Posted on October 17, 2008

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Start building a New Nation Now! 17:06:25
Not Your Grandfather's Depression : Peter Schiff 16:39:43
Lighting The Fires Of Liberty - UPDATED 12:25:28
Rachel Mills Interviews Lew Rockwell 11:04:57
Ron Paul on CNN "American Morning" 8:24 am ET Today 04:56:51
Preschoolers’ parents protest required flu shots 02:57:06
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Every American should see this 23:58:42
Lets Make Money Off Of The Greatest Bear Market of Our Lives 23:45:51
Michael Hess 911 Phone interview now released , corroborates Barry Jennings 23:40:06
Financial Meltdown: The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History 23:24:08
Constitutional Voting? 23:11:34
OK, Gold Bugs 23:08:07
America’s Coup D’État in the Making 23:05:08
Is Chuck Baldwin Going To Be At The Debate In NY This Sunday? 23:05:01
Still divided 23:04:20
The Hidden History of the Fed. 23:03:34
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation next one down and out? 22:29:56
Has anyone taken a look at Barack Obama's economic rescue plan? 22:04:52
Ron Paul on the front page of (10/17/08) 21:42:50
Sisters are better than Husbands! 21:39:55
Naomi Wolf on The Today show today 21:31:02
Poster ( WANTED FOR TREASON ) 21:22:58
Protest for Open Senatorial Debates in Michigan 21:14:29
"Joe" The Plumber 20:44:22
Help with a founders quote? 20:35:43
EU asks Russia to join ? Russia say's Nyet !! 20:28:14
*For Advocates of Ron Paul 20:19:50
Gouged at the pump today . 20:06:33
Chuck Baldwin Money Bomb Sunday Oct 19th : HE NEEDS OUR HELP NOW! 19:59:54
Silver Information from Canadians, please? 19:55:19
The Crooks Are In Your Pocket! 19:47:24
Downsizer-Dispatch ( 17, 2008). 19:27:55
Automaker Lays Off Detroit Office With Blog Post 19:20:45
★ ★ Help Kucinich deliver a knock-out punch★ ★ DIGG! 19:18:05
ZeitGeist Addendum "A Push for A New One World Religion!!" 19:12:24
Live Free or Diebold T-shirts 19:06:01
Africom: US Military MIssion Expands to Africa 19:01:08
"Dummy Bomb" bounces and lands on civilan's car "In LasVagas" 18:51:11
We Can Keep Ron Paul Before the Public 18:36:54
DEMOCRATIC CAPITIALISM??? New definition - hope you got the memo! 18:32:10
What was that website for vote pairing? 18:09:04
I Wanted Some Feedback On This Idea 17:58:42
What a Wasted Vote Looks Like (Please DIGG THIS) 17:48:04
Ron Paul supporter will step in for Obama and knock out Baldwin 17:46:38
***Questions for zeitgeist debunkers*** 17:36:27
The Joseph Principle and Crisis Economics 17:25:39
When the Russians are away, the Americans will play :( 17:13:07
Michael Hudson Explains The Bailout 17:08:03
Bull vs Bear - Peter Schiff on CNN 10/15/2008 16:18:57
Ron Paul on Alex Jones Today... 16:09:31
*World War 3* 16:04:17
Sarah Palin scandasls! Summary and NEW PICS, REAL ONE'S! 15:21:39
Bank Write-Down Chart from 2004-08: Must See! 15:18:00
Senator Corker shoveling bailout B.S. & my response 15:17:57
please digg guys. off topic here but i will wear a ron paul tshirt into the rin 15:16:08
Shitezeist = Robo-AnarchoCommunism w/FREE ferraris for everyone!!!! 15:10:45
The Bailouts New Financial Oligarchy 15:05:56
McCain calls JFK's assassination an "intervention" 15:05:27
Sad Loss, Pete Nosan of Restore the Republic 15:00:11
Credit Cards... 14:48:50
Arctic glacier grows!!!!!Where's Al Gore when you need him!? 14:38:27
Gold reserves per country 14:32:15
Never speak with a police officer without your lawyer - Videos 14:02:58
Jay Leno: The Bailout. 13:58:36
Stock market looks as if it's doing ok today. 13:56:07
Rights vs Privileges 13:37:39
Back to the Future with Justin Raimondo 13:26:10
Christian wisdom perspective 13:01:17
Balance the United States budget game! 12:56:44
Breaking News: Supreme Court Sides With Ohio Election Official: WSJ 12:39:39
Video: Bishop of Rochester Astonished at Sarah Palin's Nomination 12:27:19
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Satan Speaks On The Economy! 12:26:31
BOOKS: Share your favorites. Fiction and Non-Fiction 12:22:00
Michael, Zeitgeist has taken over your (our) site. 12:12:11
Don´t mind the election - Ron Paul already won 12:04:20
Bailout for NJ 12:01:42
Third Party Debate, In the news! 11:40:07
I think this is fitting for our current situation.... ;) Ukulele Kazoo 11:38:26
Commodity deflation? I dont see it in real life.... 11:28:32
Illinois to Inject $1 Billion into Banking System 11:10:49
WE THE PEOPLE Supreme Court case against the Bailout 11:04:04
Where can we go? 11:01:13
Ahmadinejad willing to accept Israel - Where's the Headlines? 11:00:00
Joe the Plumber - and his TAX "dollars" 10:36:29
Reported - U.N. Troop Convoy 10:30:20
Drudge has Third Party debate.... 10:30:14
Anyone else hear Catherine Austin Fitts on George Noory last night? 10:17:12
The movie "W" is in theaters today(10/17/2008) 10:13:49
Blanchard out of silver? 10:06:31
Does anyone know where I can find the price of an ounce of gold in every currency? 09:56:33
2 More Soldiers died today in Iraq 10/17/2008 09:50:25
Our EXCELLENT radio ad to fire our Representative Allen Boyd for voting YES on bailout! 09:48:48
Could a 'Nader effect' be felt in Florida again? 09:43:58
Video: If you don't agree with a Big Brother uber Database, your supporting terrorism!! 09:14:47
Age doesnt matter**when it comes to the REVOLUTION** 09:08:38
We are winning. 08:55:19
JP Morgan Responsible For The Destruction Of The US Financial System 07:57:03
Defending the Constitution Via the Judiciary 07:06:50
The Case for Drugs in a Free Society 04:51:33
NWO--Constitution---Or VENUS? You Decide 02:52:41
Do You Need A Laugh??? 02:07:44
New Designs on Yard Signs, Banners, Mugs, and more... 01:59:49
Rap Video: Prodigy - Illuminati 01:50:20
Small Victory and Well of Opportunity-oh and um, GOLD? 01:36:13
Joe The Plumber to Replace Sarah Palin? 00:34:00
Iraqi Veteran's agains't the war "Arraignment" Set 00:16:39
Cynthia McKinney Accuses Government of Mass Murder, 5,000 Executed! 00:16:10