Posted on October 19, 2008

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Now why can't Americans do what the Iraqis did? 23:19:43
EXCELLENT new YouTube on Federal Reserve as Cause of current "Crisis" 02:15:30
20/20 Special on the Role Of Government. A Must See 02:15:33
Ron Paul on The Alex Jones Show 10/17/08 02:15:31
Campaign for Liberty Calls for an IMMEDIATE MONEY BOMB. 02:15:32
Torturing Democracy: PBS Movie Depicting Bush Administrations Crimes 02:15:34
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Citizen Sourcing in the Public Interest! 23:22:03
A Christian nation? 23:03:21
The Liberty Party 22:26:57
The American Crisis 22:26:47
Iraq will soon be allowed to prosecute American GI's 22:22:36
( american ) Iraq oil 22:07:45
Subprime Banking Mess Bird and Fortune 21:42:34
Jesse Ventura bumper stickers - finally some decent ones coming out. 21:32:58
Unofficial List of Troubled Banks 21:27:49
Socialism or Secession? 21:17:21
The financial system, the media and the politicians 20:35:30
*** Hypnosis/NLP Proven, Obama's Use Of Hidden Hypnosis In Speeches *** 20:27:38
Eurodollar maybe? 20:16:21
Video of the Iraq Vet's protesting at the Debate 20:11:37
U.S. Treasury official says situation "grim" 20:06:08
Excellent Reason to Vote for Bob Barr 20:05:03
$lumping The Shark: Wall St. Woes Hit Back-Alley Lender 20:03:07
WE ARE CHANGE confronts Karl Rove in Ohio 19:53:11
The Truth Behind the Financial Crisis 19:46:13
Did anyone go see the Movie " W " ? should I ? 19:45:18
Third Party Debate 19:31:10
Goldwater versus Reagan 19:13:50
Cases of voting machine fraud already starting in West Virginia 19:03:49
Wall Steet Panic Pre-Planned 18:56:20
***700 Billion $ Criminal Bailout~Suspend The Elections!*** 18:30:45
The Antiterrorist latest youtube vid... 18:28:40
Freddie Mac, AIG, JPMorgan Helped Stage Republican Convention 18:00:31
RNC terrorists? Or just young people speaking their minds? 17:52:12
Pls. recommend book on Austrian School Economics primer 17:29:09
Election is already stolen 17:01:09
Third Party Debates 16:58:56
Active duty troops DEPLOYED on our soil and ... no response? 16:36:59
Ron Paul Teamspeak Server now up and running 16:08:53
A sheep in the headlights 16:01:37
3 seniors suing Medicare for right to pay for their own health care. 15:51:57
ECB's Nowotny Sees Global `Tri-Polar' Currency System Evolving 15:47:38
Ron Paul is member of NWO 15:43:56
Arlo Guthrie: I'm Changing my Name to Fannie Mae 15:38:06
"Massive Baghdad Protest" against troops stay till 2011 15:30:32
Why the constitution does not apply to YOU 13:42:23
Conversational Hypnosis-Hitler used it, Guess who is using it now 13:37:27
3rd party Presidential debate in NYC cancelled and here is why : 13:00:57
What happens to Gold & Silver during Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation, & Biflation. 12:59:07
Campaign for Liberty Calls for an IMMEDIATE MONEY BOMB. *UPDATED* 12:50:02
This Movement needs a Party. 12:48:03
2nd Amendment - DEFINED !!!! THERE IS NOT A QUESTION TO THIS>>> READ IT NOW!! 12:10:14
Digg this!!! Expose the Fed and spread far and wide!!! 11:57:45
The wisdom of the Right to Bear Arms! 11:52:14
Restore The Constitution!! New youtube channel 11:39:46
Two things 10:24:08
1971, the Year the ONE-WORLD MONEY was Introduced. 10:23:51
Colin Powell backs Obama 10:06:03
Spontaneous Order 09:44:06
China to 'bail-out' near bankrupt Pakistan 09:36:51
Mccain gets bashed on the Colbert report = Funny stuff 09:32:31
I can feel it in the air 09:27:21
One World Currency Here We Come 09:12:18
Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown Advocates a NWO Global Governance 08:54:18
Alex Jones on "A Push for A New One World Religion." 08:25:24
Ron Paul Oct. 19th Interview: Says a Push is on for a One World Central Bank 07:57:56
ShowBiz Tonight 07:00:07
interactive Ms President 06:36:43
Documentary: Operation Gladio 06:02:22
Bachmann Calls For McCarthyite Investigation Into Anti-American Activities Of Liberals» 05:37:15
New C4L Radio Advertisement 03:57:22
FBI resources limited for economic probes: report ... Surprise, Surprise 03:38:51
Sarkozy has floated the idea of reforming rating agencies even exploring the future of currency systems. Here it comes, Folks 02:58:54
Is that a big enough piece of cake, or what? 02:22:56
Get Joe the Plumber to Endorse 3rd Party??? 02:10:20
NWO Currency System To Be Presented To US By EU Leaders 01:54:28
IRAQ PROTEST: America Please Leave NOW! Digg! 01:42:15
Flight 93 phone calls. Very interesting video 01:40:29
Driver's License in Indiana 01:26:30
End Income Tax on Ballot? 01:06:02
free and equal are the candidates available for your 2nd debate? 00:21:43