Posted on October 22, 2008

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Hi, first timer 21:10:15
Bush Invites World Leaders to Economic Talks 18:23:22
Meet BJ Lawson 17:32:51
Anyone here follow Denninger or specifically... 17:21:25
PBS POV Documentary: Soldiers of Conscience 13:07:05
Collins Bailey 30 sec ad to dethrone House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer 12:58:14
Global Deflation Fears: Gold Slips; Dollar Two Year High; 12:04:16
Jim Rogers Inflation / Deflation Quarrel with CNBC Host 2008.10.22 11:36:43
Why is the dollar strengthening? 09:29:52
What the heck is Joe Biden talken about and it scares the hell out of me! 04:30:38
Ron Paul Supporters Well-Positioned in Battle for Soul of the GOP 04:30:40
Colin Powell: Crisis on Jan. 21 or 22 04:30:39
Dr. Marc Faber: "The US Government will go bankrupt." 04:30:38
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The Stock Market will fall Another 40%! 23:58:46
Nice way to close out the night 23:57:46
Baldwin says, he would work toward overturning the 16th Amendment! 23:39:42, just to remind you Ohioans there is a great Ron Paul independent running for Ohio Attorney General 23:36:42
"We are trying to prevent resource wars"... 23:30:19
Government releases 'Terror Watch List' 23:27:42
TOXIC ANGER 23:10:15
Lesser of 2 Evils Picture (Funny) 23:09:58
Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones right now. 23:08:26
70% chance DOW will drop 3000 points in coming days. 23:07:08
!!!News Alert - No checks, Debit/Credit Cards ... Rather Cards Iris Controlled With Medical Information...Official!!! 23:05:21
Global or Local Economy? Both. 22:42:01
From Texe Marrs site..FYI 22:36:45
"What Uncle Sam Really Wants" 22:32:56
The War Party Embraces Obama—Just remember: you've been warned… 22:03:08
You are now free to move about four feet 22:02:50
Robert Schulz continues to fight for the Constitution. 21:50:51
I Love Chuck But I Want To Win* 21:50:47
Why I am voting Democratic... 21:39:18
American Idiocracy , the video :) 21:38:24
Knight Rider turns constitutionalists out to be "hardcore extremists" 21:23:17
Video: “Lady smacks handcuffs on Karl Rove" 21:22:44
John Mccain admits he screwed up to Letterman! 21:20:20
Not a Dime's Worth of Difference 21:06:37
Constructive Critisism Needed 20:58:57
Executive Orders Bypass Congress 20:54:03
Chuck Baldwin 2012? 20:53:51
G20 Meeting We Need a Press Person there 20:32:45
mp3 10.22 - Thomas DiLorenzo interview about his new book on Hamilton 20:11:34
Why we love Daily Paul 20:02:15
"End The Fed" rally... Who is going? 19:52:00
FEDEX from SENATOR JOHN (traitor) McINSANE 19:50:20
Perhaps the single most important message we need to spread 19:47:46
If you believe in Al-Qaida evidently they support Mccain 19:44:27
[Updated] ** Obama Will Need Help To Control Population, Americans will resist..** 19:37:53
Insider Profiting Will Bring the Hyperinflation Juggernaut 19:33:26
What Does $5 Billion In Pure Gold Look Like? 19:30:39
Karl Denninger: 70% probability of Dow dropping 2-3,000 within next few days/weeks 19:26:19
mp3- 10.22 - Naomi Wolf and Willie Nelson on the Alex Jones show 18:55:51
Banks being targetted with white powder scares across the country ? 18:55:09
Now silver turns to its true position as MONEY! 18:52:41
**** Press Release: Obama & DNC admit all allegations in Berg v. Obama***** 18:42:14
I don't believe the Twin Towers ever existed.... 18:32:27
Colin Powell warns of crisis on Jan 21 or 22 18:07:06
How many of you are starting to see that McCain would be better than Obama? 18:05:28
Great way to let Norm he should have listened. 17:33:37
If you could spread "TRUTH" without saying a word would you do it? 17:17:55
US Pilot Ordered to Shoot Down a UFO 17:17:46
Fiscal -CAT 5 Hurricane warning! 17:06:57
POLL Agaist John McCain AND Barack Obama! [Vote] 16:54:30
Obama Birth Certificate Petition 16:51:04
Karl Rove almost gets citizen arrest in California 16:38:51
Video: Prime Ministers of Canada and Australia Giving Same Speech Supporting Iraq Invasion 16:36:08
EXTREMLY URGENT: Take Action with Campaign For Liberty 16:28:59
Greenspan: The Federal Reserve Is Above The Law & Answers To No One 16:26:16
If you live in Texas please act NOW 16:24:30
Dr. Paul makes my heart glad 16:22:08
Vote (write In) Ron Paul because 16:20:08
STOCKING UP! 16:17:01
Here's your link, Rhino 16:09:40
McCain Cannot Win! Vote for the Constitution! - [video] 16:08:09
Dow Jones loses 500 points again 16:01:07
What would you do? This brought a tear to my eye 15:46:36
Do you support ? 15:43:35
FEC to throw out Obama Suit... possible action alert 15:39:50
Ben Franklin quote: Prime cause of the Revolutionary War 15:30:17
What Will Obama’s “International Crisis” Be? 15:15:08
We will never give up: Buchanan started walking across the country on April 14, he is on his way to NH 15:14:59
Ive Never Seen A UFO Per Se- But If I did-Itd Probably Look Like This 15:07:02
Ron Paul will be an "official" write-in candidate in California!!! 14:55:05
Need some southern rock to listen to: 14:48:36
John McCain on United States Constitution & Religion - [video] 14:39:07
Police prepare for unrest on Election DAY! 14:21:40
Pennsylvania Lawmaker Joins Movement To Ban Forced RFID Implants 14:12:32
Pennsylvania Lawmaker Joins Movement To Ban Forced RFID Implants 14:07:21
"World Leaders To Meet On Economy In Washington" 14:02:26
Have you got $1.30 to help Stop the Iraq War? 13:49:00
ACLU Demands Info On Domestic Military Deployments 13:48:40
Member of Code Pink Tries to Arrest Carl Rove For Treason 13:36:43
***DOW Down Nader UP*** 13:31:47
Palin Rally in Ohio disrupted by Ron Paul Supporter! 13:21:20
Million Man March2008 13:13:52
Video: UK Politics, the Rothchilds and a Russian Billionaire 12:50:29
Surprise, Surprise Banks not using money for what they are suppose to 12:50:16
Third Party Debate - Thursday October 23 - 9pm eastern 12:46:56
Can you say 'Dictatorship'?.... Knew you could... 12:44:08
*ACLU demands info on domestic military deployments* 12:30:01
Support your allies in Congress! 12:28:39
Mervyn's Out of Business 12:11:55
It's time to DECLARE 12:04:23
Independents supporting Obama & soliciting donations from me! 12:03:10
*More Than a Two-Person Race* 11:57:06
Bush Vows to Continue "Foreign Aid" During Economic Crisis 11:44:28
***Nader Surge in Massachusetts*** 11:35:47
C.A.F.R and the bail out 11:18:04
Let's all chip-in $10 and buy Ford 11:09:05
RNC shells out over $150,000 to clothe and accessorize Sarah Palin 10:51:36
The Biggest Hurdle For Convincing People To Vote Third Party Has Been Overcome 10:50:29
Forrest Explains Mortgage Backed Securities 10:36:38
Election 10:11:19
DOW Closes 10/22/08 8,519.21 down -514.45 -5.69% 10:01:39
"Your under arrest for TREASON" Carl Rove, another attempt! 09:55:27
As gold and silver spot prices are plummeting, 09:46:55
If we have hyperinflation and exchange goods for gold coins, how exactly does that work? 09:25:51
Votng Machines in NJ hacked in 7 minutes - Lou Dobbs 09:21:49
scary yet funny.obama supporters clip. 09:10:03
Need gold buying 101 resources. Suggestions? 09:00:19
Need gun ownership 101 resources. Suggestions? 08:48:52
Where is Cheney? 06:55:51
AG Michael Mukasey subpoenaed by Senate Judiciary Democrats 05:37:00
More Bailout Contracts Contain Blacked Out Portions 05:36:16
Mc Cain asks Russians for Money 04:43:25
Bookmark for Nov. 4: All 50 states' election results pages 04:29:04
Fantastic article about the economy 04:22:35
Funny idea 03:36:31
Hide the Toys, 'Age' the Soap And Other Tips for Tight Times 03:28:10
Ron Paul interview on Politico 03:27:30
The Constituion is an antique document that is irrelevant 03:03:04
Vote Ron Paul in Louisiana and Montana! 03:00:46
Panarchist's answer to national debt repudiation 02:58:18
This isn't your Grandfather's Depression 02:32:02
The Stop Obama Coalition From Holnolulu Advertiser News 02:06:57
HOLY COW!!! Have you guys HEARD THIS??? 02:05:56
Not To Be Off Topic But..Gas prices in your area? 01:17:33
Please Someone Explain this to me!!!! Greed or Stupidity? 00:48:30
US and USSR compared and contrasted 00:43:33
I don't think any planes hit the WTC buildings on 9-11.... 00:40:25
Survive the ‘08 Meltdown 00:40:17
Ron Paul (Russia-Georgia Conflict/U.S. economy!) 00:35:44
Ron Paul vs. Morton Downey, Jr.'s audience 1988 00:24:28
Caught on camera, unaware: Newt discussing Sarah Palin! 00:15:15
SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! Look what I found in a Chilean Newspaper today!! 00:11:20
Destroying The Village 'To Save It' 00:07:40