Posted on October 2, 2008

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Vice Presidential Debate Open Thread 17:32:32
Ron Paul on Bloomberg TV 12:28:53
Stock Market Craters After Senate Vote 11:42:19
Hidden in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 04:23:07
**Full Text of Senate Sell-Out Bill** 00:03:07
Like a Dumpling: Full of Pork. SENATE PASSES BAILOUT BILL 74 - 25. Roll Call Vote Here. 04:23:08
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We're all a bunch of thieves 23:51:23
Warning: this may be obscene, but I could not help but say it-use caution 23:51:15
*Video* The Financial System Has Collapsed - Root of Evil? 23:47:11
Letter to my Congresswoman (D-TX) Eddie Bernice Johnson 23:27:26
RussiaToday Article - "Bailout fraud" 23:17:54
OMG! Re: Gardasil vaccine 23:15:15
Experts Endorsing Ron Paul’s Sensible Plan To Permanently Dismantle Federal Reserve 23:12:43
POLL: Are you prepared for a Depression? 23:11:18
Just a Reminder----IT'S ALL A BIG SHOW 23:06:01
NO POLITICS , Just human talk ! 23:04:55
No Bailout Act : by Rep. Peter DeFazio 22:57:19
719 People on DAILY PAUL!! WOOHOOO! 22:56:47
I had the worst day ever today.....One PLUS!!! 22:48:57
Republicans demand bailout reduction in house 22:48:52
Shocking Video: Democrats in their own words Covering up Fannie and Freddie 22:37:10
My letter to Congressman Ryan of WI who voted for the bailout 22:34:58
Next false flag a long, dark night? 22:28:23
Who Won [POLL] 22:21:33
economic collapse 22:13:33
Recall Senator John McCain 22:11:19
No Bailout! "They Will Kill You." 22:10:57
IDEA!!!! HELP!! pledge bank for third party Candidate?? 22:06:29
SILVER $22 an ounce?? UPDATE!! 21:57:58
My heart bleeds how much we love RP and our Country. Watch... 21:50:04
HOT DIGG! Lipstick on a Bailout by Ron Paul 21:45:05
Trevor Lymnan 21:42:28
What's above Sarah Palin's American Flag pen? 21:42:20
The Bailout won't work and the system will implode 21:39:09
3 step plan for Liberty check it out 21:30:06
Iran at Brink of Nuke Weapon 21:28:29
Check out the New H.41 (FEDERAL RESERVE statistical release) + Panic 21:28:02
Something Big - Digg 21:16:49
Troll Traffic Congestion 21:08:58
RonPaulNews.Net is a great site--check it out 21:00:48
Illegal immigration declines as U.S. economy falters 20:58:51
I believe this is the United States # 1 threat. 20:47:51
O'Reilly calls Barney frank a coward! 7:27 cst 20:20:17
Opinion polls cover up truth – Gallup veteran 20:09:39
C-SPAN: Rep. Brad Sherman said that martial law will start Monday if.... 20:06:24
Thank You Ron Paul Bloggers! 20:00:21
Hidden Provisions In Senate Bailout Bill Eliminates Bank Cash Reserves 19:56:06
TOP CENSORED STORY #1. Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Caused by US Occupation 19:45:44
THIS is what a REAL conspiracy looks like, you are witnessing it NOW 19:31:35
Will Ron Speak? 19:26:55
Preparing for possible major events next week 19:25:26
Rep. DeFazio on the Bailout! Awesome! 19:24:20
Dennis Kucinich Is Speaking Now Outlining Whats In and What is Not In The Senate Bill 19:18:07
Kucinich just recognized for 60 minutes 19:16:21
911 and the Bailout - Watch this short new video! 19:15:58
Book Review - AMERICA'S DEFENSE LINE 19:12:20
Let the bribery ( errrr Lobbying ) for the yes votes begin ! 19:04:17
Ron Paul Makes A New Prediction 18:48:25
ANOTHER WARNING ... this time from from Jim Willie 18:34:14
Homeland Security Bans sales of Infrared Cameras to the Civlilan Public. 18:25:24
Bribery involved in bailout bill 18:18:33
SECRET HOUSE VOTE for bailout package, TONIGHT Oct 2nd 18:10:06
The Silver Lining...Updated 18:05:21
DeFazio is Speaking Now on CSpan 17:57:14
Ode to Jack Sprat 17:53:05
Dear fellow patriots 17:52:15
All that gold you bought? Prepare to have it confiscated. 17:50:39
Banks doing their part 17:41:52
gold help 17:32:31
Obama received 4xs more $ than any other Senator from Fannie Mae 17:31:09
What to Do When The BailOut Passes? 17:27:09
Murray Rothbard's Book "Mystery of Banking" Available once again. 2008 Ed.! 17:23:05
is this the end of america? 17:21:59
Paid pro-war "protesters" at the VP debates tonight, DIGG!!!! 17:21:42
We crashed their server.... 17:12:21
EURO Financial crisis: The tsunami will hit European banks harder: Could it be the end of the euro? 17:01:06
10 Big Hairy Predictions **Digg** 16:55:16
To sum it all up Pic! UPDATE: I have a link now. 16:52:19
Sounds Like Bachus Just Let The Cat OUT OF THE BAG SAID IF WE VOTE ON THIS TONIGHT 16:51:09
McCain & Obama vs. Ron Paul on the Economy. 16:45:22
This Is What My Credit Union Thinks: 16:41:33
While the crooks lick their chops for more money, 3 soldiers die(Oct 2) 16:40:06
These Reps are changing their Vote to YES, you know what to do.... 16:34:49
The pre-planned Financial/Economic 911 of 2008 16:29:41
Waste Advertiser's Money 16:29:30
John Shadegg pulls a John Kerry!! 16:27:34
Ron Paul Drafts H.R. 2755: Federal Reserve Abolition Act 16:27:15
Go to C-Span Now! (4:38pm ET) 16:27:12
Ron Paul Drafts H.R. 2756: Honest Money Act 16:25:23
Ron Paul is Right - Petition to Abolish The Federal Reserve 16:23:18
The 17th Amendment and the Nationalized Senate! 16:21:34
Complete list of Senate\Congress (Bailout Bills,Vote Tallys, Email, Phone, Fax, URL) 16:18:41
Buffett: Solution to the credit crisis after warning that the $700 billion bailout may not be large enough. 16:17:37
Letter from Debbie Stabenow 9/24/2008 16:17:30
Libertarians against the Great Bailout!!! 16:16:21
*CHRIS DODD* First in a series on Politico Backgrounds 16:16:08
Get ready for more Deflation .. predicted by Market Oracle 16:15:31
Now there's a quote for ya! 16:14:10
GREEN ALERT: Hidden Carbon Tax Provision in Paulson’s Bailout 2.0 16:09:33
Keeping Track Of The Congressman Who Voted No In Your State 16:01:39
House Rules Committee Meeting At 4:00PM EST 16:00:01
new terms on existing credit for GE bank 15:59:26
Apple 52 wk high 202.96 now 100.28 15:58:23
Some perspective on the proposed "bailout" 15:54:21
Ayes vs. Nays Received roughly 2:1 donations from the financial world! 15:51:57
Stupid Idea Of The Day ... "Super Reps" .. 15:51:27
I Always Aspired to be a Dictator 15:49:46
GOP Rep. Zach Wamp of Tennessee announced he was switching his vote from "no" to "yes." 15:49:19
Any state with a Recall provision, Help 15:46:01
Today's Rallying Call 15:39:55
Georgia Congressmen 15:38:59
Need help to find a video of L E instructor calling our Forefathers traitors. 15:37:38
WOW....a FIRST!!! 15:33:01
TWO HORSE RACE! 15:32:05
I am about to open a Trading Account... 15:27:49
Biden to step down? 15:25:32
An Idea whose time has come? The Boot Bomb 15:23:33
Time to rethink Article One? Do we really need the corrupt Senate? 15:16:54
Weekend at Bernanke's 15:16:38
**Senator Chambliss Response to Voting for Sell-out** 15:15:37
SAVE FLUFFY ! 15:11:41
The time is ripe for Bush's presidential directive 51 15:09:08
CSPAN 3:05PM EST 15:04:17
Wanna see your Legislator's Freedom Score. 14:57:49
ROn Paul article on CNN 14:54:28
Karl Denninger: "... two Congressfolk ... say we were almost certainly blackmailed." 14:48:51
Unintended Consequences... 14:48:09
So Saxby Chambliss emailed me today... Here is his email and my furious response 14:43:36
Jewish members of Congress that voted against the bailout - a list 14:43:22
Paulson's Reasons for Delaying Day of Reckoning 14:23:54
Senator & congressman recall 14:15:09
Reno Nevada Tent City 14:13:21
NO ON BAILOUT - good video to send friends and family 14:04:03
This whole Small Business Borrows Money Every Day Thing 14:02:59
Senator Murray's canned response as to why she supported the bailout! 14:00:06
McCain = "Pork"-y Pig 13:56:05
Everything they say turns out to be a lie 13:54:37
The Dollar WILL NOT collapse 13:45:11
KILL THE BILL!!! 13:43:37
Breaking News: Dow Sharply Lower, House Could Vote On Bailout As Early As Friday 13:37:42
Many, Many more BAILOUTS coming in US and EUROPE ... MANY MORE!! 13:37:30
DaleinOklahoma-Please read my Letter to Editor and nicely critique before I send it in. Thanks all. 13:29:35
What to do with my money.... 13:19:29
Money Dump! 13:15:17
LaRouche: No Bailout ! "They Will Kill You ! 13:07:47
TERRIFIC Interview with Dennis Kucinich in 13:06:36
Glenn Beck, occasional supporter of Ron Paul, actually has sage advice 12:55:48
Keeping the books of the Senate and Congress 12:52:40
Time To Get Out The Secret Weapons...Bill, The Bobbing Head 12:51:12
*VIDEO*Glenn Beck: We the People vs. Barney Frank 12:47:25
Burning down the House 12:42:42
Chuck Norris says Ron Paul is the ONLY politician he trusts! 12:41:58
Jim Sinclair issues warning - Prepare. 12:32:33
$700 billion is nothing (Try Quadrillion) 12:19:51
Hypothetical: Would you support a gold backed Amero? 12:19:50
Congress Debating Now 12:16:11
republicrat short funny video 12:15:09
Gold, silver tumble as firm dollar spurs profit-taking 12:14:22
Help please! Where's that huge list of emails? 12:07:18
Jim Rogers says, "The Dollar is Done!" 12:02:04
WANTED - senators ... 11:55:00
gold down $50!!!! 11:48:41
★ Phone Numbers For All Senators, Cities and Zip Codes 11:45:47
CNBC Urges “Ways Around Congress” in Financial Crisis 11:45:00
C4L: How to Recall a Senator 11:40:00
Ask Your Representative: What He/She Is Going To Do When The Government Starts Throwing His/He Constiguents Out On The Street? 11:38:46
Subprime mortgage crisis was caused by Bush. Evidence! 11:36:00
Anyone have any idea if this is correct? 11:35:44
Senator Jim DeMint 11:34:52
Live Broadcast of Protest in DC 10/02/08 11:30 AM Tune IN 11:34:27
From C4L: How to Recall a Senator 11:33:53
I see traitor DICK 11:31:13
Is this the real reason behind the rushed bailout bill? 11:30:30
Ross Perot has started a site! 11:27:54
Patty Murray (D) Washington - Email Response (Bailout) 11:24:32
CALL the District of Columbia POLICE!! 11:17:26
Realtor Association offers keen stock insight: Buy Soup! 11:17:14
Homer Simpson tries to vote for Obama 11:16:14
Indiana Senators: Voted Against Hoosier Wishes 11:14:26
Thaddeus McCotter, Republican from Michigan, should definitely be one of Ron Paul's lunch buddies! 11:13:31
Food riots are beginning all over the world (CBS) 11:10:03
Is Glenn Beck waking up? 11:09:30
John McCain: "If I were a Dictator" - McCain Campaign Ad 11:04:27
Ron Paul tried to warn us...America's destruction! 10:56:45
The Mess of Mortgage Backed Securities 10:51:29
How did "your" senator vote on the Billionaire Bailout? ACTION 10:48:11
Email I sent to traitorous Senators Casey and Spector Pa. 10:47:18
When it comes to a presidential debate, HYPE CAN BE EFFECTIVE! BUT ISN’T PRINCIPLE MORE IMPORTANT? 10:47:13
Here Are The Senate Votes...We know what we have to do now! 10:43:11
Video: Scrooge McDuck teaches about inflation!! Great cartoon! 10:27:31
Ron Paul on Bloomberg 10:08:59
Gold 10:08:56
My head is going to explode 09:59:05
Monsanto Stock Crashing 09:57:55
We wouldn't have to worry and would have more productive time if... 09:57:22
Is All This a Distraction 09:49:10
All of this is a giant test. It's not the $700 Billion that matters here it's 09:37:25
BAILOUT BILL - Puerto Rican Rum Industry and Race Car Tracks 09:35:06
(Forbes 10-1-08) Bank Loans Have Not 'Dried Up' By the Numbers 09:27:43
My Letter to Senator Carl Levin 09:25:15
BOA - Has anyone Else Received this Email? 09:10:28
Free State Project celebrates 5 year anniversary; invites RP supporters to join! 09:07:27
You load sixteen tons, and what do you get? 09:06:05
Political Thieves vs. the People by Lew Rockwell 09:03:48
CNBC Urges “Ways Around Congress” in Financial Crisis 09:03:01
I have seen lists of independent voters, and believe me the independents' numbers are far greater than the R's or D's 09:00:45
Paul tells why he won't vote for McCain-Palin 08:57:23
The propganda of politics and public money... 08:29:46
Another congressman to contact 08:25:14
The Plunge Protection Team Will Administer This Bailout? WTF 08:13:18
Mortgage-Backed Securities Markets ARE NOT REAL! 08:13:16
My senator voted no :) I'll have to send her a nice thank you. 08:06:53
Private Mortgage Insurance or PMI 07:57:28
"Abolish the FED" Alan Stang agrees 07:33:34
Ron Paul to be on Bloomberg 8:15 AM 07:12:52
CNBC : Dick Armey - Former Majority Leader 07:05:43
"Not One Dime" good article on what's really behind bail out 06:22:30
I got an email from the Defense Corps. 05:59:12
Jefferson County prepared to file for bankruptcy 05:47:56
Denver police shirt Pokes Fun at beating Protesters 05:38:01
What would happen if currency becomes worthless 05:36:21
Dust off the Chicago Plan 05:06:55
Quick Question!!!!!!!! 04:57:24
Paul Tells Why He Won't Vote for McCain-Palin 04:17:36
U.S. General Accounting Office ... where the hell is all the trillions? 04:17:14
FACTBOX: Bank bailouts around the world - Socialization of debt 04:08:02
The Program Smith has grown beyond your control 04:06:08
Who's profiting from the crisis? Goldman Sachs, of course ... 03:44:14
KLBJ poll.. for those that need some fun 03:35:37
McCain: “I Always Aspire To Be A Dictator” 03:34:39
Obama in court over citizenship? 02:52:39
Bob Conley on the Economic Crisis 02:50:28
No Bailout Act proposal 02:47:54
700B or 1Q ? 02:25:30
Coast To Coast on now 02:24:48
Zeitgeist Sequel... 02:24:08
What goes up WILL come down: The inevitable collapse of the dollar 02:22:29
Bob Conley going against traitor Lindsey Graham--support him! Mentioned RP in this letter.. 02:22:04
more and more celebrities coming our way! 01:44:36
Tell Your Representatives To Vote No On The Senate B/O Bill And Vote Yes On The No Bailouts Act-It Will Save The Taxpayer $700B 01:31:30
From The Wilderness 01:26:40
It's Happening in Junior Highs Everywhere! 01:22:28
RE: MUST SEE~Glenn Beck & Jerome Corsi~NAU~MexAmeriCanada 01:18:49
RE: Paulson & Bernanke should be indicted for treason - what to do? 01:10:15
URGENT ALERT: 01:04:20
R.I.C.O Anyone?? 00:58:33
My chat tonight with the GOP 00:49:55
Voting results for Class II Senators (incumbents up for re-election) 00:47:04
John McCain wants to be Dictator while Baldwin stands for Liberty! 00:46:03
Call your Congress Rep and tell him/her to demand "mark-to-market" 00:38:18
The Window War~Congressman, you ain't even close to seein' 'extreme' yet. 00:32:02
Best place to get food for long term storage? 00:27:16
SERIOUSLY, it’s time for a miracle, it’s time to draft Ron Paul for president. 00:09:33
Free Audio Book - Secrets of the Fed Res 00:09:18
US Sends $800 Billion In New Amero Currency To China 00:08:54