Whoaaa, What ?? 14:31:19
The direction this forum has taken lately is counter productive. 14:21:05
Is it STILL wrong to rob banks? 14:19:05
HELP!!! how to transform a young Mcsane Palin supporter 14:05:59
Inflation targeting for idiots 13:55:54
Dow is down -500 today . 13:54:37
seven million people? 13:40:54
***Who Is Funding Obama And McCain Campaigns?*** 13:34:21
STOP with all the Christian-Athiest Stuff 13:30:29
Controlling Our Food- A great Movie! 13:19:59
The greatest RP interview ever with a great interviewer Allison Kugel 13:07:04
Producer Prices & Retail Sales Wild Ride By December! hope you are ready! 13:05:54
Do SOME Christians want a Christian Republic? 13:04:47
Jon Stewart on McCain's "New" Speech - DIGG 13:04:39
***Ralph Nader MSNBC*** 12:55:00
Military Families Speak Out at Boston Common 12:44:25
***Ralph Nader CNN 14th Oct*** 12:37:04
Our new movie night, website, and direction 12:35:24
Peter Joseph Destroyed Alex Jones on radio today 12:33:26
Can Christian's handle the truth? 12:31:12
Government, Poverty and Self-Reliance: Wisdom From 19th Century Presidents 12:23:51
Someone please explain why any of this matters... 12:20:59
Voting Out Congress 12:17:59
Ron Paul Joins Calls For Investigations Into ACORN, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 12:13:56
Perhaps the single most ballsy interview I've ever heard - or not. 12:10:51
Bob Prechter nails it again! 12:08:21
***Poll That Includes ALL Of The Candidates*** 12:07:48
"Proposal 1 is a dangerous drug legalization scheme" 12:01:36
Hey ladies, pat-down searches 11:53:07
Dick Cheney has heart problems , I didn't know he had a heart ? 11:49:04
Gold's Relationship with Real Estate 11:46:25
Who was Machiavelli and what does RP say about him? 11:41:42
Poll: Who is your HERO and COWARD of the Week? 11:11:14
Prayers /Positve Energy needed for my Patriot Dad! 11:04:17
A Must listen....The cause of the economic mess. 10:51:26
Newsweek: Why are federal prosecutors threatening a government-secrets expert? 10:23:37
Two Weeks in October 10:01:57
Ron Paul Is Right – Petition to Abolish the Federal Reserve 10:01:09
Both Presidential Candidates Campaigns Funded By The New Nationalized Banks 09:57:09
Both Presidential Candidates Campaigns Funded By The New Nationalized Banks 09:52:55
anybody going to the wall street tax protest 10/16 in nyc? 09:36:02
will the dow tank today? 09:30:12
All of a sudden oral sex causes cancer? 09:26:45
George Farrah of on CSPAN 09:06:22
Ron Paul Admits Addictions... 08:58:41
NEW - Videos from St Paul. 08:36:10
WHO Slams Global Health Care, Calls For Universal Coverage 08:35:47
USA Tomorrow Survey 08:22:35
10/14/2008 Peter Schiff On Glenn Beck:Depression In Disguise 08:06:41
Lehman Approved Huge Payoffs for Execs Days Before Going Bust 08:02:50
"1932, A True History of the United States". You decide. 07:28:43
Study Of Satellite Imagery Casts Doubt On Surge's Success In Baghdad 07:24:40
In the Senate: Ban Criminal Derivatives ‘Bucket Shops’ 06:50:03
Breaking: Fed Officials Warn of Recession Risk. ROFLMAO!!! 06:48:58
Palin, who abused her own power as governor, says McCain will end ‘abuses of power’ in Washington 06:47:51
Back to Bretton Woods??? 06:41:11
100% Reserve Banking doesn't work 06:08:28
New American Currency 2009 05:12:57
Interesting what you find.... 05:05:36
Argentina's Economic Collapse (PLEASE DIGG THIS) 04:49:42
3rd Party Debate - Official Anouncement Coming Later Today 03:44:53
Third Party Debate - This Sunday 10/19 at Columbia 03:13:25
Pastor Manning Breaking Down Christian Free-Market Theory 02:48:26
The Paulson conspiracy 02:33:26
Brass check TV , Remember RON PAUL , they mailed this to millions 01:42:19
Health Checks of McCain and Obama 01:33:13
Asian Market Watch 01:22:59
Cannabis 00:49:34
Letter to the Editor for Tracy Saboe for SD State Senate! Please "Recomend" 00:45:28
Interesting Reading for Interested Readers 00:44:13
Maker of Zeitgeist Addendum is going to be on the Alex Jones show tomorrow (Wednesday) 00:07:07
Credit and Debt... the way it is. 00:03:50