Posted on October 20, 2008

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The Fed wants a new stimulus package ! 23:24:00
The NWO Consumes Their Own? 20:46:44
Newsweek blames the financial crisis on Libertarians... you know, the people who have never been in power.... 13:54:27
Guess who is lefty Rachel Maddow's favorite Republican? 11:33:35
Hank Paulson - Live 11:30 AM ET 09:48:54
Kucinich starts probe into Goldman Sachs/Citi-group executive bonuses 09:02:56
Posters Sold Out! Thank you. 11:33:38
Anna Schwartz in WSJ: Bernanke Fighting Last War 11:33:36
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Video: Bob Barr on NewsHour with Jim Lehrer 23:59:46
Breadline Street Theater tomorrow in NYC 23:56:01
Q & A with Ron Paul from the Cleveland State newspaper 23:50:10
HHS Emergency Declarations Exempt Vaccine Makers From Lawsuits 23:43:56
How to destabilize a nation 22:56:52
Links between Financial Bubble & Anti-Terror Laws? 22:28:33
The Family guy cartoon show has Mccain/Palin button on a Nazi :) Fox is pissed ! 22:28:27
Chuck Baldwin campaign staff on live now 10pm EST Monday the 20th 22:02:15
Looks like Silver has resumed its Decline *updated* 2-12-09 22:00:08
So long, suckers. Millionaire hedge fund boss thanks 'idiot' traders and retires at 37 21:57:27
Jesse Trentadue’s Quest for Truth 21:49:38
Join Ron Paul, Judge Napolitano, and Pascal Salin! 21:46:39
***Criminal Bailout Boys MOB McCain Obama Bush*** 21:34:12
The Truth About Colin Powell 21:15:47
Humanize the Earth 21:11:42
Be Very Careful With with your Investment With Silver or Gold 21:06:05
9 hundred and eleven questions brought to you by the BBC 21:04:22
Candy Product Review 2008 of Potentially MELAMINE Tainted Treats, A SERIOUS Warning By Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia 20:48:03
More people Calling voter Fraud already , oh with video too 20:45:18
What is Colin Powell Talking About In This Vid? 20:23:17
My One Year Anniversary! 20:02:29
911 - Mike Palecek Interview NOW - Oct. 20, 5pm pacific time 20:01:32
Silver Eagles $13.75 a COIN NOW!!! 19:47:47
I just voted for CHUCK BALDWIN in Fla. early voting 19:34:18
Mrs. Obama Decides Enough is Enough 19:30:12
Updated World Financial Markets 19:28:13
Audio of Glenn Beck talking about Biden's comment and the gold standard 19:15:32
Glenn Beck's Show on Headline News is Canceled! 19:10:01
***Founding Fathers Party To Win 2012*** 19:05:41
Mccain begs Russia for campaign donation , Russia says Nyet ! 19:02:37
Ron Paul-esque candidate 18:36:16
Should we all be voting GOP in this year's US Senate races? 18:27:21
Why not Ron Paul? 18:15:52
Joe Biden warns Obama supporters of war and depression - "gird your loins" 18:15:15
Ever hear of the Georgia Guidestones ? 17:54:17
recent talk given by the head of the Center for Disease Control on the expected coming pandemic... 17:43:37
Flu Pandemic on the way 17:39:45
Buchanan Does A Powell: Pat Buchanan Supports Bob Conley 17:30:49
The Plunge Protection Group 16:58:13
Biden talks candidly about how Obama will have world-wide event such as war with Middle East or Russia then realizes the press 16:48:11
United states savings bonds<Gold! 16:26:11
It is no longer a war on terror! 16:22:18
9/11 Footage Proving 9/11 T.V. Fakery 15:26:46
How Should You Vote? 14:58:58
Sometimes, I cant bear it. 14:39:18
CNN interview children about PoTUS candidates 14:32:39
Markets hold breath as $360bn Lehman swaps unwind 14:30:46
RNC chair race begins after election - we need a Ron Paul Republican to take the helm 14:30:42
Lou Dobbs/ Call and Email REAL ID 14:26:24
Go here and educate Obamites 14:23:07
Can We Put Out The Fire?? 14:14:14
obama supporter says america will not fail under obama. 14:13:46
We need our own Drudge Report 13:44:29
UnPolitics.Org - The Revolution's Technological Advantage 13:43:29
***New World Disorder*** 13:43:06
$1,000,000 dollars of debt 13:38:27
Obama and McCain Campaigns Agree on "Homeland" Security 13:22:00
On C-SPAN right now, (10:15 Pacific Time) House Budget Committee hearing on the Economic Stimulus Strategies. 13:12:20
Help me GOTV for BJ Lawson 13:08:54
The Amero is real ! 13:06:01
Market Crash - The Joseph Principle 13:01:46
Chuck Baldwin on NPR - Weekend Edition This Past Saturday - Listen 12:46:09
Blaming Capitalism & Libertarians for 2008 Economic Meltdown 12:16:04
Obama Accepts Endorsement of War Criminal 12:15:39
Air safety proposal: shock-bracelets controlled by flight attendants 12:10:36
The 10th amendment is the most abused and forgotten of all amendments. 11:53:48
$**Final Money Bomb for Senate Candidates**$ "Give congress the Bird!" 11:48:19
Are you a King?Or a servant? 11:47:49
One of the most disturbing abortion videos ever. 11:44:17
***Nader didn't cost Gore the election*** 11:38:08
Avoid Foreclosure- Ask For The Original Note 11:28:29
Wall Street's Shadow Market 11:26:46
***Ron Paul aficionados for Ralph Nader*** 11:25:13
Dummies Don't Understand It--THIS IS NOT A CRASH! 11:18:49
Need someone to blame for the financial mess we're in? 11:05:28
The Amero is for Real ! You Have to Watch This Video... 10:42:01
Obama Is Bad News 10:35:37
Financial New World Order 10:09:34
Debate: Are we to the point of doing whatever is necessary to stop the Federal Govt? 10:02:06
Joe Biden makes a VERY ODD Speech About Obama's first 6 months...hmmmm 09:50:53
For all you pacifist.. who just want to sit on your hands... DO YOU KNOW THAT THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE PRIVATE PROPERTY NEXT?? 09:11:26
Can non-Christians handle the Truth? 09:09:18
Retiring hedge fund manager: Idiots made me rich 09:07:23
EXTRAORDINARY QUOTES FOR THE TIMES WE LIVE IN ,,,“None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” 09:04:26
pro obama email just went out at work,what do you guys think of it?its bad. 08:46:24
22 October MoneyBomb For Idaho 07:38:16
Canada says BPA toxic, to ban baby bottles with it 06:14:12
New "End the Fed" video! 06:01:30
How to destabilize a country! 04:44:16
Could FEDERAL RESERVE ACT be repealed by National Referendum or Constitutional Amendment? 04:38:45
McCain Donor Accused Of Fleecing Taxpayers 04:06:46
"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, 03:58:04
Paulson Panics As UK, Germany find own solution to crisis 03:44:57
Cop chokes and arrests man witnessing arrest of another man 03:32:51
Wikipedia: You Will Never Find a More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy 02:51:59
Earth Intelligence Network - World Brain as Earth Game 02:28:43
Liberating the Entrepreneurial Spirit For Good 02:23:35
justa little fun 01:23:24
Sorry, but I want to share this. 00:55:39
glimpse of Thai civil protest and government response compared to America 00:27:28
Just Possibilities. . .WISER 00:15:13
The Magna Carta 00:14:49
Community Wiki - worth it for the movement? 00:11:04
One Tin Soldier 00:07:48