Posted on October 21, 2008

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Ron Paul Warned us in 1999! 22:42:12
Ron Paul: Too Big to Fail? 22:37:18
JFK Speech on Secrecy 21:27:12
I gave a "Thank You" card to MY congressman. What are YOU doing? 15:29:23
EU Treasury Dept. to control our money? 14:55:28
*Nader predicts 2-party system's end* 11:35:51
Congress's Secret March Session: What does Ron Paul Say happened? 11:35:30
Congressman Larry McDonald - Interesting 14:55:29
A new kind of money to end money? An interesting article. . . 18:06:37
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7 more failed small banks on troubled list since I looked a week ago. 23:48:30
Is this a credit binge or a moonshot? 23:42:32
Integrate This! 23:34:51
Fed Attempting To Prevent "Great Depression II" 23:26:46
FDA Running Extortion Racket: Natural Supplement Companies Threatened with Arrest 22:53:32
Does anywho know who AJ and Texe Marrs were talking about on today's show? 22:16:48
That Sarah Palin is one unreal Alaskan 21:56:06
Voting Computers tally early voters votes wrong 21:40:33
Alex Jones Crtiques 'W' 21:28:46
Opinion Poll Asks Me Who I Would Vote For 21:19:54
"Way Above and Beyond The Bailout" 21:16:18
Could We Gather a Huge Movement by Offering Free Beer? 21:08:19
Get Local 21:01:16
No idea how to title this one, PLEASE get prepared 20:49:45
From Russia with Love to Mrs. Palin (cute) 20:38:23
Protesters try to block Palin Motorcade Oct 21/08 20:38:06
Social credit vs. gold standard 20:30:36
Has someone already posted the Howard Stern in Harlem bit? 20:24:11
"The Conquest of the Enlightenment and the West by the Illuminati Communist Vampires" 20:18:55
Biden “Predicted” 9/11 Attack On September 10, 2001 20:16:21
Ever just have a weird poetic moment ? 20:13:11
The Smart Nation/Safe Nation Act 20:08:43
Question for Robert David Steele from a 9/11 Truther! 20:04:23
The Quest for 'Free Energy' alternatives. And I don't mean solar/wind etc. 19:51:48
Halloween Fright! Barr Scares McCain 19:44:57
Andrew Lahde calls it quits, mentions possible economic stabilizer. . . 19:38:44
Paulson plan expands to include play money 19:25:37
Are you a real american ? this is freaking funny 19:21:27
Obama admits to ineligiblity for office 19:09:49
Australian PM "Nuke strike would make 9/11 insignificant" and other weird warnings. 19:04:32
FDA Running Criminal Extortion Racket 18:43:44
Bullies, Cowards and Something Else.... 18:33:41
Ron Paul cartoon on TV 18:31:28
Email from RP asks to support McClintock 18:29:19
American Citizen's Summit- RP should be represented there!!! 18:27:35
Rhino, where is your topic about 17:50:04
Michele Bachmann backpeddles(R-congresswoman, MN) 17:41:06
Goldfish are an important voting demographic 17:34:43
Ron Paul Marvel Comic Team-Up (A new strategy post election) 17:29:06
thank you notes? I spray paint "VOTED FOR BAILOUT" on all the politicians political signs 17:16:45
UPDATED 3rd Party Presidential LIVE VIDEO debate is on CONFIRMED Thursday October 23rd at 8pm EST : BTM is not involved in this 17:16:20
Press Release: Obama not qualified to be president 17:14:04
I Just Voted- Have Any of You Voted Already? 16:57:50
The Republican Party's Identity Crisis 16:57:12
*Free Screening of "An Unreasonable Man"* 16:13:39
Thread about being 'not natural born' just removed? 16:10:17
The Great GOP Takeover Pipe Dream. 16:09:54
"Bush Guilty Of First Deg Murder" on C-SPAN & YouTube 16:01:04
Another Half-A-Trillion From the FED 15:37:33
No matter what we do, there are too many stupid, apatheitic people... 15:36:28
Truth through Humor: Lets go wake up some liberals. 14:36:53
House Financial Services Cmte. is on C-Span. Will Ron Paul be on? (2:26 PM 10/21/08) 14:24:34
Can Someone Please Tell Me What Happened to Glenn Beck? 14:04:30
Obama, natural born citizen or not? 13:52:59
*The Tireless Ralph Nader Comes to Portland* 13:37:11
Politico interviews the good DR (10/21/08) 13:34:54
***Hope is a man called 'Ralph'*** 13:23:57
Rhodes Scholar (NWO insider) 12:58:52
Payup time for lehman swaps! 12:56:41
Tip of the Spear from NBC News Last Night 12:56:40
Ron Paul: Leaders don't understand Markets! 12:40:39
A new strategy to win? 12:37:45
Humpty Dumpty? 12:36:30
Third Party Debate This Thursday, October 23 in DC 12:33:22
dueling puppets! 12:25:06
Paulson's definition of transparancy? 12:17:38
***Waited 40 Years To Vote*** 12:04:28
Dr. Marc Faber on Open Echange (Bloomberg) 11:44:17
CEO Manpower: "U.S. Unemployment Could Hit 8%" 11:41:30
Consitutional test for newly elected? 11:27:59
***Nader's Massachusetts Marathon*** 11:26:38
Will the poor stay poor under Ron Paul's Monetary Ideas? 11:24:22
Chicago School intervention in Latin America 11:24:09
Votive Early, Votive Often 11:23:30
Exclusive Party? Hunting Season Opens? Guesses Anyone... 11:23:18
Rhino: Bretton Woods part duex 11:22:07
What would you do with $60,000,000,000.00 (60 Billion Dollars)? 11:15:25
Dr. Paul Daily Buzz Interview 10/21/08 11:10:17
Project Camelot Interviews Dr. Bill Deagle 11:04:51
Solutions 11:04:22
Planning for 'Greater Depression' 10:39:23
Creed of Freedom 10:25:10
Plans for Martial Law Revelaed??? 10:19:04
Russia, Iran, Qatar Merge to control Gas (oil ?), Bush is gonna be pissed ! 09:58:01
Osama Bin Biden 09:46:53
Dump Barney Frank into Boston Harbor, Part 2 09:33:29
This is why they can't lose 09:31:02
Need precise help in responding to this email.... 09:10:19
Interest Rates Are Not Inversely Related To GDP Growth **Digg** 09:08:21
WeAreChange Confronts CNN's Wolf Blitzer -vid 08:44:11
Pelosi using mafia style tactics against Sheehan 07:50:49
The Sad Road to Socialism 07:37:48
Dr.Bill Deagle on The Alex Jones Show "H3N2/H5N1 Virus" 07:23:21
Greatest Ponzi Scheme in History 07:22:40
Colorado Senate Race 07:11:15
Gold question 07:10:32
Um..Would you say PROPAGANDA? 06:08:47
Can this BBC Reporter See Into the Future? Or.. 04:29:57
Video explaining stock market instability 04:24:15
Important: another till now mostly unknown congressional candidate 04:18:48
YOUTUBE HACK: How to watch ANY VIDEO in HD on YouTube! 01:12:35
So long, suckers. Millionaire hedge fund boss thanks 'idiot' traders and retires at 37 00:59:23
Campaigning for Liberty on College Campuses 00:39:58
Is Biden a war monger? 00:36:51
Will "Lean Years" Lead to Communism? 00:32:00
Must-See: Zeitgeist Addendum 00:30:03
Video: Bob Barr on Washington Journal 00:18:39