Posted on October 18, 2008

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"Ladies and gentlemen, you are now under arrest. Please sit down and place your hands on top of your head." 20:47:53
Halloween: Effective and effortless outreach opportunity 17:16:27
Financial Times: A World Map of Bailouts 10:21:18
Obama's got nothing on DR. PAUL 09:22:00
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Which country will slither down the slippery slope next? 23:48:40
Electronic voting machines changing votes 23:43:12
Sovereign Future seeking Fellow R3VOLUTIONARIES to join us!!! 23:36:09
Sen. James Rhoades Dies After Crash 23:06:45
Iraqis want us out! Can we take the hint? 22:56:51
The Fake Credit Crunch 22:11:59
6 Ala. counties' voter rolls exceed population 21:55:41
Barrett-Jackson auction reflects economy 21:02:41
Sarah Palin is on Saturday night live tonight ? 20:50:59
CHECK out this article... 20:30:01
Sarkozy to press Bush to relaunch international financial system 20:19:07
Treasury to Invest in Small Community Banks 20:15:51
The 911 truth movement has three options at this point: 19:58:22
The Smithsonian is probably next 19:48:38
What will end up being the biggest disaster of the Bush administration? 19:44:12
Cuba hits the motherload of oil 20 billion barrels 19:18:39
The "Matrix" Deprogramming Site - Fun Way To Learn About The FED/Constitution & How to End Our Slavery To The Govt!! 19:13:32
Someone attacked the russians today , 50 killed. 19:05:20
New video: How McCain stole the Nevada convention 18:53:24
How To Fire Representatives Who Voted For The Bailout 18:40:05
***Federation Of Light November 4th Victory*** 18:04:51
-Global systemic crisis Alert Summer 2009 The US government defaults on its debt 17:06:43
Will US military technology be used to bring about and enforce the NWO? 16:30:37
"No planes hit the WTC" DISINFO ALERT!! 16:23:55
Chuck Baldwin interviewed by Gary Null 10-9-08 16:10:42
Hawaii part of Obama case moves into high gear...check it out 15:34:11
Your inalienable rights(Ohio/Constitution) 15:29:54
RP Oregon Senate Candidate making waves. 15:05:59
Tom Cryer Debut LIVE radio show on NOW ! Revolutionbroadcasting Attorney that beat the IRS legally in court now teaches you how. 14:25:34
Please Help And Vote For My Little Brother!!! 14:14:55
nota: None of the above. 14:07:32
Pro-Life Woman Complains Obama Pro-Abortion, Gets Secret Service Visit 13:39:17
The most sweeping financial coup in history is being planned this weekend at Camp David, yet few seem to even notice! 13:30:17
Army to probe 5 slayings linked to Colorado brigade 13:28:32
This made me really happy 13:16:58
What would Ron say about direct-to-consumer drug advertising? 13:14:27
Ron Paul with John Stossel - Dec 07, 2007 13:13:21
They just love the USA in Iraq...Take a look and see! 13:05:00
What Can We Do? 13:03:32
Ohio wants to restore tax on groceries 12:28:36
An anti-Obama poem I wrote 12:24:34
Barack Obama is more than just scary! 12:00:25
Question; What happened to Glenn Beck Friday? 11:22:41
What is the Appropriate Next Step? 11:18:25
Zeit Heist: Apostolic Socialism 11:17:27
My Explanation of McCain 'intervention' Gaffe 11:01:52
Who's More Pro-War: Obama Or McCain? 10:34:20
Dr. Paul on CSPAN tonight Sat. 9:25/11:25 EST 10:08:42
A Giraffe is a Horse designed by Congress and the Stock Market is Socialism 10:04:16
The End of Libertarianism 09:38:10
Iraqis have Mass protests 09:13:34
Mr. Speaker, the President of the United States 09:11:26
Alaskan Glaciers Grow for First Time in 250 years 08:34:38
Mandatory flu shots 08:22:13
OK.... who nominated me for President? 07:52:07
Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney & Ralph Nader on stage together! 07:43:22
Local GOP issues racist Obama Bucks 07:42:51
Iraq war may end because of recession 07:24:55
My Mother Just Asked Me Who She Should Vote For 07:12:35
What Naomi Wolf has to say is dangerous to The Today Show host 07:06:10
Blackwater's new job - Guarding against Pirates 06:46:30
A Must Read Letter!!!!! 06:37:25
If you think Iran and North Korea are problems wait until you hear about Pakistan!!! 06:27:32
A MUST listen interview: "The New Kleptocracy" 06:12:53
Esquire Magazine 10 Best and Worst of Members of Congress 05:45:31
I Have an Idea. 04:51:25
The Role of the Psychopath in the Generation of Global Evil 03:37:56
Obama, Farrakhan share Cover of Wright's monthly Magazine's 03:34:35
10/15/08: Presidential Debate "Hidden Microphone" on Iraq Vet 03:14:23
Secret Service Interrogates Texas Mom After Obama Volunteer Makes False Accusation 03:01:54
Voters say they were duped into registering as Republicans 03:01:35
10/15/08: Presidential Debate Unseen "Hidden Microphone" Footage - Police Arrest and Abuse Iraq Veterans Against the War 02:55:54
Undecided Focus Group -- TOO FUNNY! 02:48:11
One Flu over the Cuckoo's Nest 02:19:16
Ron Paul Supports Chuck Baldwin for President; Not Ralph Nader, Not Bob Barr & Not "Ron Paul" 02:01:03
White House Won’t Extend Jobless Benefits, Says People Should Just Find A Job» 01:55:40
A Lil Something For The Midnite Hour Gang - Who Are The Brain Police? Unreal - Want Your Feedback 01:39:00
Is Everyone Hip To the General Strike Nov 2 - 5 ? 00:50:49
Wall Street banks in $70bn staff payout 00:37:08
POLL: Do you trust the election results? 00:28:35
Chuck Baldwin To Be On NPR Weekend Edition - Tomorrow 10/18 00:15:15